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Yeelmao trusted?? How does he are know about shuffles?
2017-01-16 00:20
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per sources
2017-01-16 00:21
yee_lmao1 is an autist who's playing RuneScape and dedicates his life to hate on DeKay.
2017-01-16 00:22
Guatemala KlassiKer 
Why did you changed Haci and DeGay?
2017-01-16 00:24
he is big fan of smithzz aswell
2017-01-16 00:30
Arent we all?
2017-01-16 00:42
2017-01-16 00:34
is tru
2017-01-16 01:05
pretty much, but still funny
2017-01-16 01:08
well yeah. he "leaked" alot of shuffles. richard lewis talked that he hacks skypes. (alot of ppl talk in skype nowadays)
2017-01-16 00:23
I really hope something Good happen with fnatic, out with disco in with somebody better
2017-01-16 00:31
i think the whole swedish scene is gonna change french dude who leaked "french superteam shuffle" said something about Nip/Godsent/Epsilon/Fnatic shuffle. that the words are flying around or smh
2017-01-16 00:32
Got Any links or something?
2017-01-16 00:33
fcuk cant find it.
2017-01-16 00:39
check his twitter its like 2-5 days ago
2017-01-16 00:40
least i hope they gonna do team like Flusha¨ Gtr Forest dennis olof/krimz or something like that. would be my dream team of swedes team :)
2017-01-16 00:56
imo gtr is overrated. hes good but not that good. i would prefer to have an awper. jw or draken.
2017-01-16 06:56
2017-01-16 07:12
imo maikelele relies too much on his "mood". i feel like the most consistent awper in sweden is draken.
2017-01-16 07:13
mb, who knows, just i like maikelele :D
2017-01-16 07:15
Haci's an old hacker from the runescape community
2017-01-16 00:35
He's not hacker or anything related to hacking. Just a guy who knows guys who give him info from skype to have fun watching the community reaction
2017-01-16 00:42
You clearly don't know much about him lol
2017-01-16 00:42
2017-01-16 00:42
Yelmao is an idiot followed by idiots. He says "per sources" but he only "confirms" rumous that is already quite certain and spoked about. Like: many people talk about a Swedish shuffle and I think it is likely due to the people writing about it. Then Yelmao idiot states the same but adds "per sources" and his idiot followers thinks he is some kind of insider. Face palm
2017-01-16 00:46
stfu retard. The "per sources" is a joke, cuz the mental kid NWDEKAY always says so. U an idiot, go get fisted by a basketball player
2017-01-16 00:47
And be careful that the Don himself dosent come for you
2017-01-16 00:48
hahahaha, idiot who doesnt know the facts, just shut up next time.
2017-01-16 00:58
i think he (or source) has hacked some twitter accs of managers and like one player in every pro team. using that he can easily get info for most incoming shuffles. he wont show ss most of the time ofc, because it would be stupid since the hacked person would know that he/she has been hacked then.
2017-01-16 00:50
The only time he gets actual info is when he's hacking a virtually public chat, e.g., skype He doesn't know shit, dekay's more reliable
2017-01-16 00:51
dekay is cancerwith the attitude and all but legit. yeelmao is plain retarded tho.
2017-01-16 01:05
yee_lmao1 for the HLTV president
2017-01-16 07:13
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