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Barcelona v Madrid
Belgium ysnNNN 
What's your predictions for el Clasico? For me it will be 2-1 Barca
2012-04-21 12:44
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Sweden raveN4s[A]
2012-04-21 12:50
3-0 Madrid Hala Madrid!
2012-04-21 12:51
hahahahaha :DD
2012-04-21 17:32
hahahahahahah :D
2012-04-21 17:46
hahaha +100500
2012-04-21 18:26
2012-04-21 18:28
what about barca now ?They lost LIGA ? LOL
2012-04-21 21:57
each of those were stolen from iniesta or xavi, the reason of the spanish domination. messi is nothing without his teammates.
2012-04-21 21:58
never heard biggest bullshit
2012-04-21 23:02
yes you never heard the biggest bullshit... and you never will... but dbie is right... messi is nothing without his team.. you can see how he sucks cock without barca...
2012-04-21 23:26
How is that relevant? That's like saying Schumacher sucks driving Formula 2. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. It's the same with talking about argentina. Where does he spend 95% of his time, with barca or the argentinian national team?
2012-04-23 18:35
look at him in Argentina national team....
2012-04-22 12:18
How about C.Ronaldo in his national team? Did Portugal win something international and i don't know it??
2012-04-23 00:44
Did Argentina?
2012-04-23 03:18
No , niether Argentina did. But you, the portuguese say that, at the national team level, C.Ronaldo is better than Messi. And i ask: is better based on what?
2012-04-23 14:49
2012-04-23 16:04
No shit sherlock. As all we can see, C.Ronaldo is better player in our national team than messi in his national team. But fuck it, Romenia and his mutu or wtv he is called are the titans.
2012-04-23 13:16
Is better based on what? I've asked you: did he won something and i don't know it? Answer: no! So?
2012-04-23 14:47
2012-04-23 15:52
So joooozinho[: - <3 KK, you are 10yrs old? Tell me you have, and i will close the discussion. If not, then: None of them have won something at international level. So why the f**k you say that C.Ronaldo>Messi?? I don't get it! And yes, looking at clubs level, Messi performances are much much better that C.Ronaldo's. Messi awards are here: C.Ronaldo's awards are here: So let the full subjectivity away and THINK A LITTLE BIT. And you will have a big surprise.
2012-04-23 18:46
someone is mad. because i didnt talk to u about awards in general did I? well u have my answer. bye kiss
2012-04-23 21:09
So when you haven't certain and clear respons you came with this sh*t? Well then! Have a nice life!
2012-04-23 21:24
ok gipsy, dont come to my country then.
2012-04-23 21:36
CR at least has accomplished something in Premier League, and Messi? other than Barça?
2012-04-23 21:48
Omg =)). So that's why C.Ronaldo is better than Messi, cause he has accomplisment in Premier League, and Messi doesn't? =)) OMG. Ok then.
2012-04-23 21:55
CR has done much thing in this 2 leagues. Messi only accomplished in Barca, Spain. My point was Can Messi make any accomplish in another league or another team? CR has done this but Messi can?
2012-04-23 22:39
No, but Ronaldo is more efficient for his national team than Messi for Argentina, Higuain > Messi at Argentina's national team.
2012-04-28 21:44
1. C.Ronaldo have scored 32 goals in 88 caps for Portugal, and Messi have scored 22 goals in 67 caps for Argentina. I say it's not a big deal, if we look at the caps between them. 2. If you say C.Ronaldo>Messi just cause he is "more efficient" for his national team, then all of us should go sleep. Not to mention that Messi won Golden Ball 3 times in row, and your beloved C.Ronaldo? I don't say Ronaldo is bad player, but the facts says that he is lower than Messi.
2012-04-28 22:19
I was just talking about their national teams where Ronaldo is better. You can go to sleep.
2012-04-28 22:31
You are insane! "RatzY - <3 f0rest", WHY C.RONALDO IS BETTER THAN MESSI AT HIS NATIONAL TEAM? SHOW ME FACTS, NOT WORDS! Now go sleep and when you wake up tomorrow morning, try to find some obvious things to proof your words. I'm afraid of how much stupidity exist on this earth! :O
2012-04-28 22:38
Yea, I'm sorry for your stupidity. No sense to talk with a pillock and stubborn guy...
2012-04-28 22:45
Is it clear? because for me not :D
2012-04-21 22:48
HAAHAHAHA +1231231213123
2012-04-23 01:04
gl Madrid! gl Ronaldo!
2012-04-21 12:52
HALA MADRID 3 x C.Ronaldo!!! Messi falls in a banana peel and brakes his stupid little dwarf legs!
2012-04-21 12:53
Penalties - Barcelona 2+
2012-04-21 13:01
haha +1
2012-04-21 13:06
Azerbaijan Talley
2012-04-21 15:22
barca ofc.
2012-04-21 13:02
2012-04-21 13:05
Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid
2012-04-21 13:06
2012-04-21 22:14
2012-04-21 22:28
Algeria DeyMed
nice guess
2012-04-21 22:34
2012-04-21 22:49
nice :D
2012-04-21 23:00
wow :)
2012-04-21 23:01
2012-04-21 23:49
Thanks everyone xD
2012-04-22 06:19
2012-04-21 13:06
Poland qater-
I hope for Madrid, but I would be happy with a draw :D
2012-04-21 13:08
2012-04-21 13:09
I hope for a win by Real Madrid, or at least a tie.
