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Strongest martial art
Brazil Audi_A8 
What's the most effective martial art in real fights? No rules no nonsense, someone comes at you and you have to defend yourself by incapacitating the aggressor. What's the best one for a situation like that?
2016-12-31 14:05
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Armenia gr1nch 
2016-12-31 14:09
Brazilian jiu jitsu combined with Muay Thai
2016-12-31 14:12
Sri Lanka Coman 
Muay Thai
2016-12-31 14:16
Yep just watch ong bak and there's your proof
2016-12-31 15:57
Germany vinco 
street fight or self defense most martial arts follow rules but you need to forget rules to survive so it's better to learn to fight without rules
2016-12-31 14:18
Actually every martial arts is useful, thats why MMA is just so big
2016-12-31 14:34
no debate that it's useful but he asked for the most effective one in a real fight
2016-12-31 14:35
Depends on the situation, no doubt in street fights knocking your opponent out quickly is a good trait, specially if you are outnumbered.
2016-12-31 14:37
never mind the money and the marketing and the steroids
2016-12-31 14:36
Thats also part of it. But when it comes to their product no doubt MMA are much more interesting than specific martial arts.
2016-12-31 14:38
no not really, its just popular because they can fight dirtier and theres blood etc if there is competition in 1 martial art the object is usually to win without killing or permanently damaging people. theres not a lot of blood.
2016-12-31 14:41
Consider this: would punching be "dirty" in a judo comeptition? In a jiu-jitsu competition? Is grabbing and immobilizing "dirty" in boxing? They are all "dirty" because they are part of a skill set of another martial art. The "dirtyness" of MMA is nothing more than the permission to use all kinds of techniques.
2016-12-31 14:46
no the dirty part is that these guys are actually trying to fuck each other up, not just win. there is no honor. the mental aspect of martial arts is mostly irrelevant, its just about who can take more punches and hit harder
2016-12-31 14:47
Then why boxing declined so much? It is still bloody as hell.
2016-12-31 14:53
too boring and technical for avg person i guess
2016-12-31 15:56
Watch worldstar street fight videos for half an hour on youtube and you'll be able to knock out conor mcgregor
2016-12-31 14:21
Martial arts lul U pull out a gun and watch how far he will run away :D
2016-12-31 14:28
> needs a gun > name about big dildo confirmed small
2016-12-31 14:31
Didnt say i need it, its best possible option. + Swedistan triggered by my nickname? Brilliant ;D
2016-12-31 14:44
Germany Playboy51 
Jiu jitsu
2016-12-31 14:29
Karambit crimson web BS, eZ
2016-12-31 14:34
wing chun duh do you even action movie
2016-12-31 14:36
Denmark qwedsa 
Krav maga. Teaches you how to make best use of your surroundings in the street. Boxing, kickboxing, JJ etc. teaches you how to fight in a ring/cage. That can be used in street fights as well, but the most effective is krav maga, without any doubts.
2016-12-31 14:36
Boxing ofc. If you will get 1vs1 on street against Boxer Rip
2016-12-31 14:37
France Gak0sempai 
Systema for sure
2016-12-31 14:39
A year in Spec naz, no pistol can damage you
2016-12-31 14:45
Krav Maga for 1v1/small groups Keysi to deal with large groups Everything else you can throw in the mix for versatility. Systema, Kenpo, Muay Thai, Boxing, etc. Most of which are already covered by Krav Maga, but still worth developping further.
2016-12-31 14:53
2016-12-31 16:03
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