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new inferno
Australia schterlo 
just came to say its an absolute piece of shit and im super sad my favorite map since source has been turned into a steaming pile of absolute GARBAGE not looking for responses or opinions im just stating a fact NEW INFERNO IS FUCKING GARBAGE DONT FIX WHAT ISNT BROKEN
2017-03-24 00:07
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Why you so salty? Is it because you've played it once and don't know how to play it proper yet?
2017-03-24 00:13
are you illiterate? i am salty because "im super sad my favorite map since source has been turned into a steaming pile of absolute GARBAGE" it says it right there in the original post you absolute mongoloid, i hope a comet wipes out australia holy shit we're the most stupid people
2017-03-24 00:51
nt Pauline Hanson Mad cuz bad.
2017-03-24 00:52
United States gtmaniacmda 
nt ct sided player
2017-03-24 00:15
the same chokepoints still exist, if anything the game is easier for ct's than before
2017-03-24 00:49
2017-03-24 00:51
I havent played it very much, but I played a lot of the older version. How is it easier?
2017-03-24 00:52
Norway Bellai 
it's funny how everyone i know, complaining about new inferno, is coming from source imo this inferno is 100x better than the old one
2017-03-24 00:52
+1 old inferno wasn't built with the movement of CS:GO in mind.
2017-03-24 00:58
house is better. bombsite B is better. bombsite A is maybe slightly worse but pit and truck is much better. overall it's a major improvement. still t-ramp should be changed imo
2017-03-24 00:58
Old inferno was a clusterfuck
2017-03-24 00:58
You've only seen it upside down though.
2017-03-24 00:59
United Kingdom rhyho 
Internet explorer
2017-03-24 01:02
no youre wrong its better and thats a proven fact go die
2017-03-24 01:03
Australia legesex 
Mad cuz bad
2017-03-24 01:05
old inferno was so much better indeed :( I miss it so much
2017-03-24 01:05
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