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Syria Wispy 
As prophet Muhammad said: This is my translation (more explained): "Who ever kills any person (or partner) that has different religion (or non-muslim), will never smell the smell of Heaven that can be smelled before 40 years of walking (to heaven)." Why do people think about Islam in the wrong way? /thoughts
2016-12-23 11:22
Syria Wispy 
Please think before you reply
2016-12-23 11:23
World supremorph 
cos you have a lot of retarded ppl in your religion that cant even read for their own and get manipulated soooo fuckign ez, killers with a false promise of heaven killing hundred of innocent ppl
2016-12-23 11:52
2016-12-23 12:11
2016-12-24 08:30
plus fucking one.
2017-01-15 03:59
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
Did you know that ISIS killed more muslims than non-muslims during these past few year?
2016-12-23 19:35
Bulgaria Molen 
how is that an argument?
2016-12-24 23:46
2016-12-25 13:03
that's in every religion and also in atheism. people are retarded what can u do about it?
2016-12-23 12:13
I don't see atheists yelling ''NOTHING IS GREAT'' and then blowing themself to pieces in order to kill some innocent people. Do you or are you just trying to deflect in a pretty retarded manner?
2016-12-23 15:58
2016-12-23 16:18
Education. its sad but #24 is right.
2016-12-23 16:20
how could you be sure that people who are blowing themselves are muslim or belong to islam? what if Atheists or other people belong to their own religion doing this on purpose to show muslim people foolish or whatever. Every people who scream Allahu akbar are muslim? Just gather your brain and think there are lots of people 'most likely atheists' don't want muslims to gain power.
2016-12-23 16:53
are you fcking serious mate? if you really believe that I don't even know what to tell you. They also fcking kill themselves by doing it, you really need to have a complete psychopath who would kill all these people and kill himself when he does it.
2016-12-23 17:48
then you are ok about killing innocent people/babies cos you are only talking about killing themselves. If you are okay with that you are psyco either. Talk about those millions who got killed by the usa, germany, indian, the united kingdom (christians and other religions) lmao
2016-12-23 20:08
you're either trolling or the most stupid person i have ever encountered
2016-12-23 22:21
he's a turkroach, so I'm pretty sure he's stupid as fuck.
2016-12-24 23:36
and also don't forget the hiroshima or the murders on indian which is made british kingdom(millons of people) people dont talk about these. German killed thousands of people also israel on palastine. But when it comes to muslim people are taking out their heads from where they hid it
2016-12-23 16:58
2016-12-23 17:49
then you are fine with innocent people being slaughtered. Ok end of the discussion
2016-12-23 20:09
yes because that is what I said. Grow a brain retard
2016-12-24 10:37
You are a muslim so you are fine with people getting murdered by islamic terrorists. Good job you isis pleb
2016-12-24 10:38
so you are fine with people getting slaughtered by christians/Jewish terrorists. Good job global terrrorist xD
2016-12-24 10:40
you lose an argument so you just start saying bullshit. Keep it up bro! You smart, you loyal.
2016-12-24 10:41
typical running away when you dont have an answer xD bye kiddo grow up and come to dady to discuss again
2016-12-24 12:31
what to expect form some turkroach midget gipsy shit shame of islam then to support isis, fucking turkish gipsy shit you create ISIS you support them you buy oil form them, you have camps for them and wtf you midget 150cm tall gipsy shit tall fucking fake black muslims, gipsy shits
2017-01-15 12:03
nt k*rd pkk
2017-01-15 13:09
And those ofcourse are horrific but those guys did not do it in the name of atheism. These guys did it in the name of Islam.. that is the difference. You understand that?
2016-12-23 17:52
2016-12-23 19:28
Pakistan GaYmer 
its not the only way to threaten people. Atheist have done much more worse also
2016-12-24 10:42
YES BUT THEY ARE NOT DOING IT IN THE NAME OF ATHEISM. How fcking hard is it to understand that one simple thing.......
2016-12-24 10:43
Stop wasting your time on a religious retard who just cant comprehend simple facts. He has no idea who logic means, he cant comprehend facts. He is fuckin blinded muslim monkey with IQ 60 who just isnt capable of understanding difference. So save yourself effort.
2016-12-25 12:40
When I kill 10 people because I am some sick psycho murderer than I am a sick psycho murderer. Not an 'atheist terrorist'. When I start killing in the name of Islam, then I become an Islamic terrorist. You understand how it works kid? If one day someone walks into a church and blows himself up and yells ATHEISM IS GREAT then he is a fcking Atheist Terrorist but the problem is that that never fcking happens.
2016-12-24 10:47
LMAO, Owned!
2016-12-25 00:15
nice try though.
2016-12-24 11:41
why would the lack of belief be the deciding factor to an "atheist" doing something bad?
2016-12-23 16:57
They don't know. They want to flip the argument that way but it does not work since atheists don't believe they have the backing of a almighty being because they believe in that said being.
2016-12-24 10:39
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
retard xd
2016-12-23 19:24
Afghanistan crywolf1337 
true. most people get manipulated by the promise of heaven and blow themselves up. u are a smart person sir respect. but blaming it all on islam is also not the right way :( every religion has their good and their assholes.
2016-12-23 20:13
thats why religion itself needs to be vanished from planet earth. i'd start with the retarded and dangerous ones first doe.
2016-12-23 20:16
Actually blaming it all on Muslims is not the right way, but blaming terrorism on the theology of Islam is the right way to go about it. As there are no other religious terrorist groups other than islamic ones.
2016-12-23 20:17
Actually studies have found that most of the new fundamentalists that come and fight for ISIS are collegiate students who have more time on their hands and actually read the Quran far more scrupulously than most Muslims and come to their own understanding of it.
2016-12-23 20:14
if you are christian or whatever. Don't you have bad ppl on your religion ? (if you believe a religion.)Look at OBAMA there is a lot of ppl loving him.But they don't really know what he does.Did you know he killed thousands of child with his non-human drone. Ye you don't know because they don't tell we did it.They tell you we killing isis or something.Then they re showing to world muslims as terrosits but they don't show themselves a real terrorist.Everybody knows that but no1 can proff that. This is a bulshit every religion has bad ppl.Espcieally Christians.They are killing ppl in middle-east that they call terrorists.NVM you can believe whatever you want.But just stop thinking like AMERİCAN IDIOT.Green Day best band ever. The lyrics says it all. Don't want to be an American idiot. One nation controlled by the media. Information age of hysteria. It's calling out to idiot America.
