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50 000 € supercar
France Chylvain 
Hello, In next 2 years I wanna buy a "supercar" between 50 and 60k€ max. I hesitate a lot : Nissan GT-R Maserati Granturismo Mercedes SLK AMG Ford Mustang 6 Corvette C7 (too expensive now maybe less than 60K in 2 years) I'm not a racing driver so I just want an "easy" car to drive, in 1st position in my mind is the Maserati because of this amazing sound : Thank you for you help ! Peace
2017-01-11 15:31
maserati and Mercedes look really sick
2017-01-11 15:32
2017-01-11 16:04
2017-01-11 18:15
get a BMW M2. /close
2017-01-11 15:32
M2 is propulsion car ? So hard to drive when it's raining
2017-01-11 15:33
What are you talking about? Best car EU. If not M2 then get a 2007 M3 e92 or e90 ;)
2017-01-11 15:34 how can you say no? OMG it's the most beautiful car i swear.
2017-01-11 15:36
ofc its a good car but when I see one on the street I see a nice bmw, not a supercar that everyone take in picture.
2017-01-11 15:47
so you want people to make pictures while you ride? buy this:
2017-01-11 15:48
nice car i mean when normal ppl see a M2 they are not surprised or interressed
2017-01-11 16:18
i am .. all the time. An i live in Munich, Germany! I guess its just a matter of taste.. but of all the cars you posted.. i would still take the M2
2017-01-11 16:19
yep ofc it's a matter of taste :) maybe im older than you ? i prefer a "men" car. M2 is, for me, for younger ppl (25 max)
2017-01-11 16:20
im 28 :DD e: "young people under 25" wont be able to affort a 70k Euro car my frend :)
2017-01-11 22:07
ye +1 sorry xD
2017-01-11 22:42
2009 maserati are u kidding me? mercedes or nissan is better
2017-01-11 22:52
LUL? Are you stupid or something like this? They are all RWD except the GT-R with AWD.
2017-01-11 16:46
What are you talking about :D Just pls don't get such a car when you have no clue about them and can't even drive, you don't deserve it. xD Buy a nissan micra or some tincan, works better for you xD
2017-01-11 18:27
this and only this.
2017-01-12 06:49
I'm tired of seing the GT-R everywhere. Don't get one. Only if it's an older model with the classic Fast and Furious look. If I explained myself enough xd I'm not a car freak
2017-01-11 15:32
Get the Maserati.
2017-01-11 15:33
Skyline GTR?
2017-01-11 18:56
United States Asccorr 
Imo, i would wait for the corvette, i aways wanted that car, hopeffuly one day... but in the close future im looking forward to purchase Chevrolet Camaro...
2017-01-11 15:32
It's an American car so it's bad
2017-01-11 16:26
2017-01-11 18:56
2017-01-11 21:21
maserati with 60k+ kilometers would take the mercedes
2017-01-11 15:34
Link was just an exemple This one got only 30k km The car gonna be only for weekends and sometimes in week for fun
2017-01-11 15:37
maserati is not only a weekend car. slk amg cabriolet in summer is way more fun.
2017-01-11 15:47
in 2 years they will be 25k
2017-01-11 15:34
That Maserati is fucking amazing... if u will have the money, just go for it... great car <3
2017-01-11 15:35
Yeah if I have a chance to have a supercar the most important thing for me is the sound... Maserati best sound car ever...
2017-01-11 15:37
And one of the best looking supercar in that price tag... Maserati 4thewin :)))
2017-01-11 15:39
lol for me this car looks like cheap chinesse shit, but its only my opinion. Ford Mustang car with the soul
2017-01-11 15:41
if you go for sound, then Merc, obviously amg v8's sounds great. And with that 5.5kompressor, 1.4 tonns will be god damnit rocket
2017-01-11 16:39
Poland morosek 
2017-01-11 15:40
KYS kid
2017-01-11 15:40
2017-01-11 15:51
+1 :D
2017-01-11 16:42
what job do you have? if youre planning family, dont get sportcar .)
