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best igl in csgo
France put_sagat_in_csgo 
Some may say fallen but he never managed to rise up when put on a test. his achievements are two major finals against choking liquid and injured navi. the best one must be glaive. He took a team that was on the brink of suicide and managed to wake them up from what looked like a choke of no return.
2017-02-14 12:38
HUNDEN Here is proof:
2017-02-14 12:39
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
2018-05-12 07:23
best igl OBVIOUSLY is hunden but in my opinion ange1 -zeus +ange1 bruh its like cis fallen but rifler who can frag like a star would be too ez 4 navi
2018-05-12 07:29
2017-02-14 12:40
-Happy -Pronax -FalleN -Zeus PICK ONE
2017-02-14 12:41
ok i pick Happy and call bait
2017-02-14 12:41
Australia legesex 
+ coldzera
2018-05-12 05:20
Denmark U w0t m8? 
Pronax overrated, same as for Happy
2017-02-14 13:06
France Bouf 
No Ex6TenZ in the list, triggered
2017-02-14 13:18
They still won majors somehow someway so they are not/where not useless
2018-01-14 02:02
United States TriHardSeven 
3 Majors and he's overrated??
2018-05-12 06:09
Denmark U w0t m8? 
First of all this comment is 15 months old, and just because someone used to be good doesn't mean he still is or will always be fucking retard
2018-05-13 16:38
Hong Kong DIshsoap_OW 
I pick karrigan
2018-05-12 05:19
Russia rainsjer 
2017-02-14 12:41
also known as 'The Problem'
2017-02-14 12:49
Russia m8ms 
and 'Cyberschool Founder' eeks dee
2017-02-14 13:23
Italy marxie 
Todays performance checks out
2018-01-14 02:00
xizt no kapparino
2017-02-14 12:41
pronax always
2017-02-14 12:42
2017-02-14 12:43
it has to be FalleN
2017-02-14 12:46
2017-02-14 12:48
I like Zeus
2017-02-14 12:49
Russia niftyPP 
zeus can play like 1-20 but still in navi cos igl, really?
2018-05-12 06:01
happy obv.
2017-02-14 12:50
Netherlands Deji 
2018-01-14 02:42
FalleN, gla1ve or shoxie. gla1ve still has the posibility to frag insanely high as an IGL just like FalleN and shoxie.
2017-02-14 12:50
shox shouldnt be even considered as an igl lol... and he is nowhere near top5 igls just because he can frag
2017-02-14 12:59
Perhaps. I just look at the results overall. Their team did decently well even with Shoxie as an IGL and fragging, that means it works out. But he frags even higher if he's not IGL. He's duo tasking + fragging, most of the IGL's can IGL but cant frag that much.
2017-02-14 13:03
Their team did decently well even with Shoxie as an IGL and fragging like what? they played 10 maps...won 2 vs flipside,lost 2 vs fnatic,2:2 with freaking leftovers and lost 2:0 against heroic in decining match in qual.what are you talking about:D? their result are horrible if we consider their firepower. and if you are considering results last year? they had short run because noone was focusing on them since there was no reason for it but as quickly as their apperead in top3 they also dissapeared.
2017-02-14 13:10
Hm the results arent that good, but what im pointing out is that Shoxie isn't an IGL but even if hes doing that role, he can still frag. Maybe the teams results didnt work out but we're talking about individual performance. Again, he's double tasking; doing a decent job at igling and fragging high. Other IGLs; igl good, frag low. But if we're solely talking about IGL and not his fragging power and usefullness (idk the word) in the game then he's indeed not even close to top5.
2017-02-14 13:17
i would rather have great igl with average individual skill than someone who is able to frag but cant make antistrats+calls like rush b,hey kennys make a flick. and no,he isnt doing good job as an igl at all.he isnt even average in leading=he isnt top5 igl overall and no,there were and still are igls who can frag on atleast decent level like fallen(the second best player in the world last year),gla1ve,stewie(and i would say that he is also better leader his he has meh team),snax(isnt maybe leading atm,i rly dont know),flusha,niko(same as shoxie in leading tho)
2017-02-14 13:21
You're right, these IGL's like Fallen (which i mentioned) and gla1ve and snax also have high fragging power, but shox's fragging power is higher and his IGL'ing is lower. Like i said, he's not a top 5 IGL but with even if he's IGL'ing, his fragging power is top 5 at least. I Already said that hes not a top 5 on solely and IGL but if his fragging is high it still compensates on individual skill, not teamplay though, you need the brains. I agree with everything you said, he's not a top 5 IGL but even when he's IGLing he still frags like a top3 player.
