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screamy got fucked over...Again
Germany Yeezus[Ger] 
How the fuck did Mr.onetap, one of the key players in former g2 and one of the best aimers in the fuckin world get cut from either t1 french teams? I can think of atleast 4 players in g2/envy who are worse than him wtf grand nation? im not a huge scream fanboy but thus is just retarded!
2017-02-04 21:49
2017-02-04 21:50
Brazil vegangaro 
Hes belgian....nazi retard...French teams can play in some tournaments exclusive of French players! #goVEGAN
2017-02-04 21:57
Zeus | 
Ukraine LoqoJoqo 
only ONE tournament
2017-02-04 21:59
biggest prizepool in cs history
2017-02-04 22:08
Brazil vegangaro 
thats enough! haha
2017-02-04 22:13
Its because NBK dint want him to join. Do your research
2017-02-04 22:28
Brazil vegangaro 
interesting! ...Fox didnt like Scream too! haha #goVEGNA
2017-02-05 01:08
source of that ?
2017-02-05 01:10
He's just creating stories
2017-02-05 01:14
Brazil vegangaro 
Nope, that said a lot on reddit! haha If its true, ofc!
2017-02-05 07:21
Must be true if it was on Reddit. Nice logic, dude
2017-02-05 15:20
Brazil vegangaro 
"If its true, ofc! "
2017-02-05 15:51
you are mentally ill if its true, ofc!
2017-02-10 12:19
"tournaments exclusive of French players" retardation or what?
2017-02-10 18:49
Brazil vegangaro 
Theres one ...
2017-02-11 20:39
what tournament then?
2017-02-11 22:16
Brazil vegangaro 
Dont remember...
2017-02-12 16:37
United States Trive 
because he doesnt fit on g2 envy idk
2017-02-04 21:50
ScreaM | 
Belgium V0LT220 
he got cut so many times dude, I guess he is even getting used to it, trusting noboddy
2017-02-04 21:50
shox | 
Norway fen0m 
Apex nbk> scream >boddy
2017-02-04 21:52
Fuck you you are wrong
2017-02-04 22:01
United States Jamila 
ScreaM has been better than both apEX and NBK for almost a year and a half now
2017-02-04 22:28
i think bodyy and apex are ok, let just this team play together for some time and they'll be better for sure, but i don't understand picking nbk over scream, this guy is bad as fuck, scream for sure would be much better than retraded nbk with ego of top1 player in world
2017-02-05 09:24
Cry is free for all 12y scream fangays
2017-02-04 21:52
Ez for Astralis and Device, totally deserved top 3 place for 2016
2017-02-05 01:15
Cry is free for all 12y Scream haters DEVICE TOP 1
2017-02-05 15:59
rain | 
Netherlands Nivex 
Colliding roles, attitude and/or huge lack of performance at majors. Could be anything.
2017-02-04 21:53
NO NO NO my friend he got an offer to create french team, but he declined it, and now in few days he is comming to Faze for aizy, and aizy go to north for rubinho
2017-02-04 21:53
is there report on this?
2017-02-04 21:55
1. 2. he is 90% right in his info, so its pretty expected to happen
2017-02-04 21:58
who is nel doe ? but somehow makes sense
2017-02-04 22:01
idk somekind of a cs journalist or i'd say 'guy with the info' =D check his earlier posts
2017-02-04 22:04
French cs journalist, he knows most French players personally
2017-02-05 08:35
He doesn't know them personally, just over steam. He's way too ashamed to even show himself on Internet.
2017-02-10 12:20
screamy is so overrated one game he shows up 30-40 frags and the next 5 games hes bot and has 5 frags
2017-02-04 21:53
isn't that apEX though ? lol
2017-02-04 21:54
Go check his stats before lying. He was very consistent in 2016
2017-02-04 21:58
NBK is tired of playing that support role, so they decided to pick bodyy for it.
2017-02-04 21:55
they wanted to make a french super team but scream is belgian :(
2017-02-04 21:58
2017-02-04 22:26
Finland jack7bauer 
i think there is something we dont know/see. Must be something why the players prefer take bodyy/nbk/apex, who are individually worst than scream. Ex6 also said in interview scream lacks something in some parts of game. Teamwork? Communication? Gamesense?
2017-02-05 01:15
They cant trust someone who doesnt eat pork i think
2017-02-05 15:54
hes just carried them in there bo3 vs big too RIP sixer is a bot and scream>rpk all day
2017-02-05 01:16
Funny how ScreaM was gay for shox and kennyS and then how these two wouldn't pick him xD Instead they picked mr.Dan -21 apEX and mr.Whatever -16 bodyy to create a superjoketeam.
2017-02-05 01:23
Japan eoeoeoewowow 
Trust me, he still is gay for them XD I'm calling it right now that if G2 doesn't do good and they ask ScreaM to come back he will just say see ya later bitches to FaZe and come back.
2017-02-05 08:58
I'm glad FaZe picked NiKo, NiKo is so much of an improvement comparing to aizy, although aizy was a solid rifler and even a good sniper, but to me NiKo is just better overall. Yeah I'm sure ScreaM would stick his self-respect in his ass and come back to G2, but it won't happen since at least 1 guy in G2 thinks ScreaM is efficient in only 40% of duels, it's funny how he still gets 20-30+ frags though :-)
2017-02-10 09:51
Japan eoeoeoewowow 
They didn't pick ScreaM because they had a choice but if they do had even with this team they'll have no choice left.
2017-02-10 12:17
but if they do had even with this team they'll have no choice left Rephrase it please.
2017-02-10 12:19
Japan eoeoeoewowow 
wtf did I fucking say lmao What I meant: If they have trouble even with this team they'll have no choice but to get ScreaM back.
2017-02-10 14:38
ah ok, ScreaM in G2 would be so sick but will never happen, at least till NBK is there
2017-02-10 18:15
let's face it - he's overrated
2017-02-05 01:25
well hopefully he should be going to Faze, North should be going full Danish, and a Norwegian puggy team with Jkaem and Rubino is incoming...
2017-02-05 07:38
u all do realize he might of gotten more then 1 offer?? perhaps the other offers were better?
2017-02-05 07:44
One or two players must have a problem with him.
2017-02-05 08:53
The thing that you all don't seem to think about is that with all the "1 Tap" stupidness he overstimates himself, denying "low" and letting me remark that "low" isn't "low" paying contracts from teams. That's why the only likes of FaZe can tempt him.
2017-02-05 08:58
Best Aim no brain
2017-02-05 09:25
scream is a braindead tard, he cant be on a top team
2017-02-05 09:28
Hello timetraveller from 2014!
2017-02-05 16:01
Actually he was the IGL of Kinguin at one point.
2017-02-10 09:57
Estonia elariBAY 
He needs to join LDLC and replace mistou. Easy tier1-2
2017-02-05 09:29
>scream >one of the key players in former g2 and one of the best aimers in the fuckin world pick one
2017-02-05 16:00
because the pros that are on the team choose who da fuck they want to be on the team =D and for plebs like you: The cry is free. =*
2017-02-05 16:01
well happy got fucked over too... again
2017-02-05 16:02
Cuz Muslim ban.
2017-02-10 09:57
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