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demos are lagging?
Canada vinzend 
hi i noticed some of demos that i downloaded lag. is it only me or you guys have demos like that too? it's just jaggy and stuff, not worth ruining my eyes watching it. download them from here under demos section, and my computer is powerful enough to run CS smoothly. thanks in advance :)
2012-04-24 05:52
India xb0y' 
Try to change interp and see.
2012-04-24 07:20
which demos
2012-04-24 08:01
ex_interp 0.1
2012-04-24 10:06
hltv demos are always laggy while POV demos are going smoothly.
2012-04-24 10:52
India xb0y' 
Nop HLTV demos will work smoothly on ex_interp 0.1 whereas POV demos support 0.01
2012-04-24 11:24
Dunno, tried hltv demos on ex_interp 0.1. They were still lagging as hell.
2012-04-24 11:26
India xb0y' 
2012-04-24 11:34
buy new PC
2012-04-24 11:06
ex_interp 0.15 if its hltv
2012-04-24 12:11
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