2017-02-14 13:30
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
The shox should had been just frag and dont igl then
2018-01-14 02:11
Poland polskikrul 
2017-02-14 12:51
2017-02-14 12:52
Ex6, glaive, pronax
2017-02-14 12:54
2017-02-14 12:56
NEO | 
Poland BartoloNEO 
Glaive now, karrigan in 2015 with TSM blahblah. It's the same shit over and over again. Astralis would disband in second half of this year I guess anyway. It's funny how literally noone mentions NEO in topics like this. VP is on top level since 2014 and nobody bats an eye.
2017-02-14 12:56
they're talking about best IGL in csgo, not the top 2-3-4 over the years. The one that performs best is what he's looking for.
2017-02-14 13:06
NEO | 
Poland BartoloNEO 
Being top 2-3-4 igl over the years doesn't make him best igl now?
2017-02-14 13:08
you have to realize that they are changing igl all the time.neo isnt their igl since the beginning till now
2017-02-14 13:11
''VP is on top level since 2014 and nobody bats an eye.'' Hes talking about since 2014, they have switched igl roles between then and now. Yes NEO is doing well and im not saying hes a bad IGL, i know hes a good IGL and possibly the best one but i havent seen enough consistency because he hasnt played this role enough compared to other players who are ALWAYS igl. And @BartoloNEO; No it doesn't, the best IGL now means the one that is performing the best now, that is giving the best results now, not that has been good over the years.. again
2017-02-14 13:20
Brazil SUVACO 
neo, the one true cs king, with f0rest.
2017-02-14 13:08
Denmark U w0t m8? 
Nt VP fanboy, if top level is only getting one major final since 2014 and Pasha going from 3rd place in HLTV top20 rankings to not even showing up on the list next year, then ok m8
2017-02-14 13:11
Faroe Islands _shubaN 
I don't know who is the best IGL, but I'am pretty sure seangares and pronax can fight for the worst IGL tittle.
2017-02-14 13:04
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
Seangares still better at IGL than any NA igl except some igl like fallen, but in terms of fragging, meh
2018-01-14 02:13
in terms on gamesense, Pronax in terms of raw aim+skill, Stewie2k or gla1ve
2017-02-14 13:08
2017-02-14 13:14
2017-02-14 13:16
pronax, glaive
2017-02-14 13:19
gla1ve +1 and for me karrigan
2017-02-14 13:23
FYRR73 | 
Latvia Syecr 
Xizt. /close /endwithyourlife
2017-02-14 13:19
nelv1 | 
Czech Republic MSQT 
2017-02-14 13:22
2015 pronax 2016 Fallen/NEO 2017 Gla1ve
2017-02-14 13:23
2017-02-14 13:24
United States No5712 
But glaive got a team that was top 3 in the world in 2015... Fallen's done a lot more to develop the entire Brazilian scene. The only reason glaive is doing well with astralis is because the players didn't trust karrigan's leadership.
2017-02-14 13:27
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
It said igl, in game leader, not a real life influencer, so if you compare the godfather a.k.a fallen with gla1ve, than it's like comparing the founder with CEO, it's different level
2018-01-14 02:16
thats the thing most people didnt understand - fallen is not the best awper cuz he is igleading and he isnt the best igleader cuz he raised a team from a ton of shit too one of the best teams the people dont get the point all the time
2018-01-14 02:30
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
Of that burden is lifted, i wonder how big fallen impact in CS scene beside their current achievements
2018-01-14 07:11
United States No5712 
well, it was fallen in-game who made luminosity the best team in the world.
