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GuardiaN end with cs
World Edyn 
:( Gl in real life :)
2012-04-18 15:34
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Slovakia zen' 
Hope, he will be back sOOOn
2012-04-18 16:01
gg guardian.
2012-04-18 16:12
well he never attended tournaments anyways
2012-04-18 16:13
Slovakia Puki 
- 1st Czech and Slovak championship(Slovakia, Bratislava, November 2011) - 1st GigaByte Lan Finals (Czech Republic, Brno, January 2012) - 1st Czech National Championship (Czech Republic, Seč, April 2010) - 1st Dreamhack Winter (Sweden, Stockholm/Jonkoping, November 2009) - 1st Multiplay i38 (England, Newbury, November 2009) - 1st World Gamesmaster Tournament (Slovakia, Trenčín, October 2009) - 1st BECUP Lan (Hungary, Budapest, August 2009) - 1st Multiplay\'s i37 Lan (England, Coventry, August 2009) - 1st Infused CryO PC Cup (ONLINE, July 2009) - 1st UKeSA Premiership Season 1 (England, London, June 09) - 1st Cadred European Rankings (May 2009) - 1st Guardian wins Lan79 MVP award (May 2009) 64% - 2nd Lan79 (France, May 2009) - 1st Guardian wins Multiplay's i36 MVP award - 1st Multiplay's i36 (England, Coventry, April 2009)
2012-04-18 16:24
only 1 big event here btw... 1st DreamHack Winter 2009? wtf?
2012-04-18 16:26
Slovakia Puki 
2012-04-18 16:27
oh, I don't care then
2012-04-18 16:28
Slovakia agnd 
sure you are better then him. actually guardian will rape you and your 5on5 clan with closed eyes including na'vi team hahah
2012-04-18 21:39
"including na'vi team hahah" after that I understood that you're retarded...
2012-04-18 21:50
Did I say he was bad? I said I didn't care btw, any of Na'Vi players' fingers would beat GuardiaN alone.
2012-04-18 21:50
2012-04-18 22:35
seen this one already, a few good online perfomances against a mixteam in a fun tournament simply can't be compared with Na'Vi.
2012-04-18 23:53
man cuz he hasnt got any top slovakia team doesnt mean that he is far away from navi players skillwise, there is so many wasted pro players without top team...
2012-04-19 11:39
I'm not judging him by his accomplishments, but I've seen him play and even though he's good, he's simply not even close to a player like markeloff
2012-04-19 17:44
Man please, if he is as good as NaVi's players he could find good team. For example there is no good team in Norway, but anyway kalle found top team (not now, some months ago). GuardiaN is not even close to Xapso or so. btw. this match versus Poland is nothing. We all know how good is Poland on net + no1 matter of this event without prizes. And Im not saying this, because Denmark not won it. Actually Im pretty happy of 2nd place and I know that Sweden deserved 1st ;D
2012-04-19 17:55
Who cares about ClanBase. No one ever plays them seriously, except maybe for UK. Its a mix, not a team tournament.
2012-04-19 11:02
Germany grimmtz 
any player from NAVI DOTA roster can beat your guardian in cs dude...
2012-04-18 21:50
o.O fuckin haters... -.-"
2012-04-18 21:54
lol, actually guardian is good, sad that there's no team in his country with the same skill as he has
2012-04-19 17:30
Brazil arunino 
"including na`vi team" (C) Oh wait, you're mad, ye?
2012-04-18 21:51
ok, well, emm, that's very informative. From what I know CSS players can't rape anyone. There was a CS:GO tournament, like month ago and CS:GO is basically CSS. All CSS teams got eliminated and CS 1.6 teams played in finals. GL
2012-04-19 11:00
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
your kiding fuck css
2012-04-18 21:43
shit source :/
2012-04-18 16:28
2012-04-18 16:21
how can he end something that didn't exist
2012-04-18 16:22
haha good one sir.
2012-04-18 18:16
Slovakia fKy 
cs didnt exist?
2012-04-19 11:07
His pro-career didnt exist :D
2012-04-19 17:57
Russia sone[slash] 
Who is it?
2012-04-18 16:23
top 10 awper in Europe, easily.
2012-04-18 16:49
Russia sone[slash] 
Oh, I see, It's cool.
