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Czech Republic monosak 
What do you think guys, which team is he going to join ?
2016-12-20 19:33
Europe Tejmn 
No team will want him he is NA noob
2016-12-20 19:37
scumbag bully....hope he gets hit by a car and is disabled for the rest of his pathetic life
2016-12-20 19:41
ur so nice
2016-12-20 19:46
no u
2016-12-20 21:40
>pathetic life lmfao, hes jacked and sexy, hanging out with the hottest dudes, playing a game for a salary, travels around the world, can bang 300 girls a year (obviously he doesnt want to because hes kinda heartbroken with his ex) . and ur hating him calling him pathetic. u are pathetic here.
2016-12-20 21:45
+1 rekt
2016-12-20 21:52
eats at the freshest restaurants
2016-12-20 22:18
chillest* and wears the freshest clothes
2016-12-20 22:20
thanks man
2016-12-20 22:21
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
And hangs out with the hottest dudes (well used to rip sgaresxfreak)
2016-12-20 22:30
hanging out with the hottest dudes...................... YOU OK BRO?
2016-12-21 10:27
2016-12-21 16:14
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
Y'all are pathetic
2016-12-20 22:31
He could probably join CLG
2016-12-20 19:42
zehN | 
Finland jemmis 
even everyone in current CLG are better than botkazoid
2016-12-20 22:26
no just Cutler maybe vacroza are better than freak ;)
2016-12-20 22:45
zehN | 
Finland jemmis 
botkazoid is on the level of OCEAN
2016-12-20 23:15
Netherlands ghostcrendor 
Kyle "odeag" OCEAN (KKona) is an all-around package player the likes of which has probably never been seen before in CS:GO, as he is one of the world's elite riflers and yet can also AWP as well as almost every primary sniper in the game. freak is not this
2016-12-21 15:37
zehN | 
Finland jemmis 
you are right, OCEAN is better than him
2016-12-21 15:52
Netherlands ghostcrendor 
OCEAN is the best player evever he is an all-around package player the likes of which has probably never been seen before in CS:GO, as he is one of the world's elite riflers and yet can also AWP as well as almost every primary sniper in the game.
2016-12-21 19:28
lol hazed, koosta and ethan would ass fuck this idiot the same way he would ass fuck all of them if it was in an irl fight xD
2016-12-20 23:17
United States Homie 
he will probably go to the new dignitas team along with other tier 4 NA players and get 50k salary
2016-12-20 19:42
i hope so
2016-12-20 20:16
Canada Timings 
NRG has a new roster now, same with Splyce, or kind of. CLG, probably not. He will probably join a team like Complexity :d
2016-12-20 19:44
I think and i hope he'll join Dig
2016-12-20 22:54
Canada Timings 
Why in hell? They probably have no plans about a good roster yet and I do not even think it. Dig will probably get some shit nonamers. Dig announced today that they will start work in NA with their CSGO part. So taking the dig org as an alternative isn't really optional imo.
2016-12-20 23:04
where was it ever said that he was leaving EF? arent they building a new team? even though he is an absolute horseshit player, he certainly has qualities that make him valuable to an org, especially one with a sports background.
2016-12-20 23:19
well EF will disband csgo team imo
2016-12-20 23:20
imoimoimoimoimo evidence? i cba to look up the press release again but iircc they were gonna try to rebuild?
2016-12-20 23:23
Sweden captain yolo 
who cares hes shit anyway
2016-12-20 21:42
OK muslim
2016-12-20 22:49
freakazoid gives me hope, he shows me that it doesnt need godlike aim or brain to get into the pro scene. He is my idol, flaming stupid ruskis even if he gets punished by his org.
2016-12-20 21:42
you are my boy
2016-12-20 22:36
2016-12-20 22:11
Norway sAvageOG 
maybe TSM who the f cares
2016-12-20 22:17
I dont think that GeT_RiGhT and fREAKAZOiD will play in the same team.
2016-12-21 10:37
new digni
2016-12-20 22:41
going to dignitas with sean
2016-12-21 00:40
Could probably play in one of the shittier pugstar NA teams like Muffin Lightning or compLexity, but has no place in any team that actually has a structure. Hes just a Rank S god that can't replicate his plays in a team-based environment
2016-12-21 10:25
this guy considered a pro? LUL
2016-12-21 10:29
Bad player and an obvious pill popper.
2016-12-21 15:35
Will tell soon enough, its a team where i can be the alpha though.
2016-12-21 15:37
-shit_right +freakazoid
2016-12-21 15:38
Brazil fakna123 
CLG with FNX
2016-12-21 15:40
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