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5500$ setup RATE OR HATE!!
Norway deepZ82 
xx/10 ? SPECS: GEAR: -Intel i7-7700K @ 5,2ghz -Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 3200MHz 32GB -Corsair Hydro Series H115i push/pull -ASUS GTX 1070 ROG Strix RGB -ASUS GTX 1070 ROG Strix RGB -ASUS Z270 ROG Strix RGB -ASUS Swift ROG PG279Q 165hz g-sync -BenQ ZOWIE 27" LED XL2720 144hz -Samsung 960 EVO 512gb M.2 PCIe SSD -2x WD Desktop Purple 4TB -Corsair 850W EVGA PSU -Phanteks P400S tempered glass black/red RGB -Sennheiser PC350SE -Logitech G910 RGB -Logitech G402 -Razer Gigantus Elite 455x455mm -Razer Mouse Bungee -Nighthawk X4S NiP Edition signed by the team -RGB LED strips GEAR:
2017-03-20 20:00
no sens for this PC
2017-03-20 20:03
Reunion Xeeh 
spends 5500 and only gets 1070s LUL
2017-03-21 00:01
2017-03-21 00:32
spends 5500 on a 3k pc and 2,5k in gear and extras ;)
2017-03-21 12:56
why 2 1070s when u can get 1 1080 Ti?
2017-03-21 13:19
not in stock? bought this before 1080ti got an releasdate. Prob going for a 1080ti later, and sli later :)
2017-03-21 18:16
and my cards beat a single 1080ti with about 15%, even more in some games. Only older games that scale bad, and there a single 1070 is more than enough
2017-03-21 18:17
SLI is shit
2017-03-21 21:52
said the clueless one, all the games i play utilize perfectly, both cards run at 98%++ and fps wise i piss all over lets say a 1080ti. And it looks way cooler ;)
2017-03-21 23:44
SLI is shit
2017-03-22 00:22
How underaged do you have to be to waste money on 2 GPUs when you could get same performance with one card, just because it "looks cool"
2017-03-22 01:18
underaged? Just got out of a 8 year long relationship, and finaly can do whatever i want, and buy whatever i want. My x would have murdered me for buying this, som that might have something to do with it all ;)
2017-03-22 01:20
Why are you bringing your relationship into this? Can't handle the fact that you made a bad decision? Maybe you should have done some research before buying the parts.
2017-03-22 01:22
Because thats part of why i bought it? Use my office to something else than reading and working. Reserach? bought exatly what i wantet, only idiots that think that sli in 2017 is retarded. When im playing, overwatch, doom, GR wildlands, titanfall2 etc both gpus are utilized at 98% ++. Only config that beat mine is 1080/1080ti/titan in sli, and since im prob going to sell this and buy a new in 2 years its ok ;). On a sidenote i am consdering buying a asus rog 1080ti and sell these when its released in norway, and rock SLI setup if needed when 1080ti is "old".
2017-03-22 01:29
Older games that dont utilize sli is ezpz with sli disabled anyway.
2017-03-22 01:32
I didn't comment on SLI being good or not, but a 1080 Ti would outperform your setup and would have cost less
2017-03-22 01:32
Lol, no First, when i got this comp 3-4 weeks ago 1080ti didnt even have a release date, and still not in stock in norway. Second, no, just no. My setup beat a single 1080ti with around 10-15% in all games/bencs i have checked so far. Even GR wildlands is rocked hard by my sli vs single ti. Thats just a fact, in ulra 1440p i get about 20fps more than a ti, hard facts. Futuremark is not even a competition, firestrike ultra is beaten by aprox 1500 points.
2017-03-22 01:36
Didn't have release date a month ago? It's been released for nearly a month already so I bet it had. Is the 15% performance increase worth the extra $200? Also, why not 2x 1080?
