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Yo les Turks come here
World coke55 
What do your people think of Greece not deporting alleged Turk coup plotters back to the homeland so they can get executed?
2017-01-26 14:49
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Finland t33mu 
2 words:fuk islam
2017-01-26 14:51
Turkey Shanon 
2017-01-26 15:10
nt greek fakeflag rippoted
2017-01-26 14:54
Australia xenonau 
dont really care for our politics because i live here in australia so its ALL G IN THE HOOD asin bayraklari
2017-01-26 14:54
Ethiopia Bloody_Ganker 
but what of the aborigines?
2017-01-26 14:58
Australia xenonau 
i dont really have an opinion but i feel sorry for them and understand their point of view, kind of like how americans celebrate 4th of july but the american indians are crying so yea
2017-01-26 14:59
Ethiopia Bloody_Ganker 
lmao i was jk bro i feel bad for them too
2017-01-26 15:00
Australia xenonau 
btw sorry for when we caused a mass genocide from before even my grandparents were born bc 100 years ago is still relevant according to some ppl
2017-01-26 15:06
fer | 
Brazil ronibr 
2017-01-26 14:57
France plagueis 
merkel looks happy xD
2017-01-26 15:00
Who cares about some hairy arabs..
2017-01-26 14:58
fake coup
2017-01-26 15:05
Like i give a fuk
2017-01-26 15:07
2017-01-26 15:08
Turkey ogmass 
we owe that erdogan "the world leader". erdogan supporters can continue to masturbating about "great country?". but the truth our reputation has never been so low like this. If it were 15 years ago greece has to do this. we just missed old good days.
2017-01-26 15:15
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