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1080 ti & BenQ xl2411T
Spain MrBean 
how can i connect my monitor (BenQ xl2411T) for have 144hz on my fuking 1080 ti?????????? (3 displayports and 1 HDMI)... With a HDMI 2.0 only can be 1440x900 (120hz), and with the DVI-D port to displayport with the conector that 1080ti bring, only can be 60hz. Should i buy another monitor?....
2017-04-14 13:47
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HDMI 2.0 easily supports 1080@144hz. However, your monitor doesn´t sooo... you´re going to have to get a newer one.
2017-04-14 13:53
then why i cant? :/ all drivers are updated
2017-04-14 13:52
I looked it up on Google and yes, you´ll have to get a new monitor. There´s no other way around it unfortunately.
2017-04-14 13:59
you talk alot of bs don't you? :D
2017-04-14 14:02
Don´t we all? This is HLTV. That was a weak attempt to insult me btw.
2017-04-14 19:16
the 2411t does not have a displayport I guess? U could use hdmi to dvi adapter. xl2411t should have a dvi cable with it. can you tell me the exact name of your 1080ti?
2017-04-14 13:53
EVGA 1080ti founders edition
2017-04-14 14:04
Im pretty sure displayport also supports 144hz @1080p
2017-04-14 13:53
that's the problem. his monitor does not have's dvi + hdmi only.
2017-04-14 13:55
thats sucks
2017-04-14 14:20
you could use displayport > dvi adapter.
2017-04-14 13:55
im using it and only can 60hz in all resolutions
2017-04-14 13:56
together with the 2411t there should be a dvi cable delivered? am I right? if yes - buy a displayport to dvi adapter and problem is solved.
2017-04-14 13:57
im using this and give me 60hz
2017-04-14 14:06
well there are dvi cables that can do 144hz and there are older ones that can't. maybe this adapter can't do 144hz. gimme the exact name and I can check it out.
2017-04-14 14:07
dont know the name, is the adapter that 1080ti bring me.
2017-04-14 14:13
Turkey rivaluk
no you need one of ur monitor.... most of the ones come with the gracard doesnt get 144hz... but the one from ur monitor has dual-dvi or something on it i dont remember what it says on mine and u get the 144hz
2017-04-14 14:15
yeah but he doesn't have any dvi on his gpu.
2017-04-14 14:16
Turkey rivaluk
yeah, but display port cable 1.2 should work i guess
2017-04-14 14:38
but he doesn't have any dp on his monitor :p His only solution to use both to their max is to get an expensive adapter which often doesn't work (apparently). So bye bye monitor I guess lol
2017-04-14 14:40
you need a dual-link dvi to displayport adapter, something like But that's crazily expensive... so yeah :) ask on the LTT forums or something, that's all I know.
2017-04-14 14:15
Then you either have a wrong DVI cable or a malfunctioning adapter.
2017-04-14 14:06
Nah its bcus he got a passive adapter and not a active but those are expensive as fk.
2017-04-14 14:20
Its because u need a active adapter instead of a passive one that u got. So u need a displayport to DVI DUAL LINK ACTIVE adapter. But some of them are crappy and will make ur screen flicker or lose signal so its prob best to buy a new monitor.
2017-04-14 14:21
2017-04-14 13:56
Germany leinaD^^
you need a dvi not hdmi
2017-04-14 14:03
I doubt that the hdmi port on the benq 2411t is made for 144hz. As far as I know 144hz is only possible with the dvi cable. So if his card has no dvi output he could use a displayport/dvi adapter and gg.
2017-04-14 14:04
you need a Dual-Link DVI to DisplayPort adapter to get 144hz.
2017-04-14 14:04
# and a cable like that is delivered together with the 2411t.
2017-04-14 14:05
But you'd still need the adapter.
2017-04-14 14:11
yeah but the right one. does not help if the cable is able to deliver 144hz but the adapter can't.he posted a pic but I can't see from the pic what kind of adapter that is.
2017-04-14 14:12
2017-04-14 14:14
that's hdmi or displayport to dvi?
2017-04-14 14:16
DVI-D dual to displayport
2017-04-14 14:16
and you only get 60 hz with it? :/. should be good enough for 144hz. did you set the driver settings right? I mean within the nvidia controlpanel? refreshrate on max. max performance etc. and check out the resolution settings where you can pick resolution + hz.
2017-04-14 14:19
As I keep saying, you have to have a DUAL-LINK DVI to DP adapter to get 144hz :p That one will only do 60Hz.
2017-04-14 14:24 Yeah. Not sure if it is dual-link or not but it definitely does not support 144hz.
2017-04-14 14:29
Why would u buy a card that doesnt have dvi port if u have that monitor? Pretty sure there are versions of 1080ti with dvi port..
2017-04-14 14:16
Ye brands with custom coolers on use it but the reference cards dont since nvidia see it as a old tech which it is. But all cards will eventually drop DVI and only use hdmi and dp.
2017-04-14 14:23
Sure eventually everyone drops it but that doesnt really answer my question. Why buy a card that cant use your monitor?
2017-04-14 14:24
Well he prob didnt think about it ^^ its new and most cards had it till now so he prob didnt check it.
2017-04-14 14:25
Guess he wanted the best and couldn't be bothered to wait for the non-founders edition cards :p
2017-04-14 14:25
just write a ticket to the benq support and ask them for help ;).
2017-04-14 14:22
Ha-ha. They will only tell him to return the monitor so they can check it out then send him a "refurbished unit" in return that doesnt work at all.
2017-04-14 14:26
1080 Ti + 2411t is kinda overkill anyway.
2017-04-14 14:29
haha ye xD he shud get a 1440 atleast. But i dont hope he only plays csgo xD then 1080 ti is the most retarded card ever.
2017-04-14 14:34
just want play all games on 1080p+ ultra +more than 144 fps (battlefieeld 1, total war warhammer, overw, etcetcetc)
2017-04-14 14:38
Well as i said try a active dvi-d(dual link) to displayport adapter but its expensive and isnt guranteed to work for u. (and if u find one try see if anyone have tried 120/144hz with it) And if u do get a monitor get a 27" 1440p or above and 144hz+.
2017-04-14 14:40
ok, probably buy a new one and give this to my brother
2017-04-14 14:41
you seem like you are loaded so you might as well upgrade and get a 240hz or QHD monitor :D Remember to check connectivity next time and wait for custom cards to come out :p
2017-04-14 14:52
World meesohowny
buy a dvi adapter or displayport. edit: >tn >1080p >paired with 1080 ti omegaLUL
2017-04-14 14:38
he needs displayport into dvi adapter because his monitor does not have displayport.
2017-04-14 14:38
World meesohowny
its 2k17, wtf is benq doing...
2017-04-14 14:40
well for the performance the monitor delivers the price is extremely good. I personally use the 2430T but if I compare it to a 2411 of a friend I can't see any difference.
2017-04-14 14:41
I think it was the older model (not the new ZOWIE shit), so it might have been from like 2015 to be fair.
2017-04-14 14:42
hdmi doesn't support 144hz i think. use dvi port
2017-04-14 14:45
thats why you do research before u buy boys xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2017-04-14 14:55
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