2017-01-15 10:53
random isis supporter spoted...
2017-01-15 12:05
mad because your wife equal to a goat ?
2017-01-15 13:55
wow when mad immigrant social case shit try to insult be mad becuase when ppl see you gipsy shits think only about terrorists :) and interested that some immigrant shit talking about goats :)
2017-01-15 18:34
sorry ma da best
2017-01-15 20:03
2017-01-03 15:27
Yes, explain this to ISIS leader and the ISIS "soldiers". And see what happens.
2017-01-15 14:02
“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” -Friedrich Nietzsche
2017-01-15 20:01
Israel gegecom 
Muhammad hypocrit?
2016-12-23 11:23
you misstyped allahu akbar
2016-12-23 11:25
Syria Wispy 
Thanks for your useful reply
2016-12-23 11:27
2016-12-23 17:11
in what part comes the explosion?
2016-12-23 11:27
Syria Wispy 
After you people read the topic. Can you now believe that ISIS are the wrong path of Islam and are killing everything (muslims and non-muslims)
2016-12-23 11:29
like its only ISIS doing stupid shit :D:ASD:
2016-12-23 11:33
Finland whitepower82 
the whole Islam is a cancer. deal with it
2016-12-23 11:36
Every religion is cancer, it's a method to have control over people
2016-12-23 11:41
Finland whitepower82 
2016-12-23 11:45
woke atheist checking in
2016-12-23 12:34
what is the fourth
2016-12-23 16:38
What is the last one with the shuriken? Anti Christian Ninjas? NiP fanbois will be mad son
2017-01-15 14:01
and how do religious leaders benefit from 'having control over people'?
2016-12-23 19:27
another sheep
2016-12-23 22:04
MAJ3R | 
Turkey fexll 
we believe in the same god we worship in different not judge people according to Islamic people.every holy book says to dont kill.
2016-12-23 11:49
Finland whitepower82 
the whole Islam is a cancer. deal with it
2016-12-23 11:52
yet somehow it seems all those terrorist believe they are doing the right thing by killing people. Don't pretend you are dumb and acknowledge the fact that islamic culture does not mix with western culture and that in fact it would be better if the two completely separated. The problem is most muslims not trying at all to fit into the new country they live in because they like their owns. Until muslims learn to integrate we are Always gonna have shit like this.
2016-12-23 16:01
most of the other things dosent get front page if you dont know unless commited by a muslim lmao.
2016-12-23 18:10
yes, terrorist attacks are hand picked to reach the front page just because they are muslim. The other times people pick up an axe and start chopping people or drive a truck into a crowd I just don't know about it because the news won't show me. gtfo those days of the news being the source of information is over already
2016-12-23 19:22
oh yes there are. trust me I know my govt.
2016-12-23 19:22
most islamic terrorist outside of islamic countries atm are happening in Asia and Europe so I don't really see your media having a thing to do with what I am seeing and the other people in Europe?
2016-12-23 19:23
You havent seen anything. more people die to police or something den terrorists lmao. making a huge deal out of it. only reason media do it cuz muslim. cmon now tell me you are smart.
2016-12-23 19:24
once again, don't care about that because u clearly are referring to your country... Also I don't care about that because it is individuals not individuals who feel they are doing it for a greater cause.
2016-12-23 19:25
Muslims do try to get along, but if our new elect president gonna spread all this hate. It only gonna get worse. People blaming each other and shit its just sickin. Im a muslim and when someone says that we are terrorist. it just makes everyone i know a terrorist. its bad bro, but i stopped giving fucks long time ago. People get killed in usa over religion buddy. My friend cousin was killed due to his skin color he wasnt even muslim.
2016-12-23 19:28
HJAHAHAHAH god this guy is a good b8er
2017-01-03 15:46
your name explains you.
2017-01-15 03:52
Let me ask you this. Do you like Obama? Do you think he has been a good president?
2017-01-15 10:45
let me ask you this? i dont give a shit.
2017-01-16 16:37
EVERY SINGLE ONE TURKSIH GIPSY SHIT, AND FAKE MUSLIM THAT COME TO YOUR COUNTRY, USA, SWEDEN, GERMANY AND LEFT THEIR HOMES TO RUN AWAY support ISIS BELIEVE ME, they all support them on one way or another, they can speak shit about how they hate them, but they like to read when some shit exploded on street, steal truck and kill innocent ppls and stuff like that...
2017-01-15 12:08
just because in the USA things are a certain way does not mean it is like that in the rest of the world, those days are over as well.
2016-12-23 19:24
if you dont know usa started all this shit in the first place. imo
2016-12-23 19:25
how so? In Europe it started in Paris, Charlie Hebdo.
2016-12-23 19:28
2016-12-23 19:29
haha fck off mate please
2016-12-23 19:29
And why try to deny that there is an issue? You don't even live here in Europe where the muslim population is waaay higher than in your country. I don't need you telling me what is going on.
2016-12-23 19:29
No body lmao. stop saying europe its not a fucking country imo. And you are wrong about muslim population being way higher.
2016-12-23 19:30
What the fck does it matter that its not a country, 1 percent in your country, 6 in mine. Quite the difference. Once again don't need you telling me what is happening over here.
2016-12-23 19:33
You are saying Europe. Europe is a continent. 650k in netherlands. 3.3 million in usa. do the math. Theres nothing happening in netherlands lmao
2016-12-23 19:35
We are done now. You are clearly a retard
2016-12-23 19:36
hugging you bae.
2016-12-23 19:37
don't explode.
2016-12-23 19:38
2016-12-23 19:38
2016-12-23 19:39
2016-12-23 19:42
2016-12-23 19:43
2016-12-23 19:44
Why dont you just stop blaming and I do the same and just fuckinh hug each other. why cant we all just get along?
2016-12-23 19:36
Yeah go and hug a terrorist so how that ends up. You must be a troll lmao.
2017-01-03 14:44
hah so the govt hates muslims but at the same time cuckbama cant say "islamic terorism"??
