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What happened to "drain the swamp" and being anti-establishment? He has 5 Goldman Sachs bankers in his cabinet. What happened to "lock her up"? Trump said he is not considering pursuing any legal actions towards Hillary. What happened to "Hillary wants a war with Russia"? Now Trump is calling for safe zones in Syria, the same idea Trump supports hated Clinton for.
2017-01-26 17:18
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what's your point do you actually believe the president has any power?
2017-01-26 17:22
2017-01-26 22:17
2017-01-27 04:57
2017-01-27 11:18
Finland Lehtori 
2017-01-27 11:51
Germany P3tR 
theyre just gonna build a tunnel whaddup
2017-01-27 11:53
But trump is WISE guy. He will build the wall downwards also. So wall is like under the ground also. Blocks tunnels
2017-01-27 12:46
tunnel go deeper than well, good mexican smart high iq
2017-01-27 12:53
Germany Keytie 
I heard mexicans can fly tho
2017-01-27 13:34
but usa f22 rapotor and advanced anti-air missiles US will blast mexicos out from sky!
2017-01-27 14:12
Finland Lehtori 
They have radars so they know where to shoot BE CAREFUL THE WALL JUST GOT 10 FEET HIGHER
2017-01-27 15:01
Germany P3tR 
Radars go underground TIL
2017-01-28 10:32
Slovenia Pitr_d_K 
2017-01-27 09:50
presidents are puppets and get their orders from bankers . u think they start war for nothing '? they start war for gold , oil , drugs , gas , money cuz of bankers
2017-01-27 13:49
Slovenia Pitr_d_K 
why are you replying to me?
2017-01-27 17:41
From scale 1 to 10 how mad are u that Trump won elections.
2017-01-26 17:28
Germany Bier 
next time in english pls
2017-01-26 17:24
2017-01-26 17:28
better, not fixed though. Keep trying.
2017-01-26 17:31
bruttJ | 
Germany zubjr 
atleast he tried
2017-01-27 14:10
Netherlands PinheadFTW 
Still sucks ass
2017-01-26 18:01
2017-01-27 05:30
Don't worry, Trump voters here have about the same English skills as you. Same intellectual ability too.
2017-01-26 17:27
I would like to see you writing something in language other than English.
2017-01-26 17:46
Sure, you want linear algebra? Multivariate calculus? QM in dirac notation? Complex variables? I know a bit of python and c++ if you would prefer that. I also know some formal discrete logic.
2017-01-26 17:56
C++ would sufficient. Some Matlab expressions also.
2017-01-26 17:59
are you still waiting
2017-01-26 21:12
Nah, He is American. Obviously hiss brain is unable to learn second language.
2017-01-26 21:21
It would seem yours is as well.
2017-01-27 14:15
damn that roast :D
2017-01-28 02:27
I speak Polish, English and Bulgarian, also quite a bit of Russian. So bite me.
2017-01-30 10:59
You don't speak english. Bitten. :^)
2017-01-30 13:17
No ofc I dont. This message is in Chinese.
2017-01-30 13:18
Speak =/= Write ^ :^)
2017-01-30 13:34
United States thmpsn 
fucking nerd
2017-01-27 04:51
thats called education.
2017-01-27 10:22
Denmark Jeffersond 
2017-01-27 11:41
Germany Keytie 
Worst combo, always geting rekt by that
2017-01-27 13:35
Denmark Jeffersond 
ye, its deffo over 9000
2017-01-27 13:52
thats called trying to look smart but ending up being cringy
2017-01-27 20:46
United States thmpsn 
not really bro, i could literally sign up for a shitty local junior college right now and learn that shit in like a month
2017-01-28 02:21
doesnt change the fact its education.
2017-01-28 04:25
LUL do you really think that using terms from the first year of IT studies is going to make you seem smart?
2017-01-27 11:12
next time you may use "Inter-universal Teichmüller theory" to make yourself sound smart.
2017-01-27 11:47
if he was a chink like yourself he´d sound smart but we all know he is bullshitting since he´s american, amirite or amirite?
2017-01-27 12:12
i'm from iceland my friend. and you don't call a chinese chink my friend, in the same way you don't call a mexican or brazilian spic my friend.
2017-01-27 12:32
wuw u r 2 smart m8
2017-01-27 13:32
and hillary supporters have the same amount of autism as you
2017-01-26 21:59
Iceland fatboislim 
it actually seems to be the otherway around.
2017-01-26 22:59
your a fucking disgrace to america. go hide your pussy liberal ass in mommy and daddys house . when you earn and pay your own way in life or pay your own health insurance you may understand why liberal democrats are fucking morons waiting for a hand out. look into hillary clinton you fucking pathetic excuse for an american
2017-01-26 23:56
loooooool how mad are you, its just hltv chill
2017-01-27 05:39
Im sure you speak alot of foreign languages.
2017-01-27 10:33
Australia Raychippy5 
Trump>Hillary 60-40
2017-01-27 12:45
The correct phrase would be "On a scale of 1 to 10, how mad are you that Trump won the election." Don't worry, we don't blame you. We expected this from a country that recieves a maximum of second grade education.
2017-01-26 17:33
How many languages do you speak fluently sweetheart?
2017-01-26 17:35
Europe kennyBeast 
Probably not even english.
2017-01-26 17:37
You don't deserve an answer to your question. Anyone who doesn't speak American properly is beneath me. Therefore you're not worthy of an answer to your question.
2017-01-26 17:42
'Therefor your not'.
2017-01-26 17:41
Dunno what you're on about :>
2017-01-26 17:42
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2017-01-26 17:43
Nice job photoshopping that on there russkie. Didn't know you could work a computer.
2017-01-26 17:44
Backend photoshopping is what I'm best at.
2017-01-26 17:46
Typical brain dead yank.
2017-01-26 17:46
It's funny how I'm considered braindead yet I'm still twice as smart as you are. Makes you think what your level of stupidity can be defined as.
2017-01-26 17:48
U just made spelling mistakes in your own language. It kinda describes how "smart" you actually are. NT thou burger.
2017-01-26 17:55
English isn't my first language. NT though, polak. PS: I'd rather be a fat burger than a starving hypothermic homeless man like 99% of Poland
2017-01-26 17:55
Nice stats you got there burger. Just as legit as your education.
2017-01-26 17:56
Atleast we learn more than 2+2=4, if you polaks even learn that.
2017-01-26 17:58
I'm glad your education is on higher level than 2+2. I always thought Americans have moved forward slightly. Have you guys learned multiplication and division yet?
2017-01-26 18:00
Typical polak, displaying his ignorance of his betters for all to see. Maybe read up on our educational system before asking questions?
2017-01-26 18:02
Got bored of your baits.
2017-01-26 18:05
"Got bored of your baits" Never change. Deluded idiots like yourself really make for some good entertainment for people like me.
2017-01-26 18:07
bro this is not how you bait...
2017-01-26 21:53
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
Haha you sucks dicks :D:D Bro the polak rekt you there just quit it
2017-01-26 23:17
you fucked it up
2017-01-27 13:57
Estonia N0iSy 
You try to sound smart and yet get rekt by polak
2017-01-27 18:23
Switzerland Sylleo 
Turns out #11 was right
2017-01-26 17:43
ahahha auto rekt. Typical english grammar nazi who think that eveyone on this planet have to speak english perfectly.
2017-01-26 17:46
Well, technically you don't have to. Not being able to indicates lesser intelligence, though.
2017-01-26 17:50
Do not reply to me, subhuman.
2017-01-26 17:55
Irony detected. Your country is the definition of subhuman.
2017-01-26 17:58
BnTeT | 
Poland B4R73K 
Actually it's you, fucking filth you are the inbred mix of poorest european peasants who got deported to your shit NA
2017-01-26 22:49
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
You just called the language "american". How's it going for you there, buddy?
2017-01-30 11:22
"Anyone who doesn't speak American" hmm, you're very smart
2017-01-26 17:55
I say this because using English implies England holds ownership over the language. It's been the language of America for quite a while now.
2017-01-26 17:57
You're actually retarded if you think that.
2017-01-26 17:58
Not retarded, I simply acknowledge our superior faculties and believe that should be expressed by the language the other countries of the world copied from us.
2017-01-26 18:00
shouldn't you be tending to the chickens and milking cows on your farm you fucking prick?
2017-01-26 21:57
TaZ | 
Poland VeryTazGuy 
Irony detected. Your country is the definition of subhuman.
