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Man Utd
United States TomBrady 
Garbage team with some of the best players in the world. 1-1 versus some team from Belgium.
2017-04-14 02:18
World plath 
Zlatan playing so shit
2017-04-20 22:46
he is 35 so what do you expect?
2017-04-20 23:38
Yep and he is from sweeden
2017-04-20 23:41
Nt fakeflagger
2017-04-20 23:49
If you think that... I´m from Spain, but k.
2017-04-20 23:51
Same shit
2017-04-20 23:52
Yeah, he literally has the Spanish flag
2017-04-21 13:48
you are right shit team :)
2017-04-20 22:47
pogba is more worth than the whole anderlecht team but tielemans will become a world class player one day 20 years old and allready leading the team sad that we /dortmund wont buy him rumors say he will join monaco next season
2017-04-20 22:48
Spain Ayrr 
Makes sense, Monaco > Dortmund rn, although not for too many seasons
2017-04-20 23:45
lets be honest dortmund beat themself in both games + a clear offside goal for monaco in the first game + the bomb attack on their lifes its not an excuse but it explains some things obvious that a human being cant be 100% focused not even 24 hours later pisczek gave monaco 2 goals for free and durm played after he was injuried for like 4 weeks( still dont know why) and yeah ginter is shit as always dortmunds defense is just horrible and tuchel is doing weird decisions sometimes they lost so many points by some many mistakes
2017-04-20 23:50
Spain Ayrr 
And that's why Monaco > Dortmund
2017-04-20 23:50
not for long tho
2017-04-20 23:52
Monaco > Dortmund
2017-04-21 13:39
Sweden rizlaone 
2017-04-20 22:48
still better than allsvenskan xddd
2017-04-20 22:49
its not tho
2017-04-20 23:40
absolute garbage team since sir alex ferguson left
2017-04-20 22:49
it was already garbage team
2017-04-20 22:49
Most trophy in england and most times pl winner nt Loserpool fan
2017-04-20 23:50
history doesn't mean shit when you are talking about the present. Brazil also has lots of titles and lost 7-1 to germany
2017-04-21 13:38
2017-04-20 23:47
Germany moxx 
Mourinho turned from "The Special one" to "Special ed"
2017-04-20 22:51
World plath 
You can see that he sets his team similarly to when he was at chelsea. Still narrow 442 diamond. No goalscorers in midfield though. Pogba does nothing. In chelsea he had ballack essien and lampard. Now he has herrera fellaini carrick and pogba.
2017-04-20 23:06
but still they should be able to beat anderlecht and win the euro league
2017-04-20 23:04
Obviously it is his fault if man utd fail cuz a manager should choose his system on his players. He has brought in pogba to be his star all round midfielder but he doesnt score like a lampard or essien would. Im just saying where its gone wrong
2017-04-20 23:09
hope for them that they do a cut after this season sell old players like rooney carrick fellaini etc and try to buy players like bernardo silva fabinho tielemans klaassen etc for example fresh young blood
2017-04-20 23:10
NA Football (Soccer) lol
2017-04-20 23:11
United States Logic_CSGO 
We might have shit teams, but we can still understand the game. Kind of like UK CS and your casters.
2017-04-20 23:14
HEADSHOT FROM DONOVAN That's all I can think of when I think of MLS. It was a long time ago, but it still makes me smile :D
2017-04-21 00:03
wouldnt be surprised if england will lose their 4th champions league spot
2017-04-20 23:15
Doubtful - they would probably fiddle with the coefficients to stop that happening because the PL is such a big international brand.
2017-04-21 00:05
Ez extra time bet yeeeeee Bring da fire rashford!
2017-04-20 23:24
ez 4 AjAX
2017-04-20 23:42
so glad that Istanbul got eliminated. wp Lyon wherever that city is located.
2017-04-20 23:50
Poland d5 
2017-04-20 23:58
2017-04-21 00:07
Turkey powergs 
Haha re u drunk my friend ?
2017-04-21 00:10
2017-04-21 00:15
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