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Spain Jhonny_E 
All of this information is hearsay and gathered from people claiming to be cheat coders or knowing one or just plain forum discussions: There used to be an exploit (was apparently fixed by Valve) where by joining to a custom server to warmup you would download the cheat. Another thing was apparently through workshop, basically subscribe for a map and log in on the lan, boom, you got cheats without installing anything. Bring them in your peripherals, when plugging in the mouse, it installs mouse drivers and cheats. The cheats would not be the usual youtube style cheating videos where you literally see every player through walls etc. They could be soundbased wallhacks for example (you hear a sound when you aim over a player behind a wall) or you press a key and you see a white pixel on a wall where there is a player. Another thing would be really small edge giving aim assists. Before spread was made serverside, it could be something like guaranteeing you a headshot on the 5th to 7th bullet of your spray. Nothing spinbot like, but just a smooth mouse correction when you do a flick shot for example to guarantee you flick into them and not over/under. Thing is that unless a pro player is actually busted for cheating or one of the coders leaks the required information out, we can't be 100% certain to one way or another. Soo, Its impossible to a pro cheat on a big lan. Cut that Dan M autism off
2016-12-27 15:11
France daGriLL_Anna 
2016-12-27 15:14
2016-12-27 15:14
France daGriLL_Anna 
everyone knows all u wrote, it has been said 141415184894515 times. so stfu
2016-12-27 15:16
Japan zekrom 
2016-12-27 19:13
Bad bait
2016-12-27 15:16
Kqly did it.
2016-12-27 15:23
Slovakia Ganjamel 
In 2014
2016-12-27 15:51
2016-12-28 04:42
India ifuck 
2016-12-27 15:30
Its impossible to a pro cheat on a big lan
2016-12-27 16:59
That's true man.
2016-12-27 18:45
you never used good aimbot that 99% will never spot then shit bait anyways /close
2016-12-27 15:42
You are one of those who spam vac everytime pathetic kid
2016-12-27 16:53
but so much effort into a b8 that no one will read ://////
2016-12-27 17:01
are you sure? :////
2016-12-27 17:02
didn't read LOL. bad b8
2016-12-27 18:48
´have little bit of respect
2016-12-27 18:58
2016-12-27 19:03
2016-12-27 19:09
2016-12-27 19:10
you never used and never played any tournament to now so you can't affirms ©
2016-12-28 05:17
They r cheating And most of them from brazil
2016-12-28 05:20
Another awesome thread sir
2016-12-29 01:47
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