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magisk immature
allu | 
Finland ebinzzi 
this immature kid bm all game, deserved loss
2017-01-28 03:47
I would blame MSL and konfig for lose. They throwed last rounds
2017-01-28 03:49
why? team effort
2017-01-28 03:49
so say if two of the players in ur team just ran out and died, it's a team effort? lolk
2017-01-28 03:51
i would blame rubino
2017-01-28 04:36
United States STERBENVII 
He's support.
2017-01-28 05:30
getting triggered by shooting a body in a video game IN 2k17 LUL
2017-01-28 03:49
Europe NX7 
shooting a body in a video game
2017-01-28 03:50
2017-01-28 03:51
You didn't get it :)
2017-01-28 04:02
care to explain?
2017-01-28 04:03
No, sleep tight :p
2017-01-28 04:04
2017-01-28 04:04
2017-01-28 04:43
Europe inz0r 
BM? What did he do specificly?? Any videos as proof?
2017-01-28 03:50
after 1 round he was acting like a king (after ace) for example. bm
2017-01-28 03:53
Switzerland BottomFragger 
How is that related to BM? When he did that gesture after the ace? Is not allowed to get hyped over that?
2017-01-28 04:06
it's just BM, nothing to say more.
2017-01-28 04:07
They shot dead bodies after every single round ending kill in the first half
2017-01-28 04:08
Turkey rivaluk 
+1, and what happened? karma striked back. stay calm and collected and win a major and still dont act like that EVERY SINGLE ROUND MAN. grow the fuck up.
2017-01-28 04:10
hmmmm reminds me of a certain brazilian team
2017-01-28 04:31
Switzerland BottomFragger 
Not after every round, I remember 3 times. Doesn't matter, I was just asking him why he complains about BM but his comment is completely unrelated. Also, can you explain to me why shooting a body in a video game is so bad when it's perfectly okay to shoot an alive person in the same scenario?
2017-01-28 04:11
They did it more than 3, most rounds after the 5th or so. LOL, assuming that was a joke, but its BM because people say it is BM. Same way its assumed that its rude not to shake hands with people, cause if people didnt expect it, then not doing it wouldn't be rude.
2017-01-28 04:19
Reunion czare 
he did nothing wrong you are just triggered because they almost won and your butthole was clenched the entire game
2017-01-28 03:52
Europe NX7 
No, let me explain this to you as you appear to be quite slow. They kept shooting dead bodies and showed overconfidence and that's why it's funny when they got rekt, get it now?
2017-01-28 03:56
Fucking retards all of you. How the fuck is it bm to shoot dead pixels? Why is it bm to get pumped after doing a good round? You are all so fucking dumb and trigger me so hard. Bm would be to write something disrespectful or not shake hands or something like that. They did nothing wrong. Stop this shit.
2017-01-28 03:59
its just a general standard that you dont do that unless you are bm, everyone knows it. the only reason they were doing it was to bm on purpose, so yes its bm
2017-01-28 04:10
No its not ffs
2017-01-28 04:13
So, when something is considered BM, and you do it on purpose, only because you know it is BM, it isn't BM? ok retard
2017-01-28 04:17
Everyone with a reasonable mind wouldn't think that was bm. Now get lost
2017-01-28 04:22
Are you stupid? Why is it bm not to shake ppls hands at the end of the game? pls tell me
2017-01-28 05:12
2017-01-28 03:59
allu | 
Finland ebinzzi 
no bro I clench only on faze games
2017-01-28 04:00
Why do you keep talking about clenched assholes? Do you like men assholes or what?
2017-01-28 04:15
allu | 
Finland ebinzzi 
:DDDD +1
2017-01-28 04:26
He was happy because he is first major and for him its something really BIG you just mad cuz magisk destroyed entire vp team LUL
2017-01-28 04:00
Pasha +25, Magisk +18. Most of Pasha's frags weren't eco frags either.
2017-01-28 04:03 here is Magisk's camera after game
2017-01-28 04:01
It was not bm, now stfu and move on.
2017-01-28 04:09
Turkey rivaluk 
actually it was. admit it :)
2017-01-28 04:11
No, it was not.
2017-01-28 04:12
allu | 
Finland ebinzzi 
typical danish kid, salty and bad mannered
2017-01-28 04:27
Shooting dead bodies=disrespect . . . . . . What? XDDD
2017-01-28 04:14
100% agree. And everyone feeling sorry for him is what he was after. His histrionics after it was over were an embarrassment. Hey look at me im in so much pain cuz i top fragged and we lost. You would never catch a member of VP playing the me card
2017-01-28 04:33
United States ldKuKluxKlan 
Kid couldnt get a single frag on T side
2017-01-28 05:34
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