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coloN 1on4
Denmark z0rgan 
The amazing coloN clutch vs. Anexis on LAN from the DEL finals. Sorry for no footsteps!
2012-03-26 10:33
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Lithuania Tovus 
nice stuff
2012-03-26 10:35
See?? no weird stuff.. just the opposite of his internet matches... I GUESS HE LEARNED THE LESSON. HACKER.
2012-03-26 13:33
omg, youre sayin that if he delivered some incredible frags against norway he has to play the same game everytime? he has to do weird stuff on lan to prove? use brain before you type sth pls
2012-03-26 13:58
Its not even close to what he did on CB
2012-03-30 17:42
your really idiot
2012-03-26 14:11
sorry, but for me it looked the same playstyle as the frags in that cbn movie
2012-03-26 19:35
It is. He had the best stats on both maps, made some incredible awp shots and generally just raped Anexis pretty much. Great game by coloN.
2012-03-27 19:53
this 1 on 4 seems better than everything on his "bust movie"
2012-03-29 01:44
This doesn't change anything.
2012-03-29 15:56
2012-05-19 06:26
dude its not nice staff:D
2012-05-19 05:25
I saw this video already :D awesome shots
2012-05-19 20:34
Poland seeez 
it was actually nice
2012-03-26 10:37
Estonia 5PIKY 
n1 cheater
2012-03-26 10:38
LAN finals, so yeah, nice cheats, the same he used against Norway :-)))
2012-03-26 10:39
Don't feed the troll :D
2012-03-26 10:39
yeah, sry :(
2012-03-26 22:31
no, here he doesnt do anything weird, exact opposite from his online performances. Here there is no "PRO 6TH SENSE" that he says he has.. na... HACKER DETECTED & BUSTED
2012-03-26 13:34
exactly... what happened to all his talk about him having a weird style. He plays normal here. I have no respect for this kid.
2012-03-26 13:44
He shoots Nuggi through the wall with one hell of a reflex... nothing weird...
2012-03-26 13:54
nothing wierd ... we do that every day.. np
2012-03-26 14:51
yes.. like delpan on that 1on2(i think so) when he was on fnatic on the b site of train nothing weird
2012-03-29 01:46
He plays exactly the same style here as he did against NORWAY, except he did do much better in this match then he did aginst NORWAY... Try to watch the POV of the NORWAY match, he didn't play that well. edit: And i bet if you put WH on this POV you can get an avi looking like the fucked up one made to frame him.
2012-03-28 15:25
shut up troll
2012-03-26 14:12
bad troll
2012-03-28 03:32
Super underrated player deserves a better team in my eyes
2012-03-26 10:39
2012-03-26 12:31
Russia Slava_slava 
sk too low for him, he will go in NAVI I think.
2012-03-26 20:42
or esc gaming.. :D
2012-03-27 17:58
ye.. they beat Anexis which are top denmark.. fosho he deserves better team
2012-03-26 19:11
Great ! :) Amazing player :p
2012-03-26 10:39
India M33P 
last shot is cheat onliner
2012-03-26 10:42
Denmark Zeov 
are you retarded?
2012-03-26 10:49
2012-03-26 11:44
2012-03-26 14:57
It's called Reflex.. I have done the same thing and because of that i'm also a cheater?
2012-03-26 10:55
Finland FRGVN 
yeah LAN finals.. CHEAT!! MUST BE! retard
2012-03-26 11:08
Successful troll detected.
2012-03-26 11:50
cheat on LAN that would be stupid.
2012-03-26 12:02
yeah look at aSpx! :o
2012-03-26 12:27
Russia Slava_slava 
hahaha owned :D
2012-03-26 20:42
You're comparing Denmark with Brasil?
2012-03-26 23:35
You're comparing WCG with DEL?
2012-03-27 00:20
You are comparing Anexis with Norway?
2012-03-28 15:27
Russia alonsen 
u've just level up to 85 lvl
2012-03-26 13:24
amazing clutch :O
2012-03-26 10:47
India Liu- 
2012-03-26 10:58
2012-03-26 11:06
2012-03-26 11:09
lan match, clown
2012-03-26 11:47
ohhh actually its is possible to cheat at lan ;p
2012-03-26 12:49
chlenix i know
2012-03-26 13:04
needless comment
2012-03-26 13:34
CIS sai_ 
haha chlenix:D
2012-03-26 14:16
Russia Slava_slava 
it is LAN final you nerd.
