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D'n'B junkies
African Union NUCK_FIGGERS 
Anyone still got some good new D'n'B songs that have that Golden Era of Dubstep and Drum N Bass 2009-2012? Something like this - This shit is lit, want something from the new songs with simmilar vibe, like Metrik, C&K, Ramesses B, Feint, Melano, Netsky, Grafix, etc. Thanks <3
2017-01-11 13:16
Dubstep in 2017 LOL
2017-01-11 13:19
I don't need new dubstep, it's garbage. I want the new DNB tracks with that 2009-2012 vibe in them.
2017-01-11 13:22 I'm not entirely sure if this is the type of DnB you're looking for, but regardless, it's still a bangin' tune.
2017-01-11 13:35
Exactly something like this. I actually have this song on my warmup playlist. xD
2017-01-11 13:40
Read my other comment #5! Also, are you looking strictly for DnB or do you enjoy some Drumstep as well?
2017-01-11 13:42
Also, since you mentioned Feint in your post, I'm sure you've heard of "Homebound"? Well this song ( ) by Bustre is pretty similar in style to Homebound.
2017-01-11 13:41
1. Yes, I do enjoy drumstep, and a lot! 2. I've listened to all Mcat dnb & drumstep songs! :D My absolute favs are : Melano - I'm On Fire, Rootkit - Against The Sun, Melano - Traveller and Melano - Don't Fight It. maybe you know something simmilar?
2017-01-11 15:19
Latest one i've added:
2017-01-11 15:26
Holy shizzz, Futuristik still has it. <3
2017-01-11 18:29
Fourward - Wishes Metrik - Distant shores Tell me if you need more.
2017-01-11 15:29
Mm, this reminds me of good old UK Garage. :`) Sweet sweet memories.
2017-01-11 18:30
my fav track of 2016 is this dimension strobe remix is great too, not quite golden era style though is close nothing quite comes close to old netsky
2017-01-11 15:38
Yeah boy! You stoked that C&K are coming back? I'm sure I am!! That HK song is lit aswell, really liked it! Bruh, old Netsky.. One love. <3 That Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 was fire!
2017-01-11 18:32
old netsky was awesome, yesterday i found myself listening to some of his remixes, very good
2017-01-11 18:37
Maduk, Technimatic, Dawn wall, Ownglow, Champion. My favorite dnb artists atm.
2017-01-11 15:40
Yeah, really like Maduk and Champion! Have you heard some of Woody's songs? Those are quite good aswell. The liquid dnb I like. :)
2017-01-11 18:33
everything from pendulum
2017-01-11 15:43
k0nfig | 
Denmark nalleB 
Sub Focus
2017-01-11 15:44
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