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First Beer
Canada LoungeNation 
Having first drinks while chilling with family for Christmas, weird how it's different and you have to be chill All I knew before this was getting sauced as fuck with some boys and going wild, drunk and blitzed at the same time. All around drinking is great as fuck, In This Thread: Share your drinking stories, especially first time drunk.
2016-12-25 02:19
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2016-12-25 02:21
i was a fucking noob at friends house, had like 3 beers and 1 shot rum tequila, went home and immediately threw up all the pizza n shit i ate at the sink infront of my mom
2016-12-25 02:22
Brazil bandicoot
im just glad you didnt try to nibble on your sisters ears
2016-12-25 02:24
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Effective cringe
2016-12-25 02:30
Brazil bandicoot
15 yo . 2x 75cl bottles of strong liquor at friends home, snuck into his dads stash (parents out) we left to town, hit the club. woke up in bed at hospital
2016-12-25 02:35
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hf with permanent brain damage
2016-12-25 02:40
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Brazil bandicoot
would explain alot of things
2016-12-25 02:41
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no thats what the flag is for
2016-12-25 02:43
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Brazil bandicoot
ok so its that level.. just go on pls its hard to get offended by a dutch :)
2016-12-25 02:46
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its just banter bro srsly tho alcohol causes a lot of brain damage to kids. kids read these threads and they should know underage drinking is not cool enough to justify the harm
2016-12-25 02:47
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Brazil bandicoot
it does, but i think education should lean more on teaching kids not to drink excessively. if they just say to kids "dont fucking drink at all until your 18" or whatever and we see them having fun and not really looking like their gonna die , it will make retards like me do the opposite and fucking drink. its just gonna happen
2016-12-25 02:53
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kids: dont drink liquor at all until youre 18 or youll end up like bandicoot anyone between 15-18 can get drunk just by drinking some beer. liquor is dangerous for these kids and also a giant waste of money
2016-12-25 02:55
one summer when i was still young one of my coworkers was leaving so he was buying. got drunk af and had some burgers next door. drank some more then we went and had some steaks. i was ok at this point but then i had a glass of water (that ended up being warm, i think that's what did it) and puked everywhere on the patio. apologized hella to the people sitting at the next table !!!!
2016-12-25 02:46
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i feel for you bro puking sucks, especially when it's in someone else's house LOL Personally its weed that gets me nauseous idk why, alc/beer has never been a problem for me
2016-12-25 02:52
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do you only smoke after drinking? puking in someone elses house beats puking in your own house and having to clean up after yourself while youre drunk btw
2016-12-25 02:57
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Yeah thank god I didn't have to clean that up LOOL rip my friend's carpet That time I didn't drink at all and I usually don't when I puke after smoking. The one time I smoked after drinking it didn't go badly at all so I don't know what's wrong with me Maybe I just ate too much those times when I puked? Or maybe from anxiety? Not sure
2016-12-25 03:08
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do you smoke cigarettes regularly?
2016-12-25 03:24
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Noo, never smoked a cigarette or tobacco
2016-12-25 03:38
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well there you go the tobaccos making you feel sick because youre not used to it
2016-12-25 10:15
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Finland Antzu
I rarely smoke cigarettes but once in my friends party I came up with a nice idea, smoke 3 cigarettes at time. After i smoked i got nicotin poisoning, puked and felt like shit
2016-12-26 08:29
it was at a restaurant, which i guess is better i got some pretty bad smoke stories too, since i don't smoke really but actually when i smoke i feel like i can drink 5x more
2016-12-25 03:04
16yo was a noob, got drunk of wine and beer, it was fuckin shit
2016-12-25 02:50
first time i drinked it was when i was 17 years (now 21) it was a 1 litre of vodka . i was insulting my best freind for not drinking with me and call him a pussy . and watching tv while it was off :D and the wierd thing that i was laughing so hard . i tought im watching a jim carrey movie (my freind was like wtf the tv is off what r u looking at )i couldnt go home cause i wasnt able just to stand still haahaha .i slept at my freind house like a 1 year child :D
2016-12-25 02:51
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LOL now that sounds like a good time bro ahah
2016-12-25 02:55
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ya old days gold days but weird that some ppl get mad when they drink . i drink for fun xD
2016-12-25 02:56
Sure 17 and first time drinking and you could empty 1l vodka with out throwing up/passing out.
2016-12-26 09:06
alcohol is for pussies
2016-12-25 03:00
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So you vape instead??
2016-12-25 10:39
I live with my mom and a black dude. So however my first drunk was a while ago. I was wasted in a bar and he was at another place. So i walked there and looked for him. I found him (i thought) and hugged him before declaring my love for him. Turns out that black dude was nowhere near my black dude. My black dude eventually came and took me home.
2016-12-25 03:01
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The black dudes ahaha maybe you have jungle fever ny friend? Im confused but entertained nonetheless LOL
2016-12-25 03:10
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Im from sweden (Don't tell anyone), but yeah lot of black people here. We'd agreed before I went for the drinks that he would help me home incase i got wasted; to clear things up. The dude is 28
2016-12-25 04:54
draken | 
Denmark fQu
i do not drink, im looking forward to keep and healthy liver
2016-12-25 03:02
ITT 12 year old humans and 21 year old murifags
2016-12-25 03:09
Last year i've walked 18 km after a party with my friends. That was insanely insane
2016-12-25 03:31
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I like to walk when I'm a bit drunk, you feel nothing.
