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Kio GF Britain's next top model
Europe c3aseer 
2017-02-09 05:49
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damn british women must be ugly af son
2017-02-09 05:51
Brazil furia_fan 
british women are known for being ugly she not ugly tho i m 0
2017-02-09 05:52
Yea tv definitely doesnt just pick the most naive ignorant people that are semi attractive to be a on the show. I dont watch next top model but im sure its similar to dating shows and how they win etc
2017-02-09 05:53
i was making jokes m8 no need to get off your nut
2017-02-09 06:05
Luxembourg alex24 
2000 years of inbreeding can do that to the brits... i mean for fwck`s sakes, they are on an island, who to bang ? the same relatives
2017-02-09 07:09
2017-02-09 07:17
Norway Sparta_amatory 
10 kg make up, no ass, no boobs, no form, looks plastic
2017-02-09 05:53
Turkey dogboi2001 
kk virgin
2017-02-09 06:08
I have a daughter, so I know whats a beauty is and what is not
2017-02-09 06:08
Turkey dogboi2001 
classic norweigan... incest
2017-02-09 06:09
look at flag expected IQ
2017-02-09 06:11
wtf does that have to do with anything? and wtf does "no form" even mean? body form? what?
2017-02-09 06:27
Argentina tinchOO 
She is a hella attractive woman but i gotta agree with him, she has cero curves or anything at all in terms of body. Just a pretty face
2017-02-09 07:03
u just dont like skinnies
2017-02-09 07:08
Mexico hu5h 
the fuck ahaha
2017-02-09 06:28
incest ugh reported your ip to the norway police
2017-02-09 07:07
looks like 14 +golddigger
2017-02-09 05:56
Sweden Nibba 
Honestly not suprised. Look at Stews gf example. No way she would date some skinny asian guy without the money.
2017-02-09 07:09
lol what does she look like
2017-02-09 07:20
all the virgins talking shit about her LOL just mad because you can't have her...she wouldn't even look at you with her ass
2017-02-09 06:05
how can you look with your ass? weird
2017-02-09 06:06
Sweden dr9ken 
2017-02-09 06:29
Europe de_insertion 
#teamchloe run the problem we are all supportin you
2017-02-09 06:27
Mexico hu5h 
kio the fish pulled that off? All that old nV cheddar
2017-02-09 06:29
I envy kio, see what i did there
2017-02-09 06:35
2017-02-09 06:49
It shouldn't be a problem :)))
2017-02-09 07:19
Is that really his GF? Also I don't find her attractive at all.
2017-02-09 07:21
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