2017-01-26 17:59
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
But it's simply incorrect calling it "american". You just revealed several things; 1) You're an online hero. 2) You're also an online idiot. 3) You're not very old nor mature.
2017-01-30 11:23
He is tryhard. Probably an idiot who think that can write in english properly, but still make mistakes.
2017-01-26 18:00
Your American is atrocious. You make me nauseous.
2017-01-26 18:01
Dude, I've been reading your comments on this post and I came to the conclusion that you have serious mental problems, you should check that with a professional.
2017-01-26 21:33
hes just a shit baiter baiting complete retards with the most obvious bait ive seen this week
2017-01-27 12:48
"American" *puff*, I won't laugh, I won't laugh.
2017-01-27 13:53
Germany ToxlC 
What's american? I only know english.
2017-01-26 18:33
2/8 b8 shitty american pleb. Give back 13 colonies.
2017-01-26 22:15
As stupid as the pole is, no one speaks "American" You dumbass.
2017-01-26 23:50
Bruh, "On a scale from 1 to 10, how mad are you that trump won the electoral college vote"
2017-01-26 17:49
Nice fucking try. I know you're spanish. I've seen you posting around. Your post is yellow my friend.
2017-01-27 05:32
Murica talking about education xD LuL EleGiggle
2017-01-27 18:34
From scale ten to scale, how u elections won?
2017-01-26 23:38
From scale 1 to 10 how much does your knowledge in economy resemble your english skills.
2017-01-27 10:30
Trump voters are enjoying a little anal rimming right now. Soon it will start to hurt. After 4 Years of anal fuck some will get taste for it but most of them will beg for mercy.
2017-01-26 17:34
lelele talking about USA. How was Nice? Don't blame USA for trying to stop what you invited to your country!
2017-01-26 22:33
What did I invited in my country?
2017-01-27 00:34
dont blame usa for trying to not get involved in what they invited to your country ftfy
2017-01-27 12:49
no all these leftist politicians still invited them to come over. even if USA caused it.
2017-01-27 12:53
you clearly didnt pay attention people started coming of their own volition because there was war in the middle east only after a lot of people migrated illegally and it became clear no countries in the region were going to lift a finger, and that one picture of the drowned kid went viral, did these 'leftist' politicians take action. because it was inhumane to let those kids drown because of american and russian neo-imperialist bullshit you are an immoral inhumane bigoted simpleminded piece of shit and i hope you never reproduce btw talking about 'left' and 'right' politics in 2017 is fucking retarded
2017-01-27 13:21
you're full of it. they came for the benefits. that's all. they and their descendants will not assimilate into your culture. they have no loyalty to your country. you have just taken in a load of people who will cause cultural strife in the future all because of some leftist mumbo jumbo. they are there because they are attracted to the great works of better men. there are many safe countries they could go to, or that they even travelled through to get to their countries of choice. and there were many options that could've been taken and are even being taken right now since turkey stopped letting people travel. like how trump has said he wants to create safe zones within syria. it was not necessary, especially in the current climate. if you wanted to stop drownings you would've DENIED them, not encourage them. it was an entirely ideological decision, which used the imagery of dead refugees to justify it, despite causing more unsafe journeys. just leftist fake morality, like always. the motivation is always to appear moral, not really to be moral.
2017-01-27 13:38
its funny. i thought, with a tv and an internet connection, it would be kind of hard to miss that assad and the russians and americans have been BOMBING THE SHIT OUT OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF SYRIA FOR FUCKING YEARS there are safe countries they could go, closer, but, and this is important: those countries dont give a shit about those people. turkey wasnt going to do anything unless we paid them. (and its probably cheaper to do it ourselves than fucking pay erdogan) egypt didnt do anything. fucking israel and jordan dont do anything saudi arabia? dont make me laugh. russia? america? i think not. either we let those people into europe, or theyll fucking drown trying to get in. thats our choice to make. are you going to stop those people from coming here? are you going to build a wall, shoot at their boats, kill their children? if we denied people, they would still not be able to live in syria, and we would not be able to force other countries to accept those people because of this thing called 'national sovereignty' we had a choice to make. either we had to be better people than our neighbours, or we had to let those migrants get fucked and look the other way thats not fake morality. its real morality. the moral part was more important to more people here than the money. apparently, youre just more of a selfish dick than the average european now your bullshit about immigration: historly has shown many times that it just takes a couple generations for people with different ethnicity and culture to assimilate. the US is a good example read about latino and irish immigration and then look pup some statistics on how often these people are employed etc all the stuff you would need to confirm that they are honest citizens who work hard and pay taxes now is it worth it, finiancially, to take people in and take more than half a century to integrate them into seciety? no its fucking expensive. but it was the right thing to do. a lot better than letting them die
2017-01-27 13:53
why would it be cheaper to pay for the lives of refugees in a richer country, than a poorer country? you're just making up reasons to defend this stupidity. there was NO REASON. even if we had not paid for their aid in another country, they could've claimed asylum in many of the countries they transited through inside Europe. they chose to go to the richest, most generous countries. as you well know, but seem to omit from your responses. i would absolutely have sent them back to the country they went to sea from (hint: not Syria). as is done with other illegal immigrants all the time. just like how australia reduced the numbers of boat people. it was not the only choice, it was just a choice made for the self-aggrandisement of a group of people.
2017-01-27 14:01
because, get this, if we pay another country to solve our problem, they will take our money and use it for one of their problems. because thats what sovereign countries can do. they decide what to do with their resources. we can give money to turkey or afghanistan or any county closer to syria, and they would thank us for the money, and turn around and spend it on infrastructure and education and healthcare and lots and lots of weapons, not on refugees. and i wouldnt hold it against them. they would be a giant bunch of cucks if they voluntarily did what we told them to do. those people literally cannot claim asylum in other countries. you probably didnt pay attention, but many countries in eastern europe build fences on their borders, dont take in refugees, and pretend this isnt their problem. obviously, that makes it so all the refugees come to the richest western countries who do not build walls. now we could also build walls, and then people would get stuck in eastern europe, but they would be there illegally and will be deported, at which point theyll try again here in the west anyway. which btw is what 90% of the people we 'sent back to where they came from' would do if we sent them back. try again. its not that expensive to get smuggled into europe. we literally cannot do anything to make the problem go away. its an international issue. we cant just snap our fingers and make everybody do what we want them to do. if people were sent back as you suggest and somehow we could make sure they didnt come back to europe, they would fucking starve in a refugee camp somewhere in the middle east. and i would feel kinda bad about that. and its not possible anyway. we cant build a fucking wall around the whole border of the eu including the entire southern coastline and put up barbed wire and guard towers every 100m. people want to be able to swim in the fucking sea without guns being pointed at them. we dont live in soviet russia or east germany australia is a pretty isolated island that you cannot reach in a rubber boat. there are however islands a couple km off the coast of turkey that are part of greece that you can reach in a rubber boat. we cant build a fucking wall around the coast of turkey either. what you want is impossible.
2017-01-27 14:10
turkey is literally housing the refugees right now because merkel is giving them money and concessions. so it was always possible and never necessary for Merkel to encourage more refugees to come to the EU. turkey even turns back the boats for the EU when they try to go to greece! why do you think there is not more 2m migrant streams travelling through europe to get to germany and sweden... this proves that the crisis was manufactured by Merkel. not Merkel responding to the crisis.
2017-01-27 14:11
yes and that was a stupid move, who do you think would do more for refugees with that money, erdogan, or the eu countries that are paying for it anyway? erdogan dont give a fuck. he will do the minimum amount to make sure he gets his money and will build another palace with the rest. paying turkey to stop those people is useless. if the turks do it effectively, people who want to get in will find another route into europe. and then we have to pay another country. and again and again. if people dont stop going through turkey, apparently turks are kind of doing a shit job at stopping them. either way, we dont win the reason there are now not as many migrants as earlier is because most people who had the desire and the means to come here, are now here. sure they probably came a bit faster than if merkel hadnt said what she said. but they wouldve come eventually. wasnt many other places to go
2017-01-27 14:18
Turkey tastemycobra 
safe zone is not that bad if it's done with an international coalition. but if it is done only by US or some US supported local groups you can be sure civil war will last forever.
2017-01-26 17:35
Portugal Zedonp 
Every politician is a lier, its up to people to be good judges of character. Trump will backoff on many promises and will make the contrary of what he said before being elected just like every other politician.
