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Canada LoungeNation 
-shroud -skadoodle get rid of the bots +jdm (could perform like he did in CLG) +ELiGE Elige is the big addition, he's basically wasted talent being on Liquid now. He'd even be sick on OpTic if there were someone they could replace.
2016-12-19 02:17
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United States velocityy 
skadoodle is way better than jdm
2016-12-19 02:18
2016-12-19 02:18
Name checks out
2016-12-19 02:20
for both of our names to check out, his should be "autism"
2016-12-19 02:21
Humour really isn't your forté my friend
2016-12-19 02:24
maybe not for british cucks xD
2016-12-19 02:25
nt fake Trump
2016-12-19 02:25
nt no scene
2016-12-19 02:26
I know my country has a shit scene, I embrace the meme xo
2016-12-19 02:29
Hungary powi 
skadoodle is way better than jdm
2016-12-19 02:20
Brazil lokodecrack 
for cheeky highlights maybe yes but for consistency and overall skill and team play jdm is thousands of times better
2016-12-19 02:20
Skadoodle is picking it up, Shroud is letting the team down time and time again, he is missing easy frags over and over again, hard to watch as a fan wanting choke9 to do well :(
2016-12-19 02:19
Hungary plummie 
+1 as much as i like shroud he has to go... again that 3v4 loss when he was in water... :(
2016-12-19 02:23
That is the round that triggered me, if he makes that frag that is the round and probably the game won, time was so low at that point!
2016-12-19 02:24
Hungary plummie 
Or he could have stay put.. even that is better than challenging without any refrag possibility... i know its easy to be smart from far afar but this is basic cs here.
2016-12-19 02:25
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
Only +EliGE - shroud
2016-12-19 02:20
actually players like sick or relyks would do better in shrouds spot. Fill spots with similar styled players can work better than just getting the best player you can find. Ska doesn't need to be kicked as he doesn't do as bad as shroud and has picked it up shortly after thorin roasted him about it.
2016-12-19 02:26
-shroud +sick
2016-12-19 02:27
Having Elige, Autimatic and Stewie on the same team would be so stupid, you don't just get all the best fraggers and put them on the same team and expect it to work. Stewie isn't a good IGL, idk how this isn't everyone's main focus. If a game goes the distance he doesn't know how to adjust and the just get read too easily, like HR realising how passively they were playing B, so just throwing smokes deep and taking the site easily.
2016-12-19 06:11
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