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UK Boxing > Ruski Boxing
United Kingdom NOBodysWANKy 
Ez for UK, Ruski so bad
2017-04-29 23:57
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ruski boxing is 41 years old, could have dealt with Joshua in sixth round if he was 10 years yonger
2017-04-29 23:58
2017-04-29 23:59
2017-04-30 00:00
2017-04-30 00:05
nice excuse, klitschko is shit and have been always shit,
2017-04-30 00:07
you do realise that you are comparing a guy at his prime against a 41yo
2017-04-30 00:00
Russia plske 
he is not ruzke
2017-04-30 00:02
typical uk spit. Speak nonsense. Do not respect an opponent. Yea
2017-04-30 00:03
mad cuz bad?
2017-04-30 00:05
Ukraine  Pasha 
but where is UK cs scene?
2017-04-30 00:08
United Kingdom Isquashua 
nt russia lite
2017-04-30 00:08
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Klitschko was fucking brilliant, took some insanely hard punches from one of the best current heavyweights and was fucking close to winning the whole thing. And he's 41. Joshua was great though in the end and the last round was devastating. Klitschko will go down as one of the all-time greatest heavyweight boxers, we'll see if Joshua can do the same in 10 years time or so.
2017-04-30 00:06
United Kingdom DarkOmen 
Klitschko should have ended it in the 6th, have no idea why he waited.
2017-04-30 00:07
Klitschko not slavic
2017-04-30 00:08
I wonder when did klitschko become Russian
2017-04-30 00:08
Since u fucks tried invading Ukraine
2017-04-30 00:10
lul no) How many British boxers did the Klitschko brothers destroy? Age takes its.
2017-04-30 00:08
UK have been waiting for so long until 1st Klitschko gets retired and 2-nd one becomes too old to fight Kappa (NoKappa)
2017-04-30 00:11
Well finally someone winning against Klitschkos again but still he is 41yo... respect this. Im kinda sure that Joshua will be rekt by everyone if he will be still on scene with 41years
2017-04-30 00:21
s1mple | 
United Kingdom Twinaye 
too bad Joshua is Nigerian and Klit is Ukrainian, you said British and Russian when this has no correlation. uk education
2017-04-30 00:22
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