2012-03-26 20:43
nice shots
2012-03-26 11:11
nice scoutmaster
2012-03-26 11:16
2012-03-26 11:19
Great clutch!
2012-03-26 11:26
2012-03-26 11:30
Cool stuff. Still I think he cheated against norway
2012-03-26 11:37
u think wrong
2012-03-26 20:23
Just for the sake of argument(ha ha), there has been proven possible to use design cheat unoticed @ LAN with lots of people standing behind watching. Back in 2006 "aaseng" was proven guilty of cheating at Arctic Gathering(which held a total prize pool of approximately 3000euros) a week or so after the event finished, he later admitted it personally(If i remember this correctly). aaseng busted @ Arctic Gathering, all the clips in this video is from the LAN competition - including the grand final, no one noticed anything during the event. Only the opponents were suspicious of him cheating, and started investigating. Counter-Strike: Cheater wins LAN event in Norway: That being said I did not see coloN play so I have no idea how he did at this LAN event, but I believe that he cheated online in that clanbase game and for that I got no respect for him regardless of wether he performs without cheat on LAN or not. A cheater is a cheater, that is how I look at it..
2012-03-26 11:39
They all played on café computers, VERY doubtful that he had stored a aimbot in his mouse usb memory, especially when you think about how bad he is with computers.
2012-03-26 11:41
I did not say that colon did cheat at this LAN, I just said that it is possible to cheat unoticed @ LAN(Since most people here at seemingly is unaware of that fact), wether colon did so or not is a subject I cant say much about. And to me it really does not matter, he has cheated online so in my eyes he is a cheater regardless of his LAN performance without cheat.
2012-03-26 11:45
He hasn't cheated online though.
2012-03-26 11:46
That is your opinion, not a fact.
2012-03-26 11:56
Well if you can state: "he has cheated online so in my eyes he is a cheater regardless of his LAN performance without cheat." Then why can't I state that he hasn't? And besides, it's a fact that he hasn't cheated online, people just don't know it ;)
2012-03-26 11:59
Because he was proven guilty of cheating by clanbase?
2012-03-26 11:59
No he wasn't. There isn't a single proof of him cheating. There is bad .avis and such, but ClanBase made their descision based on their "cheathunters". I can't see why they should know better than people who play with him every day, online and offline.
2012-03-26 12:02
There rarely are any other proof than what one can make out of a demo.. It is quite easy to cheat online, even with anti cheats such as EAC activated, that has been proven over and over again(I can provide the links to official news if that really is necessary). Anyways, id rather take clanbase`s verdic + the majority of peoples opinion and more importantly my personal opinion over the opinion of his cheating friends. I am not talking about his current clanmates such as turkizh and arcadion, but some of the people he has played with during the past year or so has cheated - one of them being busted officialy at xplayn(b0ychild), but i "know" that other mates of him that has not been busted officialy has cheated, sadly I dont have the motivation to save demos and make a bustmovie of foreign players that I dont play with/against on regulary basis, so you can take whatever you want out of this statement. Also, was not colon busted at XLfrag a few years back? That being said my first post in this topic was strictly directed to cheating and LANs in general. I am not saying that colon cheated in this LAN final, I am just saying that there always will be the possibility AND that he has cheated online so I dont really care wether or not he is playing well under clean circumstances. In my eyes he is a cheater.
2012-03-26 12:25
coloN was not busted at XLFrag a few years back, admins took a decision to ban him, because they thought he cheated, not even all the admins were behind this decision. In all the years coloN has played he has NEVER been caught by a client even though he knows VERY little about computers, so where does his forever undetectable cheat come from? Why isn't there ONE SINGLE solid proof of him cheating? A wh-fail of some sort. coloN has always had a very rare playing style and has practised his scout A LOT, and day after day people is accusing him of cheating, but not one single time has there been solid proof. You saying that he has a lot of mates cheating who aren't caught yet is just typical whine. coloN is not a cheater, the arguments that point in the favor of him cheating are shot down if you compare his online play to his LAN play. He makes the same moves with the same results in the long run.
