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WTF!? Fnatic vs VP
Netherlands Unghost 
The DH organizators are retards how can u make that this teams play for 1 spot, and teams like Gambit are going to play offs. Stupid system, and dumb organizators Gambit clearly didnt deserve this spot they are not even t1 team
2017-02-17 12:28
Russia skipster 
It's VP's fault that they losed to gambit
2017-02-17 12:29
Poland KingwinBest 
it is Fnatic's fault that they losed to Gambit
2017-02-17 14:53
Albania Leutriim12 
2017-02-17 19:26
2017-02-17 19:27
actually they do deserve it, since they took a dump in VP's mouth and did the same to fnatic :-)
2017-02-17 12:29
2017-02-17 12:39
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
And? :P VP got outplayed by Gambit, so did Fnatic.
2017-02-17 12:40
Yes but same thing happened at Major and fnatic crushed Gambit in the BO3
2017-02-17 12:41
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
First of all, not even same lineups, lol. Also, Gambit deserved the 2 "W`s" yesterday.
2017-02-17 12:43
I'm not sating they didn't deserve the wins, I'm saying that I don't think winning two BO1's is a good way to advance to playoffs since it rewards teams with upset potential that might otherwise have shallow map pools, which leads to fucking abysmal quarter finals
2017-02-17 12:45
I feel like you're one of those guys who live in an ideal world. No organizer is going to construct bo3s for group stages unless it's the decider match. Have all bo3s would cost an insane amount of money, time, and potential risks. The Swiss system of three bo3s to advance to the playoffs is great but it still has its flaws. There's never going to be "the system" everyone agrees upon.
2017-02-17 14:56
So? I'm still entitled to an opinion about it
2017-02-17 16:27
Great! You have an opinion. However, it's an illogical opinion.
2017-02-17 16:49
The idea that a BO3 should be required to advance instead of two BO1's defies logic just because tournament organizers doesn't wanna pay the money? Please. Don't make yourself seem more stupid than you are.
2017-02-17 18:39
It's a matter of professionalism by the teams. By this system the best (current in group stage) team will secure the #1 spot, and the 2nd. will go through bo3 and eventually win that. (show other teams more strats/positions on maps than necessarily. Another thing you should think about is why would teams want to play each other bo3 in group stage when the bo3 and eventually bo5 in the grand final will happen later in the tournament.
2017-02-17 18:51
Players prefer to play bo3s even for groups or multiple BO1s. There's been multiple tweets by pro players that want extended group stages but lets be honest, Tournament hosts don't want to spend more money.
2017-02-17 19:12
I don't really like this system... I believe if you are going to make them play bo1's at least be a round robin system so every team plays each other in the group and top 2 teams advance. If there is any tie's then they can play a bo1 instead of going by rounds. Teams play 1 game a day which is terrible for the teams and the viewers...
2017-02-17 19:36
0/8... its vp... Go gambit.
2017-02-17 12:29
Poland sajlent 
Gambit won fair and square they deserved the first place so stfu
2017-02-17 12:30
+1 Gambit won against both fnatic and VP still he says "didnt deserve" topkek
2017-02-17 12:50
fnatic is terrible anyways
2017-02-17 12:31
Denmark Gugus_Patacus 
> Gambit won both against fnatic and VP > gambit don't deserve the spot ok mate, whatever.
2017-02-17 12:31
Denmark LnDcsgo 
Gambit rekt fnatic & VP :)
2017-02-17 12:31
Germany AdiZen 
? you dumb? it isnt organizators fault but the fault of fnc and vp for losing against gambit
2017-02-17 12:31
Poland Spanksss 
gambit are actually doing great after zeus joined em and he is calling
2017-02-17 12:34
BO1's are terrible. Gambit will go out in quarters again just like in the Major
2017-02-17 12:40
France t3r4byt3 
unless they get NiP or C9
2017-02-17 16:30
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
troll or 10 iq cant tell
2017-02-17 12:43
most likely iq 10
2017-02-17 12:56
Poland ekedeke 
Gambit is the best CIS team atm so what do you want dude?
2017-02-17 12:45
And Team Endpoint is the best UK team. Who cares?
2017-02-17 16:30
WTF, Gambit and other teams are in their places on DH because of the good results against enemies. Cry is free.
2017-02-17 14:52
i preferthe swiss system from the major that was amazing...
2017-02-17 16:30
They didn't think gambit would go through prolly. Also I don't think either team is as good as Astralis
2017-02-17 16:31
the seeding is whats wrong. they put 3 major legends in 1 group...
2017-02-17 19:15
BO1s are so retarded and this once again proves it
2017-02-17 19:17
Retard alert. Delete your hltv acc
2017-02-17 19:19
2017-02-17 19:21
win maps or gtfo
2017-02-17 19:22
Belgium thabelgianboy 
VP must win against fnatic
2017-02-17 19:22
fnatic must win against
2017-02-17 19:24
man new-old fantic is shit and overrated ezvp
2017-02-17 19:29
Team like gambit? They both got rekted by Gambit
2017-02-17 19:35
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