2017-01-11 15:41
i work in a bank ;) i gonna next year have my 1st kid so its hard to decide now if i will have the money in 2 years
2017-01-11 15:54
get some nice 5-doored mercedes instead of sportcar, imo
2017-01-11 16:33
I would go for the Mustang..but i love Mustangs and American cars so im a bit baised towards them but hell that car is sexy and solid af
2017-01-11 22:47
what about a nice,full equipped SUV and factory new? :D
2017-01-12 22:49
ye it's hard to chose when you have a good budget i also love the land rover evoque
2017-01-13 09:06
Do not buy a car like this unless you have money to spare (a lot more than 50k euro). If you have 50k in savings and decide to invest it in the #1 worst possible thing for maintaining value (a car), then you are making a huge mistake with your money.
2017-01-11 15:46
Don't worry I'm not a stupid guy who will spend my savings in a car =) I got already my one house. Maybe I gonna put 25k in the car + 25k by loan. If I buy one I will try to keep it for 8 years minumum.
2017-01-11 15:50
Fair enough. In that case you should buy mercedes
2017-01-11 16:30
The one to keep for 8 years is like the guy above is saying, go for the mercedes :D
2017-01-11 19:11
Canada theSWBFman 
Also don't forget to factor the insurance, gas, maintenance, loan interest, and taxes. If you want a finance estimation add me on steam :)
2017-01-11 20:37
it's your job to study that ?
2017-01-11 22:43
Canada theSWBFman 
It's not my job but I'm taking a finance unit in school right now where we're doing this exact thing.
2017-01-12 05:27
I'd buy the Mustang for sure.
2017-01-11 15:46
2017-01-11 15:46
not an expert, but this mercedes looks sick
2017-01-11 15:48
go for that mercedes
2017-01-11 15:49
Alpine Vision
2017-01-11 15:51
Ye I thought about that one (I live next to Dieppe where the car is build).
2017-01-11 15:52
i would pre order it right now if i had the money, maybe in 2 years :)
2017-01-11 15:53
ye fuck porsche cayman xD
2017-01-11 15:57
exactly, and its so nice to see a real french sport car,a big name coming back and it will be the most agile and lightest in its segment, the perfect car for where i live, small road and mountain :)
2017-01-11 16:01
oh ye nice :)
2017-01-11 16:02
2017-01-11 15:53
i dont know much about these cars so from the looks mercedes looks best and gtr is kinda boring they are too popular
2017-01-11 15:55
Denmark savoxoxo 
how about Jaguar XKR-S love it.
2017-01-11 15:55
I like jaguar but not this XKR (looks old) F-type maybe ?
2017-01-11 16:00
F-Type is babe Hmu if you need more info I'm happy to own one
2017-01-11 16:29
got one ? you or your family ? nice bro ! the sound is good ?
2017-01-11 16:31
Me. Dm me your email or smth, I'll send you some of my snapchat videos from this summer. And yes, can't recommend this car in winter. That's why I'd only get it as a 2nd car.
2017-01-11 16:34
ford taunus is love, taunus is life
2017-01-11 16:01
Porsche 911 Turbo S <3
2017-01-11 16:01
Denmark ArisA 
Out of his budget lol
2017-01-11 16:25
911 turbo is minimim 150 000 lol mate :p
2017-01-11 16:26
Buy just what you like, just don't buy a Mustang. They're shit and Mustang drivers usualy end up crashing it cuz they don't understand that it's not a sports car, it's a muscle car. If you ask me I'd go with the GTR or Maserati. I really like how this exact Maserati in the picture looks like. Blacked out and all. If u wanna give some gas to the car and drive fast, don't buy a mustang.
2017-01-11 16:01
Alfa Romeo Giulia - Quadrifoglio Verde. Wait a few months and the prices will drop
2017-01-11 16:04
yep I had this in my mind I love the design
2017-01-11 16:10
mercedes anyday of the week
2017-01-11 16:16
pick Corvette C7
2017-01-11 16:18
2017-01-11 16:18
Maserati Granturismo gl
2017-01-11 16:20
nissan gtr directe! c'est la seul qui offre des performance de malade pour ce prix elle surclasse clairement toutes les autre en perf apres si tu cherche le luxe, Merco
2017-01-11 16:20
oui je sais, mais ce n'est pas ce que je recherche en 1er. Je recherche plus un beau bruit et un intérieur bien fini, le bruit de la Maserati est magnifique...