2012-03-26 12:37
admins took a decision to ban him=he was busted,just like in match against norwai... and he talked about his mates who were busted(zaider,moxxi)
2012-03-26 12:45
Oh, so everyone who has been mates with zaider and moxxi are cheaters? zaider and moxxi kept their cheats for themselves, coloN had nothing to do with that. XLFrag admins took a decision because of his unique playing style, they would have taken the same decision based on this LAN demo, as would CB admins. There's nothing new in players thinking that coloN cheats, doesn't make it true though.
2012-03-26 12:44
i didnt say that he cheated i just react on this: "You saying that he has a lot of mates cheating who aren't caught yet is just typical whine." and one more thing...ofc that he had something to do with that.he played with them and he "advocated" them.
2012-03-26 12:51
No but you are the one who brought up colon mates as someone that can testify to wether or not colon is cheating, which is quite a dumb argument when several of colon mates has cheated themselves :D
2012-03-26 12:51
I was talking about ArcadioN. He was also one of the XLFrag admins that said there wasn't enough proof to ban him for cheat.
2012-03-26 12:56
It seemed to me like you were talking about his mates in general. Anyways, most people dont care about people being ex-cheaters as long as they perform today. Besides it is not easy to detect design cheating if a player dont make it too obvious, a few years back I played side by side with two players who cheated for a long period of time online(They have admitted it to me in person in later days), but they performed well at every LAN we attended regardless, so it was quite a shock to find that out. So what is my point? You can have a cheater in your team without knowing it ;) (I am talking strictly in general now, it seems like colon plays well now even under clean circumstances, but as Ive said in other words earlier: Cheat once and you have lost my respect as a player).
2012-03-26 13:11
But you have no proof of him cheating once, and there is really no reason too be so sure.
2012-03-26 13:18
Again, that is a matter of opinion based on his demos. If I downloaded an utterly obvious aimbot + speedhack and ran around in superspeed on servers and took headshots everywhere, recorded this and uploaded, I would still not be labeled as a cheater according to your logic. That just does not make any sense to me. Of course I might be wrong about it, I am not perfect, but I have my opinion and you have yours and there is nothing more to say about it.
2012-03-26 13:29
Of course you would. As I stated, there is no SOLID proof of him cheating. Demos can be proof, but in coloN's case, there isn't any evidence. Suspicious scenes, maybe, but it's far more likely that he doesn't cheat.
2012-03-26 13:32
And who is to judge to what is solid enough or not? It is a matter of opinions ;)
2012-03-26 13:39
That's exactly what he tried to say to begin with. Nothing is a fact.
2012-03-28 03:36
need brain ?
2012-03-26 16:20
z0rgan no proof that colon cheated? here is the best proof
2012-03-26 12:45
EVERY situation can be explained, actually I think there is situations in that film that point directly towards him not using cheats. His reactions is INSANELY quick normally, and that is by some explained by his wallhack, but that would also mean he would have to do wh fails eventually, but he doesn't, not even when he shows on the ladder in pop.
2012-03-26 12:52
Every? How about the one where he stands at the outer bomb train and spots towards the pop train and moves his crosshair several times - syncrhonized with when the terrorist is moving back and forth on the ladder? I find that one hard to explain. And to your latter argument: Most cheaters will chose situations were they play "dumb" so that it wont be so obvious that they are cheating (if he ignores a player being in position to kill him then people "must" asume that he does not cheat).
2012-03-26 12:55
You can see an arm every time. Check the demo.
2012-03-26 12:58
2012-03-26 18:59
#60 haha OWNED on an EPIC scale! Feel stupid much?
2012-05-19 21:46
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
you are biggest fanboy i ever seen :)) sry dude but its true :P but he's not the first one who cheated,remeber delpan,viktor from vp etc :D
2012-03-28 16:08
I'm not a fan of coloN actually, I'm just certain that he didn't cheat. Actually I believe that he hasn't tried cheating. Ever. This reason I'm defending him so much is because I think too many people has just decided that they think he cheats, withouth watching the POV and without comparing his match against Norway with other of his matches.