2012-04-21 13:09
Barcelona uefa platini 2-1 Real Madrid
2012-04-21 13:10
3-1 for barca <3
2012-04-21 13:14
Barca manita - 0 madrid
2012-04-21 13:15
is the game today and when?
2012-04-21 13:19
today at 20:00 CET
2012-04-21 13:59
2012-04-21 14:04
3:1 Barcelona
2012-04-21 14:10
2 - 0 for !
2012-04-21 14:17
barcelona :3
2012-04-21 14:18
Referee - 2 Madrid - 0 :D
2012-04-21 14:18
barca as usual))
2012-04-21 15:07
2012-04-21 15:09
2012-04-21 15:10
Sopcast is the best way for those who want to watch it online. Here you'll have all the links to the sopcast streams.
2012-04-21 15:51
Hope Real takes it. F*ck Barca and their 4-3-3-3 tactics.
2012-04-21 15:10
13 players? what sport are you watching?!
2012-04-21 17:50
double facepalm -_-
2012-04-21 18:17
2012-04-21 18:23
2012-04-21 18:35
he mean Referees with them
2012-04-21 23:02
gogo cr7 ~
2012-04-21 15:11
Teams: (99% sure) Real: Casillas, Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Khedira, Alonso, Oezil, Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Puyol, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Fabregas, Messi, Pedro, Undiano Mallenco
2012-04-21 15:16
U confused me by including the referee who the fuck is this and then i remembered.
2012-04-21 15:18
I think Adriano Correia will play instead of Pique for Barcelona.
2012-04-21 15:26
2012-04-21 15:22
Probably, you have no clue about football.
2012-04-21 15:27
:D:D +1
2012-04-21 15:34
ofc ?You don't know everything about football
2012-04-21 21:57
oukej, match winnish and you are clever!? haters gonna hate..
2012-04-21 22:13
you said ofc like it was obvious dumb fanboy
2012-04-21 23:49
2012-04-23 18:37
Haters gonna hate and what is your first comment (#31)?
2012-04-23 22:58
and? I am not RM fan
2012-04-24 16:34
2012-04-24 16:39
Wow nice answer! I don't care about some video so why are you posting it?
2012-04-24 16:44
Because, you are supertruper internet hero and I am homostupid. trololol
2012-04-24 16:50
It seems that Mourinho will play offensively and stupidly again. The only teams who were difficult to Barça in the last few years played defensively, Inter, Milan and now Chelsea. Anyway hope for a good match
2012-04-21 15:24
Russia goodjob
hmm who was coach of Inter?
2012-04-21 15:52
That's what fucks my mind up. Mourinho knows that :)
2012-04-21 16:03
Finally he read your post :D
2012-04-22 23:53
+1 Altough I think it has very much to do with his pride. When you have such lineup with very skilled players it would be stupid and coward of them to sit in defence.. :D
2012-04-21 16:09
last game they went offensive in second half , scored 2 goals , and almost beat them in supercup at camp nou anyway , i think real will lose here by 2 goals minimum /i'm real's supporter/ and they are still gonna win la liga with all 4 wins after this game they are out of the shape lately and hopefully they will wake up and take one point today , but if not , than on wednesday and beat bayern
2012-04-21 16:10
guess it went better than expected :P
2012-04-23 14:52
yes :) i was screaming like a little bitch
2012-04-23 17:39
lol :)) 2 -0
2012-04-21 16:11
7-1 barca
2012-04-21 16:36
Serious ? LOOOL LMAO u suck
2012-04-21 21:58
3-2 for Real Madrid (2 goals from 45m for Cristiano Ronaldo and one goal for Benzema)
2012-04-21 16:37
2012-04-21 16:45
GOOO REAL HALA MADRID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-04-21 17:13
real madrid 1-0 barcelona
2012-04-21 17:15
2012-04-21 17:21
2012-04-21 17:24
20:00 CET
2012-04-21 17:39
REAL 2-1
2012-04-21 17:23
2012-04-21 22:28
3-3 real
2012-04-21 17:26
hahahaha +4
2012-04-21 17:27
HALA MADRID ! ofc not 3:1 for Barcelona
2012-04-21 17:45
Go barcelona , GL MESSI =D
2012-04-21 17:48
Bye bye
2012-04-21 21:58
fanboy :D LMAO
2012-04-25 02:09
hell no I don't support a random club just because the best player in the world is in, and is also argentinian.
2012-04-25 09:17
you serius problem
2012-04-25 18:50
2012-04-21 17:49
5-0 barca CR7 will cry like GTR
2012-04-21 18:14
who's crying now ?
2012-04-21 21:58
real madrid 2x0!!!!
2012-04-21 18:31
barca 3-1
2012-04-21 18:32
i dont care who wins, i just hope its going to be a hard game for rm (maybe some injuries :D) so it will be a bit easy for bayern on wednesday
2012-04-21 18:38
Typical for szwabs :D
2012-04-21 22:46
barça wins 2 0
2012-04-21 18:49
2012-04-21 19:50
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
Real madrid wining every time ofc and today :)
2012-04-21 19:52
spanish cup final?
2012-04-21 20:23
what now?>
2012-04-21 22:03
Coentrão playing instead of Marcelo again...
2012-04-21 19:57
yes but he is playing good
2012-04-21 20:51
he is good, shit happens sometimes, they're human -.-
2012-04-21 22:17
4 0 for real [this is a message for paulo]
2012-04-21 19:57
any working stream plz?
