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Diablo 3 beta for all.
World diablo3forhltv 
For pc For mac Official download link, no virus etc, hf.
2012-04-19 00:20
Sick, thanks.
2012-04-19 00:24
Poland bartt 
Nice bait bro!
2012-04-19 00:25
anyone downloaded and can confirm its legit?
2012-04-19 00:27
Poland bartt 
I didn't but I actually read about it on some polish site, so it might be true ;) EDIT: I've downloaded it, it's true!
2012-04-19 00:30
2012-04-19 00:28
if you use at least 0.001% of your brain you can figure it out.
2012-04-19 06:03
2012-04-19 00:30
Poland bartt 
Yep, you have my word!
2012-04-19 00:31
Probably viruses and shit. His account and first comment (which says "sick, thanks") are made today so probably belong to the same guy. Even if it was legit, you would still need account which has D3 beta activated on it.
2012-04-19 00:32
i wouldnt trust his account, dont download it.
2012-04-19 00:30
and check the first replys profile. its obviously fake. be careful guys :D
2012-04-19 00:31
I've already downloaded and installed it. Just because there were news about it on some polish gaming site ;)
2012-04-19 00:32
work for you?
2012-04-19 00:33
2012-04-19 00:34
ok have fun ;) i still wait for official release
2012-04-19 00:35
2012-04-19 00:31
It might be game downloader, but you must have cd-key.
2012-04-19 00:33
2012-04-19 00:35
You are right bro, im downloading :D
2012-04-19 00:39
i think this is not fake downloading atm
2012-04-19 00:33
its virus someone delete this post
2012-04-19 00:34
Have you tested/checked it? If no then you shouldn't say such a thing, I've already downlaoded it and I have to admit it's clear and works well.
2012-04-19 00:35
yes its virus gtfo
2012-04-19 00:36
its not.... im playing right now... lier lol
2012-04-19 00:38
2012-04-19 00:37
It's true Downloading now.
2012-04-19 00:35 its a phising web dont ever dlad files from unofficial pages like bye
2012-04-19 00:35
2012-04-19 00:39 its a phising web dont ever dlad files from unofficial pages like bye
2012-04-19 00:35
That's not phishing site actually. It's legit domain for downloading game clients from I just don't know how can people play it when they download it because it requires you to log in with account that has D3 activated on it. EDIT: unless it's open beta or something
2012-04-19 00:48
If you don't want to believe him, you can translate this site by google translator There are also links for download.
2012-04-19 00:37
but why should he link it here if you still need a key? when you have a beta key, you will get a link to the download anyways from blizzard. in your bnet account menu
2012-04-19 00:38
You no need any key now. It's free for all people.
2012-04-19 00:41
ok go enjoy it dont lose time here
2012-04-19 00:42
Well, I've never lost any time on :) And btw. I really don't care if you will download it or not, it's your business, I'm just trying to help the others believe it's not a fake.
2012-04-19 00:45
ofc you need a key, there are like 999999 key trade chats in the dota2 forum, where someone wants dota2 and offers diablo 3 beta key :P
2012-04-19 00:44
I guess there WAS like 9999 key traders :P As I said, since yesterday it's free for everyone :P
2012-04-19 00:47
There is bug at the moment which makes it possible for everyone to play it (as if it was open beta) but it will be fixed it isn't already.
2012-04-19 00:51
ah thanks for clearing it up. just googled for it and this seems to be real, but the d3 servers are offline already and blizzard is fixing the bug. so not worth downloading it
2012-04-19 00:55
Venezuela Riikards 
Still beta right?
2012-04-19 03:53
thats why its shit not an official source
2012-04-19 00:42
2012-04-19 00:55
if u have downloaded it,y dont u share some screen shots?
2012-04-19 08:14
even if it's fake or not fake, you won't be able to play because you need a account with diablo3 beta to play it
2012-04-19 00:54
You DON'T need account with diablo3 beta AT THE MOMENT. You can log in with ANY account. It might be a bug or some hidden open beta but there are no official announcements on forums yet (aka "blue posts") about this, but the thing is AT THIS MOMENT you can play with ANY account. Don't know how long it is going to last, maybe they already fixed it.
2012-04-19 00:57
Blizzad want to test as much people as possible. Free open beta will be available to 1st may. his is not fake, big websites are writing about this.
2012-04-19 01:04
Diablo 3 is not compatible with Windows XP.
2012-04-19 01:12
I think it won't work anymore, blizzard made a statement about this and said that it was unintentional
2012-04-19 04:28
"no virus etc" LOL
2012-04-19 06:04
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