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shox held scream back
Palestine muzaftw 
Shox is the one who was holding scream back by his bad leadership...look when scream freestyles his plays goes back to where it belongs....G2 so many arrogant stars,they won't be as successful as expected because of the lack of respect...unlike nV now...scream is like the big guy there and he do what he wants lol
2017-02-10 00:36
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shox IGL = cancer in Game-form.
2017-02-10 00:37
2017-02-10 00:37
shox cancer in frensh scene.
2017-02-10 00:38
no, thats NBK
2017-02-10 00:42
2017-02-10 00:43
at least shox is a good player tho, and has a better personality
2017-02-10 00:44
better personality my ass stop trolling lol
2017-02-10 00:45
NBKry just whines all the time, shox can at least be motivational & have a laugh mid-game to boost morale, which NBK cannot
2017-02-10 00:46
i meant they are both with shit personalities lol
2017-02-10 00:47
yeah, but at least shox is a decent teammate & a good sport. Can't ask more from a personality in-game really... Combine that with the fact he's actually good at the game means that I can hardly class him as the "cancer of french CS", at least in my opinion.
2017-02-10 00:48
as much as I agree, Happy's not too good of a leader himself haha, but here's to hoping that improves as well
2017-02-10 00:48
Other Mortal_Wombat 
the worst thing is apex is a rager, kennys is mental wreck and nbk is not the same nbk from the past. with shox loose calling, we could often get both amazing games as much as games they get destroyed
2017-02-10 00:39
+1 "they won't be as successful as expected because of the lack of respect" Especially this point.
2017-02-10 00:50
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