2017-03-22 01:41
lol, do u ever give up? still about a week untill FE 1080ti is in stock here in norway, a few more untill asus rog ti is awailable. I had ti in mind when i got these, that i might either be returning them or selling them, but after seeing the first "leaked" 35% bences of ti va 1080, i relized that 1070sli still would beat that with 10-20% on average. win/win I rest my case here, i wanted a aura sync setup with sli, and i max every fucking game with those. gdont know if there is a max fps in halo wars or gr wildlands, but overwatch is maxed at 300 and titanfall at 144 @ 1440p. No need to even start talking about csgo, witch is maxed with a single 1070.
2017-03-22 01:47
Nice, you managed to avoid both of my questions
2017-03-22 01:50
no, i bought 1070 because i might be returning/selling them and buy a 1080ti (without needing to pay any more) and still have money left. 27 march is when FE ti is awailable here in norway, and asus rog ti is awailable 10april.
2017-03-22 01:53
Wow, you truly are retarded. Whatever, enjoy your overpriced ASUS ROG GAYMING RGB setup. Fucking retard.
2017-03-22 01:55
S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y S A L T Y shoo
2017-03-22 01:57
ebinzi is an idiot take no notice of him
2017-03-22 06:10
he's truly retarded because the $200 difference isn't shit to him? the value of money is relative
2017-04-05 22:56
why 2 gaming monitors and no 4k monitor?
2017-03-21 21:59
4k? 2560x1440p with 165hz > any fucking 4k monitor
2017-03-21 23:56
U aint gonna play games with 2 monitors at the same time so 165hz is useless
2017-03-22 00:13
what now?????? I dont think you grasp the idea here, ofc im only playing on one monitor, with 165hz. You want me to buy a crappy 60hz for movies, vs a fullhd 144hz? Have u even tryed to watch a movie etc on 144 vs 60? Even there its day and night ;)
2017-03-22 00:19
8 TB ? what for ? just asking , dont rush me brah
2017-03-22 01:18
Movies and series, got a "few" ;)
2017-03-22 01:18
cool pc. ive to ask, how many fps in cs :D
2017-03-22 01:20
at 1920x1440p (stretched 4:3) and med/high settings i get around 400fps. Prob alot more in low res and settings. Dont bother to check, 400 is ok.
2017-03-22 01:30
rofl bad af, rx480 could get 300+ with 4k res
2017-03-22 15:17
2017-03-21 23:56
Sick dude;)
2017-03-20 20:05
2017-03-20 20:06
5500$ for what? seems too much for this setup.
2017-03-20 20:06
agree seriously how can this be 5.5k$
2017-03-20 20:23
2017-03-20 20:27
Thanks for proving socialism doesn't work. (BTW I know Norway isn't actually socialist, but this is what happens when you let the government have too much power over the free market).
2017-03-21 12:25
if they pay social benefits then they are socialist country.
2017-03-21 12:44
i think you need to go to school and learn what socialism really is. norway isnt socialist.
2017-03-21 13:12
the true socialist country is venezuela xd norway is social democracy
2017-03-21 16:43
norway is socialist and capitalist, it has a mix of bot. welfare with the free market intact. like the rest of scandinavia.
2017-03-22 09:56
social democracy
2017-03-22 17:04
didnt know that social democracy was what the system was called, but looked it up and indeed thats the model the nordic countries use.
2017-03-23 10:37
2017-03-22 00:25
Norway has an insanely high average salary though. 5.5k$ for Norwegians is probably around 2-3k$ for any other western nation.