2016-12-25 03:35
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Yep, when i was drunk as fuck. Me and my friends left the party 3:30am and get home at 11:00am i took breakfast at mcdonalds
2016-12-25 03:41
drink stella punch mum punch girlfriend punch policeman take clothes off get tattoo get criminal record feel bad Never happened
2016-12-25 03:45
Was on new year's eve, 4 years ago (2012 to 2013). I was depressed and sad as fuck because of some girl... My parents were not there (they always stay at home to take care of our pets), then I've drunk my first beer, taste was awful but I kept drinking. But as I kept on drinking, I kinda got used to the taste, and the next beers were enjoyable. got drunk after the 3rd or 4th beer and a cocktail. It was crazy because I'm very introverted but alcohol makes you lose inhibition, so for a few moments I became a more sociable person.
2016-12-25 03:56
14, one bottle of whisky for 2 and a lot of hash, my friend puked by the window into the neighbor appartment :)
2016-12-25 04:14
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LOL rip that dude's apartment hahaha
2016-12-25 05:07
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yeah he went the day after to ask us to clean that shit, what a cute guy with lot of hopes.
2016-12-25 18:44
I think it was 9th grade and it was the last day at school before summer break. We invited literally everyone in my class and my younger brother's(8th grade) class to my apartment roof and threw a huge party. Prolly the first time I drank, I think my first ever alcoholic drink was vodka. We had a lot of other stuff like whiskey, beer, etc. If I had alcohol before that I don't remember. But I think I did, like there is no way I didnt.
2016-12-25 04:38
First time drinking and I play CS all night with friends. I don't remember what rank I was at the start of it.
2016-12-25 05:30
last party I drank 4 tall boys then found a bottle of vodka on the floor and didn't know who's it was so i drank from it until I started puking :x
2016-12-25 06:20
When I was 16 or 17 I woke up on top of a truck next to an elementary school.
2016-12-25 06:29
I think I was like 15 when I first tried a beer, pretty sure I just took one of my dads from the fridge and it was whatever. First time drunk was when I was 16 at a graduation party and it was in the country and we were riding dirt bikes and jumping shit. Buddy of mine ended up jumping one into the river, that was the end of that day parents told us to leave after that.
2016-12-25 07:10
Nothing too crazy happened the first time I got drunk, but the last time I got drunk I got into troubles, I was dancing like a maniac and I saw a big glass of wine in the ground, I kicked that shit and I entirely wet the guy that was in front, what was its white shirt now it was completely purple, lol, I was so drunk that I didn't even realize him and 2 guys were coming to punch me, 2 friends of mine stood up for me and saved my ass, suddenly I see like 5 or 6 bodyguards that were kicking us out of the club and I didn't understand anything of what was happening, anyways it was like 6 am or something so the place was already closing hahaha.
2016-12-25 07:10
The first time was when I was 13 and had a liter of radler - its American equivalent would be Bud Light. The second time, 6-7 shots of tequila and weed, got properly drunk. The third time, half a liter of tequila and weed. Called a friend 13 times, be finally arrived just for me to vomit on his and another friend's jacket. Almost microwaved a birthday cake.
2016-12-25 07:55
2016-12-25 07:55
In the 5th grade I demolished our school bathroom because my grandfather got me drunk off his homemade wine the night before.
2016-12-25 08:37
2016-12-25 10:09
first time i got really really drunk i think was carnival one year, musta been like 14 years old. drank like half a case of altbier (5 litres). threw up in the sink three times the next morning. have gotten super smashed ever since then about 1000 times. just love beer it tastes so fucking awesome.
2016-12-25 10:56
drunk af whisky after flunking school in an abandoned auditorium. Shit was shady. we was young
2016-12-25 18:50
lol kid
2016-12-25 18:58
77 people guaranteed their place in Al Jahannam, congrats.
2016-12-25 19:07
I take my parents vodka and drink it with my friend vladyslava and we got drunk in kiev and we could not find home so we slept like homeless people while drunk in kiev best experience ever
2016-12-25 19:08
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lul read 3 times still didnt understand
2016-12-25 19:27
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i learned english online better than 95% than the rest of ukraine
2016-12-25 22:26
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your english is good enough to understand what you mean, my friend
2016-12-25 23:06
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2016-12-26 00:32
I was 9, I took a sip of my dad's beer and it tasted gross to me.
2016-12-25 19:25
my drinking stories? where do one even begin rofl. I once smashed an axe through my leg and had a coop chasing me while driving drunk on my scooter to hospital. Good times
2016-12-25 19:33
How old are you? 12? My first beer was when I was 11 rofl
2016-12-26 08:40
First time drunk I was around 15 and I was drinking with some friends. I think I hade like 4-5 beers and some wine, I don't remeber much but I woke up at home the day after with a headache and my arm was killing me. On my way home the night before I fucked up my arm by falling and twisting it.
2016-12-26 09:10
Went to a party with my best friend, we both got kicked out and had nothing to do, so instead we went to his house cuz his parents were working. There we drank like a whole bottle of minttu and some beer by ourselves and talked about hot girls, it was awesome the first time tbh.
2016-12-26 09:22
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