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Portugal JonhLemon 
Does anyone has any more of that sweet ass trap drops like this one: /watch?v=S6zJUDcf-yQ
2017-04-09 23:15
Ahh Trap, perfect for 12 yos
2017-04-09 23:17
2017-04-10 02:18
2017-04-10 16:41
Argentina wfc 
2017-04-10 05:19
wassup with that link dawg
2017-04-09 23:20
Trap music sounds like how you think it would smell (dirty vah Jay Jay)
2017-04-10 04:49
hecker | 
World heck9r Besides Trap is not my favourite music, I thought this mix by Alison Wonderland is pretty sick. Hf with it
2017-04-09 23:22
thats what i call bad trap lmao, go to trap nation and enjoy
2017-04-09 23:24
hecker | 
World heck9r 
You can tell after ~2 mins of listening? :P It's okay if it's not your taste, music is very subjective, but it terms of "quality trap" this is probably one of the best (source: I'm really into electronic music in general for like 15 years now)
2017-04-09 23:26
her set at EDC LV 2016 was terrible
2017-04-09 23:29
hecker | 
World heck9r 
Could be, have never seen her live, but I like this set above... whatever ;D
2017-04-09 23:30
lol dude, i know pretty much all the good trap songs, this is just overhyped like usual, if you geniually think this is good... just go to trap city or trap nation and you'll easily find a song with less views that is 10x better 'one of the best' lmao dude, and you are into electro a lot? Dont make me laugh
2017-04-10 01:49
hecker | 
World heck9r 
I already said and I will admit again that trap music is my least favourite genre and therefore I dont have much knowledge about it. "Electronic music" includes so many genres though, I cant be an expert on all of them ;)
2017-04-10 13:34
jOELZ | 
Europe P3rial 
Trap nation has a lot of shitty tracks, trap city is much better
2017-04-09 23:35
Damn this is a sick mix. mad props. +1 for the find.
2017-04-10 01:49
can you give me more pls?
2017-04-09 23:27
first 3
2017-04-09 23:34
Italy ErR0Rleet Try those, also, do you like slower or faster beat? A bit of bass boost?
2017-04-09 23:37
ty i like it
2017-04-09 23:39
United States r0seCS 
wtf this music is so shit i thought u meant trap like rap music from the trap
2017-04-09 23:29
jOELZ | 
Europe P3rial 
I wouldn't mind if you post rap with trap
2017-04-09 23:35
United States r0seCS 
no i mean like migos, 21 savage, all those ppl they are from the trap (Atlanta Ghetto) and so the type of music they make is called trap music this type of trap EDM is for like 12yr olds
2017-04-09 23:37
lmao, mad cuz this your american shit is pretty much shit (not compared to this song but to other trap songs) literally, salty ppl that cant handle it
2017-04-10 01:51
mimi | 
Brunei Sveeden 
2017-04-09 23:34
LOL that is what i call rap that is total crap, the guy cant sing or rap at all and is fucking boring, music is total shit, LOL dude... so pathetic haha, that you kids listen to this nowadays, funny ;)
2017-04-10 01:52
k0nfig | 
Denmark QDouble 
Not bad but nothing special
2017-04-09 23:34
2017-04-09 23:40
EDM trap is shit
2017-04-09 23:44
nitr0 | 
United Kingdom TTHump 
EDM trap lmao fuck off
2017-04-09 23:50
Trap is hip hop. Don't call this appropriated edm bullshit trap.
2017-04-10 01:50
Trap is not hip hop lmao, trap is edm. Btw 'trap' hip hop is total shit, literally, what i hear on the radio, i never thought rap can be this bad, literally ppl just talking with nothing behind it at all and always the fucking same music. I literally cringe when i see its in 'top 3' of a playlist lmao, wtf... how can ppl even listen to that shit
2017-04-10 01:55
No. Trap music has been around long before this EDM appropriated nonsense. Get your facts straight.
2017-04-10 01:56
yeah but know times have changed, now when ppl hear trap, then they think about edm. Not anymore about a shity hip hop genre that has no future, at least edm is good
2017-04-10 01:57
Literally most of the EDM trap stars nowadays will be broke and nowhere in 5 years. The EDM bubble is already popping. Trap in terms of rap has influenced pop radio more than any other genre in the past 5 years. That's just a fact. I'd go to a trap producer DJ set over an EDM trap dj set anyday. Respect the culture that birthed EDM trap. Also, you talking about trap all sounding the same... literally EDM trap has the same drops and basically the same cadences. One person makes a dope track and 10 people jump on a remix. gtfoh
2017-04-10 01:59
Yeah well i dont say all of the trap is good, i personally hate the top 10 songs almost, but there are other great songs that are not remixes which are real trap Its always the same? maybe think about your hip hop then lol, always same kind of music behind it and the rappers usually cant sing shit, so bad dude...
2017-04-10 02:17
Yes. all trap is the same bpm and the drops are so generic. i can count on one hand of good trap artists. not all hip hop sounds the same. there are different types of hip hop. and actually the trap music genre (the REAL trap music. get off your EDM wave) has grown to be very versatile with young thug spreading out to different genres and how metro boomin and plenty of other trap producers have started producing and collaborating with pop stars. EDM certainly hasn't done that.
2017-04-10 02:57
drops are generic lmao, i can immediately call one song that is better than any drop of your retarded hip hop
2017-04-10 03:07
drops aren't the end all be all of music. according to you it is. that really demonstrates your comprehension of music. no point in arguing with a pleb. have a good night.
2017-04-10 03:17
well, if in every trap hip hop song i listen to, the drop is total shit and the guy cant rap at all, what then lol... stick to your retarded american stuff, literally nobody listen that here in europe lmao bc its that bad
2017-04-10 03:23
Actually not true. Skepta has collabed with thugga a milliion times. the fact that you think there are drops in trap songs makes you an idiot on the subject of music. holy shit you are dumb.
2017-04-10 04:16
shox | 
Iceland evil_pimp 
I think I got autism after reading your comments holy shit
2017-04-10 05:07
Norway MonoclePig2 
This is where I find my trap
2017-04-10 02:11
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
2017-04-10 02:15 join us
2017-04-10 02:17
Europe loonek4 
traps are gay
2017-04-10 03:07
so much hate here. i liked the drop
2017-04-10 03:16
EDM garbage
2017-04-10 04:21
Switch to music bastard, leave this piece of crap for those who really like it and dare to call it 'music'
2017-04-10 04:23
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