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Valve = Mentally disabled?
Denmark Bielskijesus 
That G2-FaZe matchup obviously showed that the pistols need to be nerfed. Those overpowered pistols literrally ruins the game. I really dont understand why valve aren't doing anything. Instead of nerfing the pistols they are doing some other retarded changes, like new cases, new maps and remove negev and r8 from competetive cs. What the fuck are they doing. Instead of making some retarded changes to the game, what about making the game good?
2017-04-08 12:30
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Pistols don't need nerf. EOT.
2017-04-08 12:32
Yes they do
2017-04-08 12:33
No they dont Okok stupid comments
2017-04-08 15:12
Yes they do
2017-04-08 15:28
Lithuania Eddie_Black 
no they dont pistols are hard as fuck to use someone at valve said while buffing pistols for next update
2017-04-08 16:35
Yes they do
2017-04-10 18:19
What is the point in watchin round that will be surelly lost by ppl with glocks? op p250 and 5-7 in terms of armor penetration make it more fun and surprising to watch. OT: How much?
2017-04-08 15:54
because it means that consistently good play means you win the game lmao
2017-04-08 17:01
learn to use pistols?
2017-04-10 19:58
sorry f0rest
2017-04-10 21:36
pls nerf ak, its way better than m4!!!! xD
2017-04-10 21:51
5-7 does
2017-04-08 12:38
TEC-9 does
2017-04-08 14:23
5-7, tec9 and p250 needs nerf. Other pistols are fine
2017-04-08 14:56
p250 is fine imo, 5-7 and tec9 should just have 1tap ability removed for helmets and make them (AND EVERY OTHER FUCKING GUN) impossible to run and gun with. game = fixed
2017-04-08 15:17
the p250 isnt fine because it can kill players with helmets in 1 shot. The only pistol who should be able to do that is the deagle.
2017-04-08 15:19
disagree, p250 has always been this way and has only recently become an issue. People were fine with it for the first 2-3 years..
2017-04-08 15:19
Just because it was always like this it means its right?? The tec9 and five seven also always had the 1tap ability lol
2017-04-08 15:20
man, looking at your profile id you've clearly been here a while. You must remember the times when the tec had 32 rounds in a mag and was so fucking shit no one even considered using it in mm for memes
2017-04-08 15:21
Yes but it still could 1tap players with helmets, even if it was shit in every other aspect, thats the matter in question here
2017-04-08 15:22
The question should be, is it overpowered/unbalanced. The tec9 had other mechanics that allowed it to not be overpowered. imo the p250 is fine how it is
2017-04-08 15:23
you think the p250 is fine because the 57 and tec9 are so overpowered that they make a slightly overpowered pistol look fine. I think the perfect pistol balance would be: remove 1tap helmet ability from the p250, five seven and tec9 increase tec9 and 57 running innacuracy glock/usp/p2000/deagle/dualies are fine as it is
2017-04-08 15:27
increase running accuracy? are you off your nut? Why is everyone trying to make this game easier for noobs to play? run and gun in csgo should be impossible with every weapon
2017-04-08 15:27
running innacuracy
2017-04-08 15:27
fs man who writes it like that ahaha, but yeah that works. But imo, nerf the tec and five seven first and see how the p250 plays with 1tap ability. If it still ruins matches nerf it after
2017-04-08 15:28
everyone who has a good knowledge of the English language spells it as inaccuracy. no one separates in and accuracy
2017-04-08 15:41
you misunderstood what I meant. I would personally write "increase/decrease running inaccuracy" as "decrease/increase running accuracy".
2017-04-08 16:12
oh right, fair enough
2017-04-08 16:14
Toilet brusher?
2017-04-08 15:07
pistols = p250, tec9 and 57 they should nerf the dmg they can do at the close range because it's stupid that p250 can do more damage than both m4's when bullet hits head
2017-04-10 18:19
It's funny how the tec9 and cz was already nerfed several times and they are still this overpowered... You could still nerf the damage by 10 percent and they still will be overpowered it is that bad
2017-04-08 12:33
Just because some players are very good with them that doesn't mean that they should be nerfed.