2012-03-28 16:19
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
fanboy stay fanboy
2012-03-28 17:38
2012-03-28 17:39
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
hmm i wath his pov against Norway and this from lan,u must admit there is nothing similar with his "wierd" play style,and again i didn't say he's bad at lan,he's good i wish him best,but against Norway he is cheated :P sry if my eng sux,what can i do,i'm to lazy for translate :D
2012-03-29 03:21
chrisJ | 
Denmark cOcun9 
havent u seen coloNs post? go watch that demo from him at inet cafe watch with xspectate and then cry over how stupid and invalid your comment is, you cant see any diffrence, also that movie dosent proof anything invalid imo.
2012-03-26 13:01
This is not proof. This a just a theory. The main question I think, did you accept this as proof if that match would have played on LAN?
2012-03-26 14:39
2012-03-26 19:00
stop with the youtube video...i urge some basic moviemaker who trusts in coloN's integrity to make a busted movie from his game against Anexis...i'm sure you could make it possible to think he was using a wh on that game too...
2012-03-28 16:15
Remember YOU are the one who mentioned his mates as an argument, so I had to mention how fine his mates are when it comes to the subject of cheating. Anyways, I have never stated that colon has cheated for years undetected, I am simply saying that I believe he cheated in that clanbase game. Ever heard of organner? Specialized in bypassing anti cheat systems. Here are a few links to news regarding cheating on EAC at Norways two biggest gaming community sites(Its written in Norwegian sadly, but considering you are a dane I am sure you will catch the main points, which basically is that it is quite easy to cheat online even with the most popular anti cheats activated):
2012-03-26 12:51
But organner's cheats have been caught several times, coloN who has had the same playing style for ever has never been one of the unlucky who got caught.
2012-03-26 13:05
One norwegian player, "rikz", has gone on cheating for years on EAC without being detected(I dont know if organner users gets a notice when EAC is updated so they will have to chill until organner has been updated or whats going on..). Last year I just about had it with this player and requested a mate of me to create a bustmovie of him(out of one demo): Everyone agreed that he cheated and he was banned from all the norwegian gather channels, he later admitted cheating(Also the arcticnova link I posted earlier involved mirc logs about cheating on eac from this very same player and that was one year before this bustmovie) so there really is no question about it. EAC is not safe. I can mention other examples of norwegian players going on cheating for long periods of time without being caught but I have no official news to back it up so it would be a bit pointless, I think what I have already posted should be sufficient to prove my point.
2012-03-26 13:18
stop feeding the troll...pls
2012-03-26 14:22
Troll? :/
2012-03-26 15:57
erm why are you trying to explain to a guy who clearly won't change his mind about hating colon? Don't bother trying to explain why colon did some actions in the demo its like saying pre-shooting and killing a enemy = wallhack. Ultra should watch demos of other pro's with wallhack on and he will say they cheat too. It like watching a guy wallbang another on de_dust2 from T base to double doors at mid and watching it with wallhack. Obviously your crosshair will be on him through a wall.
2012-03-26 14:52
Dude, you dont have to explain to me what haxing and pre firing is, Ive been in the scene for a decade and I play with and against the best reguraly :) What does the facts and opinion that I have presented have to do with "hating" colon? edit: As I have said I might be wrong, I only watched his demo once and state my opinion based on that, maybe I missed something, but he has been declared guilty for cheating by both XLFrag and clanbase..
2012-03-26 15:51
And why does it matter if clanbase banned him? I don't get the point alot of people try to make when saying "he is cheating cause clanbase banned him"
2012-03-26 16:05
Are ClanBase admins skilled at CS? I really doubt it. It it's really hard to take admins serious, because they are usually really low skilled and know nothing about the game. And remember ClanBase is dead and gone, so no qualified admin would stay there.
2012-03-26 19:12
So true, can't believe how many people are blindly believing in clanbase's verdict, when people who have played with him for years have much more insight
2012-03-27 00:15
no he brang his computer and played on it
2012-03-27 01:14
No, EVERYONE played on café computers. I am 100% sure, this is the LAN finale, not the weekly online matches.
2012-03-27 01:22
of course he was ;] more than 100% sure ;]
2012-03-26 12:40
More than a 100% sure? Maybe you should go to school someday.
2012-03-26 12:45
maybe you should use your brain sometimes?
2012-03-26 13:01
Reasonable argument.
2012-03-26 13:06
Same as yours.
