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Wich country hate each other
Europe NinjaGrandMa 
2017-01-07 02:53
Denmark nalleB 
But... we love Iceland :(
2017-01-07 02:56
Iceland Iceland 
I used to be pretty pissed that we had to learn ur language in school but besides that I don't see any reason to hate denmark.
2017-01-07 03:09
Why would anyone hate Denmark for that lol, what have they done?
2017-01-07 03:10
Iceland Iceland 
Not much besides having an annoying language and accent.
2017-01-07 03:13
we should occupy you again
2017-01-11 15:57
2017-01-11 16:20
Iceland Iceland 
Cus ur language developed badly?
2017-01-11 21:03
cus u easy to take
2017-01-11 21:06
Iceland Iceland 
Yeah cus we are more focused on not having one of the ugliest languages instead of doing some dick size competition with other countries.
2017-01-11 21:07
how are u getting triggered dude XD im just playing
2017-01-11 21:08
Iceland Iceland 
Seems like you made ur account today.
2017-01-11 21:09
you must be an inbred retard
2017-01-12 02:46
Go on vacation in poland. Your car is already wating for u.
2017-01-07 02:56
Poland Vrubzzi 
That's pretty old joke.
2017-01-08 11:57
Devil Caught Polish, Russian and German and said to them "Bring me your best car and I will set you free". After few hours Polish came back with Fiat 126p. Devil gave him hammer and said : "Destroy it and I will set you free". Pole without thinking twice grabbed a hammer, smashed the car twice and it all felt apart. Next German Arrived with brand new BMW. Devil gave him hammer and said : "Destroy it and I will set you free". German complain for a while, but brought himself up and started smashing his new car. After few hours he managed to destroy it. Pole and German were done but Russian still hasnt arrived. 1 hour, 2 hours 3 hours still no sight of him. Suddenly Pole started to laugh. "Why you laughing?" Asked German. Pole turn around to him and said "Cuz Russian is arriving in a fucking tank".
2017-01-11 16:07
Ireland tsarbomba 
That's a good one
2017-01-11 16:25
Hahaha not bad bro
2017-01-11 20:19
thx :P old Ass polish joke :P
2017-01-11 22:36
Russia Nikosimus 
Lol n1:D But we don't care so much about tanks, we have Lada's which is absolute shit
2017-01-11 20:52
Russia Nikosimus 
LOL I don't speak Polish but I heard the most important words:P
2017-01-11 23:01
2017-01-11 22:37
Slovakia cheatersw0w 
Yeah I love making fun from Czech and they like to joke about Slovakia xD
2017-01-07 02:58
Yeh because slovakia is a joke in itself.
2017-01-07 03:03
Slovakia cheatersw0w 
Told by Germany that gets ruined by one person within one year lul
2017-01-07 03:07
More like 8 years
2017-01-07 03:12
Hm your Country cant get ruined since there never was anything to ruin :/
2017-01-07 03:10
Actually, its because they surrendered on 1st contact
2017-01-07 03:13
nt Albert Einstein
2017-01-07 03:16
Come fight on border
2017-01-07 14:28
zonic | 
Czech Republic DJachym 
yep,can confirm
2017-01-07 11:17
Lul a country what is not even a 100 years old
2017-01-11 21:07
Slovakia cheatersw0w 
lul not even a 25
2017-01-11 21:09
Sweden günT 
Sweden most bullied nation in Europe feelsbadman
2017-01-07 02:57
Your Singaporean flag is poor camofladge.
2017-01-07 03:05
It's Indonesian feelsbadderman
2017-01-07 03:06
Singapore, Indonesia, apparently its all the same
2017-01-07 03:12
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
2017-01-07 10:45
Singapore derpydm 
singaporean talking here, comparing us to Indonesia it really depends on where you look. singapore is developed fully, while indonesia is still catching up. i mean, their forests looks like snoop dog taking breaks every now and then while trekking, can't blame them
2017-01-08 10:33
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Jews always show up to spread hate between nations. That's been happening throughout over 5.000 years. I wonder what's up with their butt
2017-01-11 23:11
I wonder what's up yours.
