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IGLs arent needed anymore
Brazil mth_R 
I never thought I'd make a thread to talk about this but this tournament fucked my mind up. fnatic without cArn is way better than with cArn WinFakt without lurppis defeated SK, would they do the same with lurppis? It just seems that there are no rooms for IGLs on the current CS, first tournament of Xizt as IGL and he still is being able to beat other top teams.
2012-04-07 20:12
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is not they aren't needed, but they were getting preticted. but yes, i like those changing, hope SK will follow the lead
2012-04-07 20:14
Brazil mth_R 
Pretty sure RobbaN will be kicked :D
2012-04-07 20:35
Italy </3 
RobbaN isn't a natural igl like lurppis and cArn, he was adapted.
2012-04-07 21:25
Lions with threat are so good. Random play based on skills will give results in short-term only.
2012-04-07 20:18
Brazil mth_R 
Yes but i wonder if they wouldnt be better with an aimer instead of thread.
2012-04-07 20:31
I dont think so. Look at esc they have beaten all the so-called invincible line-ups like 2009 fnatic,current sk , navi etc. I think strats and team-work is needed in comptetive cs more thank skills.
2012-04-07 20:39
India Liu- 
threaT :|
2012-04-07 20:53
hahaha yeap, my mistake :P
2012-04-07 21:09
India pfx 
Without an IGL the team can either make or break. If you look at teams like Sk now they are not doing very well because Robban as the IGL has not be doing very consistent job at calling but if you look at teams like Na`vi who have made a smooth transition in IGL (from Zeus to Starix) and they still are very strong why? because some players have the calling capability but if SK kicks Robban for instance i don't think GeT_RiGhT or face or anyother player in the remaining roster of SK can call as good as Robban did. As for Xizt as cArn puts it "Xizt has a potential to call good strategy and lead a team" well carn as an IGL was right i suppose! But seriously WinFakt is doing an awesome job at the moment so is fnaticRC
2012-04-07 20:26
"Na`vi is very strong and sk is not doing fine." Any logic in these words?
2012-04-07 20:57
India pfx 
a little bit of booze and typing makes my comments look like that mate sorry xD
2012-04-07 21:06
i kinda agree with this
2012-04-07 20:33
World j.hax 
Yeah thats true but i seriously think that depends upon the teams and player to player....If player is calm even if loosing than he can be igl ... Situation is in game if team loosing rounds like 5-0 in train as ct than,thing happend is player get panic and get wont be able to play and but in that sense we need a player who is calm and will make proper calls at that time and will help them in the game...
2012-04-07 20:35
Finland Seffe 
Like GomeZ said that it is hard for the long-term IGLS to predict teams who have new IGL (fnatic and winfakt) in their first tournament because they don't know what they should do, what kind of anti-strat he should call and so on, with the same IGL they are just basically sitting and waiting to get killed.
2012-04-07 20:42
2012-04-07 20:39
I don't think that you can give an objective opinion (at least about fnatic)
2012-04-07 20:58
maybe xizt is a great igl
2012-04-07 21:07
Winfakt and Fnatic rock because noone knows what to expect from them. Lots of first time rosters won tournaments, previous Lemondogs, Fnatic IEM Europe, Fnatic Guangzhou and Dreamhack winter 2011, SK with Delpan, Navi with Starix igl. Other teams didnt know what to expect from them, those team were unpredictable and motivated also. New start, something fresh, its a new mindset in players heads.
2012-04-07 20:46
Italy </3 
Well some time ago I would say that's stupid, but I actually agree, not 100% thought. For example... the teams you mentioned are experienced and bee in alot of LAN events, but now imagine for example Anexis, Xapso or even Lemondogs without igl? Even thought Lemondogs are experienced.
2012-04-07 21:03
In some parts I agree with you. You can mix easy things with some easy tactics and moves and it works well. Sad you can't find 4 quite good players in germany which are not fucking flamers or noobs. =D
2012-04-07 21:14
robban really sucks, ok&#65311; sk has 4 best players, so a good IGL is needed.
2012-04-07 21:05
told ya ;D
2012-04-07 21:06
United Kingdom wap 
hm no, youre basically basing this on one tournament.
2012-04-07 21:07
Fnatic is all luck. They will get fount out in the grand final and many tournaments after this one. The only reason they are doing well right now is because they have a new lineup with new unpredictable playstyle. Look at what happened after IEM 2011 Europe (new lineup, wins first tournament, then the big void). I've no doubt NaVi' will win the tournament from the lower bracket. They are simply better than fnatic in every facet of the game. NaVi' STRONG Sweden & Denmark WRONG
2012-04-07 21:09
Slovakia uno1 
i think good ingame leader is needed..for example - lions(lemondogs) without threat = shit :)..
2012-04-07 21:13
Canada VeryWeirdGuy 
2018-04-18 21:48
Sadokist | 
Poland tr1xx 
You will probably get banned :(
2018-04-18 22:51
Canada VeryWeirdGuy 
So what?
2018-04-19 03:06
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
It's 6 yr old thread. You weren't even born when this thread was made
2018-04-19 03:15
Canada VeryWeirdGuy 
Age: 7
2018-04-19 03:21
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
Yes i was 1 yr old
2018-04-19 08:11
Canada Number1F1fan 
you're wrong
2018-04-19 03:32
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