2017-04-05 23:11
check prices on all the gear. All the "small" things like 4x noctua fans is 100++, and there is many exaples just like thatone. Devil is in the details screens alone cost a shitload of money yo :)
2017-03-21 12:35
Mine cost 20 euro a piece, cooler 80, thats 160 euro or 1600 sek. Sup with the psu name? Corsair 850 evga? Do u have corsair or evga? I got almost identical setup but a strix 1080 oc instead and two "normal" 500 gb ssds
2017-03-21 23:42
well, then its way cheaper than over here, 260kr pr fan
2017-03-21 23:39
2355 nok for fans + cooler, thats like 260euro
2017-03-21 23:41
yeah norway expensive shit:p check my edit
2017-03-21 23:42
copypaste error on evga, upgraded from a 750 evga and failed to remove it from the text, cant edit
2017-03-21 23:43
5k and not even a gtx 1080 lul 40iq
2017-03-20 20:07
2x 1070 piss in 1080
2017-03-20 20:14
so does 2x 1080
2017-03-20 20:20
lol, mch overkill 1440p?
2017-03-20 20:21
sli runs like dog shit in so many games if you want to do SLI save up and get 1080s so at least you can disable sli and have decent fps. or just skip sli all together & get a 1080 ti doing a push/pull in that case is going to be pretty crowded i would say X the 4tb hdds & go all ssd's + m.2 i dunno theres so much more you could do, do you not have any peripherals or are you just wanting new shit all at once?
2017-03-21 12:42
hhd`s was from my old comp and is prety much full with shit, but everything else was bought in feb this year. in the games i play sli works great, but i even a single 1070 with disabled sli is "ok" for 1440p plays. Prob going to "downgrade" to a single 1080ti later and go for a sli with 2x down "the line".
2017-03-21 12:48
i was totally thinking you were asking for advice on a build i can't read
2017-03-21 16:38
Austria db42 
dont think the LED RGB ram is neccesary, but if you have the money why not
2017-03-20 20:07
So basically I imagine a kid sitting in the dark in his room on a 5000€ PC playing video games and listening to dubstep all day I choose to hate
2017-03-20 20:08
2017-03-20 20:26
2017-03-21 00:13
If you're a grown up it makes it even worse
2017-03-21 00:15
2017-03-21 23:44
he probably hopes youre a kid, since most of us have higher expecations of grownups then building a 5500 euro playcorner, with blinking lights everywhere
2017-03-21 13:16
well, after a 8year relationship ending and im finaly free i can do whatever i want, including spending cash on a playable discoball ;)
2017-03-21 18:19
nuttin wrong with. enjoy.
2017-03-21 22:04
ofc you can do what you want, personally though i think its stupid. couldve invested that money or done something productive. seems like a VERY childish decision to put 5500 into this stuff.
2017-03-22 09:55
hahahah even when i am in my late 30s i couldnt spend my money for shit like this. My parents would kill me and call me a shame for the family :D
2017-04-05 20:55
lol yea its pretty dumb. 5500 euro could be turned into more money or something useful instead of this kids playing corner
2017-04-14 14:57
2017-04-14 15:53
gl0wen(a famous minecraft) i love u
2017-03-21 00:24
So basically I lol'd
2017-03-21 12:56
And I imagine you sitting in the dark on your shitty laptop playing minecraft
2017-04-05 22:37
-ASUS Swift ROG PG279Q 165hz g-sync -BenQ ZOWIE 27" LED XL2720 144hz ????
2017-03-20 20:08
2017-03-21 00:03
Netherlands cock 
why 2 differnt ones you thick viking
2017-03-21 00:06
United States BanU 
yea mismatched monitors trigger me
2017-03-21 00:09
bought benq, said fuck it, bought asus, kept benq
2017-03-21 00:14
United States BanU 
im not hating its a sick setup, just some really odd decisions like mismatched monitors, mid-range GPU on a high-end setup, etc. still looks dope af and I'd rock it if it were mine... would i pay $5k? prolly not....
2017-03-21 00:19
well, 2x 1070 cost more than a 1080ti with another 10-15% on performance. Have to remmeber that screens and other extras cost a ton of money, comp alone is about 3000euros
2017-03-21 12:31
I'd take a single 1080ti over sli 1070s any day of the week. Nice setup otherwise
2017-03-21 23:44
you have to remember that devs need to specifically code for SLI support otherwise the gain is negligible. and its 2017, AAA devs have moved away from SLI support a single 1080ti would be fine
2017-04-06 01:20
Get a 1080 TI instead of 2 1070 ..what a waste.Also if you plan on streaming go for Ryzen CPU..1700 will do the job better than the 7700K . 6/10 for the setup. Not balanced at all.So much waste of money.