2017-01-11 16:22
woahw nan gros la merco es mieux je trouve, en blanc creme. puis le song rock d'un amg, avec les finition interieur allemande parfaite. les allemande sont toujours parfaite. german cars was the best! mercedes god damn <3
2017-01-11 18:09
Maserati has the most outdated and ugliest interior of all time.
2017-01-11 16:20
2017-01-11 16:21
bmw 3er
2017-01-11 16:25
2017-01-11 16:27
Porsche Panamera. They will drop in value soon. Really good car. Btw i dont know abt France but for 60-65 you can get an Audi R8 here
2017-01-11 16:29
Ye my father had an R8 for 70000 2 years ago, it was very nice :) We got "good" price now on R8 like you I don't realy like the panamera... =)
2017-01-11 16:32
2017-01-11 16:34
But if u want a good one u would have to spend more money
2017-01-11 16:35
Nice car but I don't call that a "supercar"
2017-01-11 16:36
Audi RS3
2017-01-11 16:38
buy used lambo hehe xd
2017-01-11 16:38
Aston Martin Vanquish S
2017-01-11 16:40
Vanquish is minimum 90 000 bro...
2017-01-11 16:57
90000 where ??? It's like 350k LOL
2017-01-11 19:10
50k supercar TOP KEK
2017-01-11 16:40
what's wrong? 50k supercar for 50 iq superkid.
2017-01-11 16:43
The GT-R is fun. Want to upgrade mine to the newer model. 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, more spacious. The GT-R is nice if you have space to use it as it's a bit of a rough ride in (extremely) urban areas. For the price though, very few vehicles within 500k perform better than the GT-R. Edit: the speed cap is annoying too, but there are ways around it. I haven't bothered because I don't get too many chances to hit 160+. I also don't want to Paul Walker the fuck out of the Nissan and me
2017-01-11 16:43
Get the maserati, looks the nicest.
2017-01-11 16:42
none of those are supercars lol. these are sportscars. Supercar would be a 488 GTB, 650s/675LT, Huracan, Aventador, AMG GT-R, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
2017-01-11 16:47
I wouldnt buy a used car. Better safe longer, its worth it.
2017-01-11 16:48
is it b8 ? can find an R8 for 60 000 euros but if I listen you I have to save 200 000 for new 2017 audi R8 ?
2017-01-11 17:02
yes, if you want to test the 2017 r8 visit me in germany:)
2017-01-11 17:03
Gtr dummy smh Or merc maybe but gtr best
2017-01-11 16:54
A super CAR for 50k I never heard of, u can't get a Volkswagen passat for that, I checked the gtr and that car cost 120k in Norway
2017-01-11 16:57
Do you know what secondhand is ? You can find 60 000 euros R8 (2008 / 2009 model) nt b8
2017-01-11 17:00
this is second hand just like u linked, same year and engine even worse distance, car prices in Norway are above twice the price than any other country
2017-01-11 17:09
ye because u are rich motherfuckers <3
2017-01-11 17:11
the car park in Norway is worse than most countries actually cuz government put tons of taxes on cars with big engine and hp, to buy decent car in Norway u need to have real deep pockets. :(
2017-01-11 17:14
you are still taxed if you buy a car from germany or other country ?
2017-01-11 17:15
Yes ofc
2017-01-11 20:28
u are fucked :( rip norway at least one country who care about the futur of the planet =)
2017-01-11 22:45
Same in Finland. We have about 100% tax on cars, and then there is environmental tax based on how much gas the engine uses and so on.
2017-01-12 11:10
Yep this
2017-01-12 11:27
Same in sweden
2017-01-12 16:11
CIS whysobad 
Nissan GTR 4sure dont buy an american musclecars, it is shit (IMO) maybe bmw really?m5 e60? i cant explain my opinion because my english is very bad, but gtr really good car
2017-01-11 17:00
I mustang isnt a super car
2017-01-11 17:01
GT-R or mustang
2017-01-11 17:03
Definitely go for the last one, chevrolet corvette :D
2017-01-11 17:07
Skyline GT-R R32
2017-01-11 17:12
Be a male and buy a real car and not kiddo man wannabee car, or fukin cars for 60yo old boys who want to look young and cool
2017-01-11 17:14
Would get a Porsche Cayman. Also Porsche reliability is second to none.