2017-04-08 12:35
armored HS damage: USP - 70, M4 - 92, p250 - 107, tec9 117 dont see a problem there xd
2017-04-08 12:38
Eh.. p250 and tec9 have these stats when enemy is close.. at long range they are useless
2017-04-08 12:40
Denmark MrLagzy 
True - but at range, the p250 and TEC-9 become equal to the damage of the M4 headshot. I wouldn't nerf pistols much - but I'd rather se a small boost to the M4 so it also has 1 shot HS in close ranges.
2017-04-08 14:25
that would make ct sides op af
2017-04-08 15:18
Denmark MrLagzy 
How would it do so? if CT wins one round in the gun rounds and get AK's, its basically the same. Except that AK's has 1shot headshot at all ranges.
2017-04-08 16:34
making the m4 1 hit headshot at close range would have a huge impact. CTs still use m4s for the majority of the ct side regardless of the fact that they can pick up aks due to the fact they only have to die (not lose) to lose the AK. Rifles are fine, they shouldn't be touched. Just nerf running accuracy to the point where its impossible with anything but shotguns so all weapons require skill to use. Nerf tec and 5-7 1tap ability. That's it
2017-04-08 18:17
Denmark MrLagzy 
I still don't see how making the M4 1-hit headshot on close range overpowered for CT. Since they aren't it means all non-starter pistols are more powerful in close range than the M4. - Something I think is really strange. the AUG has 100 damage on close range headshots, but is still weaker than the AK - at such a higher price. I agree that pistols needs a nerf on movement, but I'd do it differently. I'd say that whenever one shoots with a pistol their movement is impaired a little, so they'll move slower. making them easier to hit targets. All except for the Deagle as its movement accuracy is already impossible.
2017-04-08 19:35
The M4 doesn't one-tap for a reason. The CTs have the "natural" advantage of defense, they hold angles, their weapons cost more to make up for that. Making the M4 a one shot kill would buff that advantage even more and make it even harder for Ts to crack a defense. Alternatively, you'd have to make spraying the M4 much harder, to balance it out, but changing the spray pattern would completely fuck everyone up. Yes, the pistols are somewhat OP. But I'm thinking Valve is looking at this from a spectator point of view. It's annoying for people playing the game (altho the rate of won pistol rounds in amateur play is probably much less) but a lot more exciting for specators at events, because you get a much higher rate of rounds with a chance, instead of boring eco-cleanups 10 times per match.
2017-04-09 10:41
Denmark MrLagzy 
I wouldn't say being on defense is a natural advantage on higher levels. so the m4 - thats 400 bucks more expensive than the AK47 - wouldn't be overpowered if it was one-shot headshot at close range. In addition if the counter-terrorist have won just 1 gun round they can get AK's from dropped dead bodies. I seriously see no reason to why the M4 can't have a 1-shot kill on close range headshots. At close ranges all non-starter pistols except for the Dual Berettas are 1-shot headshot at close range. Rush in with TEC-9 or P250 and hope they're close - and 9/10 times the pistol wins over the M4 at close range, because of the 1-shot kill. Right now Hellraisers are showing a great example of how to deal with terrorist on pistol rounds. Not losing a single round when FaZe are on eco. But I agree that pistols should have a minor nerf. And FaZe showing us how not to. :)
2017-04-09 11:46
India gucci_mane 
Yes and the players know that very well. They try to engage close quarters when they buy tec9.
2017-04-08 15:24
Kazakhstan NewDayNewFlag 
so? pistols are still better than m4 at close range, which makes it 50/50, while m4 costs 3k$ and not 300-500$ like these pistols, so how does it make any sense to you???
2017-04-08 16:32
but pistols should be good at close range that's the point XD
2017-04-08 16:54
Kazakhstan NewDayNewFlag 
"GOOD" at close range, but NOT better than rifles, are you stupid or what?
2017-04-08 16:55
They aren't better than the m4 at all. That's a fucking retarded statement. Put me in any situation and I would prefer an m4 over a pistol, any situation at all.
2017-04-08 18:18
because you are just a hltv noob, not pro player close distance pistol has same standing accuracy, better running accuracy, better running speed, and kills with 1 bullet (while m4s don't), the only downside is the ammo and firing speed, but it doesn't matter unless enemies rush you over together how can you not agree with that? these are the facts in csgo, not my opinion
2017-04-08 18:21
> the only downside is the ammo and firing speed which is more than enough to proof you are an idiot xD EOT
2017-04-10 19:52
call someone an idiot without any arguments and leave, wow man you really got me, you are a genius maybe explain what else did I miss?