2017-03-20 20:11
lul, 10-15% over ti, but im concidersing a single 1080ti asus rog
2017-03-20 20:17
Ryzen CPU for STREAMING? Are you stupid or something. Dont get me wrong I love Ryzen and hope to build a gaming rig out of one soon, but what is your logic here? How does the AMD based CPU have any bearing over streaming? a TRUE hyperthreaded CPU would far outperform a Ryzen CPU for this streaming scenario.
2017-03-21 18:22
8C/16T "a TRUE hyperthreaded CPU would far outperform a Ryzen CPU for this streaming scenario." wot?
2017-03-21 21:10
Any elaboration? I'll be happy to help with your clear confusion :)
2017-03-22 10:05
What do you mean with "a TRUE hyperthreaded CPU"?
2017-03-22 10:06
"SMT" On Ryzen processors are yet to prove its reliability, with some customers actually disabling it in the BIOS. Not saying it necessarily matters in the gaming world but CPU performance wise when streaming a reliable hyper-threaded CPU will out perform it in this instance for streaming.
2017-03-22 12:29
Haven't heard about anyone disabling it. Also the Ryzen 7 CPUs already have 8 cores compared to the 4 cores and 4 threads of an i7-7700K... I don't see why it would be worse lol
2017-03-22 12:37
FYI "Hyper-threading (officially called Hyper-Threading Technology or HT Technology, and abbreviated as HTT or HT) is Intel's proprietary simultaneous multithreading (SMT) implementation used to improve parallelization of computations (doing multiple tasks at once) performed on x86 microprocessors." I'm not sizing up my intel extreme dick with Ryzens. I'm merely stating that the HT, being more stable. Would infact out perform in the INSTANCE of streaming. Streaming S T R E A M I N G. Now stop crying about it
2017-03-22 12:42
Get over it. Ryzen 1700 > 7700K ...More cores better performance on multithreaded applications like streaming. It would do far better job at streaming+gaming than the 7700K. You must be a really hard intel fanboy. What do you mean by "a TRUE hyperthreaded CPU would far outperform a Ryzen CPU for this streaming scenario." ?? ? ? ? For gaming only the 7700K is better.But overall the ryzen 1700 will do a better job. 8/16>4/8 ..not hard to understand it.Of course it is more futureproof aswell.
2017-03-22 12:11
Of course in 5.5K budget the 7700K makes no sense.He MUST go with 1800X !
2017-03-22 12:11
#204 Also I'm more than excited to get my hands on a Ryzen CPU :) Just trying to work out the logic behind streaming performance wise.
2017-03-22 12:32
"It would do far better job at streaming+gaming than the 7700K." have you even bothered to look at a single benchmark out there for gaming?
2017-04-06 01:23
Yeah i meant game streaming not gaming only.I know that the 7700K does better on gaming only.
2017-04-06 13:05
No pics no rate
2017-03-20 20:22
no pics? u got at 30sec vid
2017-03-21 00:13
U asked to rate it few days ago already, I told u I dislike ur keyboard, u said the platinium was on his way. I told u to let ur coffee cup on the table, after all it's a part of ur setup.
2017-03-21 00:21
plat still +20 days waiting, so got a K95 instead :)
2017-03-21 12:27
still gold nova LUL
2017-03-20 20:25
2x ge
2017-03-20 23:59
Australia  ins 
What is this silver gameplay?
2017-03-21 12:33
you should be already dead in every single one situation if the players werent fucking potatoes
2017-03-21 22:01
Uploaded on the 26th of November 2015... Wasn't this when almost everyone was global?