2012-03-26 13:19
omfg you danish kids never shut up. go to sleep, you have a big day at school tomorrow.
2012-03-26 21:44
omfg you Lithuanian kids never go to school. Go to sleep, you will learn to appreciate your dreams more than reality.
2012-03-27 14:00
Well, I'm a student. Dont be so mad little boy :)
2012-03-27 14:23
Sure you are...
2012-03-27 16:22
Yes, I am
2012-03-27 17:05
So in your eyes, Delpan is a cheater regardless of his LAN performance without cheat. And same goes to other pro's who have admitted to cheating (can't be bothered remembering who).
2012-03-26 14:06
Yes, being good while not cheating does not eliminate the fact that one has cheated. I know of several players that has cheated while working their way up towards the pro scene and quite frankly I can never fully respect them as a player, regardless of what shape they might have been in or is still is in without the use of cheat.
2012-03-26 14:18
here comes the troll haha!!!
2012-03-26 14:26
Ive only presented facts, why would you say that I am trolling? :/
2012-03-26 15:56
Facts? The value you put on CB-admins are too high and their decision are not facts just assumptions. Is everything in the bible a fact? Maybe in your world, but then I know where you stand.
2012-03-26 19:15
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
2012-03-26 20:04
When did I state that I value my entire opinion on clanbase`s verdict? Keep the bullshit to yourself. But it is a fact that both XLFrag and Clanbase has banned him, of course one can never prove something for a fact with a demo, but seing how cheats nowadays are specialized in bypassing anti cheat clients, how else can we bust players? I just read his response about clanbase`s verdict to xplayn, that convinced me even more that he cheated, what a pathetic and unprofessional response to the questions he received.. Regarding the clanbase match itself, personally I believe he cheated, and I see other respected players such as minet and suranga state that they believe the same @ xplayn.
2012-03-26 23:46
Xlfrag's verdict is also based on assumptions. Whatever he said in his response didn't matter, the verdict already a done deal. He was punished wrongly and tried to explain to people why he is that good. And it is not pathetic at all, because he obviously is right, time will also tell. More and more people will realise this. And you know what? Ive seen suranga and minet judge people wrong before, when it regards cheating. So this might also be the case this time. Ive discussed the Clanbase match with several top players on the Danish scene and everyone says that are only one suspicious incident in the whole match, you know the scene, out of a 50 minutes demo.His score was 22-21. Don´t you think more of them would have stated their opinion on the matter if they where 100% sure, the history for such cases in Denmark show that. Now when he is finally showing stuff on lan, even-thought I got to admit that Anexis and Sharkgaming aren't the best teams these days, are they still decent enough. And when you broad the asseng episode in to account, which is not at all related to this at, I just had to LOL. coloN knows shit about computers and can't even configure launch options. Time to move along please.
2012-03-27 16:33
+1 coloN's lacking ability when it comes to computers eliminates all the doubt imo. Noway he could have been able to avoid anti cheat and fails that would have busted him for so long time. I keep laughing at everyone who says that it's possible for him to have used aimkey, silent aim or what ever.
2012-03-27 20:39
So according to you, it's fine to 'hack' online, but as long as the person does good on lan it's ok? Please correct your reasoning thanks.
2012-03-28 15:33
When you are not 100% sure he hacked, you can make a verdict. There are two scenarios for that, he admits cheating or a client detects some cheat. This inst the case, so everything else is just assumptions. For me he never hacked online in that match. So what you imply I'm saying, inst true.
2012-03-28 18:24
I think you can make a verdict if you find clear evidence in the demo, but this is not the case. But besides that I agree with you.
2012-03-29 01:40
I agree, that a demo could show more suspicious evidence, but we cant be 100% sure, unless its aimbot or tracing opponents through the wall, this will not happened on this level. But then again, the demo vs norway is enough for some people, so where should the line be drawn?
2012-03-29 09:36
2012-05-19 07:43
2012-04-01 16:59
Ok !
2012-03-26 11:50
sick :)
2012-03-26 11:53
hehe NORWAY go file a complain against him... he cheated again!
2012-03-26 12:06
Portugal zyzu 
exist 1 lot of cheats and you can use cheats on lan... but this event dont prove nothing about him... when i see coloN demos with wh, is very strange teh timings. but for me, all cheaters have good days (10%) on lan...