2017-04-10 19:53
World SmartWeaboo 
they dont do it properly that's why , they should just stop this run and gun bs
2017-04-08 14:05
Brazil Waldemar H. 
I agree. Their damage is way to high and their accuracy while running kinda makes no sense to me. Yes those are pistols but being that accurate while running? nah. Their armor penetration should be lowered, as well as damage, a bit more inaccuracy and they are fixed.
2017-04-08 14:46
World SmartWeaboo 
Exactly , finally someone with a functioning brain , stop run and gun , even with rifles its common these days , it just looks like valve don't understand what made cs such a legendary game
2017-04-08 15:21
its not the damage, its the fact that you are accurate while moving
2017-04-08 14:30
Iceland _natas_ 
You do understand that there is people doing different things in a company? The developers that are working with the development of the game are probably not the same developers who are working with UI/UX and cases.
2017-04-08 12:35
+ Gaben said that only around 20 people work on CS:GO.
2017-04-08 12:35
Iceland _natas_ 
That is because the game is set, now is mostly updates and bug-fixes. If and when CS:GO 2 comes out they are going to throw in 100´s of more developers before and month's after release, then the majority of developers move on to another project and some stay behind working with the existing system
2017-04-08 12:37
that's how normal corp works. not in valve. they have freelancers that can choose on which projects they will work at the paid time. (check some videos interviewing valve devs)
2017-04-08 14:28
Rifles: can't move and shoot. Pistols: can move and shoot. "What could go wrong?" - Valve
2017-04-08 12:35
I see ppl run and shoot insta hs with ak everyday..
2017-04-08 14:01
World SmartWeaboo 
ikr lol , as someone who used to be smfc when i played , and always held short when i played a , i remember almost always dying to some idiot who panicked after i popflashed him , he just holds mouse UNO and runs like a fking retarded and somehow kills me
2017-04-08 14:07
Slovakia rage999 
it seems he is moving and shooting to you cuz ur playing online.
2017-04-08 14:48
No..they're actually moving and shooting. Try to play casual and u'll see silvers do this 8/10 works.
2017-04-08 15:18
Switzerland BottomFragger 
No, the matchup showed that both teams don't know how to deal with ecos. Watch Astralis vs VP or vs SK and you'll see significantly less forcebuy wins.
2017-04-08 12:37
to be fair it was a bit of both.
2017-04-08 13:53
The game will be fixed till Christmas 2017...
2017-04-08 12:38
Bulgaria _Jonathan_e 
you mean RIP'ED
2017-04-08 14:12
more or less and as i see people mentioning only weapons fixes. What about notorious hit boxes? There is so much to fix and my comment was more of a joke of course :D
2017-04-08 14:36
hitboxes are fine, if you can find a reproduceable problem with hitboxes please give me proof.
2017-04-08 15:48
poor b8 m8...
2017-04-08 15:54
My personal opinion, totally open to anyone here who is interested in debate, I currently play at the IM level in CS, so not semi-pro or anything but compete at a competitive level. 1. Make the running innaccuracy around the same as that of a CZ (it's pretty bad if you weren't aware, 3kliksphilip has a great video on it), and perhaps apply this to the fiveseven as well. 2. Make a CT-side UMP, one that has a suppressor. On T-side, I find the UMP to be completely balanced, however how cheap it is and how it can be utilized in close quarters so effectively, we need a less powerful CT version that is more expensive, similar to the MP9's contrast to the MAC10. 3. Increase the base damage on the FAMAS and Galil to be closer to the AK-47 & M4s. I did a post a while back on that at close range, the TEC9 does 12 more damage per shot than a FAMAS or a Galil, I don't think any gun should require five shots to get a kill. I simply think improving the base damage especially at range would boost the practicality of the T2 rifles.
2017-04-08 12:39
Finland kappaboi 
2017-04-08 13:58
tec9 = 4 hits to kill ak47 = 4 hits to kill
2017-04-08 12:39
Spain Kauka 
How much?