2017-01-12 00:02
Greece Swishh_ 
at least you dont hate yourselves like Italy LUL
2017-01-07 14:11
Belgium and Germany also have 3 fans and then there is bosnia, so stop feeling special
2017-01-08 10:18
Oceania Andrew_Kramer 
If I count my background than I hate the Irish XD. I actually kinda do...
2017-01-07 02:58
Oceania Andrew_Kramer 
Scotland Superior UK.
2017-01-07 03:13
italy hates themselves?
2017-01-07 02:59
United Kingdom thesmartj[v] 
2017-01-07 03:03
its not about hate you retard
2017-01-07 19:44
Yeah, but the OP made it look like it is.
2017-01-11 21:49
Brazil xpassw0rd 
I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering the same
2017-01-11 23:13
United Kingdom thesmartj[v] 
Brazil and Argentina
2017-01-07 03:03
Argentina YH!one 
2017-01-09 08:04
Europe Predatorino 
I would say we also make many jokes about France.
2017-01-07 03:04
yeah but its like pranking ur brudda
2017-01-07 13:05
karrigan | 
France SW4Y1 
Well you care about us but french ppl dont really give a fuck about germans, its indeed against belgians and also sometimes british people, france and brits... Long story.
2017-01-07 14:05
Yeah, you dont care about us, your swag is too fcuking big m9
2017-01-07 16:45
Well idc about germans i know that germans are fans of our country and they keep coming visiting us but thats all idc bout germans
2017-01-07 19:06
fans hahaha please dont be so fucking arrogant. there is nothing like literally nothing we envy about french ppl.
2017-01-07 20:25
Then why i saw again like 50 germans tourists yesterday, germany is sad and shit so i can understand tho
2017-01-08 09:41
Liechtenstein ZazaBinks 
rofl. i bet there was never a french tourist in germany. but nt dor trying to trigger germanos but you do it to obvious
2017-01-08 10:16
Ofc we dont go in germany when theres way better
2017-01-08 10:26
Liechtenstein ZazaBinks 
2017-01-08 10:56
They come visit you, inside of tanks.
2017-01-11 16:36
Denmark hyyg 
Tell me some, wanna know what you say to joke about us :D
2017-01-07 14:13
Europe Predatorino 
Your tanks have 1 forward gear and 6 reverse gears
2017-01-07 16:40
why do french tanks have mirrors on the side? so they can see the front line whats the most redundant thing ever? blue and red on the french flag just called in france- was occupied once again
2017-01-07 16:50
They are mostly about your army surrendering, other then that we joke aboutz poles being thieves and just casual racist stuff you joke about in every other country, like jokes against blacks, muslims, gypsies etc.
2017-01-08 14:23
Xizt | 
Germany Srenk 
Actually we joke about turks the most
2017-01-07 03:05
Brazil Germany
2017-01-07 03:05
zonic | 
Czech Republic DJachym 
2017-01-07 11:23
Why is it all just eu? Fucking racists
2017-01-07 03:08
Jeez bro , chill out ... No wonder everyone is blowing sh1t up in the middle east...
2017-01-07 03:10
Just a prank bro
2017-01-07 10:35
2017-01-07 03:13
Headscarf best my fred
2017-01-11 21:06
its a danish site after all :P
2017-01-07 11:00
mate all arab world hates u :/
2017-01-07 13:06
Austria IamCool 
Austrian´s joke a lot about germans (they just fucking stupid)
2017-01-07 03:16
Sweden wyv0 
looks about right ;)
2017-01-07 10:37
NEO | 
Europe  Skaarj  
Making jokes about != hating In fact sometimes it means something quite opposite.