2017-01-26 17:39
1- Every politican is a liar. 2- He is as pro-cronyism as Hillary and and Obama, but with a different paint. 3- The only thing good going for him is that he made all lefties super mad.
2017-01-26 17:53
Bulgaria Molen 
He also lied about Snowden I think
2017-01-26 17:52
United States decadE 
Legal action against Clinton would only cause her crybaby supporters to cause more trouble. He is "draining the swamp" in the sense that he is bringing in outsiders. He receives criticism either way. Hillary wanted no-fly-zones which would require shooting down Russian planes. Use your brain cells.
2017-01-26 17:55
"He is "draining the swamp" in the sense that he is bringing in outsiders." Are you actually this fucking braindead? "Use your brain cells." Take your own advice, you fucking inbred simpleton.
2017-01-26 18:04
United States decadE 
Tell me the last time a CEO and fellow businessman was Secretary of State. Take your own advice you brain dead failure.
2017-01-26 18:41
safe zone = no fly zone no fly zone =/= shooting down any plane that goes over it. if a no fly zone was implemented, there's probably gonna be some coordination with Russia, otherwise it's no longer a safe zone but rather a war zone.
2017-01-26 22:30
making the people who previously bought and controlled the government the government is not bringing in outsiders.
2017-01-27 12:50
6 goldman sachs outsiders?
2017-01-26 21:35
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
do you prefer couch potatoes? working for goldmann sachs doesn't make them a establishment
2017-01-27 05:11
uhm. it really does make them the establishment. their wealth and power has been established for a long time. they work for goldmann fucking sachs. big banks and big business are the american establishment. their entire culture revolves around worshipping these people and throwing tax breaks at them so they create jobs
2017-01-27 12:52
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
they worked FOR goldmann sachs people who know what they are doing he did not hire rothschild you cannot just hire couch potatoes
2017-01-27 12:53
TIL drain the swamp and anti-establishment = hiring 6 goldman sachs bankers
2017-01-27 13:11
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
"TIL"? what is til? and he wants to have a working economic system skilled and knowledge in finance most people have worked for a big bank or firm at some point
2017-01-27 13:12 draining the swamp is getting new people, those who have no potential conflict of interest especially when you're talking about big bankers who invest in lots of businesses and might work for their own good rather than work for their country.
2017-01-27 13:14
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
google is blocked and there is no person with no "interests" but experience how could it be possible? working for goldmann sachs does not make them inherently evil or conflicted interest
2017-01-27 13:16
it really kind of does make them evil though this is goldmann sachs were talking about. they are considerably more evil than the average big american bank. and thats saying something theyve never paid for what they did
2017-01-27 13:17
he couldve hired robert reich. but he went with the establishment do you actually think a bank like that would ever hire anyone who has the slightest chance of not being completely sold out to their trickle down economics bs? every single person working high enough up at goldmann sachs to be considered for a position like that is an immoral piece of stealing lying shit
2017-01-27 13:16
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
what is "trickle down economics"? and I do not know a Robert Reich but quick look it seems no history with finances I am sure working for high firm will make some understanding of the economic system
2017-01-27 13:20
wikipedia so hard to find the assumption that the people who make economic policy should be the same people who most recently caused the economic depression of the century, seems completely mental to me. the people that trump hired, that worked at goldmann sachs, are the people who almost blew up an entire countries economy for profit. they have a bit too much history in finance. oh and btw "Robert Bernard Reich (/ˈraɪʃ/;[3] born June 24, 1946) is an American political commentator, professor, and author. He served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and was Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997." someone who served in 3 administrations and had a hand in the almost unparalleled economic growth that occurred during the clinton administration doesnt seem to lack history with finance for me.
2017-01-27 13:33
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
he served political only, no financial experience? and "trickle down" is a word as Austrian economics school? laissez faire is trickle up because anyone can make money rich people do not pay taxes
2017-01-27 13:34
please elaborate on your reasoning. anyone else not from goldman sachs = couch potatoes? goldman sachs, one of the banks primarily responsible for the last financial crisis. when hillary gives private speeches in front of goldman sachs executives she gets roasted by trump supporters. trump appoints 6 of them and they still kiss his feet. since when are trump supporters pro wall street all of a sudden? no critical thinking towards their god emperor whatsoever. i've been reading on r/donald and the worshipping of trump has been getting ridiculous, not a single thread at least questioning some of the things he does. you can't be that blind if you are actually "anti-establishment" and want to "drain the swamp". don't get me wrong, i was also preferring trump to hillary, so that there would be a big bang and everyone would wake up a bit, drop the political correctness and see that everything is not alright and that a continuation of policies under hillary might be even more dangerous than trump. but the way trump has been worshipped is ridiculous. where is thinking for yourself and standing for yourself and not depending on someone else as your champion without any critical evaluation. its a circus nowadays, like hooligans of two football clubs fighting each other. its not about if the person you support does the right thing but about triggering the other group you are against. oh yeah, i would actually prefer 6 couch potatoes.
2017-01-27 13:07
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
I am not "anti-establishment" I am only anti-israel and I cannot care at all about Wall Street because I am not American And Trump is not too anti-israel although and I do not like his anti-Iran I prefer him because he is pro-Assad and Russia But you cannot think you will find all skilled finances people without working a big firm or bank in their career Where do you think they work? Not everyone is responsible to wall street speculation You cannot throw the kid out with the bathwater
2017-01-27 13:11
trump is not pro-assad or pro-Russia. he's just against intervention in the US and funding rebels. being pro Assad is being pro Iran which he is not.
2017-01-27 13:12
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
Not funding rebels = pro Assad and pro Russia And he is against Iran deal which has many good
2017-01-27 13:14
Nope, he has said previously that he is against Russia's intervention in Syria and said the Iran is the biggest exporter of global terrorism (basically militias and Jihadists that support Assad/Iran/Shia crescent). Also he says he wants a safe zone which Russia clearly doesn't want. Assad has no future in Syria and Trump knows that.
2017-01-27 13:16
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
I agree he is anti-Iran which I do not like Where has he said against Russia's intervention? I can not find that Assad is the only future for Syria if he was not Trump would support rebels/terrorist
2017-01-27 13:17
are you actually from china? where do you get your information? i am just curious as my parents are from china too.
2017-01-27 13:20
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
It's my grandparents from China, I live in Thailand most of my information I just read on message boards and from press conference videos XD
2017-01-27 13:23
Ever heard of Google? Assad imports mercenaries from Iran and Iraq who are mostly terrorists, much worse than ISIS. When most of the population opposes him, he basically has no future. Fighting will continue forever. If you actually think Assad want peace and his goal is to kill the terrorists then you're probably watching Russian propaganda, which is much worse than Western propaganda.
2017-01-27 13:22
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
I don't use google but I cannot find it with a search Why do you think Assad wants no peace? it is before this "uprising"
2017-01-27 13:25
Assad has the worst human rights record in the Middle East. Way before the revolt him and his father were notorious for torture of anyone who opposes him, corruption, etc... He also funds Hezbollah which is another reason why Trump wouldn't like him. You can't be against Iran and Hezbollah and support Assad. It just doesn't work like that.
2017-01-27 13:30
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
You focus too much on alliance like your goldman sachs assume He can appreciate and work to help Assad free Syria without supporting Assad's friend Hezbollah are freedom and peace fighters
2017-01-27 13:32
Hezbollah, a terrorist organization, are peace and freedom fighters? Assad is not killing terrorists and "freeing Syria". He is just importing Jihadists and mercenaries and terrorists from Iran to expand his reach. I'm not assuming anything, I'm just calling out the hypocrisy in Trump supporters.
2017-01-27 13:49
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
Hezbollah,terrorist?WTF XD Syria people love Assad and Syria is one of the great country in the near east until Russia wants to use a pipline from Caspian to Syria instead of Israel Israel goons in AIPAC will not allow that you are making assume about his workers if you think working for a high finance firm is what is "establishment"
2017-01-27 13:53
Hezbollah = Shia ISIS Syrian people don't love Assad, stop watching Russian propaganda. Working for Goldman Sachs = The swamp and establishment Trump was opposing all campaign long.
2017-01-27 13:55
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
These are very stupid assumptions Hezbollah is freedom group formed by people ISIS is created and funded by USA/Israel through Saudi and Qatar Syrian people love Assad the only reason they can have power and food under USA attack with funding terrorists(FSA) Working for finance company does not make you a swamp what you even mean???! how can you make that guess?