2012-03-26 12:09
chrisJ | 
Denmark cOcun9 
kidding me 10% hahaha where have you got that fact? if hack is going on at lan its some minor lans that are not published here on, using hack at bigger lans would be suicide please dont talk unless you have proof that confirms the "10%"
2012-03-26 13:08
2012-03-26 12:11
online frags dont count
2012-03-26 12:16
this is lan performance you dumbfuck
2012-03-26 14:18
2012-03-26 12:16
n1ce PlayER
2012-03-26 12:17
2012-03-26 12:18
coloN is not a cheater
2012-03-26 12:30
Slovakia kubiaxk 
colon nice , on CBNC clear ;)
2012-03-26 12:47
epic last shot
2012-03-26 12:58
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
coloN isn't a cheater :) h8ters gonna h8 :)
2012-03-26 12:58
nice edit nice frag REALLY GOOD EFFECTS it is also very nice that you can't hear the bomb being plantet but i don't like music so all in all 8/10 looking forward to your next cs movie
2012-03-26 13:06
2012-03-26 13:39
Still doesn't change anything.
2012-03-26 13:13
yes, he didnt cheat before neither in this 1on4
2012-03-29 02:02
Yes he did.
2012-03-29 08:33
Nice last shot. I believe he did not cheat vs norway, not due to this video, I just like to believe people when they say he does not cheat and they try to explain it by actions. Nice people gonna be nice as usual!
2012-03-26 13:18
2012-03-26 13:18
Please make video of turkizh round 5 or 6 as CT. Sick colt action on A site
2012-03-26 13:19
coloN - without walls since 2012
2012-03-26 13:21
maybe since 2011?
2012-03-26 14:03
sorry, i thought he started hacking in 2012
2012-03-26 16:06
damn he nail that round
2012-03-26 13:51
Haters gonna hate. Colon will play good at all events and people here will just say "it doesn't prove anything" because they are so high-skilled to say with 100%-confidence that he cheated against Norway that would make absolutely no sense if you look at all situation with brain. But some time will pass and you will realize how stupid you were to believe in "argentinian CS-level" busted movie.
2012-03-26 14:00
Russia SHELY 
2012-03-26 14:02
lan cheat? stupid troll. anyway...haters gona hateee after c this LOL
2012-03-26 14:15
lan cheat? stupid troll. anyway...haters gona hateee after c this LOL
2012-03-28 15:19
lan cheat? stupid troll. anyway...haters gona hateee after c this LOL
2012-03-27 01:30 sky ban him !
2012-03-26 14:23
2012-03-26 14:40
Good thing this was at LAN otherwise another noob would make another bust movie and all the other noobs would get mad and flame coloN.
2012-03-26 14:41
very nice
2012-03-26 14:42
Imagine if this was online
2012-03-26 14:44
2012-03-26 15:03
+1 xD
2012-03-26 19:06
2012-03-27 15:19
the action would complete within 10 seconds from the 1st frag :D
2012-05-19 23:08
2012-03-26 15:05
lol what a cheat
2012-03-26 15:24
last shot w0w, and if this was online everyone would be like: "HE'S CHEATING! AIMBOT!"
2012-03-26 15:31
w0w~~ pretty awesome :) but bad played by Anexis
2012-03-26 15:37
Take this, you fucking slippery sluts at Clanbase.
2012-03-26 15:39
Portugal brokenwings 
2012-03-26 16:26
:DD soft
2012-03-26 19:31
Dancing the "I-told-you-so-dance" :-)
2012-03-26 19:32
rly nice :D
2012-03-26 20:10
Russia Slava_slava 
rofl if frag like that will be online, some retards will call him cheater again. coloN <3 ABSOLUTELY CLEAR imo.
2012-03-26 20:44
nice game by colon, but he cheats against norway anyway :-(
2012-03-26 20:50
2012-03-26 21:48
nice 1
2012-03-26 22:50
Chile MrJav1er 
the last hs !!! fucking cheater
2012-03-26 23:18
hes really crazy
2012-03-26 23:31
wow s1ck
2012-03-26 23:37
Wal hack obviusly . Tahat last frags was wh . Who would prefire box in that situation and hit the head . This weird wh colon . Nice other frags . Though second frag with Deagle silent aim .