2017-03-21 23:53
Why the hate? Do you realise many great plays happen because enemys missplays. Its not like all aces are 100% skill.
2017-03-22 06:54
Reunion Xeeh 
You went for overkill and spent a crazy amount of money but only got 1070s so i choose to hate
2017-03-21 00:03
10-15% on a 108+ti, easy
2017-03-21 00:09
Reunion Xeeh 
you should be able to have 2 1080 ti for that price lol or even titans
2017-03-21 00:12
2017-03-21 00:12
World PRQN 
ye but hes silver i bet
2017-03-21 00:04
World PRQN 
nice silver trash movements bot
2017-03-21 00:09
2017-03-21 00:10
250fps with 5k pc? even iget more with my 1k pc
2017-03-21 12:22
recorded on a 4670K, i get about 400++ at 4:3 1920x 1440
2017-03-21 12:24
4:3 1920?
2017-03-21 12:27
2017-03-21 12:28
got a 2560x1440 monitor, custom res at 1920x1440 is crisp as fuck streched 4:3.
2017-03-21 12:29
no knife ?
2017-03-21 12:24
United States BanU 
sick edit: noticed 1070s. wtf. should be rockin dual 1080ti or Titans for a top-tier setup
2017-03-21 00:07
2x 1070 15% vs 1080ti
2017-03-21 00:19
1080ti`s not in stock in norway, but prob going to sell my 1070s in a few months, buy a 1080ti and rock a sli later "down the line" :)
2017-03-21 12:50
United States BanU 
sounds good. you'll be beasting any game for quite some time
2017-03-21 15:38
Cool setup, worth more than my car lul
2017-03-21 00:27
2017-03-21 21:04
-Corsair 850W EVGA PSU wat
2017-03-21 00:29
Upgraded from a 750 evga, copypaste missclick :D
2017-03-21 12:20
shit for this money
2017-03-21 00:31
Nice setup. What did you set your Vcore voltage to? And what temperatures are you getting when stress testing?
2017-03-21 00:34
1,38 and gets reeealy hot at 5.2. Only pushing it to 5.2 when benching etc, 100% all cores about 92c max @ 5.2, 87 ish at 5.0
2017-03-21 12:22
but 100% load on cores is never happening with irl usage like gaming and streaming :)
2017-03-21 12:41
Yeah, I would stay away from temps that high. 5 GHz should be more than enough. I have my 4690k running at 4.6 GHz with VCore set to 1.33V. I saw up to 92 degrees when stress testing with Prime95 but temps never actually reach 80 degrees when gaming. This is with budget air cooling btw (Hyper 212 EVO). I can probably hit 4.8 GHz with liquid cooling so I might invest in it in the near future. Do you have C-States and EIST enabled?
2017-03-21 18:12
United States koth 
I would have bought a $2k pc now and in 2 years when that one/yours is outdated upgrade it with the extra $2500.
2017-03-21 12:36
well, this is a 3k comp, all the extras like screens etc is about 2,5k
2017-03-21 12:40
Corsair 850W EVGA PSU wtf is this
2017-03-21 12:56
Upgraded from a 750 evga, copypaste missclick :D
2017-03-21 15:48
You hit head with that?
2017-03-21 13:21
Can hit you in the head if i throw it at your head? Will be fun, 10/10 would watch at youtube and liveleak
2017-03-21 15:50
nice waste of money
2017-03-21 13:22
ty, no probs, got money to waste :D
2017-03-21 15:49
im jealous now.
2017-03-21 16:39
2017-03-21 16:41
2017-03-21 18:14
how you can spend 5.5k on this setup i think 4k ok but 5.5k WTF however you didn't choose the best for this money, and for personal experience SLI is a waste of money because this sucks all the time and you never take the real power of these cards
2017-03-21 18:28
my sli dont suck at all, average 15% over 1080ti, and modern games scale good, allways 98%+ on both cards. 48700,- norwegian krone, that about 5650 dollar
2017-03-21 21:51
nice setup mate i spent 800e on mine already and i was like well that's a lot of money and i still have to buy a gpu and some 21/24inch monitor...