2012-04-21 20:00
barca 16/7 real
2012-04-21 20:00
Any stream?
2012-04-21 20:13
link stream ¿??
2012-04-21 20:13
2012-04-21 20:14
2012-04-21 20:47
2012-04-21 20:17
2012-04-21 20:18
goooooooooooooooolesooooooooooooooooo <3
2012-04-21 20:18
sami <3333
2012-04-21 20:21
Barcelona 0-1 RM!
2012-04-21 20:24
3-2 To Real Madrid ;)
2012-04-21 20:24
Europe chespiZ
i need a stream with rahim XD
2012-04-21 20:33
Some polish stream?
2012-04-21 20:35
2012-04-21 20:49
Puziol, Arbeloja, this is a good translation of surnames in polish language or maybe Pujol, Arbeloa?
2012-04-21 20:53
I love your nickname =DDD
2012-04-21 22:05
dammit freefootball is down and i cannot find any decent quality streams D:
2012-04-21 20:36
Europe chespiZ
2012-04-21 20:37
2012-04-21 20:40
cheers mate, not the best quality but at least its english commentary
2012-04-21 20:40
Europe chespiZ
if u wanna see a good stream hd pay dude
2012-04-21 20:45
i usually find them at freefootball but its currently down mate
2012-04-21 20:47 best website ever, trust me
2012-04-21 23:01
i watch hd for free wut? with sopcast
2012-04-21 20:55
What a shitgoal from Real.
2012-04-21 20:47
yeah, but they scored, that's what matters
2012-04-21 20:50
What a shitgoal from barca Oh wait
2012-04-21 20:53
yeah wait barca scores no shitgoals only perfect ones
2012-04-21 20:54
look at their goal LOL are u mad ?
2012-04-21 21:59
another valdes' fault, once you catch the ball never let it go dammit
2012-04-21 20:53
same for barca bro
2012-04-21 21:59
Arbeloa doing great so far.
2012-04-21 20:48
Yup, but Tello also makes a lot of bad decisions and stupidly loses the ball (for example he wanted to pass through Arbeloa with speed, he did it like 3/4? times and every time failed)
2012-04-21 20:51
real defens looks good
2012-04-21 20:49
Pakistan MrHassan Online streaming. Hope Madrid Keep it to 1-0 or 2-0 .
2012-04-21 20:49
Europe chespiZ
american pie REUNION ; o
2012-04-21 20:49
2012-04-21 21:08
2012-04-21 21:29
and 90 minutes to lose. :D
2012-04-21 22:02
2012-04-21 21:28
2012-04-21 21:30
Jesus fucking Christ, get this Tello kid off the field. Also, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
2012-04-21 21:30
yea tello is a joke
2012-04-21 21:30
What a shitgoal from Barcelona
2012-04-21 21:30
what is wrong with defense of barcelona -.-
2012-04-21 21:31
Ronaldo! 2-1
2012-04-21 21:31
2-1 Awesome CR7
2012-04-21 21:32
calm down! Ronaldo is HERE!
2012-04-21 21:33
there is a hate campaign vs ronaldo trying to make him look like a arrogant guy , that why so many people dislike him , but he is the best ever [INDIVIDUAL], no way to deny that
2012-04-21 21:38
best ever? lmao. he is good, he is fast, he is a dangerous player, I dont know about being arrogant. but he is not the best
2012-04-21 21:40
no one is trying to make him look arrogant, he manages that himself just fine.
2012-04-21 21:40
na bro , he goes for man utd with 18 , then he got a problem with rooney on euro 2004 , and in all ENG stadiums they re all hating on him , and was so pressured by media that the only way he got was to be arrogant, arrogance is a defensive way for him.. so dont judge him stupidly, and we never saw better player than this guy in football
2012-04-21 21:46
i understand you being a portugese and saying ronaldo is best player now but saying his best player ever????
2012-04-21 22:06
cuz i am seeing that guy playing since he was 16, when is junior formation was striker , then boloni in senior team put him like extrem in lateral, and then we saw the magic, quaresma was good also but he didnt have luck in football
2012-04-21 22:40
but comen c.ronaldo better than zidane,ronaldo, etc..
2012-04-21 22:45
zidane was the best, but i think that cristiano R. > Ronaldo xD
2012-04-22 12:23
Even Pique recently said Ronaldo is a great person..
2012-04-21 22:03
best ever? no way
2012-04-21 22:04
i dont agree in my opinion messi is just better then him
2012-04-21 22:05
Mexico tim7
C.Ronaldo > messi who says not?
2012-04-21 21:40
2012-04-21 21:56
and Portuguese Haters
2012-04-21 22:12
I say "no"
2012-04-21 22:44
how are u feeling today? better?
2012-04-21 22:57
I'm ok, 10x for askin bro!
2012-04-21 23:20
2012-04-22 05:48
Oh, so they won one match finally! Also, Ronalwho sucks.
2012-04-22 16:06
Ronaldowho decided the goal yesterday. Where was messi? couldnt see the dwarf AHAHAHAH UMADBRO?
2012-04-22 16:20
I could see Messi 5 years in a row. You look mad, man.
2012-04-22 16:55
5 years in a row? Damn, you should check your 3rd world argentinian tv (if you even have one) cuase no one else saw the same ahahah UMADBRO? RONALDO 2 STRONG TO THE DWARF
2012-04-22 17:23
I'm a real-madrid fan, reading your comments is a disgrace. Get your self together, child.