2016-12-25 11:37
Media and govt are connected at some level. Its all part of the game bud. If you havent realized that you have to be pretty stupid. You got more chances to be shot and killed by police then getting blown up by terrorist. So I dont know why people are being islamophobic, its just overrated imo.
2016-12-26 21:40
Maybe back that statement up? Btw Islamophobic? So critizing an ideology is not allowed?
2017-01-03 14:42
The muslims that they do kill are part of other branches of islam which have a different caliphate, thus, to their eyes, aren't real muslims. Or are secular Sunnis, which again aren't real muslims to they eyes of ISIS fighters. So, everything they do is actually permitted in their own iteration of the Quran, not to mention they have support from millions of people (look at the pew polls). Unfortunately there aren't any data from Syria, probably due to it being a literal war zone.
2016-12-23 20:27
Are you fucking retarded? Other parts of Islam like shia or alowe do not believe in all of Muhammed's speaches! Sunnis believe in all speeches of prophet Muhammed! I am a sunny Muslim and we don't have anything like this in our religion! Same as other parts of Islam!
2016-12-23 21:40
I know that, hence the different caliphate. I'm not sure why you responded with something that is completely irrelevant to my response.
2016-12-23 21:59
m0E_TV never said that
2016-12-23 11:32
Sounds nice, but that applies to 'people of the book': christians and jews. This does not apply to polytheists like hindus, or non-believers like atheists. The problem with Islam is not non-muslims misinterpreting islam, it's muslims who literally interpretate their own religion. The problem with islam, is islam itself.
2016-12-23 11:36
No, the problem is literally just non-Muslims AND Muslims misinterpreting their religion because they take shit totally out of context, just like that Poorlack under you.
2016-12-23 11:44
When I read the Koran, it keeps telling me what a worthless piece of shit I am (because I'm a non-believer). I don't need context for that.
2016-12-23 11:46
2016-12-23 11:48
And? That basically is the foundation of the intolerance of islamic ideology.
2016-12-23 11:54
So whats your problem exactly? There is just as many verses where it tells you to live in peace with your neighbors and be friendly towards them - even if they are non-believers (which I am myself), so what is your problem exactly?
2016-12-23 12:04
The problem is that the Koran teaches muslims to hate non-believers and polytheists. Is that a problem? Of course it is.
2016-12-23 12:12
Thats a problem, yes, but thats not what the Koran is teaching Muslims, nope. Maybe if you interprete it wrong, then yeah, that could be the case. Islam teaches you to live side by side with Jews and Christians and w/e else and actually peaceful. Dont love them like your family - but dont hate them either. Hatred overall isnt really what Islam is teaching at all. Most Muslims that I have met that are actually strictly following their religion are actually, no joke, the nicest people I have met and talked to in my life - again, just my opinion.
2016-12-23 12:16
If the Koran repeats over and over that non-believers will await eternal torture and punishment in hellfire, they must probably deserve that, if Allah says so. Yea I know that niceness, it always seems very fake to me.
2016-12-23 12:18
Well, thats true. Koran repeats that, but that wouldnt create hatred towards non-believers. Thats just god telling you, reading the book, to actually not run around live your life like you want and expect not to get punished for not following his rules. I mean every government has rules. Without those rules we would live in the stonage. There needs to be rules. Maybe those rules are hard to follow and strict, but thats how it is. You dont have to follow them or believe them and if you dont, youre not believing that there is eternal torture awaiting you anyway, right?
2016-12-23 12:22
I myself am a non-believer myself. Like, I believe that there is a god but I dont follow any religion. What I surely do is I do read and inform myself. I am not gonna lie man, yesterday after watching 20 seconds of those two turkish soldiers burning, I was in fucking fear man. Like, WHAT IF there literally is eternal torture awaiting those who didnt want to follow gods rules?! I mean, that was only 20 seconds I saw that fucking hell, I almost shat my pants just thinking about the pain...
2016-12-23 12:25
for a "non-believer" you are doing a really poor job. you might want to work on your self-made image since you sound extremely pathetic even for an avid muslim apologist. no, you are actually worse. at least the majority of muslim apologists, deluded sjw's aside, openly admit to being muslims and as such deserve some sympathy since they were thoroughly indoctrinated throughout their lives, even more so if they come from dictatorships / muslim states. but hey, a non believer such as yourself obviously understands islam much better than practicing muslims do because you "read and inform yourself". you should consider making a career out of preaching - go enlighten all those mislead imams about the truths of islam, spare us from it though, no one here is buying your rubbish.
2016-12-23 13:44
Cry is free. Not everyone is as uneducated as you and your poor family. Sorry for that but no, I'm not actually sorry.
2016-12-23 13:49
you spelled "i got rekt" wrong. you are welcome.
2016-12-23 16:10
man he rekt you, why do you even keep trying
2017-01-16 09:24
lol mate what a ridiculous argument. One does not cancel out the other, if there are parts with killing and hurting infidels it is a shitty religion. Don't act like if they do some good after that it all is forgiven because ''they also do good things after they do bad things''. For real man? You see how bloody ridiculous that sounds?
2016-12-23 16:02
Poland ph0b0s12 
"And when the holy months will pass, then kill pagans (non muslims), there where you will find them; catch them, besiege and prepere for them all ambushes" 169 verses that exhort to murders and rapes
2016-12-23 11:38
Fun fact: that verse is ONLY for a very specific case and time (loong ago). Back then, there was a peace contract and the non-Muslims started to break the contract randomly murdering Muslims, then war started and those verses came for this specific time and DO NOT apply to any other time / case. Dont take shit out of context and you might get a bit more smarter.
2016-12-23 11:41
The fun fact is that it's multi-interpretable. Why is ISIS and other extremist groups slaughtering shiites and beheading coptic priests? Because they believe that are a direct insult and threat to their version of sunni islam.
2016-12-23 11:45
Its not multi-interpretable. At least not if youre actually not insane and have some braincells left.
2016-12-23 11:49
Since muslims all over the world disagree how to interpret koran and hadiths, it means its multi-interpretable. A moderate muslim is not a muslim in the eyes of a salafist. same goes for quranic muslims, who only believe in the koran but not in the hadiths. It's always multi-interpretable.
