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GuardiaN was the reason that NaVi lost
United States @GeorgeWashington as you see here, GuardiaN was NaVi's worst player at the major, he's the reason that they lost. Time to give s1mple the AWP role since he's clearly better with it?
2017-01-28 10:10
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s1mple | 
Europe el1teman 
-guardian +markeloff main awp
2017-01-28 10:12
World Doxa 
lol funny.
2017-01-28 10:43
sorry its not 2010
2017-01-28 10:48
well if he trains i believe he can be back not 2010 but very tier 1 awper
2017-01-28 11:07
thats what i just posted in the simple thread. only on mirage, guardian hit sth. guardian was godlike in the groupstage against SK, but yesterday he didnt do shit. so it was really his fault.
2017-01-28 10:12
Norway Mickey Mouse 
Agreed, guardian missed so many easy shots this tiem. He hasnt been the same as before his hand surgery
2017-01-28 10:13
.... "hand surgery" you mean he isnt the same after coder retired and several pros were suddenly insured and never found old form afterwards!
2017-01-28 10:19
How come then flamie's coder is still there?
2017-01-28 10:29
as an engineer I learned that it is very important to have double securities and fail-safe systems! if I managed a team, I would make sure that my players dont work together with the same coder - to avoid complete shut downs or bUsts!
2017-01-28 10:34
who's the coder
2017-01-28 13:08
Turkey tastemycobra 
and who WASN'T the best player of NaVi? It was S1mple aka THE BEST FUCKING TALENT IN THE WORLD MVP OF THE MAJOR 2017 HLTV #1 WILL REKT EVERYONE... :)
2017-01-28 10:16
2017-01-28 12:58
Turkey tastemycobra 
i sex you.
2017-01-28 12:59
World ZMDR 
It's a dude.
2017-01-28 13:04
Turkey tastemycobra 
i am as versatile as S1mple.
2017-01-28 13:07
lol guardians excuses are running out. I loved his latest excuse "merrr everyone knows how I move exactly and they neutralize me merrr". Yea as if it doesn't happen to every awper?
2017-01-28 10:20
Happens to everyone except God device.
2017-01-28 10:22
Turkey tastemycobra 
actually, Fallen broke him down.
2017-01-28 10:37
Fallen is a better AWPer. For sure. But even he can't predict the movement of device. Just watch that game again. Device was moving all over the place and creating havoc while fallen was paranoid about his presence at mid. Fallen didn't predict device but out aimed him with AWP. Guardian got rekt by device. Device avoided guardian quite a lot and rekt his teammates while guardian wasn't given that many chances for picks. Device movement is beautiful to watch.
2017-01-28 10:57
wow you gon suck his dick too?
2017-01-28 11:05
Turkey tastemycobra 
No, FalleN exactly knew where device was on several critical occasions. Of course it is not possible to know 100%, but Fallen could predict him on some critical rounds they won. Guardian is out of the question. In the game against SK, he literally avoided encountering Fallen. It was smart that they didn't let Fallen create chances for himself. So, it worked for Na'vi although we didn't see any awping battle. Then, against Astralis he tried to peek device but device just outplayed him. I think GuardiaN isn't one of the greatest awpers anymore. He is easily predicted or has to hide somewhere.
2017-01-28 11:05
World ZMDR 
Device was always a step ahead of fallen and kept fallen guessing all the time on dust2. Like the guy said you could see fallen spending so much time in mid afraid that device would peek and take someone out. Device was the one dictating the pace despite being on CT side
2017-01-28 13:07
lul yeah i remember teams litterally creating strats just to counter kennyS and he would still reign supreme.
2017-01-28 10:24
Finland kateessa37 
S1mple main AWP. -Guardian +Zeus
2017-01-28 10:23
2017-01-28 11:50
I doubt Zeus want anything to do with Na'Vi
2017-01-28 11:57
you should listen his interview from atlanta =D
2017-01-28 13:04
Brazil fuNNa 
Guardian is shit get markeloff BACK
2017-01-28 10:24
lul bot suckardian
2017-01-28 10:32
GuardiaN was 100% the reason they lost Overpass, but he was also the reason they eventually clinched Mirage. His plays in the last few rounds undoubtedly won Na'Vi that map. The player who lost Na'Vi that series was Edward. So many situations where he would do something stupid like not checking a corner or rushing out into Astralis, causing him to die and give Astralis the man advantage. For example, Mirage when he and Seized were rotating B, he didnt check mid while trying to selfboost himself onto Short, thus he died to Device, who then killed a retarded seized who peeked him for no reason. Also his round on Overpass where he ran for bomb with 5 seconds instead of taking the aim duel with Kjaerbye when he absolutely needed to. Plenty more come to my mind, but ive made this enough of a paragraph.
2017-01-28 10:42
the reason for the loss was the captain - seized
2017-01-28 10:47
Seized played like trash and is an even shittier IGL, but i personally think Edward had more effect on their loss than Seized did. I mean, of course they could have done better with an IGL like Zeus doing the mid-round calls, but everytime that Seizeds calling was doing alright, Edward found a way to fuck it all up and give Astralis the leg up. Imo, Na'Vi need to make amends with Zeus and bring him back into the team. If not, Starix to rejoin the actual roster in place of Edward and see how well seized performs without IGL role. In the past hes been decent but its been a long time since then.
2017-01-28 12:50
2017-01-28 10:48
Albania Leutriim12 
This one +1
2017-01-28 12:56
Zeus was the problem and s1mple was the solution have fun with your shit team now. Only reason they made top 8 cause of easy opponent's shitsports envyus & SK playing with fox stand in.
2017-01-28 10:47
Brazil ibra_84 
If it was against SK, HLTV fans would say it was because of the hand injury as an excuse.
2017-01-28 11:10
No. The hand injury excuse is not valid anymore. Back then it was tho.
2017-01-28 13:02
Actually, him and s1mple did work to win mirage...
2017-01-28 11:44
maybe u stupid silver idiots will stop judging by raw stats?
2017-01-28 11:56
Malta Trance_Lover 
Higher kill count was because of exit frags, fuck all impact.
2017-01-28 12:51
Romania fluxz0r 
no.. Navi was the reason they lost./close
2017-01-28 12:53
He missed so many important shots it was painful to watch. Flamie and S1mple are the best players in Navi now. The rest are too inconsistent.
2017-01-28 13:06
I am saying this since months. Guardian needs someone like Zeus in the Team otherwise he is lost. Without s1mple and flamie this team would be so bad.
2017-01-28 13:12
Ukraine speecher 
Actually if you remember he had always played very bad in the most important moments on major.
2017-01-28 13:11
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