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United States Carl Johnson 
I mean fuck this if Subroza can be considered as pro player, but he is just dirty cheater and no one gives fuck about it I dont fucking see point to play clean. I was 7 LVL FaceIT and Global Elite by playing legit. So I started hacking on my main since 4 months ago, and this shows how VAC sucks. I'm using private hack for 20USD per month, already playing on FACEIT ( no charms and ESP sadly but aimbot works well ) and ESEA. Both these systems can't detect this, of course u have to hide it very well. I mean u have to be good legit player to be very good cheater. A lot of PROs and amateur player cheating, so why u have to be worse? There's two ways. Cheat too or quit game.
2017-01-31 14:40
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rain | 
Switzerland W1SHmaster 
Why would anyone whos not a pro pay for a hack? lmao get a life u sad idiot
2017-01-31 14:41
maybe he is trying to get_Pro
2017-01-31 14:43
rain | 
Switzerland W1SHmaster 
Didn't consider that, my bad sorry.
2017-01-31 14:45
I forgive you but I fear mr Carl Johnson may never ever forgive, you are prolly already blocked aswell, #PrayForW1SHmaster
2017-01-31 14:46
What are you talking about? I don't care about your opinions I just wanna to share my story. What's the point of being that legit sucker when a lot of high ranked FaceIT players using legit hacks?
2017-01-31 14:49
you are the cancer in this game. i hope you kys and your family dies in a car crash
2017-01-31 15:08
:D Are you mad? ;c
2017-01-31 15:09
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
You are ruin this game. You show whats wrong with this community. Fucking low-morale bastard who forgot what sportmansship is
2017-01-31 15:17
CSGO community started being shit since Arms Deal update so I don't really care anymore.
2017-01-31 15:22
Sweden aer1aL 
2017-01-31 16:16
as long as you only use it against SA and if you for some reason should play against turks or russians :o.
2017-01-31 16:40
>I don't really care anymore >$20 a month Pick one
2017-02-02 15:38
>i dont really care anymore >spends money and wastes time on a game he hates as well as browsing the forums related to the game on a daily basis
2017-02-08 17:26
There is a shit side and a not shit side, guess which one you are on.
2017-02-09 17:36
Nice flag LUL
2017-02-03 20:07
Palestine hevCS 
2017-01-31 16:17
Norway Marvi 
nobody cares about your story..u suck in cs so u need to use cheats..end of story../close :)
2017-02-02 15:10
Spain Ayrr 
Bruh, follow the damn train
2017-01-31 14:43
2017-02-02 14:25
Brazil coldzao2 
20$ esea undetected sure bro
2017-01-31 14:43
yea XD wtf
2017-01-31 16:26
Brazil L4x @.@ 
$1k a private build for esea but he gets for $20 must be girlfriend of coder ...
2017-02-03 19:45
Thorin | 
Switzerland suprgau 
Maybe dokument everything an do a docu as soon as you get busted
2017-01-31 14:44
I hope I won't
2017-01-31 14:44
2017-01-31 14:44
Hungary lemusz 
" why u have to be worse?" U dont understand. U r better if you dont use cheat. Even when u meet cheaters in mm and u feel like: "Why do i suffer with these?". U need to make sacrifice just like Jesus did to us.
2017-01-31 14:44
Brazil ztxizhan 
if Jesus sacrificed for u, then go ahead do something inhuman, its alright I assume?
2017-01-31 16:39
Turkey KISIR 
Expected NA CS
2017-01-31 14:46
Denmark qwedsa 
20$ a month for eseaproof? HAHAHAHAHA is your coder a freshman? =D
2017-01-31 14:48
just for my curiosity how much would it be ? i thought that already 20$ for a cheat every month is high for something that can get you vac and makes you loose money , but damn there is people who pay higher price for cheats, wtf loosing money for nothing.
2017-01-31 15:13
2017-01-31 15:16
500$ / month ? are you fucking serious ?