2017-01-07 10:40
Germany Bier 
2017-01-07 14:05
I arent think that noone gives a damn about greece
2017-01-07 10:55
Bulgaria squezzi 
Hungary hates Scotland? Wtf Wutface
2017-01-07 10:58
Ye wtf,expected Romania
2017-01-07 16:47
that must be a mistake , half of the country dunno where scotland is xdd
2017-01-08 10:32
we hate spain? thats new to me, we love messing around with their language its fun
2017-01-07 10:58
Bulgaria squezzi 
but their language sounds better to foreigners than yours, at least to me it sounds much better
2017-01-07 11:06
its because its true, their language is more soothing than ours. Even we like to talk spanish sometimes (we call portunhol XD) which is a mix of portuguese with spanish and its great to joke about
2017-01-07 11:09
Thats your opinion for sure I don't like to speak Spanish to be honest.. I hate when im walking in Lisbon and some tourist come at me and ask directions in fucking Spanish.. I hate it, they should ask in English but this is my opinion off Btw Portunhol it's mostly used in galiza and north of Portugal
2017-01-07 13:30
That's so trueeee ahah When I was in Porto, 2014, I asked a guy in Spanish where was the Avenue Liberdade I guess it was and he was pissed I could see that and then he answered me in English but he was rly pissed. That happened again in Algarve too But I saw many Spanish people and both pt and Spanish were friendly
2017-01-07 13:46
Yeah xD Friendly countries but we don't really care about each other shah (spain-pt, pt-Spain)
2017-01-07 13:56
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Spanish sounds fucking stupid to me too. It feels the same when I go to Miami and they don't know that in Brazil we speak Portuguese they think it's Spanish. I much rather speak in English
2017-01-11 23:21
They have more vocabulary than Spanish has Some kinda of mix between French and Portuguese ahahah that is what it sounds for me ahah
2017-01-07 13:48
actually galician and portuguese are similars.
2017-01-07 19:47
idk man, as spaniard i don't hate portugal wtf is that map? xd
2017-01-07 19:45
Lithuania ateivis 
Lithuania jokes about Estonia? I aren't thing this know details. Lithuania hates/jokes about Poland mostly
2017-01-07 10:59
Why Brother :( Once upon a time we were greatest country ever.
2017-01-11 16:14
Lithuania ateivis 
Historical reasons, Vilnius 1919, when you took it from us. Stupid Polish cunts started to rename streets in Polish, that brought new wave of hate btw it was lately in past 4 - 5 years.
2017-01-11 16:45
Faroe Islands LIVING_MEME 
czech hates slovakia cuz both Czechs and Slovaks are dumb af..
2017-01-07 11:00
Latvia t0m1kS 
yup true
2017-01-07 11:04
Italy hate Italy? XD
2017-01-07 11:04
We dont hate Sweden but we do joke about them.
2017-01-07 11:04
there is difference between hate and making joke about.It is a meme that anything you see stupid video or shit you will see some comments say best greek singer/player/etc.
2017-01-07 11:04
Russia sNQ- 
lol no. we dont give a fuck about ukraine.
2017-01-07 11:21
Russia da_eto_jestko 
u could draw a globe on russia LUL
2017-01-07 11:28
Inaccurate: Every country hates france. Also Belgians laugh at Dutch people way more often than they laugh at frenchies. EDIT: italy only laughs at themselves? If italy gets that, then belgium definitely would have its own flag. There's a SHITLOAD of humor laughing at our own system here. Most of belgian humor is self-depricating bullshit
2017-01-07 11:49
+1 F*ck The Netherlands F*ck West-Flandres F*ck Limburg F*ck Ghent F*ck Wallonia And you as well Brussels By now you should know where I am from x3
2017-01-08 10:22
From the most retarded part of Belgium :) :) :) :) :) <3
2017-01-08 11:36
Bulgaria BroN 
Just cuz we joke does not mean that we hate them ...they hate us ... they talking some bullshits and we do just joke about that ... we dont wanna fight or do something like that :D
2017-01-07 11:52
Macedonia kamco 
TRUE. and im not one of those who talks bullshit to you!