2012-03-26 23:50
actually, there are sounds of footsteps go and download the hltv if you wanna be sure
2012-03-27 00:32
maybe in HLTV but how can you know did COLON heard footsteps when He fired last shoot . He may have and may have not .
2012-03-27 00:58
He did. And alot of people, including me, was watching his screen during that clutch.
2012-03-27 19:10
how can you actually think that he used WALLHACK on LAN? -.-"
2012-03-28 15:51
You can carrie WH on Universal seriall bus stick
2012-03-30 13:55
ehh yes but people are watching on LAN?... i think someone would say something if all the walls was gone on coloNs screen
2012-03-30 16:34
its not on all the time . just a second to see positions .. Hes not that stupid
2012-03-30 19:15
LOL you are really stupid... seemse like you have never been on LAN... PEOPLE are standing behind and watching you all the time... specially in a final.
2012-04-01 14:24
No if you have a big back and cover the monitor ... Colon used to practice in gym to built bigger back so that He coud cover the monitor With it ..
2012-04-01 16:36
2012-05-13 12:47
Dude , if you could not figure out that I was joking then perhaps you will realise the irony of your comment .
2012-05-13 17:04
sup* troll?
2012-05-19 07:44
2012-05-18 14:49
No footsteps , how did the COlon heard them then?? Noobs
2012-03-26 23:52
Portugal zeniteee 
1- it was in lan, so... no cheats! 2- no footsteps but isnt colon problem, its who made this video that had footsteps off :b 3- for your comments... c'mon, lets learn more about cs ok?
2012-03-27 00:35
Lan is just a word with 3 letters , cheats posible even in lan , he brought on stick his cheat . How can man turn footsteps off , this is not some solid snake game . I cs expert dude .
2012-03-27 00:57
In my movie pack I have a sound file that removes footsteps. coloN heard them coming. You really should learn a lot more about CS before you just go berserk with your whine.
2012-03-27 01:15
I sincerely thought that you guys learned to recognise bad trolling after oll this years ... Especially on Colon based thread . Cheers dude .
2012-03-27 01:22
2012-03-27 01:26
2012-05-19 23:12
maybe aspx v2? ahah :D
2012-03-27 00:40
You know colon is probably reading this thread........and laughing so hard.
2012-03-27 00:41
Russia chiptune 
wow, hes so lucky :) nice colon!
2012-03-27 01:18
You guys are truly pathetic and ugly.... he did good on LAN against the team whos been whining about his cheats...I'd say it was a great revenge from coloN on LAN.
2012-03-27 01:20
Omfg 100% cheat!!! LanHACK!!! OMMMMFFFGGGGGG. Joke. Even a member of GoA knows, that coloN isn't use these b0ychild-programsLOL
2012-03-27 01:25
?????? :DDDD
2012-03-27 01:45
2012-03-30 23:56
nice action :/
2012-03-27 01:46
could u guys tell me if it's possible to have the povs from that lan ?
2012-03-27 02:30
I talked to qdk and unfortunately it can't be done.
2012-03-27 03:46
Aight thanks for the info dude.
2012-03-27 04:15
no problem
2012-03-27 21:06
nice action
2012-03-27 04:16
ton | 
Brazil FavelaJz 
nice colon
2012-03-27 04:17
2012-03-27 04:41
If you use hacks online for a while and then go to a lanevent you will still be a king. He has 1 good game onlan(not even half as good as online tbh) and everybody is fanboy again? Funny stuff @ hltv once again. And please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Anexis said NO to him because they didn't trust him as being a fair player? Anyway I really don't care if he cheats or not, but he doesn't need this much attention for sure.
2012-03-27 04:47
He was not even good against Norway,you stupid fuck
2012-03-27 18:28
Sory for my louzy English but I was speaking in generally. Not about a previous game of him. He has 1 good game should be: they have 1 good game..(they= people like colon).I didn't even see his game.
2012-03-28 00:02
have u seen his pov ? Edit: Against Norway
2012-03-28 00:23
Nope, will be the last pov I see
2012-03-28 01:53
yea, i won't be the first to say that. but watch his pov, u'll see nothing weird.
