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Math exam result
Pakistan Smzgdi 
Guys I got 96 percent in my maths exam, highest in Y10. I dominated all those nerdy girls at my school
2016-12-30 21:16
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I scored the highest result in the alcohol test. I dominated all those nerdy idiots.
2016-12-30 21:18
Lol, btw long time no see
2016-12-30 21:19
Ye, kind of lost interest in CS for some months and got into some other game. Also very busy in real life. Congratulations on your great math test result.
2016-12-30 21:25
Ahh I see. Thanks, it was a tough paper as well
2016-12-30 21:24
sure thing
2017-06-11 01:08
2017-06-11 01:10
where are you from? i want to have a notion about your educational system level ;D
2017-06-13 01:48
World fcbdavid 
good job, well done ;)
2016-12-30 21:22
2016-12-30 21:27
Argentina juanme555RIP 
i dropped out of highschool ;3 now i am a real champions
2016-12-30 21:24
Couldn't agree more
2016-12-30 21:30
be global or be trash mate
2017-06-13 01:56
pics or never happened
2016-12-30 21:27
Well, they just told us the marks yet, 2nd week of Jan we will get our results, then I'll post it
2016-12-30 21:33
they just fooled you
2017-06-11 00:57
Thread is pretty old, actually got the result and yes it was 96 percent
2017-06-11 00:58
just noticed that shamelessbump
2017-06-11 00:58
Did you get money for scoring the highest result?
2016-12-30 21:27
Not a single penny lol
2016-12-30 21:34
Lol who fucking cares about Y10, I'm in university for a year now.
2016-12-30 21:34
Lol who funking cares about university, I'm in Y10 for 5 months now,
2016-12-30 21:38
2016-12-30 23:54
I tried m8
2017-06-11 00:45
gj bro
2016-12-30 21:37
Thanks :D
2016-12-30 21:39
Don't waste time trying to achieve good results in year ten class tests :/ I only studied for my final exams in school and ended getting all As. That's all that I cared about. I got into my favourite UNI which is one of the best in Europe for my course and now I'm just studying for finals again.
2016-12-30 23:57
Congrats on that. Actually, these exams will help me to achieve a better university, that's why I am working hard. I swear if you look my past 7 years of school I was a shit kid. Thanks for your advice :D
2016-12-31 00:45
gratz of being the bigger nerd than your "nerdy girls". but at least something positive is that Male is on top! as it must be. gj.
2016-12-31 00:09
I didn't used to study like those nerdy girls. Furthermore, I didn't brag about my grades and shit, like they did. Lastly, I started studying maths only 1 and half week before, 4 hours daily cuz I enjoy maths
2016-12-31 00:48
gratz then, you are THE MAN. show 'em who is the boss here.
2016-12-31 00:50
Ikr, the girl who used to top was about to cry lmao
2016-12-31 00:52
One of my few regrets is that I wish I tried harder in highschool and did less drugs. Was hard to get scholarships when you're getting a 100 in highschool calculus and a 58 in English. lol.
2016-12-31 00:49
That's sad, how's your situation now?
2016-12-31 00:53
Great. Just have a pile of student loans to pay off.
2016-12-31 00:57
Glad I hear that. Isn't that the story of every NA uni student xd
2016-12-31 00:59
Compared to the US, Canada isn't too bad because most *prestigious* Universities are still publically (government subsidised) funded. The equivalent schools in America are like x10 the tuition.
2016-12-31 01:02
Ahan, maybe thats the reason most of the Pakistani students preferred to go to Canada for uni instead of US. When I asked them to justify their choice, they couldn't actually and I never understood why because for me US and Canada was pretty much same, well till now I guess, US have trump now
2016-12-31 01:06
United Kingdom XacoHades 
how about you dominate them in another way
2017-06-11 00:46
Old thread though, elaborate that other way pls ;P
2017-06-11 00:49
gj. nothing more to say than that you did a great job
2017-06-11 00:46
Thank you, old exam result though
2017-06-11 00:49
GJ. But girls are shit at maths usually. Normally something where the boys are better
2017-06-11 00:51
Thank you, they are good at biology though
2017-06-11 00:52
Turkey Shanon 
I know that feel bro, those old times though :/
2017-06-11 00:57
ikr :/
2017-06-11 00:58
sergej | 
Ireland MP0P 
2017-06-11 00:59
2017-06-11 01:02
Mexico FookenCoont 
Hey since it has been so long have you improved?
2017-06-11 01:01
improved in what?
2017-06-11 01:01
Mexico FookenCoont 
In exams.
2017-06-11 14:56
Well, we had an exam after 2 months my result was really not impressive I had less numbers than the result mentioned above, However when the real external exam actually happened, it went superb, still waiting for result
2017-06-13 01:31
who bumped this
2017-06-11 01:03
Why is that the highest score (are you sure?)? How many students in your year?
2017-06-11 01:05
31-29 in each section and there are 9 sections, and in my section there are 30 students
2017-06-11 01:08
Grade? I'm in with so nothing hard. Respect anyways.
2017-06-11 01:10
Like equivalent to SAT 1, grade 10
2017-06-11 01:11
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
2017-06-11 01:05
Ty, I hate the invigilators of CIE atleast from where I gave the exam, they are so strict, they took my statement just for turning the head when the exam paper was already taken from every student :/
2017-06-11 01:10
nice, can you link the problems :) ?
2017-06-11 14:57
Just finished a level. Chilling rite here shit posting on hltv.
2017-06-11 15:02
I've finished GCSE and from what I've heard A level is much more difficult than o levels? Is it true
2017-06-13 01:35
Not sure about it. I did not do o level during secondary school. I did my local official exam (spm since i am from malaysia) which is equivalent to o level. Our additional maths is similar to as level so i pretty much aced the as level scoring 117/125 in raw marks 95% in my statement of result. as level for me is easy since i have already learned like 80% of the content and the questions asked are less tricky than spm. However a2 is hell for me. I had to learn alot of new things in 6 months. Plus all the stuff you learn in as like the calculus, vector, trigometric etc are much more in depth and the question asked are much harder and required more thinking since they are not direct. I have friends coming from private school who did o levels. They say a level for them is like a continuation for o level. For me as is like revision for my local exam, a2 is like the continuation.
2017-06-13 01:47
Appreciate your detailed reply, btw which subjects did you choose?
2017-06-13 01:50
Btw i take maths, chemistry,biology and physics. What subject are you taking and what exam board are you taking the exam from?
2017-06-13 01:49
I've given 8 subjects in o levels, the main ones are: maths physics chemistry ICT and English
2017-06-13 01:51
So you plan going into science field?
2017-06-13 01:52
Undecided yet but most likelt, gotta go for suhoor bro see ya it was nice talk to you sorry for typo on mobile
2017-06-13 01:54
Ok good luck in your study.
2017-06-13 01:56
CIE exam bro
2017-06-13 01:52
Yeah same. I did my a level from cie also.
2017-06-13 01:53
France Fran6k1D 
Nice soon NASA pick you up or you go to Harvard ez
2017-06-11 15:04
2017-06-13 01:35
France Meerkat_ 
>finishes math exam >shares results on hltv you are a real brother my friend
2017-06-11 15:07
Thank you
2017-06-13 01:35
Old thread though
2017-06-13 01:36
Denmark FaZeClan 
2017-06-13 01:43
i have also exams on 19 and 21
2017-06-13 01:48
Good luck
2017-06-13 01:52
thanks,i hope 9,50 + at both
2017-06-13 15:00
United States $hemlenie69 
why did this get bumped lmao. anyways good job and hope u r continuing ur domination
2017-06-13 01:58
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