2012-04-22 17:34
couldnt care less, bye
2012-04-22 17:37
Just stop typing, don't make a fool of yourself. It's not that funny.
2012-04-22 23:57
Why would i? Mocking your face is fun 3rd world AHAHA
2012-04-23 00:02
You so mad lol!
2012-04-23 00:23
Dude, thats so retarded. Why on earth would i be mad? LOOL RM just won, the best player in the world scored and you rubbish fanboys of the dwarfs are now crying :D Couldnt be happier xD
2012-04-23 00:37
Well, it's good that you expierience happiness since a couple of days. Many of us have been happy by almost 5 years regarding football.
2012-04-23 01:13
Ahahahah, only a fool would think i supported RM for all those 5 years. I only supported when they had figo and now mourinho and CR7 ;) BARÇA SUCKS :D
2012-04-23 01:16
Oh, fanboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
2012-04-23 04:52
Sure fanboy ahahahah
2012-04-23 13:17
yeah dude, almost 5 years, lets talk about the past shall we? Real Madrid was way better than Barcelona like what? FOREVER? And ok, 5 years of domination, congratz.... and this year? dafuq? where are u now barcelona?
2012-04-23 15:59
Yeah I know, Real has more titles, coolest club in Europe, I just don't understand why Ronaldo fanboys are so stupid, that's all.
2012-04-23 23:51
1st of all I am a Real Madrid supporter not a Ronaldo fanboy. But the truth is that Barcelona plays 10 to 1 (Team to Messi). Thats why he seems the greatest ever. But put them in other team with another tatic, he would be like Neymar, great player but that doesn't play with his team.
2012-04-24 11:24
This was the post I answered to: C.Ronaldo > messi who says not? This is your argument: Thats why he seems the greatest ever. But put them in other team with another tatic, he would be like Neymar, great player but that doesn't play with his team. Now, who the fuck is comparing teams right now? I just said that C. Ronaldo isn't better than Messi, put it as you want, give me any excuse, you'll find out Messi is better. That's all, and I never called you a fanboy.
2012-04-24 14:13
I like how he calls you "3rd world", as if Portugal isn't a big shithole.
2012-04-23 03:22
No, man. I mean he knows what he's talking about. The man of the 1000 books, they say. The man who knows it all. He must be freaking God himself. I mean he hasn't been 5 seconds in Buenos Aires, yet he calls an entire country "3rd world". No offense.
2012-04-23 04:52
Just ignore him and let him live in his own ignorant world :D
2012-04-23 05:54
And i love your retardeness to even think argentina is any close to portugal. laern economy and then talk to me you idiot. Maybe if you stop critizing your own country and start supporting it we wouldnt be on the pile of shit we are atm. People like you disgust me. piece of shit.
2012-04-23 13:18
I can't wait for the moment I leave this pile of shit. Less than a year till I go <3
2012-04-23 16:02
LOOOL the good students have a job here, the bad go away, like you :) retarded.
2012-04-23 16:38
Have fun earning 1000 euros a month.
2012-04-23 16:49
Not if i go to one of the best universities in the country ;) youre really stupid if you think that just by getting a job outside of portugal (if you even get one) and getting 2000 euros is good LOLOLOL. prices out of portugal are much higher so its nearly the same. retarded people do retarded decisions.
2012-04-23 17:14
Yeah, apparently I'm the clueless guy here, hf studying for 5 years to after all that having to find a job in an area that isn't yours. Either that or studying something that you don't enjoy.
2012-04-23 17:34
Ahahahah you have no clue mate. Have 16 marks and then talk to me xD
2012-04-23 18:28
And i love your retardeness to even think argentina is any close to portugal. laern economy and then talk to me you idiot. While Argentina is buying 51% of Repsol YPF, ( ) Portugal enters in recession for the 3rd consecutive year. Pretty amazing! #talktothehand
2012-04-23 23:56
Wanna compare HDI values? I already did it in a conversation with you and we both know how it ended :) Argentina's finances might be in a better position than Portugal's (after Argentina didnt pay their debts :D) but portuguese people live a lot better than argentinians and you can compare it by HDI. Byeee :D
2012-04-24 15:22
It's funny how an economist wannabe mixes macroeconomies with social development (and still messed up, since afaik you've never been in Argentina) Now open those windows, get some air, and maybe you'll get a clue.
2012-04-25 03:50
dafuq dude LOL im comparing both social development in argentina and portugal you idiot and Portugal in that aspect wins. i live much better than you do ;) on the other hand your country finances are better cause you refused to pay to the banks (remember? :) ). Got it now or need a draw?
2012-04-25 14:51
This is what you said: And i love your retardeness to even think argentina is any close to portugal. laern economy and then talk to me you idiot And btw, we paid to "the banks" (which so far means IMF and WB, and it just shows how misinformed you are, since our major debt, also paid already, was with smaller financial groups, such as Club de Paris, and those debts were old as fuck, some were made since the last coup) most of our ext debt, all alone, no Germany, no France, no nothing. You fail. And btw I live surely much better than you.
2012-04-25 23:58 and no you dont live better than me. Portugal 2011 - 0.763 Argentina 2011 - 0.713 and Portugal 2011 - 0.809 Argentina 2011 - 0.797 Still think you live better than me? No, you dont. Every mid class european lives better than any mid class south-american.