2017-01-27 13:58
Absolutely no source on "Syrian people love Assad", just Russian propaganda. Assad is a war criminal and a terrorist, if you dislike the rebels, then you should also dislike Assad and his militias. ISIS = Created by the US, correct Hezbollah = Created by Iran and Russia. You're right, hiring 6 bankers from one of the biggest banks in the world, has nothing to do with the swamp. Nice logic.
2017-01-27 14:03
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v maybe this is good Assad fights the rebel terrorists What does having a job make you a "establishment" or do I not know this meaning? are these people infolved with interest like AIPAC?
2017-01-27 14:06
Damascus is government controlled, anything you say about Assad = torture/death sentence. Assad doesn't give 2 fucks about fighting "terrorists". Otherwise he would be fighting ISIS. Again, you call rebels terrorists, but Iranian funded mercenaries and terrorists from Hezbollah/Iraqi militias seem to be a peaceful bunch for you, when in reality they are nothing but Jihadi terrorists. Goldman Sachs bankers are have lots of interests in the market/stocks. Why do you think the only conflict of interest is in AIPAC? Oil isn't the only market out here.
2017-01-27 14:11
outsiders = goldman sachs dudes try again moron
2017-01-26 21:53
He is bringing in outsiders? LOL?
2017-01-27 05:29
>in the sense that he is bringing in outsiders. You fucking braindead retard
2017-01-30 11:30
Stop being a cuck
2017-01-26 17:55
nice argument, 10/10. Did you graduate 8th grade yet?
2017-01-26 18:05
this shit is getting old now
2017-01-26 21:57
We dont give a fck about trumps, just wanna see muslims and liberal cry :D
2017-01-26 17:56
you don't give a fuck about trump, that's why he got elected for president of the most powerful country in the world. 2016, the year where making liberals and muslims cry is more important than actual politics.
2017-01-26 22:34
2017-01-26 22:52
nt fake holland xd
2017-01-26 22:53
Germany Rubixx 
2017-01-26 23:49
lying worked already 1939 so it will work again in 2017
2017-01-26 17:58
a bit of history wouldnt be bad choice for you... 1933... not 1939. also 2016... not 2017.
2017-01-26 18:20
it was actually 1934 so nice try son
2017-01-26 21:05
2017-01-26 21:57
Aug. 19, 1934 | German Voters Approve Hitler as Führer AYYY LMAO
2017-01-27 10:36
ye , but he became their führer later on ! took him some time to convince people with his lies . so pls stop TALKEN TO ME If u have no clue . my grandma tell me all stories ! asshole
2017-01-27 18:27
here in germanistan for you "Die Wahl fand gut fünf Wochen nach der sogenannten Machtergreifung Adolf Hitlers, d. h. seiner Ernennung zum Reichskanzler am 30. Januar, statt und war aufgrund der Auflösung des Reichstags am 1. Februar notwendig geworden." must be sad that you don't know some of recent history. education pls.
2017-01-27 18:33
ooooo and u believe this ? my grandma still has newpaper from this time first year was just normal and one year later he told lies about jews and shit
2017-01-27 18:35
how can you fail so hard, adolf?
2017-01-27 09:49
wait who are u reffering to?
2017-01-26 22:19
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha 
Nice try adolf's little brother
2017-01-26 22:57
srsly its a pity to see in 2017 people still believe hitler was that bad. fucking brainwashed kids
2017-01-26 23:11
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha 
I mean he targetted the wrong jews...
2017-01-26 23:14
it doesnt matter who he targeted. he wasnt really lying that was his ideology
2017-01-26 23:18
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha 
Yeah,Nothing bad happened because of it,I am sure no World Wars happened because of it....
2017-01-26 23:22
I hope someone like him exterminates all the jews they are the fuking bosses of this shit world they have like 90% of the banks so if you are stupid to thing hitler was that bad you are just brainwashed .Germany is a economy power now only because of him nothing more
2017-01-27 05:00
Germany Bier 
you were educated alternative
2017-01-27 10:01
blaming jews for ur economic situation is rly stupid but he made 70 million people believe that and he should be praised for that (his ability as a leader to move masses)
2017-01-27 11:07
dude hitler didnt want to war britain and france. he only wanted to get more territory towards east for his germans
2017-01-27 11:04
Australia Raychippy5 
So he killed 9 million Jews. K
2017-01-27 12:49
11 million people. 6 million jews
2017-01-27 12:54
Australia Raychippy5 
Ye 6 million mbmb but he still killed so many!!!!!!
2017-01-27 12:58
it was a good military decision. the first gas chambers were used on 8th december, 1941 and hitler declared war to usa on 11th december and he planned to conquer soviet union. So when u are at war with half of the world u cant waste ur water, food, medicine and stuff on people in camps. If he wanted to kill em why didnt he do that in 1933? Instead he came up with deportation agreement with palestine in 1934
2017-01-27 20:24
LE TRUMP = HITLER MEME XDDDD get educated retard
2017-01-27 10:34
Who cares, can we just sit back chillax and enjoy all the comedy it's providing, thanks.
2017-01-26 21:09
comedy like all the muslims students and doctors being banned from entering the country? or comedy like the mosques that are getting shot up?
2017-01-30 11:32
You don't understand :(
2017-01-30 17:14
Sweden PowerDSK 
People need to realize he doesn't have that much power as you think he does. There constitution doesn't let u do any thing you want
2017-01-26 21:13
the constitution can be interpreted different ways and can be bent. American founding fathers created a document that would be the principle force of a country, so they kept it vague, smh.
2017-01-27 14:05
most of his supporters are braindead rubes they don't get it just in: BREAKING: White House spokesman: Trump calling for 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay for southern border wall. you know what that means? the American consumer pays for the wall and not Mexico fucking trailer trash lmao
2017-01-26 21:46
when the wall collapses mexico's economy we'll see who'll be paying for the wall cry is free leftist MSM sheep!
2017-01-26 22:46
you can suck my dildo fanboy you've been following me quite long
2017-01-26 23:25
you must be a masochist to love being proven wrong all the time lelelele
2017-01-26 23:27
you're a famous hltv imbecile it's hard to misjudge you bud
2017-01-26 23:32
Wait, why do you have a dildo?!
2017-01-27 12:18
the bunch of the people that made the difference to his election are either idiots on internet who think trump memes are cool so he must be a good president , either the other side of idiots on internet who voted him not because he is good but because hillary is the "devil" , a "witch" , "corrupted trash" and things like this and now because there is no hillary to curse they are starting to realize what they have done.
2017-01-27 00:00
indeed but most of hltv, 4chan, reddit are fucking idiots anyway
2017-01-27 00:15
its true but we dont live on hltv , 4chan or reddit , we live in real world which nowadays as you can see is super dependant on these idiots on internet. sad 2017 democracy fact.
2017-01-27 00:20
yep american progress in degenaracy appears to me to be pretty rapid sad
2017-01-27 01:04
it's funny because you have no awareness of how self-deluded you are. making up narratives in your head and what-not. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD more proof that all libtards are mentally ill!
2017-01-27 04:45
nt famous hltv autist " plath "
2017-01-27 09:48
hillary did it on purpose though. she couldve given up in the primary and supported sanders who couldve actually beaten trump. but she wanted it too badly for herself. i dont think people were wrong to rather vote for the funny fast talking guy with the weird haircut than the powerhungry tiger mom
2017-01-27 12:56
2017-01-26 21:55
Wait people actually support trump because they think he will do something meaningful/serious? LUL Most people supported him for the memes and jokes, no one actually cares about what he will do to America, because in reality, he won't have much influence in the span of 4 years to make drastic changes, plus he is a retard, so he probably won't do anything meaningful or useful anyways.
2017-01-26 21:56
repealing obama care building a wall fighting and defeating isis all will happen in less than 4 years and are very meaningful
2017-01-26 22:00
repealing obama care - doesn't mean trumps alternative will be better for the majority. building a wall - will most likely not even happen, especially not with Mexico's support for this. fighting and defeating isis - the US created isis in the first place, so they'd better be fucking defeating them by now, which they haven't quite succeeded in so far.
2017-01-26 22:08
anything that stops making the middle class pay healthcare for poor people is better mexico wall will be built. They just put a 20% tax on mexican trade the us didnt create it. it was obama's fault
2017-01-26 23:29
Yeah, but a 20% trade tax will lower purchasing power of your citiznes. 20% is way too much. And protectionism never actually worked out, especially judging by the Soviet Union.