2017-01-11 22:30
Turkey RooseBolton 
LOL ITALY LMAO Also it is true suck fwedens
2017-01-07 12:59
it's fake. would be more accurate with russian flags all over the map
2017-01-07 13:13
i think we joke more about the danes than the norwegians
2017-01-07 13:19
Croatia does not hate BiH
2017-01-07 13:22
The hate doesn't exist between Portugal and Spain. But for historical ( Age of Discovers) reasons and also because we share borders ofc we have some kinda of rivalry. Just that Same for Brazil, Angola and others ex Portuguese colonies
2017-01-07 13:37
we are not hating hungary and vice versa, we are killin each other lul
2017-01-07 13:34
Denmark beastd 
France & Algeria
2017-01-07 13:34
Germany Bier 
ye we make some jokes about polaks stealing our cars etc. but we don't hate them since their country is pretty irrelevant (no offense tho). they're really annoying on hltv but in irl most of them are great and i have some friends from polska so everything is fine. love <3
2017-01-07 13:37
United Kingdom CumboS 
The English dislike Russians imo but I've never had any issues with people based on where they're from... Apart from your average Russki. EDIT - Actually a load of my countrymen dislike Pakistan, Polish and the Indians for being refugees here but again, not my personal thoughts.
2017-01-07 13:42
Maybe look up what a refugee is. ;)
2017-01-07 14:06
United Kingdom CumboS 
EDIT - You're right. gg.
2017-01-07 18:02
Turkey sadixx 
serbia is bosnia Lol
2017-01-07 13:47
Europe boky 
I think its kinda old, Polish people don't hate Germany, we hate Ukraine
2017-01-07 13:49
Poland ph0b0s12 
Speak for youself. Fuck germans
2017-01-07 14:31
2017-01-07 19:33
I know ur toilets could be cleaner I bet isn't easy clean that amount of dirty
2017-01-08 10:18
Europe boky 
still cleaner than people in Ukraine
2017-01-11 15:50
ukrainian toilet cleaners in Poland are really good man
2017-01-11 20:49
you need hide your flag cuz you're so ashamed to be a toilet cleaner, poor guy
2017-01-12 14:32
ukrainian toilet cleaners in Poland are really good man
2017-01-12 14:37
Cool! I like to see your friendship in your job, enjoy your day cleaning toilets.
2017-01-12 14:39
Thx for good clean toilet bro u are best!!!
2017-01-12 14:42
We don't really hate anyone. Or hate everyone equally.
2017-01-11 16:16
not true about bulgartia. bulgarian people joke the most about turkey , not macedonia. If something is duplicated, forged, fake - bulgarians call it turkish. If they don't like someone, they sometimes call him turk.
2017-01-07 13:51
Finland whitepower82 
est hate fin?
2017-01-07 14:01
France Zaerea 
kinda true but France jokes more about the nort of France than U.K or Belgium
2017-01-07 14:09
Belarus doesn't joke about anyone? Italy themselves? i still like my bros from the north <3
2017-01-07 14:11
Italy joke about Poland :D?
2017-01-07 14:12
bad pizza in Poland
2017-01-08 10:15
bad evrything in ukraine
2017-01-11 20:49
Look at the west of Italy u forgot about that one stripe Xd
2017-01-11 21:52
aaahh yeah i see it now :D
2017-01-11 22:05
Europe CdrScorpion 
i wasnt joke about estonia lithuania talk about latvia tho
2017-01-07 14:34
We Lithuanians like Latvia and Estonia Most of the time we hate/don't like Russia and Poland
2017-01-08 10:05
Europe CdrScorpion 
yes agree
2017-01-08 11:48
2017-01-11 23:10
Faroe Islands Babe69 
In Poland we hate Russia more than Germany.
2017-01-07 16:42
bosnians and germany? like why?
2017-01-07 16:43
Estonia biggobb 
estonians and most of the baltics don't get along with russians, this map is bs.
2017-01-07 16:47
moldova here. can confirm romania but russia tied
2017-01-07 18:05
why would you hate romania?
2017-01-08 11:05
Not hate. We only hate russia. Not even russia. But the new generation like me and one that was 10 years previous hated USSR. Jokes about romania common
2017-01-08 14:52
Russia is not the worst country in the world lUl
2017-01-07 19:21
why would hungary joke about scotland tf
2017-01-07 19:23
just put a globe on Russia lul
2017-01-07 19:24
wtf is wrong with Netherlands and Belgium?