2012-04-26 17:35
I can see your stupidity. You didn't even read your own link. It says it ended in 2002, your last statistics come from 2008, and we're in 2012. I live much better than you, I have my own apartment, my own car, I pay my bills, my taxes, etc.(and I didn't finish university yet, this only relies on a well pay'd full-time job, and I'm no pro ;) Remember you said every mid class european, not every mid class portuguese, another mistake. Ofc ppl in Belguim, France, the Netherlands have a higher income (which doesn't necessarily mean they live better, another mistake a no-lifer like you would commit, won't blame you for that) I see you like the numbers, you should teach em' at school, bro. GL with the 2012 recession (up-to-date as you can see, fella)
2012-04-27 00:10
How stupid can you be? Those links i gave you are until 2011 LOLOLOL Or your internet in argentina is that slow that is still in 2008? LOL. Im not comparing your life to mine, if we did so.. well, you live in a flat, i live in a proper house with 20+ divisions, i guess that explains all. Im comparing mid class europeans (portugueses in this case) with you argentinians. I gave you the stats, our HDI is much higher and you still claim you live better than me? How retarded that can be? I never said by more income i live better, thats why HDI isnt based only on income but also on education and health. What subject are you studying at the university (high school in europe) ? How to clean the garbage from the strees? lol. Thanks, those are stats, im used to use them at school because i am teached proper economy.. not how to default debts like you do in argentina. you have one better thing than we europeans.. meat. the rest is shit lol.
2012-04-27 00:38
Wow, I can see you're mad now! I already made my point, your response is always your anger. I mean, I'd agree with you but we'd both be wrong. And btw, Mom and Dad also have a big house with pool and jacuzzi... (Owned enough? I wonder...)
2012-04-28 01:38
Why is your response always: u mad or now your mad. Lol dont they teach you more than that in argentina? xD How can i be mad dude? im lmao looking at your post, its just non sense xD You were the one talking about your personal life in first place, i only aswered you in the same coin. i was talking about people in general and i already proved you argentinians live worse that portugueses and in european countries. But wait a second, you have to deny it all since youre a rude boy right? xD
2012-04-28 02:51
Actually: i live much better than you do ;) Familiar with that? ofc! it's your own phrase Soon after: You were the one talking about your personal life in first place Get a clue, man.
2012-04-28 03:52
Yes, i was talking about people in general. Why dont you aswer the rest? no arguments? :( owned
2012-04-28 13:55
I gave my arguments, you keep repeating the same wrong stuff, what else can I do? repeat as well? No, thanks. You're contradicting yourself over and over, looking really dumb. Is like, it's pretty clear who's getting owned here :)
2012-04-28 16:26
I am repeating myself because no matter what i say, youre still too dumb to understand it lolol
2012-04-28 18:50
How is it dumb to come back with an argument? It might be dumb to repeat the same shit when you have nothing to come back with.
2012-04-28 19:42
Better than you that have noone lololol 3rd world..
2012-04-30 13:33
w/e dude, go fap urself
2012-04-30 23:03
cool 3rd world
2012-04-30 23:43
Sure, 1st world virg-o
2012-05-01 03:48
he's lying LOL
2012-04-21 23:50
omg ronaldo got hurt, yeah right HAHAHAHAHA
2012-04-21 21:44
ronaldo best actor ever haha
2012-04-21 21:49
I read the title and closed the window, they are arguably the best team in the world, the team every team looks up because of their ability to play high quality football, without relying on individual skill or speed, just outclassing their opponents. calling them 'cheaters' is just plain stupid
2012-04-21 21:55
wow .. Argentina guy talking about Messi and Maradona team, tell me more.. Del potro >>> Djokovic Maradona >>> Pele
2012-04-21 22:06
Del Potro is your father
2012-04-21 22:44
"individual skill or speed" damn son, you obviously don't see that barcelona has no slow players, they're all really explosive and really agile, they all have amazing technique, so saying that they play "high quality" football without relying on individual skill is bullshit! yes they probably play in an eye-catchy style but in the end all that matters is the score! winning a game without any help from the refs..there've been other dominant teams in the history but they haven't be called cheaters like barcelona are called nowadays, so maybe there's a reason for that ! I'm not saying that they've won everything because they cheated or sth, but they've had some really big help from the refs in the last 3-5 yrs
2012-04-22 00:29
yeah. an example of that is that puyol plays so clean he never gets the red card. against chelsea and many other matches puyol and pique have always fouled a lot without getting cards. Pepe does something to messi hes fucked. 2 games without playing minimum.
2012-04-22 00:40
STFU DUDE! UEFA help them always
2012-04-22 12:24
lol now u guys gonna saw that he is diving or crying?? fucking haters, look on that black eye
2012-04-21 21:48
2012-04-21 21:49
Barcelona in bad shape right now. Not in a good time of a season. Psychologically they are broken down. I just hope they will beat Chelsea, who I think will defend again 9-10 people in the penalty box
2012-04-21 21:51
and what? its football
2012-04-22 13:55
real 2 !!!! GG barca
2012-04-21 21:53
2012-04-21 21:54
I hate Pepi but Iam Real
2012-04-21 21:55
Europe KuNN'
Hala Madrid!
2012-04-21 21:55
Hala Madrid!
2012-04-21 21:55
LOL at noobies talking of football !!! Look at you now, winning team fake "fans", since barca is winning everything they got so much new fanboys, this isn't football pussies.