2012-03-28 02:26
2012-03-27 21:11
He played WAY better against Anexis than he did against Norway
2012-03-27 22:39
HAHA loool... against Norway he didn't even play that well... He played much better on LAN... And as far as i know coloN has kicked BERRY from a clan because BERRY cheated.
2012-03-28 15:53
You say he didn't play half as good as online yet later you say you haven't even watched the match. Ok. coLAN >>> coloNline
2012-04-01 15:15
I wasn't talking about colon himself, Also I never said he was half as a good as online. Only thing I was trying to say is that there are many players that cheat online and still perform well onlan.
2012-04-01 18:30
nice :D
2012-03-27 06:08
2012-03-27 17:35
They call him CoLEAN.. lol
2012-03-27 19:02
2012-03-27 18:26
2012-03-27 23:01
He is still cheated online / or is cheating.
2012-03-28 00:42
Why do you think so?
2012-03-28 15:00
He cheated on that clanbase game. He can get 50 frags on lan, doesn´t un-do the fact that he has cheated before.
2012-03-28 15:03
But what makes you think that he cheated? He can do the same on LAN as online, he didn't even do that good in the match against Norway, 22-21 score.
2012-03-28 15:06
Because there was a video which had unexplainable situations. And the "unique play style" is a fucking joke lol
2012-03-28 15:13
Yeah, so you obviously hasn't watched any of his POV demos, am I right? His playing style IS unique, whether you like it or not. If you watch the POV demo from the match against Norway and compare it with matches he has played on LAN, there is actually no "unexplainable situations". If these two maps against Anexis was played online, then I'm pretty sure someone would have made another bustmovie with "unexplainable situations".
2012-03-28 15:28
Great, million(s) of players and colon happens to be the one with a unique playstyle..true story :D True, i haven´t looked any of his POV demos and i wouldn´t care enough to look one. It is a common sense when a player claims "i have a unique playstyle" when infact he is cheating. Why would i want to look the whole POV when there was a unexplainable situation in the video?
2012-03-28 15:40
I have never seen himself claiming it. I claim it. Played with him hundreds of times, watched him play hundreds of times. His actions against Norway is in no way different from what he does on LAN. And if you haven't watched his POV, this is just a waste of time, all the situations can be explained if you would care to take a look.
2012-03-28 15:45
I´l look his POV demo against Norway tonight and give you feedback.
2012-03-28 15:54
look his POV @LAN aswell, so you can notice that he plays exactly the same style on both, and is even playing better against Anexis !
2012-03-28 16:22
2012-03-28 19:28
the only unexplainable situation for me was MAYBE him spotting that tower... other than that there are arms everywhere
2012-03-29 02:08
tower is perfectly seen on POV
2012-03-29 10:19
Beautiful Shtuff there lad
2012-03-28 01:07
I guarantee if this was online people would say the part after he kills the first guy and turns toward spawn, zoomed in on the double boxes and holds there for a second or two, is him using wallhacks to see the guy behind the boxes and line up the shot--because why else would he be zoomed in on boxes, right???
2012-03-28 03:23
Danish markeloff
2012-03-28 16:19
some random aaand colon lan kiNg
2012-03-29 16:24
coloN will always be a noob cheater.
2012-03-30 17:01
LIKE DELPAN ! stfu pls
2012-05-17 21:26
nice one
2012-03-30 17:27
nice,no cheat
2012-04-01 19:01
For some reason, coloN remembers me FODDER
2012-05-17 21:08
imo he was not cheat in the CB. i have watched his pov demo . DOn't just watch the youtube pls.
2012-05-19 07:36
watch this pls. This is the part of colon CB pov demo
2012-05-19 07:46
+1 Yeah, so great to see this so called " colon bust movie" eventually turned out to be a movie busting the creators incompetence. But anaway, don't expect people in here to understand that he probably never was hacking. Too many children and suspicious people in this community . :) It is actually a common thing. People who never made unbelievable shots like coloN's, don't think its possible. Most likely they haven't ever tried to play CS on a high level, with great information from team-mates, high ingame IQ. Combine this with playing countless hours with other high-skilled players, taking chances and trying new things, great sound etc. You are bound to see unbelievable stuff. But like I said, don't blame these people. Ignorance is their enemy.
2012-05-19 23:08
2012-05-19 21:12
2012-05-19 22:23
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