2017-01-31 15:17
Denmark qwedsa 
Not per month, no. The prices are different, all depending on clients specifications and coders. Someone who isn't me can get eseaproof for 75$/month
2017-01-31 16:04
k ty for info , seems retard to me to pay every month for cheats but i guess there are some butthurt.
2017-01-31 16:09
"Someone who isn't me can get eseaproof for 75$/month" xDDD tnx for the info
2017-01-31 16:17
i know a guy who sells for 2000 - 2500 a year
2017-01-31 16:28
Denmark qwedsa 
All codes are different which results in different prices.
2017-01-31 17:59
tristan? :D
2017-01-31 18:11
2017-01-31 19:17
give me contact
2017-02-02 15:13
2017-02-02 15:19
2017-02-02 15:23
just google it man
2017-02-02 15:54
i would still need to get in direct contact u know. but u mean 480?
2017-02-02 15:59
yup just send pn on his own website of his product
2017-02-02 17:24
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
"I mean fuck this if Subroza can be considered as pro player, but he is just dirty cheater and no one gives fuck about it I dont fucking see point to play clean. I was 7 LVL FaceIT and Global Elite by playing legit." You're an idiot... Congratulations on your newfound idiocy...
2017-01-31 14:50
Some day you will realize that there's no point playing legit in this game. I was playing this game legit since 2013 and where I am? Look at guys like smf, KQLY or Flusha, they made big money by cheating on tournaments.
2017-01-31 14:54
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
"Some day you will realize that there's no point playing legit in this game. I was playing this game legit since 2013 and where I am? Look at guys like smf, KQLY or Flusha, they made big money by cheating on tournaments." Wrong, some day you'll actually realise what it's like to play CS on a professional level, oh wait... you won't. Ever. Flusha doesn't cheat and never has as no proof was ever evident apart from easily explainable clips and GOTV input bug demos. Same goes for Subroza... looks like cheat, but isn't because every single one of his clips can be explained fairly simply. Until you realise this, you'll remain and idiot by simply cheating and cheating alone unlike the professional players who do not which fool you ever so easily. You got that yet? Salty silver who resorts to cheating because of garbage and idiotic reasons?
2017-01-31 14:57
It was only a matter of time until jonty showed up
2017-01-31 15:12
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
The insinuation is fine, but the tone of the post indicates a negative reaction. My apologies, but you should know by now my presence on HLTV and what it's purpose is. To educate the unintelligent and preserve the integrity of the CS:GO pro scene. Basically, the OP decided to cheat because he thought pros were "getting away with it" when in reality he;s an idiot who decided to cheat because he lost a few games. People who cheat instantly lose my respect hence the more aggressive post. I digress, if I offended you I apologise as it was not my initial premise whatsoever. Have a good day.
2017-01-31 15:17
JUGi | 
Germany Triggered 
I. love. reading. your. well. texted. posts. Gonna jerk off now, brb.
2017-01-31 16:50
U cant cheat on VAC servers dood
2017-02-02 14:57
I hope you know that there's a possibility of cheating. 'cuz if KQLY, smF and Emilio cheated why couldn't the pros today cheat. I'm not saying the pros are cheating, but you can't deny that there is a possibility of them doing it.
2017-02-08 17:33
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I never said there wasn't a possibility, I stated it's practically improbable with very valid arguments. Those who think pro players are cheating based off of explainable YouTube videos are beyond idiotic and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. Hence why the exposed witch-hunters hate me for it. I couldn't care less because I disagree to their wisdom of witch-hunting.
2017-02-09 17:14
Ok, I also think witch-hunting pros is stupid.
2017-02-09 18:22
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Then you are a very wise and intellectual person. ;) Have a nice day, friend.