2012-04-21 21:56
+1 half of barca's fans nowadays are their just because they've been winning a lot in the past couple of years
2012-04-22 00:30
Good game.
2012-04-21 21:57
nice goal by cr7)
2012-04-21 21:57
Nice try, Barca ^^
2012-04-21 21:59
HAHAHAH REAL OMG, i'm so happy, good game :)
2012-04-21 21:59
gg Real Madrid gg CR7 amazing goal worst player of the match : Iniesta
2012-04-21 21:59
Russia goodjob
even if RM win.. Di Maria was fucking bad...
2012-04-21 22:03
true.. Di Maria is so out of shape
2012-04-21 22:59
I don't get why mourinho is still insisting with di maria when kaka is better than any attacking midfielder he has, and he's fit and in form sth he proved in his last 4 champions league matches for which he got chosen in the team of the round 3 times!
2012-04-22 00:34
iniesta was barca's best player lol
2012-04-22 00:31
Venezuela Riikards
2012-04-21 21:59
please play footbal versus barca
2012-04-21 22:00
you really don't know what football means then
2012-04-21 22:02
please stop everybody knows who is the best team ever HALA MADRID ohhhhhhhh
2012-04-21 22:09
2012-04-21 22:13
2012-04-21 22:00
Europe chespiZ
2012-04-21 22:00
Cristiano Ronaldo man of the match
2012-04-21 22:01
2012-04-21 22:02
xabi alonso...
2012-04-21 22:03
fabio coentrao...
2012-04-21 22:05
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah xabi alonso with less than 20 successful passes? CR, ozil and ramos played the best game for real
2012-04-22 00:36
Wtf he missed so much theres no way for him to be man of the match if he hadnt scored that goal he would have been the flop of the match
2012-04-21 22:09
Ozil is the man of the match
2012-04-21 22:23
fabio coentrao for sure, ozil also played nicely but dani alves never passed coentrao.
2012-04-22 01:22
Benzema was crucial aswell. but i think cr man of the match +1
2012-04-22 16:26
2012-04-21 22:01
2012-04-21 22:02
WHAT ABOUT NOW pauLo!??!??!?!?!?!?!?? STILL CRYING!!?!?!??
2012-04-21 22:04
Yes my lord , I am crying so hard I need more tissues to get my tears of my face. If you seriously think I start crying for a football match you got the wrong perception of human life :D atleast it wasn't a wrestling match , and real won the match when barcelona played bad one time ^^ cu next year
2012-04-21 22:58
one time ?LOL I think you didn't followed your "favorite" club the whole season.
2012-04-22 01:25
2012-04-22 05:52
All I hear is huan huan haun haun Y___Y
2012-04-22 17:14
Took Mourinho long enough to get Di Maria out of the game. Deserved win by Real Madrid.
2012-04-21 22:04
Jose Mourinho is THE MAN
2012-04-21 22:05
Nice match :) Another one time we have proof that ball posession is not = victory ! Barcelona want to put the ball with the "hands" in the gate and never try to score from 20-25 m.
2012-04-21 22:06
I missed Messi, I don't know why Guardiola didn't let him play in the first squad.
2012-04-21 22:07
referee can not help you all the time barca
2012-04-21 22:09
+7 :)
2012-04-21 22:11
2012-04-21 22:16
Just another game decided by ronaldo, the one who always play shit on big games ( Like champions final with man utd, copa del rey final and so on so on...)
2012-04-21 22:10
Finally Real Madrid managed to win vs Barcelona.. rofl.
2012-04-21 22:10
hehe madrid <3
2012-04-21 22:10
real spending 30 minutes on the pich.. and on the end 4 mins of extension
2012-04-21 22:11
stop crying, ty, Real played football against barcelona and now that the referee was 50-50 during the 90 minutes, Real won
2012-04-21 22:17
hie hie hie hie hie fcb fanboys -100reputation
2012-04-21 22:12
Hahaha how can you win with Thiago and Tello? One minute after Alexis entered in the game scored.. and Thiago instead of Cesc Wow. You can't play with kids in such a big game. They are unexperienced and can play only versus Osasuna, Malaga and such teams not on big games and thank God they lost so they can now their mistakes. GG Real.
2012-04-21 22:16
2012-04-21 22:14
2012-04-21 22:15
Bruv Fabregas has been way off his game, it was the right decision to out Thiago on instead of Fabregas.
2012-04-21 22:31
Please. Thiago was a noob the whole game along with Tello. Cesc wouldve play much better.. he has the experience.
2012-04-21 22:33
I think Fabregas wouldnt change much. I honestly think Mourinho outplayed Barcelona's setup
2012-04-21 22:36
Yeah he kinda figured it out a bit how to beat them but the main factor was Tello and Thiago as starters and Pique missing because of the injury and he wasn't 100 % ready and couldn't risk it. And when the goal was scored Tello had 100% chance and didn't score then Alexis did.. Iniesta wasn't on his prime. Nice play by Madrid especially Ronaldo and Ozil.
2012-04-21 22:39
pique doesnt play because guardiola dont want to, they are not friends anymore lol, its the rumor
2012-04-21 22:51
Benzema was the man of the match to be honest. Ronaldo did what he knows best which is score but Benzema did alot for RM.