2016-12-23 11:53
To some extent, yes. But most of those verses came for a specific case and a specific time; when where was war at that specific time. Now think about this... EVEN during war, a Muslims is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER allowed to kill a woman, a civilian, a kid, an elder, a disabled person, an animal or even burn a tree. NEVER no matter, even when in war. - and ANY person, doesnt matter if Muslim or not, who does kill one of those mentioned, will NEVER even smell the scent of paradise - meaning god saying he'll burn in hell FOREVER. So you think its actually multi-interpretable if youre allowed to randomly go out and bomb civilians?! Or to blow yourself up in front of civilians? Women? Kids? Elders? Hell no. Also, god said, a Muslims that kills himself, meaning commits SUICIDE, is ALSO NEVER gonna smell the scent of paradise. Suicide is one of the BIGGEST sins in Islam. Yet so many idiots think its actually a thing. Its just huge misinformation that is spread and too many retards believing everything without informing themselves/knowing anything at all about the case.
2016-12-23 11:58
I do appreciate your interpretation.
2016-12-23 12:01
Thats not just an "interpretation", thats basically how 99% of all Muslims think.
2016-12-23 12:05
I wish that were true. It's maybe what 99% say. But in the mean time a large percentage dreams of an Islamic State with strict shariah law.
2016-12-23 12:08
Not really a large percentage. But yeah, they believe Islam is the right way to go and that it will bring peace and in the end bring you into paradise - of course they'd like the whole world to live like that. I mean, if the whole world would live under strict rules and everyone would follow them - then there would really be thousands of times more peace than now, but thats just my opinion :)
2016-12-23 12:11
Well, the moderate muslims I know personally, dream of this. Because Allah promised it. Of course.. when all blasphemists and apostates are beheaded and non-muslims are removed from society, things will appear peaceful to the remaining people. Btw, talking about peace. Did you know we live in the most peaceful era in the history of entire mankind? Despite all tragedy and conflict we see on tv.
2016-12-23 12:16
Btw, talking about peace. Did you know we live in the most peaceful era in the history of entire mankind? Despite all tragedy and conflict we see on tv. Thats hard to believe but I believe it no matter what. Thats why so many misinformed people say the Koran is aggressive and what not, because it literally tells you history. And history wasnt as peaceful as we have it now so yeah, makes total sense.
2016-12-23 12:18
I highly recommend the book ' The Better Angels of our Nature', by Steven Pinker. It's a true eye opener, at least it was for me. It basically shows, based on statistics, that people kill each other less and less over time. Its a real message of positivism.
2016-12-23 12:22
Yeah I surely know that we have it more peaceful than back in the time. Its just hard to believe because nowadays with media, TV and what not, you see it daily and its terrible. But I still believe it, I mean as I said, the Koran literally tells history and thats why there is many brutal things in the Koran, simply because history was very brutal. I mean just think about it, back in the days in europe, people used to pretty much never shower though, rape on a daily basis and what not. Disgusting as fuck. History is terrible.
2016-12-23 12:29
Since the Koran is the last 'holy' book and muhammed is claimed to be the last prophet, the Koran itself is not meant to be historical, but a message of all times, which is valid until Judgement Day. But of course, that is also a matter of interpretation. :)
2016-12-23 12:32
Yeah but exactly because it should be the last 'holy book', it contains a lot of history to exactly show you, me and all the other people, what is right and wrong. For that, history is good, because history had many right and wrong things. You know what I mean? Its basically a gathering of history to show whats right and wrong - showing rules.
2016-12-23 12:38
I agree the Koran should be put in an historical context, except many muslims do not do this at all. How I interpret the Koran is not relevant of course.
2016-12-23 15:53
Finland jUPPE! 
If that was true, islamic terrorism wouldn't exist.
2016-12-23 16:05
And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed - all of them entirely. Then, [O Muhammad], would you compel the people in order that they become believers? 10:99
2016-12-23 16:41
Yes, it's so contractive. the 'Lord' decides who believes and who doesn't, but he still punishes non-believers with eternal torture. Seems fair.
2016-12-23 16:43
Oooo then your government giving you parking penalty. But first, they putting Traffik Plate saying : You can't park here. And if you park there you deserve the penalty right?
2016-12-23 16:48
Parking rules are created by actual people who democratically agreed on them. Religious rules are non-democratic rules based on superstitious myths and therefore inferior. And thankfully not an issue in my country. We have been through that nonsense and dealt with it.
2016-12-23 16:55
This is just an example. Kings/Presidents/Leaders Putting rules for their interests and socity's interests, And if you rebel a king/leader whatever you wanna call it, you have no prison, you can't punish me, I don't have to follow your rules. Even he don't have a prison. He just build 1 for you. You saying to Allah/god whatever: There is no God or Rule/Religion, you saying all creations are randomly and pointless. Bcs all creations(except humans) working by his name like king's soldiers(Plants, Animals etc)All Universe/creations working for humanity. they doing their job perfecty. And you saying No god When you saying no God you swearing,cursing all god's creations. That's why Allah calling it:Etarnal fire/torture
2016-12-23 17:08
I'm just convinced that the universe and nature do not require a God. There is no need for a creator when the universe is autonomous. Also believing that all plants and animals exist to serve humanity is just silly, naive and arrogant.
2016-12-23 17:27
Every village must have its headman; every needle must have its manufacturer and craftsman. And, as you know, every letter must be written by someone. How, then, can it be that so extremely well-ordered a kingdom should have no ruler? And how can so much wealth have no owner, when every hour a train2 arrives filled with precious and artful gifts, as if coming from the realm of the unseen? And all the announcements and proclamations, all the seals and stamps, found on all those goods, all the coins and the flags waving in every corner of the kingdom — can they be without an owner?
2016-12-23 17:59
Understandable, but simplistic rhetoric. The fact that humans design and create things, does not automatically mean that the universe is designed and created. The formation of planetary systems, mountain rigs, ocean tides, earthquakes, weather systems etc etc are all automated and uncontrolled processes. One of the greatest and most obvious automatic natural phenomenons is evolution by means of natural selection. Things look designed, but are not. That is nature in a nutshell.