2017-04-08 12:39
G2 won 10 eco rounds Faze won 5 eco rounds xD
2017-04-08 12:39
G2 won 0 pistol rounds FaZe won 6 pistol rounds xD
2017-04-08 19:36
2017-04-09 09:54
They shouldnt be anyway that 5 pistols should be able to take down 5 ak's
2017-04-08 12:41
Retard. Each round should be winable regardless of the weapon.
2017-04-08 12:41
Argentina juanme555RIP 
If they dont wanna nerf pistols fine, but at least Buff riffles , reduce spread randomness and make first 3 bullets 100% accurate, players will think about it twice before forcebuying pistols with armor kit and nades etc
2017-04-08 12:41
for pistols to be good you need good aim which pros have /close
2017-04-08 12:44
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
i think valve are doing a great job balancing the game... you are all just some salty 1.6 nerds who think they know what's up.... csgo is the best that's ever been, deal with it...... ugh...
2017-04-08 14:04
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
This isn't a 1.6 vs CS:GO thread - it's just pointing out that pistols are CLEARLY over-powered.
2017-04-10 15:07
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
i thought brits are the masters of sarcasm + understanding it in any type of form lolz
2017-04-10 17:25
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
but.... your post...looks so serious :S damn :( instead of ugh you need to put Kappa my friend!
2017-04-10 18:15
Yes they are. I can't explain it in any other way.Tec9 should have been nerfer ages ago.
2017-04-08 14:09
I still find it insane that people don't expect pistols to be able to beat rifles as if it was some sort of a rule. While pistols will have a massive disadvantage at long and mid-range, if you manage to surprise your enemy and get close to him, you're very likely to emerge victorious out of such situations. Most teams are managing their anti-ecos so freaking bad. That's a much higher issue. NiP when they got Threat back in 2016 would never lose anti-ecos because they managed those so freaking well. Perhaps other teams should learn from them. Another problem that CS:GO has is its nonsense mechanics rather than the pistols themselves. Peeker's advantage and jigglepeeking shouldn't be possible. I've played a ton of shooters and I've never seen one that gives the peeker a more massive advantage than CS:GO. And this is complete nonsense since the peeker is always the one who has the disadvantage. The fact that you can run and gun with pistols while maintaining the advantage while peeking is the broken part of the game, not the pistols themselves. Also, jiggle peeking abuses pretty much the peeker's advantage mechanic since you will take the shot before the other guy can even react, all while hardly ever exposing yourself. This community is almost entirely made of deluded kids who think that this shooter is better than any other shooter and that there are some minor tweaks that Valve needs to do in order to balance it out. Sad news: this shooter is not better than any other triple-A title out there, in fact it's much worse. It runs on an ancient engine with a shit netcode and awful hitreg, it's full of inconsistencies and nonsense mechanics. Urging Valve to change weapon stats will not change the larger issues. Other weapons will emerge as 'op' since the ones that they're gonna nerf will become useless. Also, since it's such a big competitive game, they can't change its core mechanics so get used to seeing such bullshit happening from now on.
2017-04-08 14:17
jiggle peek is fine imo it increase the skill cap and as shroud said it is not effective when you're on lan because a if you have good reflexes it's easy to hit a tiny too far a or d strafe movement while what needs to be changed is the 1shot kill of the pistol at close range that's literally ridicolous
2017-04-08 14:21
Or they can design a new damage model for the m4 which allows it to do a one shot headshot kill at close range as well.
2017-04-08 14:37
#42 or they need to increase the fire rate of the m4a1s and just delete the m4a4 :// try to balance one CT gun not two (retarded valve logic) m4a1s = no oneshot with helmet but superior spray to AK ak = insta headshot with helmet but loses in spray battle at least then there is some advantage to m4a1s
2017-04-08 14:39
I actually like the fact that there are 2 m4 with different purposes. One of the very few things that allows the individual to be tactical in this game. I hate that you have to choose one at the beginning of the game, though. Maybe at some point you switch your position to one in which the a4 would be more suited while you have the a1 equipped. And it's a shame since the fact that you can't choose between the two guns while you're in the game limits one of the few opportunities that this CS offers in terms of variety.