2017-02-09 18:26
Czech Republic J0s3e 
2017-01-31 16:51
The way you think about these things is just wrong. Yes, it is theoretically impossible to say any pro player is cheating. And yes every clip can be explained away. But I, and many others, are absolutely certain that there is cheating happening in the scene. I'm going to use an extreme example here. Let's say I'm a low profile player. For a couple years I lurk around the lower echelon of NA teams, when suddenly I get picked up by TSM or something. Suddenly I get over 100 suspicious clips in the space of a year, compared to my previous zero. Every clip shows a very similar kind of suspicious behavior (locking on people through walls in crucial rounds, getting suspicious wallbangs and maybe a couple of seemingly blatant lock ons), but every clip can theoretically be explained. You can say "we are only seeing these now because he's in the spotlight more and people are looking harder" among other things, but doing that would miss the point. It's suspicious when there are this volume of clips from a single player in such a short span of time. Obviously no one has this amount of clips, but the point is the same. You would dismiss every clip just because its possible to explain them, without addressing what their existence means. There are many other high profile players who have been playing for years with almost no suspicious clips, while suddenly all these new "up and coming" players are jumping out of the woodwork doing shady shit left, right and center. It just doesn't make sense. Dismissing the possibility that people cheat in the pro scene displays the same amount of ignorance as someone who says every pro is cheating. This is why we need these things to be looked instead of being dismissed completely, because if it's not looked into there's no way to know for sure. You can keep talking down on people that claim that people in the scene cheat, just understand that you're being a massive hypocrite every time you do it.
2017-01-31 16:27
youre not supposed to type a longer post than jonty, then he thinks he wins
2017-01-31 16:33
I got bored waiting for a muslim thread, what can I say.
2017-01-31 16:34
muslim threads are such a circle jerk, only racists in there telling each other how right they are
2017-01-31 16:35
All I gotta do is throw in a "USA has nothing to do with terrorism" and I get free quality entertainment for days so it's worth.
2017-01-31 16:38
too ez
2017-01-31 16:41
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
The way I look at these things is correct and rational. Nothing else. It's obviously possible for any pro player to be cheating, but I've yet to see proof to make such claims. Hypocrisy is not something I'm known to project as I have the same opinion regardless the subject. Suspicion is not something to accuse a pro player of, they're a professional for a reason ans thus prone to having many suspicious clips. Nevertheless, your logic is moot and therefore correct, so nice post albeit a little misguided. Have a good day.
2017-01-31 22:04
koosta | 
United States kooster 
Jonty, I know you don't think pros are cheating and neither do I but, would you be surprised if some were?
2017-02-02 15:25
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Not at all. I've stated from day one if any pro is cheating, they WILL be banned for it. Valve are not stupid and despite what conspiracies theories think, they won't bat an eyelid banning a pro cheater if they catch one and WILL inevitably catch one. I can only judge on the proof available, and it's of course insufficient in every way as it's explainable. I just know from experience alone that the probability of any top-tier professional cheating is bar to none. It's practically improbable and extremely unlikely given the security measures taken at LAN's/pro leagues, etc... It's all explained better in the blog. Took me about an hour to write it all up. It's choppy, badly scripted, horribly written, but the information retained is still moot. Give it a read if you've got time. EDIT: Also thank you for actually being rational and addressing your opinion politely via a question. Take a lesson brainless witch-hunters... It's only a matter of time before you understand.
2017-02-02 19:24
I don't know. I just think it's very likely pros cheated in the past, but as the stakes got higher and events got bigger, pros just stopped cheating. mOE explained in one of his "Dan M Debunked" vids or whatever. I also think that some pros cheated on tryouts to join teams like in scrims. But they immediately stop cheating after that, so that they're on a team, and also playing legit.
2017-02-02 19:32
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Your logic is somewhat correct and that's a pretty good theory to have kooster :) Dan M is an idiot. His videos are laughably explainable and cringe-worthy, he also exposed himself on a Thorin video quoting: "I only do what I do for entertainment purposes only... and it's working". Basically he's milking money off of the unintelligent knowing his videos are not proof. Which is why it tilts me so much when people actually think is videos provide proof when he himself stated it isn't! If you're willing to lose a few braincells, there are other garbage videos on YouTube that are all basically the same thing.