2016-12-23 18:09
You saying ''natural selection'' While you saying that, As I understand You giving to the Nature it has own will and power. Bcs ''Selection'' Someone has to choose.Atoms choose where they gonna work,my writings sending by atoms, my voice, my bodysystem working with atoms, everything formed by Atoms. you saying Nature I say God. newborn turtles find the way of ocean knowing swimming, birds find the way where they gonna go, you call it instinct. If you giving all natural things it's own will There must be a chaos. But there is a spectacular order in the Universe. Atoms can't think can't want, can't will, don't have the power. There must be someone who ruled them, controll them.
2016-12-24 07:48
"As I understand You giving to the Nature it has own will and power." I don't say that. I say nature does not need will and power. " If you giving all natural things it's own will There must be a chaos." But everything is chaos. In chaos, structures are always formed. The structure in the chaos is what you see. And if everything needs a ruler... who rules over the the ruler? You cant make an exception for God. ;)
2016-12-24 10:06
you saying is there no beginnig? Everyone nows even atheists there will be the end of this universe And the beginning is God/Allah. you can't ask to a muslim ruler's ruler. Bcs we don't believe father son holy spirit thing, This question asked by Richard Dawkins for christians and multigod believers. If there will be end there must be a beginning. Chaos? I loled tho. Order and Chaos just a opposit things. Every living and unliving things connected to each other(ecosystem). In Chaotic world=no limits they do whatever they want. no rules, no boundries. How can you say everything in Chaos. When atheists they don't see the actual perspective of stars and galaxies. They was saying'' everything is in Chaos there is no God, now even they saying, There is a order, Why if there is a god, why he limit everything.And this is Not sincere.
2016-12-24 10:22
You make many mistakes in this story. Order and structure does not mean creation. Here you see simple order in chaos: Eco-systems are complex structures in chaos. I don't need God's rules to be a good person. It's an insult to mankind and to yourself if you think you can only be a good person because God tells you to.
2016-12-24 12:07
Order and structure you say. Let's look at honeycombs. Even with math no human can make perfect hexagon. but simple, mindless bees making it. This Wisdom... Omg. Of Course you don't need religion for be a good person. This is not the main reason of religion's existence. Humans have conscience in them. Have rumorse. they have mind for right/wrong seperation. But our mind not reliable in some conditions. Look this ISIS shits for example. Some verses telling to him. and he become suibomber. Get fooled. Bcs he has no curiosity, lazy for read Quran himself. Getting manipuleted bcs of his ignorancy. First order of Quran is:''Iqra!'' mean (read! educate!) tens/hundreds verses saying''dont you think?'' ''don't you see?''Early/mid age catholics=this age muslims. Priest/pope manipulators=Shaykh/Imam manipulators.
2016-12-24 12:57
"i dont understand it, so God did it" Religion and Islam in particular is a great danger to the human intellect. It teaches to accept total nonsense as absolute truth.
2016-12-24 15:26
I don't understand, chaos by itself. this is your logic? I'm saying beginning is Allah you saying an Mindless Atom so. Religion Gr8 danger for uneducated brain damaged kids Stalin,Lenin,Troçki They was atheists. Almost all Islamic Region has lack of education. Islam not a danger for mine intellect. I'm gonna tell you one HARAM now: If I stop searching proofs about my Religion(which is Islam) (existence,prophecy,angels etc) This is Haram. So My Allah never saying: never read, read only Quran, fuck the world, prepare only for afterlife... Can you give me a example of nonsenses? Maybe it's about perspective that you see.
2016-12-24 16:13
Who created Allah? Nobody? Ok. Your logic is inconsistent.
2016-12-24 17:19
Everything known by it's opposits. Lightness-Darkness, beautyful-ugly long-short smart-dumb etc etc. And everyone knows this Universe gonna kollaps someday. Bcs there was a beginning(Big Bang and many theories). Don't you believe there is a beginning? If yes what's the beginning point Atoms? Kuarks?
2016-12-24 20:21
It's a nice story, but i don't see why you need Allah for that.
2016-12-24 22:54
Are you ignorant bro really? there only 3 option, a Creator created it, nature did it by itself, or materials,elements formed this Universe? there is no other possibility. You must read some books. Not forums, Richard Dawkins etc. You seeing what you wanna see.
2016-12-24 23:11
What are you babbling? I already told you about the autonomous universe. It does not require a creator. I understand you don't understand that, or you don't want to.
2016-12-24 23:33
Autonomous universe. Who press the fuckin button. Who/what start this autosystem. Creation/structure everything start from 0. smaller to the bigger. smallest Structure of matter ist Quarks. Why this Atoms/Quarks holding each other. Why They are not have to stick to each other in my body. Why they have to transfer my voice to another one. Why they have to do anything?
2016-12-24 23:41
Questions, questions, questions. Who created Allah?
2016-12-25 00:04
You are saying an autonomous and not talking about beginning how start this autonomous shit? An atheist compleining about Questions ^^ You all have to do asking questions. There has to be beginning ok. you can call it an atom, or some other shit. I call it Allah. Bcs this incredibly beautiful and desined art cannot be made by stupid mindless atoms or others. every art must have its artist so keep stay ignorant. instead of repeating same question. You are looking but not seeing.
2016-12-25 10:10
If everything needs to have a beginning, Allah needs to have a beginning. You just ignore that. Btw, the current view in astronomy and quantum-mechanics is that the universe does not have a beginning. Nature is NOT a work of art. Your brain is confused.
2016-12-25 11:27
when you see a painting you know there is a painter who draw it. but oh right. atoms went there and say: let's make art, and brainless,powerless materials formed an amazing design. All Historical Buildings, paintings,musics art but much more complicated designs like mountains,nature and voice of wind,birds universe not art? Your brain is confused.
2016-12-25 11:34
Nature is not a painting, that is your mistake. And please keep your babbling short. You ever heard of the Blind Watchmaker?
2016-12-25 11:37
NAture is not painting oc. It's much more complicated then just some colors. You giving mindless atoms intelligence who make living things to reach perfection? Evolution, Natural Selection? Nature can't select any shit. It has no mind, no willing has no power. your babblings are rediculus.
2016-12-25 11:41
You don't understand my point of view, at all. Evolution by natural selection is a FACT, indeed it has no mind. It's an COMPLETELY autonomous process. Read some books if you want to know more of it. Educate yourself.