2012-04-18 17:08
Serbia Lzrk 
More like top 15.
2012-04-18 20:21
more like top50
2012-04-18 20:23
more like top 100
2012-04-19 14:57
more like top101
2012-04-19 17:57
easily top3 you mean
2012-04-18 20:23
only in denmark there are at least 5 awp better than him, so... no top20 imo
2012-04-18 20:53
Friis, karrigan, trace.. but after that it's really unclear or clear in GuardiaN's favor. you've probably never even seen him play, am I right?
2012-04-18 22:11
i watched all his matches at this last CB nations cup. impressive, great player. top20 :D
2012-04-18 22:40
I think coloN and Nuggi could be counted as better awpers than GuardiaN but indeed he is sick with the awp
2012-04-19 00:39
Friis karrigan trace Nuggi coloN Sunde (I know retired). Actually this guy is overrated, if Slovakie wouldn't win this match vs. Poland nobody would even know him =D. I know, he is pretty good, I seen him 3-4 times playing, but he is like top30-40 awpers maybe.
2012-04-19 18:01
best awp in his house
2012-04-19 03:16
good performance at Nations Cup,gl in real life
2012-04-18 16:25
Slovakia uno1 
one more time, its only ego boosting, no one ending, just shit..thanks a lot, lock this
2012-04-18 16:26
I read this line 5 times on our gaming portals and I am still not sure if you are trolling or you hate him even when you were teammates :D
2012-04-18 17:06
Slovakia uno1 
its only true and shit :) trolling or hating ;P
2012-04-18 20:01
Slovakia no more, this guy carried them :]
2012-04-18 17:25
Who dont care, get a fuck out of here ! if its True, Good Luck in life Guardian :D
2012-04-18 18:05
have u got him esl profil ?
2012-04-18 20:03
who was he anyway?
2012-04-18 20:03
Slovakia agnd 
guy who raped poland in CB same as he raped serbia. Much better awper than delpan.
2012-04-18 21:40
oh wait, i'm better awp than Delpan is in CoD MW3 That makes me better than Delpan then. Seems legit. Oh wait... Dude go whine somewhere else with your damn lego game
2012-04-18 21:56
Much better awper than delpan. lold
2012-04-18 22:37
Slovakia zen' 
slovaks on hltv <3
2012-04-18 22:53
hed0r | 
Afghanistan gaIaxies 
don't post crap like this.. then all will think that slovakians are brainless trolls.. you should consider deleting your account @.@
2012-04-18 23:22
2012-04-19 18:02
i dont care
2012-04-18 21:09
2012-04-18 21:48
how u know he retired?
2012-04-18 21:48
2012-04-18 21:50
2012-04-18 22:52
2012-04-19 00:31
no, meu pinto
2012-04-19 02:40
ti dolbaeb?
2012-04-19 14:03
meu pinto?
2012-04-19 17:19
me gusta
2012-04-19 18:04
2012-04-19 18:11
2012-04-18 23:36
Bye noob!
2012-04-18 23:41
Better than Spanish fucking dick shit CS :D
2017-03-07 14:21
guardian retired long time ago. last clan was astralis i believe :p
2012-04-19 00:20
he had been playing for sgc very recently.
2012-04-19 00:26
2012-04-19 00:39
It's not Astralis Gua :P
2012-04-19 01:20
yeah i know just trolled a bit ;)
2012-04-19 06:51
gl in real life too bro (:
2012-04-19 00:45
Bset Awp in the World!
2012-04-19 02:47
can you guys make a movie of his 1.6 highlights? I have heard a lot about this guy but never watched a single match of him playing
2012-04-19 07:12
as far as i know he played css m8 ;)
2012-04-19 09:40
he is 1.6 player but his most important achievments are from css:D
2012-04-19 11:05
orly? i didnt knew that xD
2012-04-19 14:05
yeah he won Dreamhack in css ofc he is much better in css then in 1.6 but still great awp player he is like oskar in czech no top team ^^
2012-04-19 14:30
haha okok :D
2012-04-19 14:53
who is guardian ? :|
2012-04-19 11:28
Sad - both the kids commenting, and the fact that he is retiring.
2012-04-19 14:59
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