2012-04-22 16:26
HALA MADRID !!!!!!!!!!!! Finally Mourinho :D Edit: For me Best player of Match was Ozil Benzema or Pepe, btw Ronaldo deserve that because of goal
2012-04-21 22:13
Spain ferk
Nice victory from Real Madrid despite the referee. A lot of unfair yellow cards to Real Madrid players, and some other forgiven for FCB players (and Alves deserved a red card for attack Ronaldo, that did a little bit of acting, but its an aggresion anyway). I didn't expect Real Madrid to win this match. I hope this victory gives them a lot more motivation to face Bayern in four days.
2012-04-21 22:17
HALA MADRID go vs bayer
2012-04-21 22:19
ahahahaahahaha HALA MADRID
2012-04-21 22:20
Now we win Bayern and go win the Champions League. Mourinho is the man.
2012-04-21 22:24
Would have been awesome!!
2012-04-21 22:38
would have been? ok..
2012-04-21 22:55
next is bayern HALA MADRID!
2012-04-21 22:29
+ 7ERMINA7OR xff
2012-04-21 22:42
2012-04-21 23:56
Bayern will destroy those actors, but gratz on win ;)
2012-04-21 22:39
Mexico tim7
aactors????? um4d look at this vid
2012-04-21 22:40
no I'm not mad, both Barcelona and Real are actors, can't stand normal football duel. Only Messi on both teams isn't diving like crazy, they would rather fall down than pass the player and score the fucking goal, that's why I hate Spanish teams My opinion cya
2012-04-21 22:46
Russia goodjob
ahahah only messi? cool story brah Messi is cool but he only spits and swears
2012-04-21 22:48
Yes only Messi, he is like 160 and 60 kg and he is standing on the ground when 5 players attack him. Watch C.Ronaldo how he dives 1v1... I hate spanish teams just because of that ;)
2012-04-21 22:49
Mexico tim7
i love hong-kong fotball, is the best in the world. NOT
2012-04-21 23:24
u rly think I'm from Hong-Kong :D
2012-04-22 13:48
Rivery @ first match against RM last tuesday ? biggest actor of the match. doesn't make me hate Bayern.
2012-04-22 10:46
Ribery* 8 of 10 fouls on him were given for real reason, not like 1 of 10 for C Ronaldo & Di Maria ;)
2012-04-22 13:49
"1 of 10 for C.Ronaldo" yer not being objective. C.Ronaldo dives when he's touched by the opponent, Ribery does the same .
2012-04-22 21:19
2012-04-23 16:03
<3 u
2012-04-23 16:55
noob ,you have no clue actors?? LOLOLOLO
2012-04-22 12:45
bitch, I have more clue than u think now go to kitchen
2012-04-22 13:49
HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!
2012-04-21 22:41
Valdez should be the second goalkeeper of the team.
2012-04-21 22:43
2012-04-21 22:43
bitch please
2012-04-22 05:56
Messi can't decide games like CR7 does! He only scores alot versus shit teams and when he scores goals against big teams IT ISN'T DECIDING GOALS!!
2012-04-21 22:44
Russia goodjob
omg man, this is what i thinking for alot time.. and he proves it again and again... Messi suck @ proved Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-04-21 22:46
2012-04-21 22:49
Nope, both Ronaldo and Messi decide games
2012-04-21 22:51
IMO no, only against shit teams, the rest he scores when the game is already decided.
2012-04-21 22:57
i am cr n1 fan , and i dont agree with that messi decides a lot of games, cuz he is more team player than cr his, that is just fact
2012-04-21 22:50
Messi doesn't decide IMO, you read it wrong
2012-04-21 22:55
i seriously doubt you watched the matches from 2007 - 2011 of lionel in the clasico's , cause he scored a hat-trick in 2007 , and in every successive year he scored nearly a goal per match and 1 assist a match , i don't see ronaldo stats like that , even if he came in 2009 , he still wasn't decisive as messi. facts prove it. stop lying
2012-04-21 23:00
2012-04-22 05:57
It isn't about score it's about DECIDING GAMES!! learn to read gypsy!
2012-04-22 17:15
2012-04-21 23:03
2012-04-21 23:50
Russia goodjob
7 matches from 1231723123131? okay...
2012-04-22 08:24
? Want me to show you vids against normal teams too? I'm just showing this since he said messi was bad against good teams and in important situations, and I proved him wrong.
2012-04-22 23:09
remember final versus Manu, huh? Oh yes you werent born yet :(
2012-04-22 15:01
Q________Q one match OMG!
2012-04-23 19:16
Russia goodjob
ahah oh wait Messi suck balls
2012-04-24 11:43
Idiotic RM fan detected beeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeep. nc
2012-04-24 14:22
Russia goodjob
idiotic RM hater detected.. though you suck too
2012-04-24 15:04
just like your guru cristiano "cry me a river" ronaldo
2012-04-24 15:23
Russia goodjob
hahaha oh wait U SUCK understood?
2012-04-24 19:53
Ozil da king
2012-04-21 22:52
Real da masters of Spain
2012-04-21 23:00
Ozil gowno wozil
2012-04-22 00:14
Cristiano > Messi Any day, Any day DONE
2012-04-21 22:58
oh yes , he scored once and everyone goes with "cr > all" when messi scored goals and did assists to make the team win you weren't so happy ah? cya~
2012-04-21 23:01
Ronaldo scored in the last 4 Classicos if I'm not wrong.
