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Xyp9x xddddddddddd
France Pronax_3_Major_NiKo_0_Major 
This guy is just blatantly cheating, not even fun anymore
2017-04-09 20:58
Israel Encryp7eD 
that's a shame that 3/5 of astralis are cheating...
2017-04-09 21:09
2017-04-09 21:18
United Kingdom Frumpyy 
ye tbh, prefire spot
2017-04-09 21:21
Astralis can get away with fucking anything at this point and even laugh about it while doing it
2017-04-09 21:00
yeah why wouldn't they be laughing? they get money that they can live of for the rest of their life without having to work when they're done with this computer game.
2017-04-09 21:01
I hope they have to pay back their price money when they finally get banned
2017-04-09 21:02
Poland B0bak 
Sadly it won't happen. They won't get banned in the next 5 years, even if all 5 of them were spinbotting, that's how good anti-cheat security is
2017-04-09 21:05
those cheaters will never be banned if Valve keep having a anticheat that probably never gonna find custom made private cheats. So they gonna keep on cheating until they feel they got enough money so they can retire, living very rich and well for the rest of their life with just a couple of years cheating while others have to work for their whole life on "normal" jobs. No wonder they laugh tbh..
2017-04-09 21:06
he doesnt even try to hide it one bit
2017-04-09 21:00
siema i disagree
2017-04-09 21:01
Yes he is cheating... With your mother. Later, bitch.
2017-04-09 21:05
World spaaace 
that clip is just him spamming the left corner of the b entrace, just so happens theres a guy on the other side of the map
2017-04-09 21:10
yup, too many Dan m's here. Finally somebody with a brain :D
2017-04-09 21:20
France ColonelAnders 
He doesn't even care anymore, this is incredible haha He got 13 kills first half, but 6 or 7 of them in smokes lmao Between him, gla1ve with the kills in smoke too, and Kjaerbye with the parkinson aim, Astralis era is just starting I guess
2017-04-09 21:11
United States esoh 
What happened to all of SK are G2 who were supposed to be blatant cheating as well? Did did they stop paying their developers?
2017-04-09 21:12
stopped cheating after too much exposure just like fnatic how flusha suddently stopped "lifting" his mouse and going from 20 clips/week to zero.
2017-04-09 21:21
United States esoh 
Flusha went from 20 clips in a 6 month-1 year compilation period to a couple every month, same as every other player How hard you have to manipulate the truth to stretch your conspiracy garbage is incredible. edit: the best part for you is in 6 months when Astralis starts slumping you can claim that they got so much exposure on HLTV and Youtube videos that they had to stop before they got busted. Logic game strong for you tinfoil wearers.
2017-04-09 21:25
Awww yissss this vodka lemonade gon be lit
2017-04-09 21:13
France MarioReL 
its funny how all hltv users want to try to prove that the actual best team in the world cheat, back in the days that was flusha and krimz for fnatic, nbk shox and kio for ldlc, cold taco and fallen for SK...pls stop it, that not funny anymore like you said
2017-04-09 21:25
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