2017-02-02 19:39
I know, it's kind of obvious Dam M is trolling, due to his "translation" of FalleN's interview and greenscreen. Dan M is not an idiot, he is taking advantage of those who are easily manipulated to get paid. He is the best baiter to ever touch the CS scene, he became so relevant so fast and pissed so many people off. As long as Dan M gets views, he will continue to find any clip he can to spark controversy and mainly to get paid. I think it's important for people like mOE to spread awareness of the videos for the sole purpose of educating his fans. But no matter what happens, it's a win-win for Dan M.
2017-02-02 19:46
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I couldn't agree more. Then you have users like the idiots I expose that actually believe Dan M is spreading the truth. It sickens me... Why take the clearly obvious bait which he admitted to himself via my aforementioned quote? If you believe Dan M clips provide anything other than entertainment, then sorry but you're in need of serious help. Have a good day, kooster. Thank you yet again for spreading awareness about the idiots of HLTV, Dan M and logical arguments.
2017-02-02 20:49
Talking of exposed, pretty sure I exposed you pretty hard so you cried to the admin to have the thread removed after not replying to me for 24 hours and then just before you removed it you replied to it so I couldn't see your cry baby reply.
2017-02-03 16:28
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about... Of course, you won't provide any proof of this idiotic statement, but looking at the poster it's only fair to assume the stupidity of the text present. Any other braindead statements you wish to add to our alluring and wonderful conversation?
2017-02-03 19:33
I think you are the one that needs to grow a brain / is braindead then if you can't remember about a week ago. I would get screen shots but like I said the thread got removed. You basically ran out of loose, "comebacks and insults," and I called you out after making no sense in your last two incoherent replies and after that I never heard from you until you replied just before admin removed the thread. You need to step your bait game up it's getting a bit stale now.
2017-02-08 17:04
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
"I think you are the one that needs to grow a brain / is braindead then if you can't remember about a week ago. I would get screen shots but like I said the thread got removed." "You need to step your bait game up it's getting a bit stale now." Stop exposing your stupidity... Unless you would like me to do it again for you?
2017-02-09 17:15
"The way I look at these things is correct and rational. Nothing else." That expose your vanity. I don't take position in this debate (pro cheating blabla..), but i can't affirm if one is right or wrong, cause i don't now. And most of you talk whitout real knowledge. "Blabla i played cs for 10 years.." you might be good, ok, but it doesn't make you a legitimate person to affirm anything. You can have an opinion, but not more. idk if you got it
2017-02-02 16:14
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I have actually participated in professional leagues before. Trust me when I say I know exactly what I'm talking about when I post in these garbage threads. I've written countless walls of text, I've made a blog, I'll continue to spout my wisdom in every one of these useless topics just to teach the blind that not EVERY pro player is cheating so blatantly. It's a possibility, but the likelihood is extremely improbable and there is no proof to make such claims either. Anything else, Jak0night?
2017-02-02 19:20
I agree, you're surely one of the most well-placed person to talk about that. I read your blogs, that are really nice. But, in my mind, no one will never know the thruth about that, this looks like conspirational debates, you can have suspicion, but no one will never know what really happened. Excepted if one day, any of them are clearly exposed. I hope you'll continue to spread it, i would like to know the truth.. Thanks for the intelligent response.
2017-02-03 09:37
Norway Marvi 
yep, +1
2017-02-02 15:12
flusha never cheated LUL
2017-02-03 09:58
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Did I stutter?
2017-02-03 19:34
KQLY didn't get banned for cheating in a tournament. He got vacced because he was hearing that "the pros" are using a certain cheat, so he tried it out offline against bots and forgot to delete it when he joined a mm, so he got banned. sad story for god KQLY.
2017-01-31 16:53
flusha has played CS since he was 8 years old. NEO, pasha and taz have played CS 14-17 years. There's not that many pros yet that have started with CSGO.
2017-02-02 19:54
20$/month for esea-proofed hack? nice story, bra.
2017-01-31 15:00
koosta | 
United States kooster 
I was 7 LVL FaceIT and Global Elite by playing legit. IM SO PROUD OF U LUL
2017-01-31 15:13
Are you mad, because u still sitting at LEM and 4lvl FACEIT?
