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IGLs overrated, proven by Fnatic
Denmark whatwhat222 
So, IGLs are overrated. Fnatic ran over teams this major 90% outaiming their opponents. There is no place for IGLs who doesnt frag well anymore. IGLs HAVE to get their frags as well, otherwise the team will struggle too much. IGLs, start fragging or become analysts
2017-01-28 00:01
Fnatic has yet to beat a single strong team in this major.
2017-01-28 00:02
2017-01-28 00:09
2017-01-28 00:18
North's last finish above top 8 was in October. So, not really.
2017-01-28 00:23
flomaster | 
United States Trive 
They can be average like Zeus you can't be a below .90 rating imo
2017-01-28 00:02
World ph4 
gambit is not exactly top5 team atm so your conclusion is flawed... they'll get shit on by astralis
2017-01-28 00:02
Iceland xijmplr 
gla1ve is good fragging IGL, also fallen
2017-01-28 00:03
In the golden era we never had IGL's. We had a 'caller' that was it... which was just a pure fragger who happened to call. Then kmode came along, and you could be the worst player in the fucking world yet still be on a decent team
2017-01-28 00:03
like pronax
2017-01-28 00:07
Lol yeah NA was notorious for that... James and kmode were probably the 2 worst aimers in pro CS history
2017-01-28 00:16
Brollan | 
World mbata 
Fnatic proved that by winning 6 consecutive tournaments in a row AFTER Kicking Botnax
2017-01-28 00:07
This, but since then coaches have been nerfed.
2017-01-28 00:09
Philippines XIII37 
The meta this major is just a little bit different that's why IGL have seemingly little-to-no impact on games
2017-01-28 00:08
If you think dennis didn't call what they would do each round you are braindead
2017-01-28 00:09
this has been the case for almost all of 2016
2017-01-28 00:15
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