2017-04-08 14:49
no first they need to remove the 1shot kills of pistol is just a cheap mechanic and ruins the importance of the rifles and is just op im not sure the m4 1kill is a good thing at all that should remain an exclusive of ak and sg
2017-04-08 14:40
Removing that would make the pistols underpowered at close range. Don't forget that the p250 can't even kill a target without a helmet at longer range. Its damage model is just fine. And the importance of rifles is reduced by retards who engage pistols at close range. If you're dumb enough to do that, then you deserve to lose. It's exactly what I said in my other post: people don't know how to manage anti-ecos. At this point, it's their issue, not the game's issue.
2017-04-08 14:49
then they just need to rework the ratio of the pitol dmg like keep invariated the dmg at long medium distance and just change that at short anyway imo is undoubtly op the running and 1shot with p250/tec9 the thing that you mentioned doesn't matter, the pistols would be good anyway because they always work good when you swarm an enemy and is almost 1x1 trade assured on the other hand you have rightly less mobility with the rifle but you have to be able to at least react to the 1st shot of a pistol no matter what range
2017-04-08 14:49
It depends. If you swarm the enemy in a tight chokepoint, the rifles are gonna spray you down. If you do it in an open area and you keep distance from your teammates, you will attack the other team that uses rifles from multiple angles. At this point indeed you have a chance to beat the rifles but unless you're able to get close the rifles will still have a very big advantage.
2017-04-08 14:54
nt gaben csgo = 7/10 money-grab remake
2017-04-08 14:36
You can make a case for that claim. It runs on the same engine as CS Source. There's an 8 year distance between the two of them. The engine on which the CS series is running hasn't been changed for like 13 years.
2017-04-08 14:40
they just need to remove the oneshot potential from all pistol apart from dgl for the pistol id go with close distance dmg as follow: 80hp p250 hs 90hp tec9/five7/cz and 95 dmg at close distance for m4s that would be really simple and put more of a fair play
2017-04-08 14:17
Denmark MrLagzy 
What this game showed us, is that you have to change your play style against pistol rounds, sticking more together as a team, rather than walking awkwardly into off-angles that pistol players usually stay at. That's why playing against pistols with rifles, stick as a team and hit fast before they achieve off-angles crossfires.
2017-04-08 14:27
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
If only teams in the pro-scene had MrLagzy as their manager!
2017-04-10 15:11
Denmark MrLagzy 
Thanks for the compliment :D
2017-04-13 16:59
2017-04-08 14:28
Syria Gonezxzx 
Valve keep pistols overpowered because they're American and that's how they kill each other irl
2017-04-08 14:29
we moved on to assault rifles irl
2017-04-08 14:33
1) FIX movement accuracy. apply newtons momentum law to CSGO. something in motion that suddenly stops will continue to move for a split second on its own. this is the sole reason T-side is becoming OP and awp is OP. and whenever you are in motion you have inaccurate shots. 2) FIX economy. forcebuys are almost as good as normalbuys. make it somewhere between 1.6 and CSGO. at this point there is no more advantage to winning a rifle round. it's getting retarded. 3) increase m4a1s tapping potential or firerate. AK should be oneshot, m4a1s should be superior in spray. restore some balance because atm AK is so blatantly OP. 4) like #13 said remove UMP from CT side and replace it with MP5-NAVY which has lesser stats. 5) fix FAMAS burst-fire mode to something relevant again. galil is fine. 6) rethink kevlar/helmet. with helmet nothing except deagle or AK or AWP should oneshot you with headshot. without kevlar most pistols can insta headshot you. nerf aimpunch just a litle bit.
2017-04-08 14:33
pls do tell me how making the game 110% ct sided with momentum is gonna fix anything? u do realize it would make camping ct's have huge advantage since t's have to wait for the movement to stop before being able to fire accurate shots.
2017-04-10 18:34
maybe do it only for the awp and not for the rifles.
2017-04-10 19:42
United States HighFuel 
tell us something we don't know
2017-04-08 14:35
priority #1 get rid of hordes of cheaters in mm, esea, faceit and so on. dudes with 3000 games get banned because of cheating on faceit and ESEA is like "welcome to esea" and let them play forever ignoring faceitban and so on.
2017-04-08 14:38
or stop the pug culture and kick people from your own server who cheat LUL. pug culture enables cheaters to thrive. if you play mid level team cs cheaters are shunned by all decent players.
2017-04-08 14:40
yeah you can see that on pro level too. clean as f*** and cheaters shunned by all "decent" players. nice comment. does not make any sense at all but it's your god given right to say whatever you want.