2017-01-27 00:01
2017-01-30 13:39
Germany Bier 
you don't have no be a economical mastermind to realize that 20% is way to much. also isis was not created by obama but from bush.
2017-01-27 10:09
supporting =/= creating
2017-01-27 14:11
before obamacare, the middle class paid for the treatment of uninsured people who showed up at hospital ERs and were treated anyway. that drove up prices for everyone else. under obamacare, these people have to be insured. people who cannot afford insurance are covered under medicare, which is paid for by the government. now, the government actually has the power to avoid making the middle class pay by taxing the rich instead. it wont happen, but it could. hospitals dont have that power. youve got it 100% backwards
2017-01-27 13:04
1. removing it already makes it better for the majority. 2. why would they need the support of another country? are you stupid? 3. not usa, your lovely "leftists" with names like obama and hillary.
2017-01-27 10:16
Can I catch you with 12 lb test or do you put up any fight?
2017-01-26 22:10
if they are to repeal obamacare then they better replace really quick with something better which I doubt that the republicans will do since they disliked the idea of government guaranteeing an individual health care. They believe more in the rugged individualism ideology. Building a wall requires money from somewhere, estimates of the wall range anywhere from 15 billion - 20 billion. If trump was to put a 20 percent tax on Mexico(which I doubt he will do) the average price of goods for the US consumer will rise and make him even more unpopular. There is no way that Trump can build the wall, and if he does then it will be a complete waste of time and money. As for the ISIS part, he says he has a plan but its a secret plan so no one can know about it, meaning that he's bullshitting and doesn't know how to defeat them. At this point only the generals can defeat ISIS because Trump doesn't have a clue what to do about them.
2017-01-27 14:11
>repealing obama care The number of conservatives who don't know that obama care is the ACA is honestly to the point where it's not even funny, just depressing. how are people so stupid?
2017-01-30 11:34
you are right and this is fucking ridicolous for americans but sadly just because he is a retard he will do all sort of stupid things in order to regress everything thats has been done previous. thats the danger.
2017-01-26 22:10
people that dont live in america trying to act like they know US politics LUL
2017-01-27 17:17
its 2017 dude , i know everything. you dont have to live there to know whats up .
2017-01-28 10:50
clearly you dont because all u said was that americans are stupid
2017-01-28 19:41
and thats 100% true. the majority of americans are stupid.
2017-01-28 19:42
typical liberal not providing any reasons
2017-01-28 19:53
its statistics. check them out. check out average education level of states that heavily voted for trump and then come again .
2017-01-28 19:57
how does that matter? Albert Einstein dropped out of school at 15 and he was still smart
2017-01-28 20:26
bitch pls , einstein is 1 in a billion.
2017-01-28 20:33
lmfao so you have to go to harvard to go anywhere in life ok
2017-01-28 20:52
he dropped out of school because he hated how his school operated. the guy was doing college level math and physics at the age of 11.
2017-01-30 11:41
why do leftists always try to make their complaints Trump voter's complaints? We don't care about those specific points you brought up. We'd be more betrayed if he didn't improve border security. or renegotiate trade deals or keep refugees out. the real person crying is, as always, leftists xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2017-01-26 22:42
2017-01-26 23:30
Calls cancelling and insulting 'renegotiating' Improving border security by building a FUCKING CONCRETE WALL IN 21ST CENTURY Typical trump supporter, oozing insecurity No I'm not leftist I'm just amazed that you were first to the egg cell
2017-01-27 12:03
i think i spoke to you before and you cried. ... still crying! lel.
2017-01-27 12:06
Japan jia 
2017-01-27 13:44
I don't think Trump or Trump supporters know their history. The wall of China got neutered by ladders and ropes, some people never learn.
2017-01-27 14:13
what are you on about. god u leftists are some kind of retarded... as if walls and ladders and ropes did not exist at the same time. iirc the mongols went around the wall not through it. but please share your superior knowledge of history.
2017-01-27 15:56
the fact alone that there is not a single thread on r/donald being critical of even one of his actions is very frightening. i was supporting trump too over hillary. you are more out to give "leftists" and "liberals" a punch in the face and feel good about it than to actually critically evaluate the actions of the president you have elected.
2017-01-27 13:25
ofc i am he has been in office less than 10 days. and nothing he has done would've been better if $hillary had been elected. so everything is great rn!
2017-01-27 13:26
then please explain his cabinet choices to me and why its the wealthiest ever with a combined net worth more than what a third of americans own and what makes this anti-establishment. actually go over every single name and give me the reason, i dare you.
2017-01-27 13:31
because they happen to be very intelligent and talented people? and the job should not be handed to just any dumbot who ticks the right box? what does their net worth have to do with anything? the politics of envy is a leftist trait. not one of conservatives.
2017-01-27 13:41
so you are trying to categorize me? how do you know i am leftist? i dared you but i guess you will chicken out. you can start with betsy davos.
2017-01-27 13:44
you're the one who brought up their net worth... i won't chicken out, idk or care that much. i'll judge when his term is finished and by what they achieve. not based on the fact that his appointees aren't beggars off the street...
2017-01-27 13:48
i brought up their net worth because thats what many trump voters were against, anti establishment, anti corruption. they cried when hillarys leaks showed that she held private speeches in front of goldman sachs executives for 250,000$ and was supporting wall street but when trump appoints 6 goldman sachs affiliates in his cabinet they put on their pink sunglasses. anti corruption, as in billionare betsy davos, who publicly states that she is sick of talking around it, admitted that her family just wants a return on all the financial investments they've made over the years to the republicans. their family paid lots of money, so now she wants to be education secretary. ez. how can you be that blind? i was supporting trump over hillary but i can also still be critical at the same time and not worship him like a god emperor. so you are actually chickening out because you don't know anything about his cabinet.
2017-01-27 14:02
idk or care. i don't live in america. you're right in that i care more about the cultural stuff. how he achieves his policies, with what people... i'm not bothered in how he makes sausages.
2017-01-27 14:26
sorry but your answer doesnt make any sense to me. how he achieves his policies = how he makes sausages. and what did you mean by "you're right in that i care more about the cultural stuff"? what "cultural stuff" did i mention?
2017-01-27 15:35
ok, let's criticize trump for not even being in the office and some of the biggest companies started talks/announced to produce again in the us. whilst obama was golfing or buying a new house with money from taxpayers.
2017-01-27 14:44
is that one of your preconceptions? if i criticize trump i am automatically pro obama? you don't know what i think of obama, if you want to know i can tell you. a whole train of centipedes following a god emperor blindly without critically discussing any of his choices is just as dangerous as liberals clinging to obamas eloquent rhetoric and presentation without looking at his actions. we should always be critical and questioning our leaders, especially in elusive times like this. we should stop put the responsibility to someone else "up there" and be together as one people, one human race. nowadays its just about supporting "your" group and feeling good in that group and ridiculing the "others".
2017-01-27 15:33
i never said that. i just compared the new one with the old one. never wrote anything about you. of course we should be critical about every president, i never disagreed on you. the whole point of it was that trump is president since some days and has done a lot of good things already. something leftists and/or the media doesn't show. meanwhile they (leftists and the media) still talk how trump likes his steak the most and why that is totally racist.
2017-01-27 15:39
you don't have to tell these things to me as i know that already. nothing is black and white, especially nowadays where its so hard to see how much propaganda is being pushed in what news, its not that "everything" the "leftist media" reports is all 100% lies and everything trump tweets is the holy truth. this goes both ways for everything. we should be careful with mainstream news, but also with independent news. you can't be serious about some of trump actions, some of his appointes in his cabinet, his total neglection of global warming. or did you read anything about what the removal of obamacare without any replacement plan actually means for the poor people who voted for trump? maybe read some of the stuff here: its run by glenn greenwald who's the guy who met up with edward snowden in hong kong and got lots of those stories started. they were equally critical of hillary and trump and the deep state in general, "defended" trump in face of all these hacking etc. accusations without proof and showed fake stories run in mainstream media like washington post. of course don't believe anything you read there immediately.
2017-01-27 15:47
"removal of obamacare"... you know that he wants to create a new one right? do you even understand that it needs some transition from obamacare to the new one?
