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wtf that little preschool kid. does he even know who he is talking about? delete sunde out of your name already
2017-04-06 16:59
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explain pls
2017-04-06 17:01
Sunde ex 1.6 proffesional player sunde'vice
2017-04-06 17:03
2017-04-06 17:03
Best awp player backthen in Denmark in some point mb in the World :)
2017-04-06 17:04
you need to change this thread title to: "device disrespectful".
2017-04-06 17:06
lost all my respect i had for device
2017-04-06 17:09
just look at his instagram, he is a little punk ass bitch
2017-04-06 17:10
Lastly, your name in game, sundevice. Any explanation, anything special there? Ah, it's just a shoutout to Christoffer "Sunde" Sunde, from the old mTw team which my coach played with. sure...
2017-04-07 02:47
United States Cheesegoose 
ummm you ok?
2017-04-07 02:51
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