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Snax Stats!
Poland H1GHL!FE1990 
2017-02-18 02:19
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2017-02-18 02:19
I need to admit that's pretty insane, if he countinues like that he will be easly top 1 this year
2017-02-18 02:21
Turkey dogboi2001 
For top1 he must win something
2017-02-18 02:23
not really
2017-02-18 02:24
2017-02-18 02:24
Nope, if he countinues with this ratings agains tier 1 teams no one can disagree Just look at this 1.20 rating in the first 3 lans of the year
2017-02-18 02:26
Turkey dogboi2001 
Its sick i agree, but at the end of the day it's about winning - not stats. You will never see top1 player who didn't win tournaments
2017-02-18 02:27
Individual awards based on team awards? that's even make sense?
2017-02-18 02:29
Turkey dogboi2001 
Yes because even as an individual you are part of a team. Guess you don't know anything about sports
2017-02-18 02:30
and? s1mple carried liquid for the whole 2016, didn't won nothing and got 4# in ranking device carried astralis the whole year, just won 1 lan and got 3# snax carried VP for the whole 2016, just won 1 lan and got 5# Fnatic won 6 tounaments in 2016 and they best player is only 8# i don't see your point coldzera got 1# because of his 1.30 rating in the two major, but no just because his team won Individual awards =/= team awards, if the team is top 4 in every lan I don't see why he can't be top 1
2017-02-18 02:36
Turkey dogboi2001 
Yes he was the best player of the best team of the year. and he helped carrying his team to victory- not himself. If you still don't understand how it works you are dense af
2017-02-18 02:37
And a players who carry he's team to the top 4 in every tounament don´t deserve that to?
2017-02-18 02:41
That's true but don't worry boys, snax and rest of vp will win a lot of tournaments this year I hope.
2017-02-18 02:32
African Union remiska 
pasha today was no.1 for vp ;)
2017-02-18 02:30
He was a madfragger but the keyrounds won the Big apple
2017-02-18 02:36
Atm snax top1 for sure
2017-02-18 02:43
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