2018-01-14 19:31
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
In terms of strat, gla1ve and fallen are in the same level. BUT, in terms of frag fallen is way, way better than glaive that make the differents between these two igl
2018-01-15 02:13
"his achievements are two major finals against choking liquid and injured navi." /stoppedreading /bb /closethread
2017-02-14 13:31
1. karrigan 2. FalleN 3. glaive 4. pronax (back in 2015) 5. gob b 6. Zeus ...
2017-07-20 21:06
2017-09-06 03:41
Obvious 0/8 Karrigan > Fallen * LOL *
2018-01-14 01:51
2018-01-14 14:03
Europe MrBrotherMan 
2018-05-12 07:15
2017-07-20 21:07
How do you rate igls when u dont have comms of their games..
2017-07-20 21:09
Sweden godname 
2018-01-14 01:52
Turkey ogmass 
god b
2018-01-14 01:53
gob b | 
Germany Shore 
2018-05-12 05:58
Hungary StraYzie 
HUNDEN (He raised gla1ve and MSL) pronax gob b gla1ve FalleN Ex6TenZ
2018-01-14 01:57
Turkey Shadowdances 
Karrigan and Zeus ofc..
2018-01-14 02:02
REALLY? FalleN is the best by far. 2 major and so many championships. born leader!
2018-01-14 02:03
Brazil maximoff66 
Yeah,getting 4 guys from a dead scene and turning then into major champions and being able to keep a team in top4 for 2 straight years(most of It on #1),not a good enought test
2018-01-14 02:11
Fallen. Raised the team from trash tier to gods with his skills (and kudos to flusha for financial help) Also, old ex6
2018-01-14 02:15
Finland MMAd 
Fallen easily. Everybody in SK respects his decisions. He is clearly the smartest player in the team. I've also liked Tarik with c9, he's getting better. Xizt, gla1ve, karrigan, chrisJ. Golden also brought some structure to fnatic.
2018-01-14 02:26
no one is better than fallen, no igl in the scene has the ability to fragging that has, not even approach, statistics show, in every aspect is better than anyone if you speak individually, if you put it as a team maybe you could mention a glaive or happy, but no doubt fallen is the best today and always, I doubt that another approach. You have the case of shox, being a crazy fragger happened to be one of the most when it comes to directing the team and fragear At the same time, without a doubt, fallen is the best.
2018-01-14 02:45
We are talking IGL. Not fragging.
2018-01-27 23:16
Netherlands Deji 
Falllen and zeus
2018-01-14 02:43
Other zueckomarin 
gob b xD
2018-01-14 19:43
In my opinion Taz and neo are very good IGL but underrated
2018-01-14 19:45
as purely igl'ing its gla1ve definetly for the reasons you just put there very well. but as igl + skill its fallen.
2018-01-14 19:48
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
Prbably Pronax 3 times major champion
2018-01-15 02:14
Turkey Burak_TR 
pronax ofc
2018-04-26 15:21
JD | 
Poland bigdidU 
repo <3
2018-04-26 15:22
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
Fallen 100%
2018-05-12 05:30
f0rest | 
Brazil d4vid20 
FalleN and shoxie
2018-05-12 05:33
Macau Bent0 
coldzera top 1 igl 2019-2020 I like pronax the most, but fallen is the best, he can frag like mad + igl at the same time honorable mention: I hate karrigan but by watching faze demo, he's setting his team up with nades and shit kinda cool
2018-05-12 05:39
Finland Smoonah 
glaive actually was a good addition to the team that’s true. can probably out frag karrigan with ezz 1v1 glaive karrigan
2018-05-12 05:54
Brazil TEUS1 
obv MSL
2018-05-12 06:00
Pronax and ex6tenz
2018-05-12 06:20
Karrigan ofc!!!
2018-05-12 07:03
Canada Surzz 
it depends. personally i think gla1ve is the best igl out there.
2018-05-12 07:11
tarik stewie
2018-05-12 07:14
fallen is the best igl don't compare a guy that start on great team with a guy that start a team from scratch no namers and become top for 2-3 years and don't talk about cs till the year is finished
2018-05-12 07:17
2013 pronax 2014happy 2015pronax 2016fallen 2017idk 2018gla1ve , Karrigan
2018-05-13 16:41
slaxz- | 
Germany ILOHIM 
idk is shit
2018-05-13 16:44
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