2017-03-21 21:13
Sick 11/10
2017-03-21 21:15
did you spend your confirmation money? Xd
2017-03-21 21:22
that was 20 years ago, so no :=)
2017-03-21 22:11
xD lel
2017-03-21 22:16
and where you put the 2k left lol?
2017-03-21 21:25
what 2k left? 48700 norwegian krone is actualy 5650 ish dollars
2017-03-21 23:28
looks like a rip off to me. but I didn't the math to be fair and canÄt judge all the gear parts to be honest. but yeah nice overall. probably the two 1070s are an eyecatcher but in a bad way. no one would have complained with two 1080s...however, enjoy m8.
2017-03-22 07:25
Nighthawk X4S NiP Edition signed by the team haHAA
2017-03-21 21:52
yeah, like i would turn that down? Got it sendt from netgear scandi. Only 6 of those around, and on on the wall over at netgear :)
2017-03-21 23:52
which of those monitors do you like best? and why not buy good headphones and mic when you spent this much?
2017-03-21 21:54
asus 100% so a 350SE is NOT a god headphone? dude, get your cats straighten out, can buy whatever i want, and i got them
2017-03-21 23:29
I just want to open your ears to the world of open headphones. You are probably not listening to a lot of music but for gaming and entertainment, you should try some mid end open headphones, like HD800s when you like the Sennheiser brand.
2017-03-22 18:16
sli facepalm. if you had wisdom you would have gotten a 1080ti instead. also why get a 160hz monitor when 240hz is available? and water cooling is completely unnecessary
2017-03-21 21:59
get a card 3 weeks ago that didnt even have a release date? even now there is none in stock. THO im prob going to sell the 1070s later and get a 1080ti, and rock sli later :)
2017-03-21 23:50
literally wasting tons of cash for no reason. never upgrade gpu from the same generation unless your getting over twice the performance. is this your first build?
2017-03-22 05:44
Upgrade from the same gen? Watercooling unnecessary? My first build? Dude, gtfo with your trolls, bought sli just because i wanted to, and it looks sexy, 7700K @ 5.2ghz on air, on what planet do you live? Nah, after working at digital impuls for 2 years, doing 2 things, building and repairing computers this is not something i need your poor advice on ;)
2017-03-22 21:35
and this is my 7-8 private build, and if i want to waste my cash thats a choice i make, my money to wast in to a 1070 sli setup with acid discolights.
2017-03-22 21:38
How many fps in csgo?
2017-03-21 22:04
400-450 i guess, but i play with 1920x1440 4:3 stretched so thats like playing in fullhd+, bet i get 500 easy if i bump down the res and settings
2017-03-21 23:53
Shame you couldn't afford a taste in music
2017-03-21 22:07
:( more like the visuals than the actual music tho
2017-03-21 22:31
Was just a yoke mate : ) nice setup
2017-03-21 23:22
2017-03-21 22:15
gear 5500 and stream in 30 fps OK
2017-03-21 22:35
who cares? didnt change shit in obs, not like im streaming for money or anything ;)
2017-03-21 23:51
lmao fucking autist hahahaha you wouldn't even be able to build a good pc if you were given $10,000 lmao go rethink your life choices
2017-03-21 22:38
jelly much? ;)
2017-03-21 22:46
see my pc specs for an answer)))
2017-03-21 22:47
g a r b a g e
2017-03-21 23:48
2017-03-22 16:45
For 5500 pretty bad imo. Still cool though.
2017-03-21 22:40
NiP in 2017 LUL
2017-03-21 22:41
Looks good man, nice one getting your 7700k to 5.2GHz
2017-03-21 23:25
ty, but i "cheated" abit, got a pretested chip from a mate at my old job, its a "good one". :)
2017-03-21 23:47
wow, your lucky, mind if i ask where your old job was?