2017-01-07 19:24
bubble | 
Bulgaria xdn1 
2017-01-07 19:43
i think that Poland hate everyone, except hungary
2017-01-07 19:41
Why hate commonwealth brothers
2017-01-11 21:09
they dont like us after 1919 XDXDXD (we took Vilnus)
2017-01-11 21:53
We aren't joking :(
2017-01-07 19:42
UK is France, not Ireland..
2017-01-07 19:43
United States Chrissao24 
Everybody hates us.
2017-01-07 19:50
Europe HowAboutNo 
that's not true at all.
2017-01-08 09:50
Italy hates itself? Hungary hates Romania The rest looks pretty accurate
2017-01-08 09:52
witch cuntri
2017-01-08 10:10
stop making jokes about yourself dude
2017-01-08 10:12
Finland RagingRame 
Mostly true! :D We are also joking a lot about Russians but Swedes are probably more "beloved"
2017-01-08 10:10
Poland ksk111 
Poles don't hate Germany.More like Ukraine.
2017-01-08 10:19
lul 6-1
2017-01-08 10:24
Liechtenstein ZazaBinks 
dude i hate fuckin poorlacks even that i am one myself. you've never seen such an inbred race. most of our people have squareheads and are ugly like shit. they would do also everything to get a bit money because they have no fuvkin honor. polish blood is dirty that's why there are so many polish hookers abroad. NO HONOR. the only polaks who disagree with me are some nationalistic shitheads who can't see in which shithole we're living. it's like in every east euro trash country. as soon as i am able to i will leave this dying country and start a career. stay mad poorlacks. (what i was trying to say is put poorland flag for poorland)
2017-01-08 10:24
There is no way you're not a fakeflagger, but i agree
2017-01-08 11:53
Liechtenstein ZazaBinks 
i am just talking the truth. not fakeflagging. want to leave this hole asap
2017-01-08 15:18
dude u have some issues
2017-01-11 21:54
Finland ginbay 
Butthurt sweden also not that true coz we got ruski
2017-01-08 11:08
Hate =/= making fun of it...
2017-01-08 11:53
Estonia is a finland wannabe
2017-01-08 12:01
Poland Vrubzzi 
In Poland we mostly make fun of Russians, also we are telling jokes about how Scottish people are thrifty.
2017-01-08 12:03
lmao retarded poles, you better make fun of yourselves. just look at yourselves that's all you have to do
2017-01-11 20:29
stfu and stay in ur medievial shithole village
2017-01-11 21:54
Denmark P0w3RfuL 
I was in Republic of Moldova once, and i've noticed that the most part of population are hating Russia and in general, russians.
2017-01-08 12:04
Why is denmark, marked with swedish flag? edit: nvm gotta read next time
2017-01-08 12:06
Ours would be everyone, including ourselves.
2017-01-08 12:14
hungary-romania romania-hungary
2017-01-08 14:22
United States MichaelRoss 
Lol u fucked up the map, Germany is positioned wrong :)
2017-01-08 14:27
germans dont joke, we invade!
2017-01-11 15:54
Well russia and ukraine are hated by everyone.
2017-01-11 16:27
Why would Switzerland hate Austria? Probably the last country any Swiss hates. edit: The picture literally says "Who do Europeans JOKE about most". Nothing about HATE, retarded OP can't even read properly. And it's still wrong. I can't think of a single joke about Austria.
2017-01-11 16:33
Apparently in Soviet-Belarus it's illegal to make jokes.
2017-01-11 16:41
2017-01-11 20:46
Then why is it empty on the map?
2017-01-11 22:04
they are neutral
2017-01-11 22:07
Bosnia and Herzegovina dzile 
lol poor Bosnia :D
2017-01-11 20:26
old picture nowdays: Polskas hates = Germany, Muslims Germany hates = Rapefugees and ofc Muslims lmao
2017-01-11 20:28
USA and Mexico
2017-01-11 21:55
Mexico Mexicunt 
i hate my own country
2017-01-11 23:12
uk should be france
2017-01-11 22:35
Germany DiesesMars 
Poland is ok lol
2017-01-11 23:07
Sweden bitchboy882 
Nordic countries hates us feels bad man.
2017-01-12 00:19
Ukraine and Russian is true
2017-01-12 14:36
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