2017-01-27 15:56
whats his new plan? please elaborate. exactly, he doesn't have one. i have a friend, he opened a restaurant first and then thought about how to run the restaurant after opening it, running into lots of trouble. well, do it on that personal level okay. but do it on a federal government level? and why do you only respond to that one point i mentioned? here an excerpt from bernie sanders: Despite Trump's assertions that he was going to stand up for working people it turns out that Wall Street and Goldman Sachs are still running the show - and the Trump administration. Among many other billionaires in the Trump administration is Gary D. Cohn, the departing president of Goldman Sachs and Trump's new director of the National Economic Council. Upon leaving Goldman Sachs, Cohn just received an exit package of $285 million. Yes, $285 million. And that's how the rigged economy and oligarchy works. The middle class of this country bailed out Goldman Sachs to the tune of over $800 billion. Goldman Sachs paid a $5 billion fine to the U.S. Treasury for illegal activity, as did virtually every other major bank. Meanwhile, no top Wall Street executive is prosecuted for criminal activity. Instead, the president of Goldman Sachs becomes the leading financial adviser to the President. And, to add insult to injury, Cohn and the Trump administration will soon end up supporting huge tax breaks for the rich while cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
2017-01-27 20:24
Lol I'm pretty sure he never actually intended to fulfill most of his campaign promises. Pretty sure his campaign started as a joke, and went too far. I don't think he actually wants to be president, but the one thing I disagree with that you said is the war with Russia. Trump does NOT want a war with Russia, and if anything he's their puppet.
2017-01-26 23:25
if he didnt actually want to run he couldve dropped out. He gave up his millionare lifestyle to help the country that he loves also keep trlling yourself he is putin's puppet retard lol i guess it's fine for hillary to take donations from saudi arabia tho
2017-01-26 23:32
People like you will never understand
2017-01-26 23:35
but you are failing to provide any evidence just like every other liberal
2017-01-26 23:37
Because I'm lazy I let someone else do it: Edit: But I guess this is all fake news, right?
2017-01-26 23:39
still waiting for you to provide proof that trump is putin's puppet
2017-01-26 23:40
Wow, looking for proof all I could find are editorials. I guess there's no actual proof of him being putin's puppet - just conspiracy theories. I guess we'll have to wait and see if he lifts the sanctions on Russia, or stops them from invading Ukraine.
2017-01-26 23:53
yeah because having a limp-wristed effete president is better than having a strong and effective one. "it's ok if Obama created ISIS! he's super politically correct and he never hurts anyone's FEEEEEEEEEELINGS. i'm going to watch some more CNN and surf reddit."
2017-01-26 23:47
" He gave up his millionare lifestyle to help the country that he loves" lolwut :D
2017-01-27 13:05
he was living everyone's dream life, but he gave it up to get ridiculed, called a racist, bigot, etc all because he wants to help the country
2017-01-27 17:15
what did he give up? afaik he didnt even give up his tax returns lmao
2017-01-27 17:31
he went from living the american dream running a successful business, millionare life, superbowl wife, intelligent children... now he constantly gets insulted
2017-01-27 18:09
like donald fucking trump gives one single fuck about what anyone says about him
2017-01-27 18:58
he takes it personally why do you think he always calls out the fake news
2017-01-27 20:42
i think thats an act. donald's been taking shit for decades about using his daddys money and his looks and his manners i think he wouldve gotten used to it by now. but maybe he really is that petty. idk.
2017-01-27 21:05
doubt it
2017-01-27 21:08
the only thing im excited about is new trump memes
2017-01-26 23:30
yoop xdddddddd the best is muricanos cry oooooo trump oooooo why he is dumb etc soo why he is a president? lul retarded country soo have fun with memes
2017-01-26 23:45
France cedd 
he will fuck over the US so hard economically I can't wait for China and the EU to be the world super powers over the US because of his anti-free trade protectionism
2017-01-27 05:15
even though the stockmarket has only up... and the conomy will continue to prosper once obamacare is gone
2017-01-27 17:16
France cedd 
1. Trump has said past few days he will not repeal obamacare completely, he is repealing parts of it but keeping the main component, and is thinking of expanding it into a single payer system, which is what European countries have. 2. Trump wants to raise tarrifs and taxes on imports/exprots with other countries, mainly China and Mexico, which is known as protectionist economic policy. He wants to do this to mess with China and raise their costs of production, only problem is that protectionist policy will drive away huge amounts of foreign investment from the united states. This is the opposite of free-trade, this is something countries like Brazil have been doing without success. It will allow countries with better free trade deals to become more important on the global market.
2017-01-27 18:16
yes he is repealing the shitty parts of retarded obamacare what is bad about that. he is raising the tariffs witg mexico as a way to pay for the wall
2017-01-27 18:19
France cedd 
Yes and he will destroy the US economy this way and make US less of a global super power, instead empowering the EU and China to take the lead in: UN, Nato, Climate change science, clean energy production and investment, education, pharmaceuticals, etc... the US economy will crumble, it was already crumbling, house market will crash again.
2017-01-27 18:22
2017-01-27 18:23
France cedd 
Nice argument. It is always nice to have a discussion with 12 year olds / trump supporters that have never taken an economic class before.
2017-01-27 18:24
I am 18 and I have
2017-01-27 20:41
France cedd 
Look up protectionism economics. This is what Trump has repeatedly said he wants to achieve
2017-01-27 21:38
Denmark smegma 
at least he's against these filthy muslims
2017-01-27 05:49
Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia = against filthy muslims xdddd
2017-01-27 13:18
cum lol i've already done that. 90% of hltv did that already xd
2017-01-27 10:01
Brazil bandicoot 
i dont care if Harambe is elected president, the good thing is that hillary isnt
2017-01-27 10:02
what would have been so much worse about hillary?
2017-01-27 10:24
look at your merkel.
2017-01-27 10:34
im not supporter of merkel at all. but in which way does she a worse job than trump? elaborate pls
2017-01-27 11:36
well, to fuck up whole europe in 4 years isn't a bad start to be honest. the good thing is trump will destroy germanistan with the import tax which will lead into rip germanistan. afd will rise again and more.
2017-01-27 11:39
wtf are you even talking about? 1) in which way did she fuck up whole europe in 4 years? what did she even fuck up? i dont see lots of difference. 2) all serious economics say that the us will rather destroy themselves since the eu and other nations will react with the same taxes the other way around. autarchy doesnt work in a 21st century american society. you have to be delusional or retarded to believe that. ever thought about that the us needs more goods for a growing economy than they could even produce in their own country? the irony is that western nations (especially the us) profited most from the globalization. this will certainly lead to a collapse of the us economy.
2017-01-27 12:04
1. i thought brexit would be enough warning for you dumb leftists... france is next... marine le pen ez win thanks to you dumb leftists. italy will join soon too when beppe grillo wins. 2. "all serious economics" :D:D:D list me 1 (one). the eu will react? or germany will try to convince others to react? btw. here some real stats: mostly imported: cars. you seriously think america can't produce more cars which are made in america since big fabrics are moving back from countries like mexico? dude all this is so ez and basic... and it's still too much for you dumb leftists. last but not least, you will not win against me in economics, but you can try and i will blame you.
2017-01-27 12:14
1) in which way is the rise of europe's far rights related to my own political views? 2) only one third of all economics have growing prognoses on the us economy in 2017 although the us economy is currently still vastly growing and has less jobless people than ever before int he 21st century. the source is even from the time when some people were still believing that trump would never carry out any of the bs he gave from him before the election. it should be even worse now since he seems to be serious about it. source: the restrications will be for all nations, not only for germany you dumbass. so all of them would want to react with the same restrications trump would enforce. you know that economy isnt all about car industry??? also youre delusional af, just because the cars are manufactered in the us doesnt mean that the parts for the car come also from the us. all the electronics and many other supplier parts come from china and other 3rd/2nd world nations. now think about other goods than fucking cars which you use in your every day life. electronics, cosmectics, children's toys, furniture, clothes, etc. all of that isnt produced in the us anymore. the us does in fact not even have the human capacity to produce all the goods they need to consume for an increasing economy. it rather seems like you havent understood basic globalization.
2017-01-27 12:44
1. because you're proving that you're a stupid leftist that doesnt understand what your merkel has done to europe... 2. growing forecast on what? gdp? btw. gdp forecast for usa is 2.6 in 2020, euro area 1.9. both coming from 1.7... just saying. also handelsblatt is the bild in economics for germany, and yes ich verstehe deutsch. no, dumbass, there you proof once again that you actually have no fucking clue about this... the tax will most likely only be applied to those that they have a deficit... explanation for dumb leftist: if a country imports more than they export from the us (creating a deficit), then this tax will apply. correct, that's why actually japan is under fire. which doesn't mean that they can't create a new contract which can benefit both sides and not only one (was btw. one of those points that trump always talked about but your brainwashing media never told you).