2012-04-21 23:03
1 goal header 1on1 vs valdes 1 goal today 1on1 vs valdes its already 2 easy goals while messi how many goals and assists dribbling 3+ defenders of madrid? facts say messi is still more decisive than ronaldo in clasico's (for now) , but as usual you won't listen to me even if i tell you they are facts cause you are the blunt kind of rm fan. just enjoy the victory and chill. and to reply to "</3" writing everything here , cause i know he'll read , you say messi isn't good in important matches while ronaldo is? okey , few examples for you : rome final 2009 (messi goal ronaldo invisible) and the other clasico's where ronaldo was absent and to not exclude some importat CL quarter/semi-finals where messi was scorer and ronaldo didn't contribute to team's win.
2012-04-21 23:14
well fact says that messi is shit without his team... has he even scored a goal for his country ever??
2012-04-21 23:33
for sure more than ronaldo did with portugal and he is younger ^^
2012-04-21 23:43
Messi 22 goals for Argentina Ronaldo 32 goals for Portugal
2012-04-22 00:22
2012-04-22 01:07
2012-04-22 05:59
5 goals and 2 assists with Argentina for his 3 last matches LOL why do u speak when you know nothing watch his matches and you will be able to talk
2012-04-21 23:56
Argentina sebaxinho
he's the only good player in the national team. gg no re.
2012-04-22 00:06
it's a team game omg
2012-04-22 14:59
so much nonsense there... nvm
2012-04-21 23:37
Cry more kid, ohh if i remember well, you are my number one fan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!
2012-04-21 23:39
yes cry :(
2012-04-21 23:43
you say Ronaldo score easy goals and after that, example roma final 2009 when messi score really close XD and CL ? really ? messi dont touch the ball before Pepe Red card, whats up with messi vs Chelsea in camp nou on CL 2009, where he was vs Milan this year, oh i forget, he score XD, Messi is good, but people talk like hes the best of all times, hes so far to be the best
2012-04-22 00:41
2012-04-22 23:30
42 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo is from another planet...
2012-04-21 23:37
2012-04-21 23:02
2012-04-21 23:50
Bitches calm down im in charge here.
2012-04-22 03:24
u mad im stylin
2012-04-22 07:33
Tello go f*** yourself ! damn he wasted like a million chances ffs...
2012-04-21 23:12
Collina back to CL final and end this madness.
2012-04-21 23:55
u mad?
2012-04-22 00:08
suck me barcelona
2012-04-22 01:48
2 lucky goals and they are gods pathetic
2012-04-22 09:54
Russia goodjob
ahahahah and barcelona goal wasnt lucky? btw second goal wasnt lucky...
2012-04-22 10:25
cry moar
2012-04-22 11:18
LOL CR goal was lucky? You're pathetic! LOL
2012-04-22 13:57
barcelona goal was so lucky lol and then you complain about madrid goals? cr7 goal was CLEAN and simple
2012-04-22 23:11
And Barcelona goal was what? Skill?
2012-04-23 03:26
2012-04-23 18:37
hahahha made my day XDD post one of Barça players crying XD
2012-04-22 11:45
Haha nice. xD
2012-04-22 14:09
2012-04-22 12:17
2012-04-22 17:32
Barca still gonna win La-Liga, It just becomes harder to win. And yes, first Madrid goal was only luck nothing else. Barca gonna win la-liga even with a 7 point difference atm.
2012-04-22 12:12
Russia goodjob
r u kidding me? Barcelona's goal wasnt lucky?
2012-04-22 12:34
What about barcelona goal? ROFL RM only needs to win 1 more game to be champion ;)
2012-04-22 14:00
2012-04-22 15:46
dumbass LOOOOOOL
2012-04-22 16:31
dream onnnnn, dream onnnnn!
2012-04-22 17:41
Barca aint gonna win la liga xD and i even think they wont beat chelsea today:D , now real madrid have beaten them at camp nou , most teams will think it reall isnt impossible to beat barca home.. Also , FINALLY there was a good ref. , he didnt supported barca or real.. he just did his job good and if barca did a little baby cry dive , then he did nothing , because EVERYBODY knows barca players should be at hollywood;)
2012-04-24 11:45
2012-04-22 12:13
well im happy this season real won, but cmon villa is very important .
2012-04-23 14:12
Real Madrid>Barca in this year. Thank you. Cristiano Ronaldo>Lionel Messi Thank you.
2012-04-23 22:00
+1 and thank you thank you thank you!
2012-04-23 22:21
lol C.Ronalda = turd, lionel messi = decent. Ronaldinho ftw.
2012-04-24 12:54
Cristiano Ronaldo the best !!
2012-04-24 11:37
Actually , i think cristiano ronaldo is a better player then messi. Messi is good with his team (barca) but in argentina you never see him doing something great. Look to ronaldo , good at real , and made some big actions with portugal. for example the match against spain after they became world champions.. he owned puyol , pique in one action and would have been a goal if nani didnt touch the ball.. so yeah i think ronaldo is a better individual player then messi is. Messi is SHIT without barca !
2012-04-24 11:41
2012-04-24 13:27
for sure
2012-04-24 14:46
Also did amazing things in MANU
2012-04-24 16:59
Gold times.
2012-04-28 01:45
yep miss those times
2012-04-28 01:47
2012-04-25 02:10
Messi misses penalty hahahah
2012-04-25 09:57
Messi missing penalty in match of the year for barca?xD he is good .. xD But let's commit , Messi is not an average footballplayer , for some people he is the best (especially people who like football of barca) , for some peope CR is the best (especially people who know something from football ! He has technique , precision , ballcontrol..)
2012-04-25 15:31
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