2017-04-08 15:30
good players don't like to play with cheaters. pro's they maybe accept cheaters because if they do they got cheaters on their own team and then it's for the money. normal good players don't have money incentive to allow cheaters.
2017-04-08 16:32
They will not make CS:Go into a 100% skill game that's why they bring mostly stupid useless mainstream Updates so the bad player have also a chance.
2017-04-08 14:44
cheap ass pistols shouldn't oneshot through helmet close range. that makes them currently better than smgs or even rifles like m4 and that shouldn't be the case. it's just piss poor balance
2017-04-08 14:45
dunno. all i want Valve to do is to buff dual berettas T_T
2017-04-08 14:45
pistols dont need nerf, stop complaining, if you really think this game is broken or something, go play some ez shit like LoL, crossfire, minecraft etc #thecryisfree #csforrealmanwithhonor
2017-04-08 14:52
five-seven, tech9, p250, usp-s, ump, deagle needs some fix
2017-04-08 15:11
most of these are actually balanced and take skill except for tec-9 and 5-7
2017-04-09 10:27
Australia legesex 
2017-04-08 15:23
Sweden godname 
2017-04-08 16:35
pistols arent the problem here. its the stupid fucking movement and how csgo behaves as a game in general. people are fucking iceskating through the map, no time to react, adadadad in pistol duels spamming dem guns hopeing for a lucky hs. its all in all cancer the best update valve ever did was the rifle/pistol nerf back in the day, csgo actually felt like a real competitive shooter, not like a stupid arcade game.
2017-04-08 16:59
you know what's painful, jumping into a HS only server with m4a1-s and doing 91 damage to someone and getting 1 tapped with 5-7. Still, at long ranges, its double dinks all day
2017-04-08 17:14
Pistols are more OP in CS:Source. Less recoil.
2017-04-09 10:11
2017-04-09 10:51
nerf kek-9 ffs
2017-04-10 14:39
how can you know if they need to be nerfed or not without having the statistics that are available for valve? If pistols needs to be nerfed, why isnt people choosing to paly with pistols over rifles?
2017-04-10 14:42
Finland kappaboi 
ofc rifles are better but you can easily win round only with pistols, like p250, tec9 etc. UMP is really stupid too, costs $1200 and kill reward is $600 and it's stupidly overpowered
2017-04-10 18:19
if its op, players would favour it over rifles all the time. That isnt happening.
2017-04-11 11:08
Finland kappaboi 
It's used over galil and famas
2017-04-11 11:16
used over two guns -> OP :D? If it would be op, it would be used over every weapon. So, is ak OP as it is used over famas and galil also?
2017-04-11 19:05
Maybe tec9 and fiveseven could be nerfed. I think they should keep the deagle the way it is now.
2017-04-10 14:56
They should just make it so you can oneshot only with deagle, kinda stupid to have a 3100$ m4 that's worse on close quarters than 5-7,tec-9, cz.
2017-04-10 14:59
p250 is best pistol by far imo (but that's because i have bought it almost every pistol round since i'm very practiced with it) overall, pistols could probably use a tiny nerf but whatever.
2017-04-10 18:17
its kinda weird among the pistols. strong aimers seem to prefer p250(players like scream, f0rest etc.) yet the tec9 guys are usually more effective on forcebuys. :P
2017-04-10 18:42
Brazil NaScene 
Mad cuz lost???
2017-04-10 18:43
not only do you need excellent aim to use pistols sucefully you also need to know how to play them, example you lose first round force second enemies will have ump/p90/mac's dont play close angles alone, try playing either lurk, long range or holding angles with 2 more guys to have a chance 5/7 and tec 9 are awefull at long range, p250 is kinda the best pistol, glock is useless and usp only if you know for a fact enemy doenst have head armor, deagle requires very good aim, reaction and movement, so i really dont know what your on about
2017-04-10 20:13
You don't need excellent aim, just above dmg aim to use pistols easily. Tec9 and 5/7 are too powerful mid/close range cuz of 1 hs kill, and you can spam them without a problem too.
2017-04-11 11:19
i think Five seven i only pistol wich shoul not be 1dink 1kill close range to helmet, damage nerf
2017-04-11 11:11
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