2016-12-25 11:59
Evolution total bullshit. But I never say Natural Selection doesn't exist. Selection is an ACTION. Someone has to pick/choose bcs a lot of option/possibility in it. I say Natural Selection is exist but Nature can't choose any shit. use your brain. Instead of following some dumbs ideas.
2016-12-25 12:08
You are totally clueless. I can't help you with that.
2016-12-25 12:08
You are totally clueless. I can't help you with that.
2016-12-25 12:14
random montenegro 3world muslim filthy monkey shame of islam try to support isis one way or another
2017-01-15 12:10
You a legend bro, love from India!
2016-12-25 00:27
Poland ph0b0s12 
That is just an example. There is a lot of this verses. You must be naive if you think that all of them interprets koran the way you defend. You think that attacks in Europe is just a coincidence? The fact that a thousands of young men come to Europe is a coincidence? This is hijra. If the number of muslims in Europe will be big enough then the real massacre will start.
2016-12-23 11:54
Youre actually stupid. The Quran is about telling history pretty much, so yeah, thats why there is many such cases. Because guess what, history wasnt always pretty and cool and funny and nice. Youre just one of those stupid cherry-pickers that pick random verses totally out of context with 0 knowledge about them and take them for granted - thats your problem. Your problem is you have 0 education about the religion and are very likely too ignorant to inform yourself properly about it.
2016-12-23 12:03
Denmark Sule 
During war, you're allowed to kill. Or would you find that unfair..? Since the enemy wants to torture you to their fullest....? These so called non-muslims you mention, were people that would torture men, women and children for the sole reason of them being muslims. I mean I find it fair, that the prophet allows response during war, but idk what polish people think.
2016-12-23 11:48
^THIS Also, this verse was ONLY and only for that very specific time and for that specific case. EVEN during war, a Muslims is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER allowed to kill a woman, a civilian, a kid, an elder, a disabled person, an animal or even burn a tree. NEVER no matter, even when in war. And yet, people think ISIS represents Islam, LMAO.
2016-12-23 11:51
MAJ3R | 
Turkey fexll 
you are quite right
2016-12-23 11:56
Finland whitepower82 
2016-12-23 11:59
Thanks for the right response.
2016-12-23 12:01
Np, but 99% of those people who have this hatred against Muslims wont change anyway, no matter how hard you try to educate them, they just dont want to think positive - they want to keep the hatred up.
2016-12-23 12:06
Finally someone who actually knows what's written inside
2017-01-03 15:01
Yeah "OK". The fact that the book contains such monstrous views on human life, be it meant for one time or another, renders it inhuman, backwards and dangerous. No matter how much you detest and self-intepret what's been written (Funny how you speak for all btw, being a nonbeliever.) it still stands as something to look back upon and follow in dire times. Also, you have continously refused to look at the facts of modern terrorism. One source is strongly contributing to failure to adapt to other societies and, in fact, killing other inhabitants. As long as the facts stand, your valiant efforts to defend islam are in vain. That's why no one is listening. Just as with anything else, emotionally driven people like you refuse and refute facts to create your own image. People defending need to agree and accept to look for solutions rather than sitting in a room on fire with your hands on your ears screaming "EVERYTHING'S FINE YOU DONT GET IT".
2017-01-15 11:57
For extremists and many salafists, trying to convince that islam is false, is already an act of ideological warfare.
2016-12-23 11:59
In Poland people hate muslims xd
2016-12-23 12:00
Not only Poland xD They hate them because they know Islam in the wrong way.
2016-12-23 12:02
They hate them because they know Islam is the wrong way. Fixed it for you ;)
2016-12-23 12:31
Brazil prkz0r 
And you know how many terrorist attacks happened in Poland? 0
2016-12-23 16:36
United Kingdom DarkOmen 
Why would Muslims move from one shithole to another ? Use your brain.
2016-12-23 16:41
Brazil prkz0r 
obv they do, UK is full of them
2016-12-23 16:42
United Kingdom DarkOmen 
Says the kid who hides his true flag.
2016-12-23 16:47
every decent well rounded mind hate islam it's a political ideology more than a religious one
2017-01-15 18:57
christian heaven does not smell
2016-12-23 12:13
I don't care what a pedophile says.
2016-12-23 12:18
You only care about saying shit about other religions without even knowing shit.
2016-12-23 12:23
I'd rather believe a brothers grimm story, than anything in a religion book. Whoever it wrote and whatever idiotic religion it teaches. Religion is for people who are either poor, stupid or uneducated, mostly all together tho.
2016-12-23 12:30
why is this site filled with 12 y/o atheists
2016-12-23 12:36
I'd bet my left hand that I'm older than you.
2016-12-23 12:39
United Kingdom mrwhitey998 
2016-12-23 12:32
RpK | 
Iceland pumtac 
religion of piece
2016-12-23 12:38
You should look at the other quotes from mohammed where he says you should kill every nonmuslims. nt muslim
2016-12-23 13:48
2016-12-23 16:25
He never said that xD please know what you're trying to say nobrainer.
2016-12-23 18:25
Google it bro there are so many quotes in your holy book that Tell you to kill People it's not even funny anymore.
2016-12-23 18:27
No you're wrong man. Plus Quran is different from what Muhammed said. Quran teaches us all the prophets not only Muhammed
2016-12-23 18:29
Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing... but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)" (Translation is from the Noble Quran) The verse prior to this (190) refers to "fighting for the cause of Allah those who fight you" any questions left bro?
2016-12-23 18:34
110. You are the best community that ever emerged for humanity: you advocate what is moral, and forbid what is immoral. 112. They (Christians) shall be humiliated wherever they are encountered, except through a rope from God, and a rope from the people; and they incurred wrath from God, and were stricken with misery. 116. As for those who disbelieve, neither their possessions nor their children will avail them anything against God. These are the inhabitants of the Fire, abiding therein forever. 118. O you who believe! Do not befriend outsiders who never cease to wish you harm. They love to see you suffer. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their hearts conceal is worse. We have made the messages clear for you, if you understand. 60 And prepare against them all the power you can muster, and all the cavalry you can mobilize, to terrify thereby God's enemies and your enemies 57 If you confront them in battle, make of them a fearsome example for those who follow them, that they may take heed. 74 Let those who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter fight in the cause of God. Whoever fights in the cause of God, and then is killed, or achieves victory, We will grant him a great compensation. 14 Fight them. God will punish them at your hands, and humiliate them, and help you against them, and heal the hearts of a believing people. 29 Fight those who do not believe in God, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden, nor abide by the religion of truth-from among those who received the Scripture-until they pay the due tax, willingly or unwillingly. 4 When you encounter those who disbelieve, strike at their necks. Then, when you have routed them, bind them firmly.