2017-03-22 15:13
So you stoled my PC ? Give my PC back niggah or i will report you to the local police and you will get arrested. be carefull nigga with what a guy you are playing. I fought in several wars ( WW1 , WW2)
2017-03-21 23:27
2017-03-21 23:30
Logitech G910 RGB Spark or Spectrum ?
2017-03-21 23:31
none, corsair k95 rgb brown, that logitech is no more :) Forgot to change the text, cant edit posts
2017-03-21 23:46
Okie Dokie m8
2017-03-22 00:16
Switzerland d^b 
i will never understand why people want disco lights in their PC
2017-03-21 23:32
because i can, and one hotkey they all go black, so no worries there.
2017-03-21 23:47
could get a 30% "worst" pc for 1100$ and all the gear for 400~ same quality so definitly a waste of money
2017-03-22 00:13
ahahahahahaha, either your just full of shit or its stolen hw. Just one of my monitors cost 400, the otherone 850. Even in portugal things aint that cheap ;)
2017-03-22 00:21
oh i didnt see all the specs but still money waste, overpriced colorfull gaming keyboards, defenitly one of the stupidest products i've seen in my gaming 8.5TB storage are you hosting a server? 32gb 3400hz ram? wtf doesnt even make sense by the time anything like that will become needed you wont have this build for sure, 16gb 2400hz would do exacly the same job in 99% of things 1070 crossfire? another overkill did you see the huge boost gpu took last year? there are literally 240$ cards doing the same as 1000$ 3 year old cards and amd just step it up meaning, in around 2 years there will probably be 300$ cards doing the same as you 1000$+ crossfire, and its not like your going to use all that fire power 2 gaming monitors even if your streaming i dont see the point of having 2 300$+ monitor when you can just have 270$ asus 144hz free sinc for gaming and random 24" 60hz 100$ to check the stream out i mean what are you a server hoster, streamer, youtuber, obssesed over RGB parts the only way i look at it is that your someone who's really trying to find reasons to waste money
2017-03-22 01:07
Only one answer, because i can. When i first want something, and money is of no concern, its ok with a rgb keyboard, LED DDRs and so on. 165hz gsync is something you just need to test before saying its "overkill". And in two years il buy another 3k comp and sell thisone to a broke ass kid that want some bling :D
2017-03-22 01:10
And btw, i got 6tb of movies and series + im recording alot with shadowplay. 8TB is easy to fill up when u got 500/500 fiber inet.
2017-03-22 01:12
why you got all those movies? o.o yeah i see you want a tool for all jobs
2017-03-22 01:15
Torrents. Got about 1000 movies and several hundres of full series that i like.
2017-03-22 01:17
im not saying your doing wrong just that because you are rich doesnt mean its not a waste from a performance/price point of view, if thats the case go ahead, just out of curiosity how did you manage to get so much$?
2017-03-22 01:14
well, 48700 norwegian krone (5650 dollar) is less than i make in a month, so its not like im going totaly apeshit here. Live alone after a 8 year relationship, make good money, buy shit i want and still got cash for everything i need.
2017-03-22 01:16
well good on you bro, i would still make things differently (good life quality but going for sweetspots saving alot of $ and then quiting my job and live of my savings at like 30's) but you still got it way better then most people gratz
2017-03-22 01:19
just one more thing what do you do for a living?
2017-03-22 01:20
2017-03-22 01:22
If I would of go hard like you, I'd go for an 6900k and a single 1080 ti. SLI is pure horseshit. It gives microstutter and generally no games utilize 2 cards properly. 5.2 ghz? Your temps must be through the roof. Also get same type of monitor, and stay away from Razer otherwise nuts setup!
2017-03-22 01:39 Why not something like this instead?
