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Germany larsmeister Bombexplosion on Team Bus of Dortmund. Garbage World
2017-04-11 20:25
Poland Matt2121 
Thx Merkel
2017-04-11 20:27
Poland sajlent 
more muslims they're friendly
2017-04-11 20:30
2017-04-11 20:30
nt muslim bastards. BVB 2 stronk, 2 smart for you.
2017-04-11 20:43
2017-04-12 02:34
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
Holy shit that image is the best image I've seen today hahahaha "Refugees Welcome". I guess they'll rethink that after today... Rapefugees not Welcome TRUMP WAS RIGHT
2017-04-12 02:38
there's literally no clue over the whole internet on who was involved into the "bombing".
2017-04-12 13:08
Denmark smegma 
Allahu Akbar!!!!!
2017-04-11 20:47
obviously dortmund players offended muslims first. they were wearing to short skirts
2017-04-11 20:49
marco reus not wearing burka just triggered them.
2017-04-11 20:54
2017-04-12 18:52
Poland trancemeister 
good joob Merkel! more muslims. Germany evolved in Germanistan. /confirmed.
2017-04-11 20:51
why you care about Germany? care about ur country first, I like how Polaks are so worried about the future of Germany lol, because if Germany falls Poland goes behind, nothing new
2017-04-11 22:42
but it's true, in poland there is no problem with ethnic minorities
2017-04-11 22:55
no border in Europe, terrorist can go everywhere
2017-04-12 00:11
Poland trancemeister 
Poland , Czech Republic , Croatia , Serbia , Montenegro , Hungary , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Slovenia , Slovakia , Romania , Albania , Ukraine and terrorist attack? i aren't think that. No muslims = no problem.
2017-04-12 10:31
chrisJ | 
Germany 1buffen 
well russia is against muslims aswell and they had a metro bombing
2017-04-12 10:45
Yee but notice how big russia is and there is mix of cultures. At south and far east almost everyone is muslim, so they need to just travel "inside the country" and bomb, eg. moscow.
2017-04-12 10:53
Well far east isn't Muslim or am i wrong? I mean like the parts around Wladiwostok..Probably the south of course but i see your point
2017-04-12 10:59
Afaik all the "small nations" of siberia or at least huge majority are muslim.
2017-04-12 11:04
The attack on the metro was done by Akbarzon Dzalilow, not Isis probably. He comes from Kirigistan :)
2017-04-12 11:08
Well not every Muslim belongs to isis
2017-04-12 11:09
i agree, but i just wanna say than Germany is making immigration decision fot the entire continent, and thats not democratic, once they got the right to stay in germany they got the right to stay in Europe and move everywhere
2017-04-12 14:24
2017-04-11 20:56
gj merkel. more muslims, more arabs, more terrorists.
2017-04-11 21:01
Malaysia byaIi 
think if pro player from cs died in exposion what hltv would be happend
2017-04-11 21:41
what you expect from a muslim xD
2017-04-11 22:55
2017-04-12 01:44
LUq | 
Poland Kurpiszyn 
bomb attack
2017-04-12 13:33
type ig google attack in dortmund,hltv is first on list xd
2017-04-11 23:02
allah akbar xd
2017-04-12 00:08
2017-04-12 00:50
Brazil bandicoot 
any info on who planted the bombs?
2017-04-12 02:01
the person isn't known yet but German police found out what car the person came with and is currently searching for it. the license plate hasn't been published and only confirmed to be a "non German plate"
2017-04-12 02:12
Denmark smegma 
ISIS did they found a claim of responsibility
2017-04-12 13:19
Ousmane Dambele and Nuri Sahin are Muslims. What a pathetic insult to those players if you believe this is what Islam teaches.
2017-04-12 02:05
they werent hurt
2017-04-12 02:38
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
Qur'an 9:29 "Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection."
2017-04-12 05:20
Cherry picking is easy, everyone can do that. Surely it's apparent that you seem to ignore verses before that and verses after that nor the context that it was used in and why it was said in that manner which everything is of course explained by our Scholars of the past but noooo you don't want to read. I suppose you speak out for us then and claim to have a better understanding of our(own) religion?
2017-04-12 06:08
Poland Mateo29 
Poland Best country in eu
2017-04-12 10:47
if you mean best at taking money from the EU but giving literally no fuck about its statutes, rules and commendmends, yeah then you're right.
2017-04-12 13:15
Yes yes everytime ive to read same story on HLTV, "Spain, Greece, Portugal, Poland wouldn't survive without EU money" :> Meanwhile we've germans media (who tries to control our people), banks, shops in Poland so may you already fk off from my country? We aren't your colony.
2017-04-12 18:41
You used to be our colony though ;) Enough immature jokes, there's a reason why there are German banks and shops in Poland: Because your infrastructure is too weak to get their own banks and shopping-franchises running.
2017-04-12 18:43
I hope Poland will quit EU. We dont need u
2017-04-12 18:54
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