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Xizt Veto
fnx | 
Denmark Stefez 
wtf is man always bad veto for nip
2017-04-07 21:07
NiP never lost vs Fnatic on Overpass, so lets play Train. That's NiP logic. The latest Overpass games they won was convincing with 16-7 and 16-5 as well..
2017-04-07 21:11
okay nvm then, weird since these are the only Overpass games that is shown when I looked at their previous games: if you watch under h2h matches (yes some few godsent games are there because of flusha and jw being on the roster at the time):
2017-04-07 21:19
Xizt > friberg anyways
2017-04-07 21:11
they should kick him he is fuckin nopppppp
2017-04-07 21:24
f0rest | 
Slovenia escmoody 
Even years ago when NIP actually was doing great, they had the worst veto every time... i don't get it how they still haven't changed that :D
2017-04-07 21:26
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