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PLS +SPUNJ - someone and its done
2016-12-16 17:22
-yam +zewsy
2016-12-16 17:23
Brazil chococaine 
this team needs +jesus to get bad xD
2016-12-16 17:23
Sweden z1mb4 
Disband pls
2016-12-16 17:24
France p2l 
-All the players and Australia should stop playing CS:GO
2016-12-16 17:25
maybe -yam + someone ?
2016-12-16 17:26
youre so fucking dumb, they choked 1game?? VP like to choke alot
2016-12-16 17:31
United Kingdom exotic_dlm 
calm down, he's not hating on them. Keep in mind to those ignorant of the AU scene. A choke loss to CLG is bad and therefore Renegades should easily swap out a player from another AU player. However, in reality it is always much more complicated than that. Still tho, no need for the aggression
2016-12-16 17:41
Because someone plays a bad game they are meant to be kicked/swapped? that make shit all sense. Yam and Rickeh are always 1st,2nd, or 3rd everygame. Rickeh is newish on lan and yam is still adjusting. and its the team losing, not 1 or 2 players.
2016-12-16 17:43
United Kingdom exotic_dlm 
Rickeh is new, I understand that, and Yam is new to the IGL role, I also understand this. But what I don't understand is the need for the rage at a simple suggestion that clearly holds know ground as '+somebody' is utterly useless. However, choking can be mainly blamed at the IGL (most times) as it is his job to calm down, control and utilize his teammates, if he does't what is he gaining from sacrificing the frags he gives up to IGL. Therefore, yam should be questioned. Justifying a thread like this. I still believe SPUNJ is better than yam definitely rn anyway
2016-12-16 17:48
United Kingdom exotic_dlm 
Also Rickeh joined back in June. Yam has had just over 5 months to adjust. Thas's quite a decent amount of time
2016-12-16 17:49
He hasnt had long to adjust to igl role
2016-12-16 17:50
Yam is almost never 1st, 2nd or 3rd. He has the occasional standout games, but hes struggled massively since taking the IGL role. Rickeh is also not newish to LAN's at all. Hes one of Australias most experienced players, including a brief career in 1.6. Hes also attended a fuckton more LANs than players like nahtE and Subroza. Nice try though
2016-12-16 17:50
He hasnt played a lan at this level for a while b4 joining rng... nice try though
2016-12-16 17:51
United Kingdom exotic_dlm 
CLG are utter poo rn tho. Not that high a level. NiP however, is a different story
2016-12-16 17:53
Yet hes been playing in top level LANs for his entire CS career. Why does it matter that he went a few months without attending a LAN? He was still playing amongst the top teams in Australia and had participated in the Minor only a while prior to joining Renegades. You're literally just hunting for excuses for RNG to have failed right now. Lying to people on the internet doesnt work when you're don't actually know shit all about what you're lying about.
2016-12-16 17:58
United Kingdom exotic_dlm 
2016-12-16 17:52
Please do not judge all Aussies based on this fuckwit. Not all of us are quite as full of excuses as this guy.
2016-12-16 17:59
United Kingdom exotic_dlm 
hahaha nah it's fine. I've been on hltv long enough to know idiots come from all over
2016-12-16 18:03
Yeah alright cunt.
2016-12-17 06:43
1 game? lel. losing to CLG is inexcusable .
2016-12-18 00:25
2016-12-16 17:29
World Aserv 
spunj worse than yam, -yam +(anyAUigl)
2016-12-16 17:30
-yam +RaZ
2016-12-16 17:32
raZ is a good igl ?
2016-12-16 17:32
I've seen many people suggesting it as a yam replacement and he's a good fragger, so why not give him a shot?
2016-12-16 17:34
RaZ is an AWPer tho. Hes possibly better than Rickeh, but hes never really been on a team with other superstars or played against experienced teams.
2016-12-16 17:45
True. Another possibility would be swapping yam for a fragger (zewsy or emagine would be my first picks from oceania) and leaving the strat game to peekay only. But still they would need to have someone to call it since Valve fucked up coaches.
2016-12-16 20:09
Peekay is not a very good strat guy in my opinion. I personally believe that RNG desperately need to swap him out for someone like Snyper or Lightstep who are both experienced IGL's that play a strategy heavy style
2016-12-17 10:32
Didn't really knew about Peekay's strats bc I haven't seen much from him, but Snyper is indeed a good IGL, and tbh he would be better of in a bigger team than in Tainted Minds.
2016-12-17 16:03
I may have missed something recently, but Snyper does not play for Tainted Minds does he? Tainted Minds is also the best team inside Australia right now, so its pretty much Renegades or Winterfox, neither of which want him playing ingame.
2016-12-17 16:08
Nevermind, I done goofed. He got picked by Atlethico after TM got their old roster. My bad.
2016-12-17 16:09
He was not part of their first game as Athletico however. Recently i've been missing a few bits and pieces of info regarding the Australian scene, so he may have had a reason for that that i am unaware of.
2016-12-17 16:10
From what I've read, he was playing in a orgless team that he formed, called plusvee, andd 3/5 of the team, including him, got picked up by Atlethico after they sold their roster to TM. Can't give you a really reliable source besides Liquipedia links though, so I can't really confirm. EDIT: There's also a match they played against Cypher in HLTV. Sadly his performance wasn't good, but if RNG eventually plans to get him as a coach that shouldn't be a major issue.
2016-12-17 16:15
Yes the plusvee had Moey stolen from them by Immunity, but the lineup was ferg, Snyper, destiny and zorboT. They won't get anywhere with ferg though. As much as im a huge fan of ferg for his 1.6 days and his personality, he can be a burden for any team just based on his individual skill.
2016-12-17 16:18
Yeah, from what I've seen, statistically, the dude is not on his top level anymore. Also I'm pretty sure that AT disbanded plusvee so rip ferg.
2016-12-17 16:20
From the single game they played as Athletico against TCC, seemed like Snyper may have been removed and teddyt and Snoopy brought into the lineup. Ferg was very much still there. As far as Athletico disbanding the lineup goes, I've heard nothing of it. However as i said earlier, I've been missing bits and pieces here and there.
2016-12-17 16:23
Yeah, I don't really know what's going on with them besides the fact that they're replacing the TM boys inside AT. And it didn't really worked well, as it seems. Oh well, let's just hope that what you said in #17 becomes true.
2016-12-17 16:25
New Zealand tyfnz 
-yam +RaZ. yam is getting old anyway
2016-12-16 17:35
Brazil XEMBAO 
rng fix = disband
2016-12-16 17:43
-Peekay +Snyper -Yam +Moeycq Rickeh or Moey would be left ingame leading, but with the help of someone like Snyper who was actually an extremely good IGL in his time, they should be able to pull it off and perform better than they do now.
2016-12-16 17:47
2016-12-16 17:57
Havoc | 
Australia novelist 
-yam +pasha
2016-12-16 18:01
2016-12-17 10:35
2016-12-17 16:11
+1 on the -1 xd
2016-12-18 00:21
rip renegades ;ccc
2016-12-18 00:19
Syria Gonezxzx 
+ Psychologist to help with choking + Coach who actually helps (peacemaker) - Yam + real igl
2016-12-18 00:21
+ real igl you mean ... who ?
2016-12-18 00:21
Syria Gonezxzx 
No one from AU
2016-12-18 00:22
Canada ssau 
personally I think RNG have been pretty good lately, with some unfortunate loses. this lineup still has potential. they just need to work out their problems. sometimes they play like a world class team. just need to find the consistency
2016-12-18 00:24
maybe you are right , thay need time..
2016-12-18 00:28
next major - renegades
2016-12-18 17:21
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