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jks | 
World Zavar 
2017-01-11 21:47
World Wardaddy 
those maderfakers has no honor.Should stay banned 4ever. infact i hope those maderfakers get ass cancer and cant shit for a very long time. peace.
2017-01-11 21:54
Brazil mracj 
Oh yeah, that game they threw was SO important, and I bet they made MILLIONS of dollars, 2 year ban is not enough, these monsters deserve to be banned forever in fact I think they should be arrested.
2017-01-11 22:24
United States BLAYZ 
Please bring back our favorite CS player named Braxton. Amen.
2017-01-11 21:57
cant you guys just remain silent? a ban is a ban, as sad as it sounds. doesnt matter how skilled he is; he will remain banned
2017-01-11 22:02
ur just mad cause ur from canada
2017-01-11 22:05
ok hes free now
2017-01-11 22:03
Braxton Pierce (????-2015). You will forever remain in our hearts.. #pray4NA #freebrax
2017-01-11 22:53
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