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Why neo don't PLAY like 1.6 ?
Poland H1GHL!FE1990 
Its sad to See....
2017-02-13 09:43
Xizt | 
Sweden Hovenroven 
I don't think so...
2017-02-13 09:45
Because this game not cs 1.6
2017-02-13 09:46
neo is still decent, see markeloff.
2017-02-13 09:47
African Union KFCManager 
because movement is shit in GO
2017-02-13 09:47
+1 Neo's movement on Train was out of this world.
2017-02-13 11:49
on every map
2017-02-13 13:14
I doesn't so.
2017-02-13 09:49
Europe Instabait 
I arent doesnt this.
2017-02-13 10:11
I is aren't doesn't that
2017-02-13 11:35
Palestine hevCS 
I are aren't doesn't these
2017-02-13 14:04
I don't are it.
2017-02-13 14:06
I think the combination with sensivity, Engine and hitbox guys the game is Broke
2017-02-13 09:50
It's not the same game.. Movement are way different! But everything has been improved, so can't say it's shit
2017-02-13 09:52
bc this game is random as shit...
2017-02-13 10:05
unforttunately true. this is why fallen & co became relevant
2017-02-13 10:07
2017-02-13 11:21
Brazil mibrzera 
fallen cs 1.6 > french scene
2017-02-13 13:15
mSx and sixer were better than fallen in 1.6 though, but #42
2017-02-13 13:16
Brazil mibrzera 
ok, br scene cs 1.6 > french scene
2017-02-13 13:16
fallen's individual skill was really good in 1.6
2017-02-13 13:15
1.6 first bullet accuracy is more random.
2017-02-13 11:33
2017-02-13 13:11
Ich muss the Old Gold good times:/
2017-02-13 10:05
I aren't think that
2017-02-13 10:06
cause he got better things to do than to play this game
2017-02-13 10:06
Thats right, i think so too look they have in a Month 15-20.000 k. So for what 12-14 h like 1.6 but look simple He Play sometime 16 h in one day in 2 Week's 140 h. That is annormal
2017-02-13 10:13
Well after such a long time you probably lose a bit of motivation and fun in the game. Neo played CS for like 10 years or even more now. Simple is very young and would also play cs 24/7 if he wasnt a pro cause its his hobby.
2017-02-13 12:20
csgo is the best rng game ever made so who cares
2017-02-13 10:10
Because it is cs:go not 1.6
2017-02-13 10:10
My eys would be dying:D :P
2017-02-13 10:14
different game
2017-02-13 11:26
Thailand Suwadika 
aging effect
2017-02-13 11:41
Maybe because it's not 1.6? Just a crazy thought. Same reason you don't play like neo, because you are not neo.
2017-02-13 11:42
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Because GO is shit compared to 1.6
2017-02-13 11:49
2017-02-13 14:25
World Vidua 
Because being a star isn't his role anymore and he set Snax to be one in VP, which was good thing to do. You can still see his brilliance in clutch situations (when he doesn't have to bother about enabling his team mates) or when VP changes roles in team from time to time. Currently Neo is IGL and lurker and other than fallen, glave recently and maybe karrigan there is no IGL as good as him while his lurking is also solid work.
2017-02-13 11:56
Because this game is trash and skill-less in comparison.
2017-02-13 12:01
CSGO is a different game with easier mechanics and crappy movement. Look at old POVs of Neo, markeloff, get_ight, you will get the idea.
2017-02-13 12:05 He close game with this ace clutch so :d Probably #26 is right.
2017-02-13 12:12
Because this game fits unskilled pigs, so luck > skill
2017-02-13 12:13
Different physics and movement, I think its not so comfortable for some old pros
2017-02-13 12:15
Yeah true true This game Basic with a Lot of more luck :/ If we see this Hit regs, this fu****** hitboxe's
2017-02-13 12:28
Denmark danishwarrior 
so sad that he lost his legend status =/
2017-02-13 13:13
Norway sAvageOG 
i aren't think that maybe hes not the best in csgo but neo is still a Legend of CS no matter what deal with that banana
2017-02-13 13:19
2017-02-13 13:41
United States Tupacet 
Neo was good at a time when cs was unskilled He is the ceh9 of Poland should retire imo he holds VP back
2017-02-13 13:16
n1 b8
2017-02-13 13:42
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Man I wish I could play csgo like I played 1.6, that said I can kinda understand neo, It has changed a lot
2017-02-13 13:20
Because the players are better now and cs:go is more hard to play than 1.6
2017-02-13 13:24
neo is still fine in GO. you cant really compare cs1.6 with GO. has different dynamics
2017-02-13 13:26
Other VladimirLucas 
his role in team changed
2017-02-13 13:53
Finland ginbay 
1.6 easy af
2017-02-13 14:03
cuz the movement sux in GO. Neo had one of the best movements in 1.6, in GO he's very restricted. go is static af compared 2 1.6
2017-02-13 14:07
due to the role (support and IGL)
2017-02-13 14:21
doesnt lol nice ENGLISH XDDDD
2017-02-13 14:24
NEO was a beast in 1.6. Such an incredible combination of aim, movement and intelligence. Kept in proportion, coldzera is, nowaday, the player who most closely approximates to the NEO's style in 1.6. Markeloff revolutionized awp 1.6. He introduced a very aggresive way and became dominant af. I really miss those days...
2017-02-13 14:40
sorry to burst your bubble but cold is nowhere near in csgo compared to 1.6 neo. Sure, cold is a really good player, if not the best right now. But the way Neo dominated CS cannot be compared to anything anyone has achieved in GO. I mean the guy pretty much won like what, 7 or 8 tournaments pretty much by himself? That's the difference between him and F0rest, Neo didn't have a team of stars around him.
2017-02-13 15:11
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