2017-01-11 17:16
Why the fuck is a Mustang on your list? Get that shit out of here.
2017-01-11 17:17
2017-01-11 18:14
50 000€ is nowhere near a super car to be honest but good luck with your purchase.
2017-01-11 18:20
Mustang ez
2017-01-11 18:22
2017-01-11 18:22
Go for maserati its sick
2017-01-11 18:23
2017-01-11 18:23
none of those
2017-01-11 18:23
Maserati is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
2017-01-11 18:31
That mercedes looks amazing
2017-01-11 18:31
>looks at flag Nope communists wont allow you to have expensive car. Buy a lada, or Traban.
2017-01-11 18:34
I want to kill myself look at the prices :(((
2017-01-11 18:35
2017-01-11 18:36
for you i would chose nissan just cuz u baguette
2017-01-11 18:39
Nice car for your actual wallet:
2017-01-11 18:39
+1 can buy 7 for each day of the week =)
2017-01-11 18:52
yes if one of the expensive cars break, you need to have it repaired. If a cheaper car breaks, you can just drive it to the scrapyard and use one of the others.
2017-01-11 18:55
Bangladesh Ploxzz 
2017-01-11 18:46
Mitsubishi EVO
2017-01-11 19:01
The mercedes or the mustang for me. I would probably jump on the mustang, it's just so <3
2017-01-11 19:06
Go for the Mercedes SLK boy, looks sick and you won't regret your buy x) Also AMG boy EDIT: Engine sound on it should be amazing also if the engine is also tuned ;)
2017-01-11 19:15
if ur considering the mercedes, get the sl, slk looks like a small female car :)
2017-01-11 19:33
get the GT-R !!! /discuss
2017-01-11 20:32
"easy" car to drive then mercedes of course. maserati has a firm drive.
2017-01-11 20:36
Portugal skilful_ 
I would go for the Nissan GTR
2017-01-11 20:40
GTR literally shits on the rest of the cars. It's not even close.
2017-01-11 20:45
Btw why do you want a supercar? You said: ' I'm not a racing driver so I just want an "easy" car to drive' Don't buy it just to show off, waste of money.
2017-01-11 20:46
Here we go with kids wanting to buy something in 2-3 years and then end up not doing shit I thought this trend died out
2017-01-11 20:51
VW Passat 1.9 TDI (85 kW) - u like the family car I KNOW YOU FROM OUR SCHOOL NO KAPPA
2017-01-11 20:52
France [SPQR] 
Get this one, this is a supercar
2017-01-11 21:16
Imo challengers are so awfull Mercedes C63 AMG :)
2017-01-11 21:29
E > C
2017-01-11 22:17
ye but not same price =)
2017-01-11 22:47
Chevrolet Camaro
2017-01-11 21:18
easy car nissan gtr- awd :)
2017-01-11 21:23
lmao shit cars all will get rekt ez by 600cc bike
2017-01-11 21:52
not really lol GTR is above any street 600cc bike, go watch some videos on youtube
2017-01-11 23:07
lol no straightline maybe above 250km/h gtr will take the bike but till 250km/h no chance not to mention the track and turns lmao, gtr can watch and cry
2017-01-11 23:48
typical idiot doesnt know what to do with money.
2017-01-11 21:53
gtr in liberty walk
2017-01-11 21:54
2017-01-11 22:08
Send it to Top Gear, then send me the episode number in PM Also I would choose Maserati from these
2017-01-11 22:10
Maserati Granturismo looks great but the sad part is that they break so easily, if you got cash to repair it then you can buy it. But I wouldn't buy maserati in million years because of it quality! GTR- is more reliable then maserati for sure, but it is all plastic in side, so it depends what are you looking for in a car. GTR is the fastest 1 in the list. Ford Mustang 6 - Really nice from exterior and interior. it is pretty confi to drive as well. I enjoyed it very much when I rented it. Mercedes SLK AMG - It is the smallest car of them all you cant have any friends with you with that car. Don't more knowledge about that car. Corvette C7 - Nice car over all, also 2 sited.
2017-01-11 22:18
Get a 4 seater...
