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750ti 2gb + 144hz monitor
Brazil bvkzin 
should I upgrade my pc first or can I get more than 150fps with this setup? I also have a i5 4570
2016-12-19 04:18
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Brazil bvkzin 
plz guys someone :(
2016-12-19 04:31
Depends on the CPU you are using, if it's a good cpu then you should get 150fps on dust2 and mirage for sure.
2016-12-19 04:34
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
Keep it like that and if it lags then you should upgrade it. Get the 144HZ monitor first though
2016-12-19 04:38
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
deffo over 150, i have a shitty i3 and a gt640 and a year ago i was getting around 200, now 150
2016-12-19 04:41
United States Pwelch 
2016-12-19 04:42
Canada HyperMald 
I have a 750 Ti and get around 75-140 FPS depending on the map. Then again, my CPU is pretty bad for CS:GO and that's the reason why I have such low FPS. If you get a decent CPU, you can use the 144 Hz monitor with no problems whatsoever. I currently have a 60 Hz monitor and play 4:3 so I can get to 75 Hz. My CPU is an AMD A8-6500 if you're interested in what it currently is. Good luck! EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the CPU in the post. You should definitely get the 144 Hz monitor, you won't regret it.
2016-12-19 04:47
Brazil bvkzin 
thanks guys, helped a lot <3
2016-12-19 04:53
i5 4690 + gtx 660 = avg of 270fps, minimium off 200. ( aoc 2460pqu 144 ) the main problem is the 30slots DM's, the fps drop to like 170/180. i have no problem on matchmaking or gamersclub.
2016-12-19 05:05
Remember that scaling your resolution and settings is always an option, if you put your stuff on low you should be able to get more than 150 fps I would expect.
2016-12-19 05:00
200+ fps stable
2016-12-19 05:04
750Ti + i3 4170 + 8gb ddr3 = 250+ fps. If you buy a better cpu, then I guess you'll get more fps.
2016-12-19 05:13
Cs depends a lot on the CPU, your CPU is good, you should probably get an average of 250 fps playing in 1280x960 or lower, not sure on 1920x1080.
2016-12-19 05:14
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