2017-01-27 13:02
yes its merkels fault that 70 years after the last war all the fascists and racists and idiots see the world changing and want to go back to the good old days when the germans had recently removed all the brown people, jews, faggots and cripples from society and destroyed so much capital that we had 5%+ economic growth for decades. how about all you fuckwits go to syria to fight isis and fucking die. maybe it'll give you some perspective. maybe in those moments when you blow out your last breath after getting shot or blown up you'll understand why merkel cared more about those refugees than about your benefits gdp btw is a completely retarded statistic. countries can inflate gdp by moving the same stack of money multiple times. and let moving money while doing fuck all be one thing americans are really good at. coincidence?
2017-01-27 13:13
lul... just in case you're mentally ill... germany is doing the new slavery... who the fuck is she to tell other countries, normally governed by different people and not merkel, to accept as many refugees as she wants? good job lefist. again, isis created by "leftists" called obama and hillary. :D so, tell me a "completely non retarded statistic" that proofs usa will lose everything, start a recession and everyone will become poor because they make a tax for countries like germanistan where those have to pay more to import them into the usa.
2017-01-27 13:17
okay. in the real world, in europe, there is a european union, where nations voluntarily become members, pay a certain amount of money and get subsidies for development, and find solutions to problems they have in common. illegal migration is a problem for all of europe. it can only be solved at the european level. merkel didnt force any country to take any refugees. even in germany she didnt force anyone. if people didnt want to do what she said, it would not have happened. but most people in germany, and some other countries, agreed that the moral aspect of the situation was more important than the little bit of money it would cost isis was created by the numerous invasions the US and russia perpetrated in the middle east. if i recall correctly, the people that started Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2: Redux were republican presidents and not 'leftists' the usa wont lose everything. they'll just have less than what they could have if their economic policies were less top down and more bottom up from reading your post, it seems youre completely uneducated about the balance of power in the modern world, who started which war, where isis comes from, and what leftist means obama and hillary arent leftist. they are right wing just like 99.9% of all americans ever
2017-01-27 13:28 "German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said it is "unacceptable" for European Union member states to refuse to accept Muslim refugees." that's what i call to threaten other "member" states. so isis was created in gulf war 1 or 2... wow... noone besides you has this opinion, but i'm sure you're 100% right. for example?
2017-01-27 13:31
its unacceptable cuz 3rd world nations in eu like poorland just want to take the benefits of the european union, but if its about giving something back they threaten to leave the eu.
2017-01-27 13:34
luckily no one takes those threats seriously. just like no one took brexit seriously. i still cant take it seriously. every european country is physically part of europe. they cant just pack their shit and leave. we will always have common interests. it will never be more profitable to not be part of the club.
2017-01-27 13:40
try to explain this to economics who studied at the youtube university like NoEnglandoComprando.
2017-01-27 13:57
he'll go away after enough people tell him he's an uneducated bigoted idiot the problem though is that those guys keep making these threads and hanging out circlejerking each other pretending theyre normal and totally not racist
2017-01-27 14:11
this the internet gives them the opportunity to live in their bubble of stupidity. imagine an idiot like him talking at a university. he would get rekt so hard that hed never leave his mom's basement again.
2017-01-27 14:18
were doing it too tho right now. lets stop and find someone to argue with
2017-01-27 14:19
only valid opinion IMHO since a few years ive been wondering what all these small countries think will happen if they just ignore and eventually leave the euroean union... some like taking subsidies but dont want to fulfill their role when things get complicated as already mentioned by moreon
2017-01-27 14:38
most people in those countries want to be in the eu, or they wouldnt be in the eu. its just a vocal minority that doesnt want to cooperate. then there are cases like poland who do want to be in the eu but have some different ideas about immigration and free press and dont see the problem with not paying for those things because they dont want them. solution to that is easy: make them pay anyway and they'll probably decide that its better to get something back for their money
2017-01-27 14:49 oh whats that? its the sound of you not knowing what the fuck youre talking about from where im standing, its perfectly okay for merkel to suggest to other states that she does not find it acceptable if they look away and pretend it isnt their problem. the eu is a democracy. people dont have to do what angela merkel says. although they would probably be wise to listen to her. shes a pretty smart woman.
2017-01-27 13:37
yeh you're now mixing up al-qaeda and isis. noone says they can't be the same ones... but it's not when isis was created. easily to read. isis also has another point than al-qaeda on why they're doing it. so please, never compare them again as they have exactly nothing to do... wow threatening other countries instead of finding solutions is to be clever for you... yeh... your hillary almost created WW3 with russia because of your stupidity...
2017-01-27 13:42
isis would've never had such a military success in the first 2 years without the preperation and knowledge of old saddam military specialists recruited by em. these ppl turned towards fundamentalism after the second gulf war as far as i know
2017-01-27 14:44
but we're not talking about who is responsible for the military success. he said isis was created in gulf war 1 or 2, which is simply not true. isis was created by two leftist, obama and hillary. valid point.
2017-01-27 14:53
you need to read first and then form your opinion. otherwise, you will only read stuff that agrees with your opinion and bullshit your way out of having to read anything that conflicts with the opinion you made up before reading anything
2017-01-27 14:56
ISIS literally is al qaeda. its right there. read the fucking wiki article. i put important parts in bold in case you actually have trouble reading Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Jordanian Salafi jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his militant group Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, founded in 1999, achieved notoriety in the early stages of the Iraqi insurgency for their suicide attacks on Shia mosques, civilians, Iraqi government institutions and Italian soldiers partaking in the US-led 'Multi-National Force'. Al-Zarqawi's group officially pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network in October 2004, changing its name to Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (تنظيم قاعدة الجهاد في بلاد الرافدين, "Organisation of Jihad's Base in Mesopotamia"), also known as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). In January 2006, AQI joined with several smaller Iraqi insurgent groups under an umbrella organisation called the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC). According to counterterrorism researcher Brian Fishman, the merger was an attempt to give the group a more Iraqi flavour, and perhaps to distance al-Qaeda from some of al-Zarqawi's tactical errors, such as the 2005 bombings by AQI of three hotels in Amman.[189] On 7 June 2006, a US airstrike killed al-Zarqawi, who was succeeded as leader of the group by the Egyptian militant Abu Ayyub al-Masri.[190][191] On 12 October 2006, the Mujahideen Shura Council united with three smaller groups and six Sunni tribes to form the "Mutayibeen Coalition". It pledged "To rid Sunnis from the oppression of the rejectionists (Shi'ite Muslims) and the crusader occupiers ... to restore rights even at the price of our own lives ... to make Allah's word supreme in the world, and to restore the glory of Islam".[192][193] A day later, the Mujahideen Shura Council declared the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), comprising Iraq's six mostly Sunni Arab governorates.[194] Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was announced as its emir,[183][195] and al-Masri was given the title of Minister of War within the ISI's ten-member cabinet.[196] In late 2009, the commander of US forces in Iraq, General Ray Odierno, stated that the ISI "has transformed significantly in the last two years. What once was dominated by foreign individuals has now become more and more dominated by Iraqi citizens".[207] On 18 April 2010, the ISI's two top leaders, Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, were killed in a joint US-Iraqi raid near Tikrit.[208] In a press conference in June 2010, General Odierno reported that 80% of the ISI's top 42 leaders, including recruiters and financiers, had been killed or captured, with only eight remaining at large. He said that they had been cut off from al-Qaeda's leadership in Pakistan.[209][210][211] On 16 May 2010, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was appointed the new leader of the Islamic State of Iraq. On 8 April 2013, al-Baghdadi released an audio statement in which he announced that the al-Nusra Front had been established, financed, and supported by the Islamic State of Iraq,[224] and that the two groups were merging under the name "Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham" conclusion: ISIS used to be al qaeda and the second american invasion in iraq caused iraqi people to join ISIS. that the first american invasion resulted in al qaeda gaining a foothold in iraq, you can read that in the article about the first gulf war
2017-01-27 14:58
are you that stupid? i'm not talking about where they were before and/or what they were doing... all you need is: On 8 April 2013, al-Baghdadi released an audio statement in which he announced that the al-Nusra Front had been established, financed, and supported by the Islamic State of Iraq,[224] and that the two groups were merging under the name "Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham" thanks for proving me right.
