Brazil coldzao2 
crisp clean triggerbot
2017-04-06 21:21
holy fuck fnatic how do you fuck that up omg you know they are in pistols and you just go like retards
2017-04-06 21:22
pistols are so broken it's unreal.....
2017-04-06 21:22
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
p250 has always been the same , its true that all the pistols are broken is csgo but every1 is crying and saying p250 is op when it was bcuz of glaive skill. last time p250 got an update it was the price that got reduced from 500 to 300$ :D
2017-04-06 21:25
fnatic was broken
2017-04-06 21:27
Denmark U w0t m8? 
ridiculous OP on close range, and if you need long range you just buy a deagle, which can do both
2017-04-06 21:28
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