2017-01-31 15:13
koosta | 
United States kooster 
People from NA don't even use FACEIT LOL
2017-01-31 15:15
Maybe I am fake flagger?
2017-01-31 15:16
koosta | 
United States kooster 
Yeah I found that out just now. "I started cheat too, but I'm playing legit." ez engloando))
2017-01-31 15:17
new meme?
2017-01-31 15:17
koosta | 
United States kooster 
nah, memes don't come from no namers sry
2017-01-31 15:18
Sweden aer1aL 
rekt him more pls
2017-01-31 16:20
koosta | 
United States kooster 
I was born in 21.1.1988 On a snowy day at Stockholm, my mom always says that i was the most clean boy that he gave birth to, i was around 3.1 Kilograms. my mom says that when i was around 2-3 years old, my brother would always carry me in his shoulder, playing some computer games. I guess that's how i got interested in computer. :P Also so proud of myself that i am carrying Olof ''olofmeister'' Kajbjer's first name :D
2017-01-31 16:22
koosta | 
United States kooster 
Lul userid 507k and still nonamer...
2017-01-31 16:22
Russia RacerJuiced_ 
2017-01-31 15:15
Agree. "If you want to reach the top, you gotta find a way to cheat yourself up"
2017-01-31 15:18
malta | 
Malta vfXy0 
Stop cs and follow the train...
2017-01-31 16:13
Wanna join my team? We need someone to carry us.
2017-01-31 16:15
Turkey Shanon 
nice bait kek
2017-01-31 16:15
and this is the reason why ppl are cheating the other guy cheats so the other guys also cheat its like with kids this kid has this toy and then this kid wants this toy its like drug celebrities take cocaine and now 15yo kids think cocaine is good . same with kanye west he creates the most ugly shoes in the world but since he famous the hype kids will buy it for 300-2000$
2017-01-31 16:18
im lv10 faceit playing legit and with wrist injury xD faced pro teams in leagues and gonna start cheating too probably. but b4 i ll try for a while longer to get to a level where it dont matter if your enemy cheats cuz ur so good
2017-01-31 16:29
trying to prove that you were decent by saying "I was 7 LVL FaceIT and Global Elite by playing legit" just shows that you have no idea how good some players are. They don't quantify their skills, they just play and get better, they don't need ranks to tell themselves "I'm actually pretty good at this game"
2017-01-31 16:30
well you have some cheap cheats man. Good for you
2017-01-31 16:36
Finland Raakasipuli 
i quitted already
2017-01-31 16:39
2017-01-31 16:39
yeah fak this shitty ass game called cs : go we waste our time playing mm/faceit/esea/1v1s 2v2-s etc etc, we should all start cheating and win majors like monkeyzera and monkeyfallen or fucking quit!
2017-01-31 16:41
loool so racist
2017-04-09 20:58
Brazil ztxizhan 
Cheat is the way to go these days huh? all hell break loose then. im done.
2017-01-31 16:41
maybe grow some balls and stop cheating? mad kids like you think they will be pro someday LOL grow up pls
2017-01-31 16:44
s1mple | 
Russia Sample_ 
What if I just want to enjoy some free time and play? You are ruining this experience for people like me, not everybody tries to go pro
2017-01-31 16:46
enjoying free time in csgo. nice meme
2017-02-02 14:51
If you're cheating, you WILL get caught eventually. The fact that you've been able to play for 4 months undetected doesn't mean you'll be able to keep going forever. Besides, there's a huge difference between cheating in pugs, and cheating as a team player. You need to be honest with your teammates, and you won't be able to hide the fact that you're cheating, especially in lan. The more time will go on, the heavier it will be to hide it, and to live with it, and the probability of you slippin' and getting caught will keep increasing. I mean, if you truly want to make it into eSports, then cheating is never the way to go. If you just want to troll randoms in MM, and lie to yourself about your true level, then, yeah, why not being a jerk ? It's not like there is already millions of it playing the game.