2017-01-27 15:05
???? i showed you in bold text that this group that now calls itself ISIS called itself ISI previously and before that called itself al qaeda in iraq. theyre literally the same organization i know it can be hard to accept that you were wrong about something, but its better to suck it up and educate yourself now, because the longer you stick with this non-factual opinion, the more ingrained it will become, and you'll be an angry old man in no time
2017-01-27 15:12
1.) you still dont elaborate what merkel "has done" to europe 2.) this study is from before trump era. you also dont even give any source. should i google another source so you say again that its shit because you cant accept youre wrong? you dont have to explain to me what a trade deficit is. i visited a school. it will apply to most western nations and most fast developing countries like china. since the us has a trade deficit with basically everyone. i dont understand why you point out especially japan.
2017-01-27 13:30
1. because it isnt that difficult to inform yourself and since you're a leftist i see no point in posting anything. 2. gdp forecasts do not vary, just use google and every legit site will have the same ones. same for unemployment rate as you wrote above somewhere... it's not the lowest, but i guess you can't inform yourself. also not true, in europe only germany has a trade deficit which is caused by the car industry and that's why i posted it before... are you kid fucking serious? can't you count 1+1?!?! you always need all the solutions because you can't think yourself for a bit?
2017-01-27 13:38
every site has the same gdp forecast because they all use the same sources who all use the same methods to calculate gdp growth
2017-01-27 13:41
correct, therefore i'm right. thanks for proving me right.
2017-01-27 13:42
what? no. that everybody copies the same source does not make the source more accurate. are you actually retarded? do you believe fake news on facebook if enough people in your friends list send it to you?
2017-01-27 13:55
i know that it was sarcastic, that's why i used it in hope you would stop replying so i don't have to read that much of brainwashed leftist anymore. cuz the other guy is already killing me with his stupidity... i mean, he said: "all serious economics say that the us will rather destroy themselves since the eu and other nations will react with the same taxes the other way around." at some point in your life you will have to realize, that you're defending the dumb people, superappelflap... as i realized you wont understand it: i baited him to say more stupid shit about forecasts and "all the economics say that..." you can easily spot these non-informed kids (mostly leftists).
2017-01-27 14:11 also, i dont think you should boast about 'baiting' people when you need to write so many long posts and act like such a retard to do it. dont be a jonty
2017-01-27 15:01
when will mexico pay for the wall?
2017-01-27 10:26
when the usa tariffs their goods. usa doesn't need mexico. are lefties this stupid? plz. they will pay one way or another. otherwise they will become a failed narco state.
2017-01-27 11:18
what is the sense of that wall? us economy needs slave workers to work for 3$/h without health insurance. who should pick strawberries in california instead?
2017-01-27 11:33
poor people. legal immigrants. etc. or maybe the price/wage rises. who cares. people who vote brexit/trump want to stop illegal immigration. economic cost is second. otherwise we wouldn't have voted the way we did!
2017-01-27 11:36
thats the point. most trump supporters just wanna stop illegal immigration cuz they are racist not because they had any valid arguments against it.
2017-01-27 12:06
yes it's racist to be against illegal immigration... anyone who cares about borders and nation states are racists in the eyes of mentally ill leftists. everyone is racist apart from immigrants. immigrants are holy.
2017-01-27 12:16
>Illegal immigration >good "racist" topkek lmao
2017-01-27 12:58
2017-01-27 13:08
its racist to enforce immigration laws? TIL
2017-01-27 13:31
In 2016 the US exported goods worth 211.848.700.000 $ to Mexico and imported 270.647.200.000 $ in return. That's 14,5% of all US trade. Mexico is your third biggest trading partner after China and Canada. The second biggest as far as exports alone are concerned. You know how this whole trade thing works, right?
2017-01-27 13:51
yes and mexico needs the US more than the US needs mexico. they will pay or both people will lose, with mexico losing a lot more.
2017-01-27 14:00
So the wall is a lose-lose situation? Good you finally get it.
2017-01-27 14:13
only if mexico puts tariffs against the USA. mexico can afford to pay for the wall, as the trade deficit that you cited clearly shows. if they want to tank their own economy it's in their own hands.
2017-01-27 14:18
So you think Mexico will just cave although Trump is still saying he will impose trade taxes on them? Not very likely. The Mexican president just showed the US he's willing to play hard ball with Trump. Have fun tanking your economy over a stupid wall.
2017-01-27 14:51
well, there is again the point of who needs who more... and it's clearly mexico. i mean look at what they export into the us and what they import. you just need to go into the details of your numbers. also, if Nieto would be that retarded making also an import tax, his people wouldn't have money to buy it. 51% of the imports from mexico comes from the usa...
2017-01-27 15:33
40% of the parts in a typical Mexican product originate in the United States, according to the Commerce Department. And that's a key reason why 6 million U.S. jobs depend on trade just with Mexico, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. You are shooting yourself in the foot and then cry: BUT I HURT THE OTHER GUY MORE!!! Yeah, have fun with that.
2017-01-27 15:36
what is a typical mexican product? a taco? i mean, can you please specify on what a typical mexican product is?
2017-01-27 15:44
why should be fixing some of the illegal immigration be a lose-lose for both countries? i mean, it can be a problem for mexico (i mean they would need to create more jobs or it will end in bigger gang fights than already...), but i don't see any problem with the usa...
2017-01-27 14:23
You know what would be a much better way to stop illegal immigration? Hire more borderpatrol officers. You create jobs and stop illegal immigration. A wall alone won't do shit you will need those people to patrol the border anyway. Building the wall is a waste of money and other resources.
2017-01-27 14:53
it can't be just a waste of money if Mr. Nieto already cancelled the talk with Trump ;) Mexico knows they're fucked... also, why is securing your country from illegal immigration a waste of money? you can't have every fucking meter or inch a borderpatrol guy...
2017-01-27 15:00
Nieto cancelled because Trump is gonna Trump and just make it look like he came begging like he did with Mitt Romney. Fuck that shit. Yeah a wall without a guard on top is pretty much useless. Except for the rope ladder industry.
2017-01-27 15:22
wait, did cnn already leak the pictures of how it will look?
2017-01-27 15:24
United States No5712 
do politics really matter that much man chill tf out
2017-01-27 10:50
Denmark Jeffersond 
lol :P 8/8
2017-01-27 13:58
funny enough to cry
2017-01-27 20:52
s1mple Best in opening duels 90.0% won
2017-01-27 13:25
Japan jia 
Actually he is fulfilling the campaign promisses. You're just mad because a consertative guy wins. If shillary had won, you would not talking badly about her, like you did when mohammed obama doubled the national debt.
2017-01-27 14:00
Hillary is out of the picture now. You can't just keep saying "B.But what about Hillary!!!". I didn't even talk about her and you bring it up while completely ignoring the points I made in the thread. nt trump shill.
2017-01-27 14:26
Just pathetic how in today's era someone can still win the elections the same way some of the most hated dictators won 70-80 years ago. Just play your typical populist style saying shit like "let's make america great again" "oh it will be all great" "let's build a wall across the borders" and then lie about the most factual stats about current America situation (like unemployment that it's at full employment level at 4% and he says it is a catastrophe lmao, saying obamacare was a joke and then wanting to do exactly the same, most recently trying to lie about crowd's size at the inauguration, etc, etc) and people actually believe in his words and go with that. Americans are really fucking dumb.
2017-01-27 14:18
When a people is dumb it votes for anything. When elected people is in charge of education it is a problem. Since 70 80 years, elected ones don't want educated voters to be re elected. It ends with realityshow starlet getting elected. Why did u think it can change if neither of u, ur parents or grandpa did anything to change it?
2017-01-27 18:31
plus we will have same problems with masses of uneducated/plain stupid people that are eligible to vote. i want the participation of the people, but nowadays i sometimes think there are plenty of grown up ppl that should have their right to vote wwithdrawn, cause masses of voters without a general clue are getting scarier every national vote passing by.
2017-01-27 20:59
Same shit happened with brexit, educated people from London and young people voted to stay while the oldest and conservative voted to leave dictating the youngest's future, what a joke of a system really.
2017-01-27 21:28
i cum... at your mum face right now liberal scum
2017-01-27 18:36
I don't think he has mum... Sad life
2017-01-27 20:49
okok now go make me kebab
2017-01-27 20:52
Said guy named Nasral with some terrorist flag :V
2017-01-27 21:13
not sure if b8 or doesn't realize he's turk xd
2017-01-27 21:14
I came. It was a good fap. Thanks dude
2017-01-30 13:44
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