2017-03-22 01:40
first of all the prices in norway is 30% +++ higher and there is about 1000-1500 dollars in gear and shit missing in that list.
2017-03-22 01:56
How old are you? Get off hltv asap
2017-03-22 01:46 This is more like your actual computer while not lying on HLTV Btw super video 10/10
2017-03-22 01:49
2017-03-22 01:58
>sli 1070 >5500$ xDDDDDDD
2017-03-22 01:59
2017-03-22 02:00
>5k >logitech speakers pls :(
2017-03-22 02:08
could be better xD
2017-03-22 02:15
So many haters. Nice setup dude. I'd probably had gone with other case, personally don't like phanteks airflow. What are your cpu and mobo max temps? Are you running 5.2 24/7?
2017-03-22 02:26
nah, 4,9 when using it for daily shit/casual gaming, 5,2 when bencing and streaming
2017-04-05 20:42
nice pc should have picked benQ 240hz over asus 180hz o/c.
2017-03-22 02:33
9.5/10 A custom loop for a 10/10
2017-03-22 06:04
agree, but fuck that shit, last time it leaked and fucked up my rig QQ
2017-04-05 21:59
Now give me a budget 700€ for me to copy
2017-03-22 06:08
2017-03-22 09:57
1/10 cus RGB looking fugly as fluck
2017-03-22 12:34
using intel in 2017 LUL go ryzen ya cunt
2017-03-22 15:16
ryzen is for shitheads and cinebecnh users
2017-04-05 21:02
no, multi-core processors are getting some optimizations in the near future. I get that you can't trust AMD after their shit processors in the past but this new Ryzen looks really amazing. I've built many PCs after Ryzen 7's launch and I hear praises among customers. Also Intel tried to give us extra money for every intel we sell but we didn't accept it. I'm sure some stores accepted it so don't fall for it if they say "Ryzen has problems, it's bad and cannot be trusted so go with Intel" they're basically trying to sell you Intel in order to get that extra cash.
2017-04-06 15:37
8TB lul
2017-03-22 15:32
Well, im recording and editing alot of videos, need space ;)
2017-04-05 20:44
2017-04-05 20:46
probably the dumbest build ive ever seen, congrats retard LOL
2017-04-05 20:48
2017-04-05 20:50
And kids can still donate you on twitch XD. Because you clearly don't have any money.
2017-04-05 20:51
virgin setup
2017-04-05 20:53
ok ;)
2017-04-05 22:33
the gear is very bad if u're going to play cs lul
2017-04-05 20:58
nah, play alot of games
2017-04-05 21:15
Asus MAXIMUS IX HERO Intel Core Kabylake i7-7700K Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Extreme 8G Kingston HX433C16PB3K2/16 Corsair Builder Series CS750M ATX/EPS Modulaire 80 PLUS Gold Corsair Hydro Series H110iGT Asus VG248QE be quiet! Silent Base 800 1.6k€
2017-04-05 21:12
+ 3-4k in other shit and this is norway, expencie shit
2017-04-05 21:28
good for you bud. it's a pretty sick setup if you ask me. enjoy
2017-04-05 22:41
how the fuck do you spend $5,500 and go 1070... wtf
2017-04-05 22:50
he spent it on overpriced gear, its like some retard with old pc and 300euro keyboard
2017-04-05 23:10
lulll figured.
2017-04-06 01:12
i got mine for like 2.6k Intel Core i7 I7-7700K 4.2 GHz MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB | MSI Armor 8G OC 16GB DDR4-2666 Corsair Vengeance LPX | 2x 8GB ASUS Strix Soar 500W - be quiet! Straight Power E10 CM 3x be quiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM Monitor: BenQ BL series BL2420PT Mouse: Steelseries Rival Keyboard: Logitech g810
2017-04-05 22:55
must be nice to have two 1070 and then consider a 1080 ti. I'm still using my i7 930 from 09.
2017-04-06 01:26
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