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swag and ibp
Brazil Audi_A8 
looks like swag is still one of the best pros in NA even after long time of not playing pro games. other NA players will never get on ibp level. it doesn't matter how hard they work. they just don't have the talent ibp players had and that talent never goes away. if ibp came back they would dominate NA scene in month or two swag just proved it here.
2017-04-22 03:53
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Netherlands SharpS 
Valve will never unban them. That's pretty clear.
2017-04-22 03:54
Valve and ESEA actually came out with a mutual statement following the controversy around unbanning VAC'd players from professional play stating "we never said the bans were permanent, just that our definition of what "indefinite" was hasn't been decided." If swag has a strong performance, or C9 wins the tournament, and DaZeD and Steel become more involved in the community, you might be surprised to find the three IBP players could be unbanned.
2017-04-22 03:57
AZK is doing well in overwatch but their is a lot more money in the cs scene and he was always a consistent player so maybe we'll get all 4 of them back. Some Can hope :)
2017-04-22 04:01
Shouldn't they have to unban everyone else they'd be seen as biased. Whilst Steel and DaZeD have done more for the community than say AZK has, that was for ESL etc. rather than Valve and Valve still restricts what they can do when hired. If Swag, DaZeD and Steel are unbanned, all match-fixers should be even if they never return anyway.
2017-04-23 01:16
the loophole might be Swags age, he was a minor when he commited the crime + it was the first time he did something wrong (if we want to act as if VALVE was a court) I dont think anyone else has a chance of being unbanned, and I highly doubt they would actually unban swag but...thats the only explanation for unbanning him
2017-04-23 02:05
I haven't seen a single statement from Valve saying vac banned players are allowed to play in their tournaments. Only ESL. Got any sources for this?
2017-04-23 01:56
United States Lvck 
never say never
2017-04-23 00:27
Ethiopia Nocci1590 
It's crazy that he hasn't played against tier 1 teams in like 3 years and he's dropped 50 kills on lan against SK (4th best team in the world) unban this kid!
2017-04-22 03:55
Brazil Mag0o 
i think Elige, is the same level than swag
2017-04-22 03:55
EliGE = not as consistent swag is so consistent
2017-04-22 03:56
while I agree entirely and think that swag is very similar to coldzera in how he consistently delivers--we dont have enough from swag in 2017-2016 to make this assumption elige is ridiculous dude, one of the best second entrys globally
2017-04-22 03:58
Even though swag has only played X amount of games, you can see that swag has had already more of an impact than elige has had at this tournament, along with swag being even more versatile.
2017-04-23 01:46
no you're right, brax is absolutely insane, I'm a MASSIVE fanboy of his--but one tournament is unfortunately not enough to make a good gauge on a value like consistency
2017-04-23 01:54
Yea, it's a shame honestly. Wish he was unbanned, the potential in this kid.
2017-04-23 02:02
Difference is, Elige gets to compete and keep his skills sharp.
2017-04-22 03:59
lmao, the burn
2017-04-22 04:02
Swag's skills are sharper after a 2 year afk.
2017-04-23 01:18
North America s1mpliquid 
lol he's been playing rank S all this time even streaming mechanically he's still gonna be the same as he still plays, in terms of pro games strats etc, not really, but aim/movement wise he wasn't "afk"
2017-04-23 01:21
ranks is afk as he is wasting his time against the likes of rooroo and such
2017-04-23 01:41
North America s1mpliquid 
not mechanically, on a pro level, yes hes been afk
2017-04-23 02:42
Elige is a 1 trick poney imo, Hes only a great rifler, while swag has way better movement,clutching,gamesense etc and is more consistent.
2017-04-23 01:10
Argentina kurtarrasa 
Elige is the best NA player, but swag is good
2017-04-22 03:56
elige is definitly not the best NA player, while he might be top 5, I would have to give it to Stew/Auti before elige.
2017-04-23 01:47
gaben sucks 2 much if he dont unban swag i will come to usa and cut off his big sneaky head
2017-04-22 03:56
swag is just an overrated pugstar. clown9 would be exactly the same with or without him. they are not gonna win a major because swag plays with them i guarantee you. NA CS is still NA CS.
2017-04-23 01:26
I would try and ask how your country is doing compared to American cs but considering I haven't seen that flag before makes me wonder if they even have a scene, or stable enough wifi to even know what cs is. EDIT: After further inspection, I have found out that this is greenland, my previous statement remains.
2017-04-23 01:49
nice arguments and totally relevant to the topic. you are so superior because you are american and "you" have a scene while i am from greenland , eat seals and talk "shit" about "your" scene. fuck off kid. also im from EU so get rekt on this subject aswell.
2017-04-23 01:51
American = United states = Country EU = Europe = Continent Population of Europe is 743.51 Million as of 2015 Population of USA is 318.9 Million as of 2014 Makes sense why a whole continent would be better then a country dont you think? Edit: And why does mentioning eating seals have anything to do with this lmao
2017-04-23 01:59
you are so stupid that i dont even know where to begin. i will just remain silent i dont wanna hurt your feelings im already on a streak with that . i'm afraid i will wake up literally in hell in the morning in this rythm hahahah
2017-04-23 02:02
C'mon, didnt think that big numbers along with facts would scare you off that easy. Well, sweet dreams.
2017-04-23 02:04
hahahaha dont challange me , trust me you're an idiot.
2017-04-23 02:04
As a matter of fact, I would like to see what you can pull out of that sleeve of yours. Please, feel free to "challenge me"
2017-04-23 02:05
1. you can call american every inhabitant of both south and north 'american'. last time i've checked canada was in NA so guess what , you are an american aswell. so your American = United states = Country is autistic af and only a valid thing in your low educated family or between your stupid friends. 2. when people say they are from EU they most of the times are talking about european union not europe as a whole... so EU =/= europe . belarus or serbia for example are not EU countries but they are in europe. 3.EU is an union between some states just like USA in principle (obviously not the same treats and rules between states but definetly similar in structure) with roughly 500m population so its not exacerbated far away like you said. also if you add canada and mexico so basically the whole continent like you compared to europe (not mentioning panama , nicaragua or carribean islands you will get like 550m+ wich is close to europe . 4.also usa is a massive country in terms of surface it has roughly the same size as whole europe (less or more 10m squared km) so your comment Makes sense why a whole continent would be better then a country dont you think? is again at least autistic . want more ? say thank you for the lesson tho.
2017-04-23 02:31
1. If I live in Canada, I am Canadian. Americans are citizens of the United States of America. If you are referring to Canada and United states, (and other NA countries) you would be North American. 2. I don't know about European countries, however, in Canada when I ask people what they first think of when they hear "EU" is Europe. So you are right about that it really does mean the European Union, but it's perceived different in other continents. 3. I wasn't trying to compare the two continents, I was pointing out on how you were trying to compare a continent (Or the EU) to a single country, which wouldn't have made any sense. 4. Land mass doesn't mean population and you should know this. Canada, for example, has 9.985 million km², however, has a population of a measly 35.16 million. So having a "massive country" wouldnt justify having a large population. Furthermore, Germany. It has a land mass of 357,376 km² and a population of 80.62 million. So there you go. "thx for lesson tho"
2017-04-23 06:32
Ill take that as a win yee lmao
2017-04-26 01:09
Was hoping for a reply, got all excited for nothing :(
2017-04-23 02:11
United States burz3u5 
yes deserved unban cause all humans make mistakes and deserve a second chance,ofc they will have to make it up to us community members
2017-04-23 01:49
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