2017-01-31 17:04
todays society in a nutshell
2017-01-31 18:04
said 19yo
2017-02-02 14:20
said someone that judges people that has no right to judge anyone. you dont know me.
2017-02-02 16:30
U have all it takes to join c9 now, congratz.
2017-01-31 18:06
20€/month for esea proof hack. kappa
2017-01-31 18:06
Hi CJ do you remember me?
2017-01-31 22:21
Australia Raychippy 
What's up boiz. Is that him boiz? Too blatant boiz. See that aimlock boiz.VAC him boiz.
2017-02-02 14:23
2017-02-02 14:38
ur bad
2017-02-02 14:27
Have u get in touch with c9 yet?
2017-02-02 14:52
Europe de_insertion 
ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ Btw are you enjoying the game? Because it must be easier with cheats
2017-02-02 15:00
hahha nice try 20$/month undetected esea hack xDDDD
2017-02-02 15:14
yes ? problem with it ?
2017-02-03 09:52
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
There is undetected esea cheats about 20$/month.
2017-02-08 17:40
Brazil bandicoot 
you need to be really bad playing video games to cheat hahaha
2017-02-02 15:29
koosta | 
United States kooster 
Lmao, thinks getting global is an achievement in NA matchmaking... Shit forgot he's EU. EU mm is still a joke though, due to no communication.
2017-02-02 15:36
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I love his reasoning for cheating also: "I mean fuck this if Subroza can be considered as pro player, but he is just dirty cheater and no one gives fuck about it I dont fucking see point to play clean. I was 7 LVL FaceIT and Global Elite by playing legit." Brainless idiot. :D Hope he gets banned both for banning AND for being daft...
2017-02-02 20:51
Hungary plummie 
You can play the game in your whole fucking life if you have no (or not enough ) talent/sense to it. If everyone could get pro just by playing.... People just have to admit that they are not meant to be pro CS players, but they are too fucking butthurt to admit that they can't play a game as well as others.
2017-02-02 15:53
U'r shit mate, u'r nothing on this earth because u found an excuse for beeing a cunt, unsuscribe to ur cheat
2017-02-02 19:42
2017-02-02 19:48
2017-02-02 20:51
no, the only person that started cheating is your girlfriend /close
2017-02-03 09:39
someday i will need someone to explain why they pay that much every month for what ? i could understand if pro use it but paying 1k$ / year for cheat for nothing amaze me
2017-02-03 19:58
Expected NA CS
2017-02-03 19:59
i feel u brothar
2017-02-03 20:00
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA for me it's very simple: if you feel the need to cheat, its because you don't have mental capacity to play the game anyway... so quit CS, stop being an idiot and go find a hobby that matches your maturity.
2017-02-08 17:22
Croatia mds818 
Yes because usually..people like Olof,Device,Pasha,Simple,Snax,Krimz etc. cheat,and guess what?they cheat onLAN Dude please,I know that NA is in nutshell but this is too much,subroza is shitty as fuck
2017-02-08 17:28
Why cheat if all you had to do was follow the damn train CJ
2017-02-08 17:30
NAF | 
Croatia Sofoklo 
2017-02-08 17:30
Whenever I go up against someone who is blatantly cheating, I simply report them. I do not tell them this in the chat like most of the kiddies do, I save the said persons steam profile for about 7 days. 4 out of 5 cases they have a VAC ban shortly after the match played out. Also, paying for cheats? What is there to gain in this? Basking in the angry comments from people being up against this said cheater? Pretty sure that sais something about the person cheating, and it's nothing good.
2017-02-09 17:27
Expected from a Fatburger, why do you even play the game, if you use .exe for aiming ? what is the game about if you are not a pro and you get paid for it ? NA brain, get a life
2017-02-09 17:46
chucky | 
Brunei aspexo 
Don't say you understand shit about hiding cheats when you are level 7 faceit without cheats nerd. You know shit about this game l8r
2017-02-09 18:28
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