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choose monitor
Hungary lemusz 
Plz help me which one i should choose and why? Acer Predator GN246HL 240 euro LG 24GM77-B 265 euro Thanks
2017-03-13 09:28
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Any of them 144hz? and are they capable of being "controlled" like movementwise (im tired and dont know how to write stuff)
2017-03-13 09:31
Hungary lemusz 
both 144hz
2017-03-13 09:36
can the screens be rotated - change height and so on???
2017-03-13 09:40
if so go with the one that can be rotated - really good if you attend lans and such if you get to sit in a different position than you are used to
2017-03-13 09:42
do you take your own monitor to lans? xdxd
2017-03-13 10:03
RobbaN | 
Denmark HelZacs 
Hes danish, we are kinda retarted
2017-03-13 10:36
Denmark WeiZy0 
How would u else be able to play?
2017-03-13 13:07
the lans I've been to had their own computers and monitors lol
2017-03-13 13:08
Denmark WeiZy0 
Etc, at CPHGames(I would say its the Danish most competetive lan) You can either pay "a lot" to get a PC, and a monitor, or bring your own, Im going with my own. ^^ In Denmark there is not really PC's, and monitors for people, only if you're going to play on a stage. :)
2017-03-13 13:09
World meesohowny 
both uses old panel.
2017-03-13 09:42
The LG seems to have better "dark light" perfomance
2017-03-13 09:44
World meesohowny 
does it have to be one of those 2? if not check this >
2017-03-13 10:33
Just buy a used samsung 2233rz for 90-100,- like i did 8 years ago and thank me later
2017-03-13 09:45
i have Acer Predator GN246HL and it supports 144hz only on 1080p, on other resolutions max 120hz
2017-03-13 10:00
NEO | 
Poland BartoloNEO 
I would go for LG. Basically, ACER, ASUS and BenQ monitors use PWM dimming, which causes motion blur and health issues after long-term exploitation like headaches or eyes sores. LG doesn't. Moreover, LG have better colors and contrast. And I've got advice for You- never ask for an advice on hltv. BenQ, ASUS and RAZER fanboys don't know shit about specs and all they can do is sucking those shitty brands's dicks just because they're main sponsors of CS scene. And yes, I own LG 24GM77-B and I'm very content with it.
2017-03-13 10:24
24gm77-b owner here to speak wit u : solid color with TN panel,and dont forget to turn the energy efficient mod off,cuz the brightness adjustment is automatically running under it
2017-03-13 10:34
remember, most monitors have such settings, thats true but they can be changed for sure - i did that with my 144hz benz xl2411z and i have no more problems with sleeping at night - even though i play computer for several hours.
2017-03-13 13:05
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