2016-12-23 20:11
stupid german as your quote says if someone fights against muslims you can fight back and you are fine to kill them as happens in every war otherwise muslims are forbidden to kill people even hurt them lmao you stupid cheater cunt xD
2016-12-23 20:11
i actually didnt read it i just copied smth from a website if its not what i wanted to say then just google it yourself. Or dont google it haha youre stupid turkish muslim i bet u read the quran and know that muslims should kill nonbelievers.
2016-12-23 23:54
2017-01-15 12:12
The problem is, I'm not really religious, but people who blindly hate on Islam are muy retardos xd
2016-12-23 16:02
2016-12-23 16:07
Funny how studies have proven the vast majority of paedophiles are white males. They are notorious for taking trips to Thailand and Philippines to abuse little asian kids, sick fucks.
2017-01-03 15:12
For me its not only about terrorism and killing ppl , i hate islam because of no respect for womens lets say that woman can have few husbands i dont really think that you will be fine with it.
2016-12-23 16:16
Having more than one wife in Islam is hated by god. You can only have more than one wife if you had very rare reasons like for saving her from getting raped or killed by others. Like before centuries women's were very unsafe so that's why prophet Muhammad actually married them to protect them from others. But now its rarely that you can have more than one wife because there are no reasons.
2016-12-23 18:24
Goalie | 
Italy LaoG 
People with functioning brain cells thing religion in general is the wrong way.
2016-12-23 16:19
Wispy is probably a terrorist trying to mislead us
2016-12-23 16:21
islam good but not the best (islam best)
2016-12-23 16:22
2016-12-23 16:26
ppk | 
Brazil 4vengerr 
old but gold
2016-12-23 20:50
fucking islam apologist, tell this to any of your rapist murderer friend.
2016-12-23 16:41
Turkey AdwigomweN 
First of all I am not Muslim I am Tengrist. Terrorism is not religious or racial. ISIS bombed Turkey many times and killed 2 Turkish soldiers (I do not know may be provocation) Many people in Turkey are Muslim (Turks,Arabs,Kurds and etc) and Quran says "Do not kill Muslims" Then why are they killing Muslims? people say "Turkey buy oil from ISIS" then why they bombing Turkey and killing Turkish soldiers? Just open your eyes guys
2016-12-23 16:47
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
ISIS killed more muslim civilians than non-muslim during these past few years. :)
2016-12-23 19:37
random bosnian isis supporter monkey coming form shithole in EU that filled with camps of ISIS where every single fake muslim support isis in that shithole, turn religion 300 years ago from catholics and orthodox and now think they are bigger muslim then we normal muslim ppl...3world bosnian monkey WE DONT FICKING LIKE YOU SHAME OF ISLAM SHITS AND ISIS SUPPORTER take gun and gtfo to sirya to get killed by some russian or siryan guy monkeys...or get back to your source religion
2017-01-15 12:14
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
Learn English then see what I wrote. I said that ISIS is also killing muslims and that ISIS killed more muslims in Syria and wherever they are than non-muslims. And I'm not a muslim at all. I was before I met people like you who are stupid and dumb as fuck.
2017-01-16 09:07
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
Btw Bosnians also hate Arabs, because you are dirty and you smell like goats. Kys goatfucker Arab.
2017-01-16 09:09
who fucking care about some turkroach dogs created by muslim gipsy nation to have influence in EU and camp of ISIS also, literally worse nation including turksih gipsy midget shits, every single arab and normal muslim hate you shits and turkroach gipsy nation, and what to say also for nation who exist 30 years and take islam 250 years ago from catholics...for islam's goods, best solution is simply to erase you shits form face of earth because of you shits ppl think islam is c4 explode where they see or hear about muslims...
2017-01-16 09:38
2016-12-23 22:05
if you are going to believe a 1500 year old fairytale dont be offended if educated people consider you a threat to humanity
2016-12-23 19:45
This is my translation: "The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn for ever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"
2016-12-23 20:11
Please stop creating things! Retarded people here actually believe this!
2016-12-23 21:42
Turkey OdinA 
Books thought to have descended from the GOD, just writed from muho xD
2016-12-23 20:15
Poland Matt2121 
islam = pedophiles and terrorists
2016-12-23 20:20
Brazil prkz0r 
2016-12-23 22:15
They want to make the world against us :)
2016-12-23 20:37
Japan Balikali 
would be fun a war between chiristian-jews+rest vs muslim, no gun alloweed only sword, cuz would be easy with firegun
2016-12-24 08:19
Sweden younameit 
Jews and Christians? Nty
2016-12-24 12:07
Japan Balikali 
you are mad cuz we are gonna rekt you, well not me cuz im a pacifist. im buddist you know
2016-12-24 21:14
go worship a cow
2017-01-03 14:50
you lose very single war that you fight, if you preffer on chinese also, they are literally slave nation when your shity country can terrorise them in every war, and we all know how shity country in wat you are...
2017-01-15 12:15
im an exmuslim the verse continus with something like "unless they spread corruption in their land" which definitoon later gets interpretated as being an infidel .
2016-12-24 10:58
Well done bro, congrats!
2016-12-25 00:29
Sweden younameit 
Poland had 0 terrorist attacks. Why? Because they understand the essence of putting your own people and culture first. After x amounts of human existance you'd think that the liberals and beta leftist would of understood this. When you invite savages for a slice of the cake they will munch it all. If you are on top of the food chain, never ever invite lowlifes.
2016-12-24 12:02
2016-12-24 12:03
nt, islam is backwards af. And your so called prophet was a pedophile and a mass murderer
2016-12-25 00:17
Why - because the most radical religious fanatics are unfortunately the most active
2016-12-25 12:15
Muslims are savages. End of story.
2016-12-25 12:37
why ?