2017-01-11 22:27
Mercedes SLK for sure, best pricing and best looking interior by FAR. If not the SLK you could go for a safer card with the mustang, same price but factory new? SLK and Mustang have nice looking and comfortable interior/seats. The others just doesnt look that much of a everyday car.
2017-01-11 22:34
you mean SLK is easy to drive ? dont wanna go outside the road after the 1st rain =)
2017-01-11 22:48
Nowadays there is antispin and all that, as long as you dont max throttle surprisingly you wont fool the system, easiest drive is for sure the GTR but maybe SLK is safer when you actually crash? who knows. Im just saying that the SLK is the best looking one for sure, mustang is worst looking one. But when you drive your girlfriend you will want a classy car, so that´s why i would choose one of the 2 with better looking interiors, seats, dashboard etc.
2017-01-12 03:46
get a porsche panamera, better than having a car with 2 doors :/
2017-01-11 22:48
1.GTR 2.Maserati This would be my top2 choices
2017-01-11 23:01
A car like these would cost 10x more expensive in Brazil :( My choice? The GT-R. If not the GT-R the SLK.
2017-01-11 23:09
u better buy hyundai solaris, best car btw
2017-01-11 23:12
From all of those cars I was able to drive only GT-R and Granturismo. Also lots of other AMG's and an older Mustand. If You want fast and easy car to drive, take GTR. Easiest car to drive.
2017-01-11 23:26
mercedes obviously
2017-01-11 23:50
Get that Maserati Kreygasm
2017-01-11 23:53
maserati or mercedes ( i would go for mercedes personally)
2017-01-11 23:53
A Camaro or wait for M4 GTS to drop to your price.
2017-01-11 23:54
As an american motorisation lover, I'd pick Corvette or Mustang.
2017-01-11 23:55
Lancia Delta Integrale
2017-01-12 00:04
WRX STI save 20.000 Euro that u spend on hookers and coke
2017-01-12 03:51
Lol 50k and "super" don't really go together. The rims in my car cost more than 50k.
2017-01-12 05:31
mercedes is ugly as fuck and the american cars are garbage and overpriced. gtr or granturismo, gtr is faster but granturismo is classier imo.
2017-01-12 05:50
I would tune a V8. The ford is something like 300kw but with a good tune and performance parts you should get close to 500kw. Thats beastly for the price.
2017-01-12 05:57
it looks perfects :)
2017-01-12 08:24
2017-01-12 13:11
got one ?
2017-01-12 14:31
Can u get me a Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 waxenberger? thats only car i really want..
2017-01-12 06:16
id surely go for the nissan gt-r personally i prefer the new bmw m6
2017-01-12 06:23
You must be pretty stupid to call these cars supercars, the only one that can be put in that category from your list is the Maserati
2017-01-12 06:31
That's why I typed "supercar" :)
2017-01-12 08:22
this Maserati is gorgeoussss & top 1 ez then corvette & slk but as my grandpa says it's better to have a brand new little car than a big bargain car except if you keep them for very long time & get them to the collector level so you should take a45 cla45 or m2 with your budget :D
2017-01-12 06:52
World 502 
Dude, def go for AMG. Its perfect for being classy and badass at the same time! :D :D
2017-01-12 07:02
ye I will see maybe in 2 years the new amg 2016 will be around 50 / 60k :)
2017-01-12 10:47 just get one of these :3
2017-01-12 14:46
what car is it ?
2017-01-12 15:56
nissian silvia s13, I found some in france for 10-15k, make sure it comes with a sr20de or sr20det engine, the rest of the money u can spend on making it look good :3
2017-01-12 16:02
Lexus IS 300h?
2017-01-12 08:32
Lotus exige, tuned.
2017-01-12 11:04
maseratti looks like a fucking E.T get r34
2017-01-12 13:14
Get a Jaguar XK. Soooooo classy and beautiful
2017-01-12 13:15
Tesla S
2017-01-12 14:37
one of the first Viper's would be my choice - doesn't matter how much money I have - that's what I would buy at first - Don't ask my why, i just love the design even though it isn't really a supercar
2017-01-12 15:03
i read that the maserati sucks, id go with either the GTR or the SLK....the mustang wont be worth it.
2017-01-12 16:03
sexy af
2017-01-13 09:16
Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged.
2017-01-12 16:31
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