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Estonia csRas 
What is happening to big teams? They need big fixes right now!!!
2017-04-27 22:47
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2017-04-27 22:48
I just like to talk what I think about the scene...
2017-04-27 23:01
they play as they always play. it's about the other teams getting better.
2017-04-27 22:49
wtf how long are you around? it has nothing to do with what you say
2017-04-27 22:58
Dosia | 
Nepal Draagon 
its all about hacks... astralis faze sk full cheaters kill them
2017-04-27 23:03
mousesports, North, Hell Raisers, Penta, Heroic all play so much better than half a year ago.
2017-04-27 23:05
so true...
2017-04-27 23:08
But usually big teams only make changes kicking the '' worst'' player and signing the goodest in they active scene...
2017-04-27 23:03
Spain Todd_Howard 
nothing happens with navi but vp and nip are pure shit
2017-04-27 22:51
NiP- Haven't changed their play style since end of 2015 NaVi- Kicked their IGL and their coach also left VP- Typical VP slump
2017-04-27 22:52
Kick Zeus is ok but Starix left is a dumb move... btw where is him???
2017-04-27 23:07
i think NaVi is fine, i mean they got huge potential but still dont know how to use it, much of firepower but still lack of coordination etc about VP they are in big troubles but still they are unpredictable, they can still back in 1-2 months and win 90% of their games.. biggest troubles got NiP anyway, I think they wont be on top anymore, nothing lasts forever, lack of firepower, bad aiming.. Friber, GTR are just very bad, also forest and xizt dont show up really often. NiP should have new roster with atleast 2-3 changes atm
2017-04-27 22:56
ffs...dont compare navi with NIP... vp doesn't give a shit...(just wait for a major and they will likely go plow some teams again) nip just sucks..(Idk why though...something happened...they never were this bad) "ok"...they still qualify...
2017-04-27 22:57
But they shouldn't be ok. They should be on the level of SK and Astralis at least. Between those 2. They are not getting results.
2017-04-27 23:00
I know but you still cant put them in the same group as nip navi is 1000000x better than nip (eventhough navi is only "ok" right now)
2017-04-27 23:06
I'm pretty sure VP is fine, they're aiming at PGL most likely
2017-04-27 22:58
United States Cario 
VP make 25k a month each, they don't give a shit.
2017-04-27 23:00
i know faze is the best
2017-04-27 23:07
Denmark Ahandii89 
wanna hear a joke?
2017-04-27 23:09
09:40CLG Red vs Besiktas
02:00Imperial vs Reapers
11:00Vitality vs EHOME
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