2016-12-25 12:48
Why ? Cos believing in barbaric set of ideas. Countless lies from Quaran which were proven to be wrong by science count as being dumb. Savage can atleast think to some degree. Has its own instincts and can even adapt. Muslims not. So sorry for savage. They way way worse and dumber.
2016-12-25 12:54
nt m8
2016-12-25 12:55
jews are even worse when u read their book the talmud ! it allows u to rape 3 year old kids .
2016-12-25 13:00
from some nazi shit we all know why you hate jews, you literally being worse then hitler, even hitler hate you monkeys in ww2...And we all known crimes of croatian monkey, you speak about 3 year old kids but on fucking planet in HISTORY OF PLANET have CAMP OF DEATH for CHILDREN ONLY from 1 to 9 years dumbfuck croatian nazi shit
2017-01-15 12:17
lol croatians are actually good ppl, nt jew
2017-01-15 18:52
EDUCATE YOURSELF MONKEY, at least try to use google if you have lack of education in shithole you live in...when dumbfuck 3world shits try to be smart..priceless...another fakeflag croatian monkey btw...nice joke gr8 b8 :)
2017-01-15 18:54
not sure if jew or isis goat fucker
2017-01-15 18:54
2017-01-15 18:55
why would sand negro defend jews hmmm, you are jew fake flagger go suck baby penis hahahahah
2017-01-15 18:57
dont be mad nazi croatian monkey :)
2017-01-15 19:11
stay mad jew goat fak
2017-01-15 19:43
nt croatian monkey nt :)
2017-01-15 19:50
stopped reading at monkey
2017-01-15 19:52
Atleast we know hltv is united on one POV when it comes to islam lol
2017-01-03 14:54
Germany Cheaterino 
the whole world is besides some brainwashed goat fuckers.
2017-01-15 12:05
yeah some 2 billion quite some :D kiddo
2017-01-15 18:46
same muhammed that was married to a 9 year old ?
2017-01-03 14:57
Canada thelegend27 
but i bet she was hot
2017-01-15 04:00
its all america , israel , saudis ! the more fear they create the more money will be spent and the more money will be spent the richer this faggots get ! isis is all about money has nothing to do with the religion , it easy to brainwash ppl with money and make them ur soldier slaves that suicide for u ! real terrorists are chilling in their 200 million 10.000 square meter villa and u dont even know their name
2017-01-03 14:59
We still don't know why we are friends with the saudis.
2017-01-03 15:08
UK create them, and create wahabism to fight with us, to kill us (normal muslim) we all know that, they create saudis and their shity beliveing to hodl them in hands..And also UK have a lot influence even now on USA so thats your answer...
2017-01-15 12:19
remove kebab
2017-01-15 10:58
Portugal dracø 
Remember when Christians were killing people in the name of their faith?? It happened in the fucking medieval age and in the fucking 17th century xD Chill, Muslims are just a bit late to the party but they'll get there eventually.
2017-01-15 11:13
lol these atheists are more annoying than religious people
2017-01-15 11:59
name checks out
2017-01-15 12:08
go play cs irl
2017-01-15 12:13
not sure if what uve said is right. but maybe ppl thinking about it in the wrong way because some islamists are killing innocent ppl in europe and the east?
2017-01-15 12:06
Quran: "Then when the sacred months [after the Hajj] have passed, kill these Idolaters wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush" That's why
2017-01-15 12:09
But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. At least try to post the whole thing lmao
2017-01-15 12:15
still not better
2017-01-15 12:30
United States sayNt 
People think Islam is violence because people do dumbass shit and kill people in the name of Islam. Christians do the same shit in the USA all the time, and nobody bats an eye. We're so quick to label a whole truly peaceful religion due to the acts of few who claim to do it in the name of a religion that they don't truly follow. ISIS just wants to make an enemy out of Muslims and make the West react by bombing the Middle East. Think about it this way: The people in Western Civilization that think Islam is violence are the same as the people in the Middle East that think Christianity is violence. Stop getting so wound up in a religion. Stop looking to blame a whole religion due to the acts of few. Just hunt down the terrorists and bring them to justice without labeling millions of people around the globe and causing terror ourselves in the process.
2017-01-15 12:14
not gonna happen people are just stupid, they get brainwashed into thinking that all 2 billion muslims are terrorist same as those terrorist who think west is the enemy. I totally agree with you but these people are beyond help, just count how many posts about ISLAM there are on HLTV :D people are just obsessed
2017-01-15 18:54
United States sayNt 
i know. and it's so simple, yet so against human nature to just not blame a people.
2017-01-15 19:04
nineeu best swedish-muslim eu
2017-01-15 14:00
Poland t0xyz 
2017-01-15 14:02
Ey Sach mal du bombenbastler wo ham se denn dich gewickelt? Zaubert der da völlig neue fehlinterpration aus dem Ärmel. Just get over the fact Islam sucks dick the Bible is true and you all fail cause Jesus is Lord. Nice try but it wont work cause Quran is Devils work and stays it till everything collapse.
2017-01-15 19:22
Jesus is Lord and stays it. Its all good how its done. People just gotta listen cause denying gods son will brake their necks to judgement. You heard me? Its all good cause Satan was beaten at the cross 2000 years ago. That what you feel and see today is just his modern breed and those not listening will fall. That's how it's written if you read gods real holy word and so it shall be. Jesus forver. no chance for rebels. taste kingdom with faith, trust and love to jesus or taste hell and over.
2017-01-15 19:35
not every muslim is terrorist but every terrorist is muslim
2017-01-15 19:33
When a muslim kills someone u will call him a terrorist for sure.. But when someone else ' not muslim ' kills someone or for example a cop in america u will call him a gangsta not a terrorist!
2017-01-15 19:55
Yes, because people killing cops in America isn't necessarily to advance a political point so how are we meant to know if that's terrorism or not? Every killing/ the vast majority of killings committed in the name of Islam is to advance a political point by promoting the religion of Islam to people through fear and therefore is terrorism.
2017-01-15 20:10
the funny thing is people always want to make me believe that the religions dont mean what is written in the holy books word by word and u should interpret it in any way it pleases u. BUT the people who wrote this books down meant it word by word and believed it word by word. (sry for bad englando)
2017-01-15 20:02
mohammad cant suck my dick
2017-01-16 16:40
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