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dota betakey
World chaos4skyL0L 
i want a betakey please, since it will be free, im playing dota since 48b, and i was pretty good, my fave hero was pudge, and i been playing with nevermore , mirana, techies^^ sometimes , and i really want to play this dota 2 :) so please anyone ,
2012-04-29 14:14 Check this out.
2012-04-29 14:44
i liked, i registered, and didnt get anything..
2012-04-29 15:10
I would give my Steam acc with CS, DOTA2 and COD Black Ops for the CS:GO key
2012-04-29 16:08
you mad
2012-04-30 12:42
pm me, you'll get cs go key only for dota 2 key
2012-05-02 14:57
2012-05-02 16:12
2012-04-30 10:00 , and select gift or something :)
2012-04-30 11:23
I did the survey and got the key 1 or 2 weeks later, and i haven't played dota1 at all. xD
2012-04-30 12:05
i did the survey too, isn't it bad when noobs get keys, but i don't and know how to play?
2012-04-30 12:09
Who stops you? I just downloaded Dota2 and I have not recieved any key And I did not complete the survey btw
2012-05-01 21:52
tell us how maybe :D?
2012-05-01 21:53
#13 stop talking shit plz
2012-05-02 14:03
I need a fcking dota2 tutorial
2012-05-02 14:03
Finland coswell 
Same here :D But i doubt i will ever really have the motivation to learn it fully.
2012-05-02 14:28
me2 ahah :b cs for life :D
2012-05-02 14:31
2012-05-02 15:40
48b? XD i'm playing since 6.17.
2012-05-02 14:21
2012-05-02 14:49
cool!! since 2004?
2012-05-02 14:53
I really can't remember, I started before 5.84d, that was the version I played for the longest time. Than I quit and returned to dota2. A long break indeed. :D
2012-05-02 15:22
I adjusted to dota, and gameplay of dota 2 is different, is a bit hard to get used to.
2012-05-02 15:34
Exactly. Minor things, like animations and stuff like that were strange. For example pudge's hook (which is okey) is a bit different and nyou need time to master it. :D
2012-05-02 16:09
yes , but dota2 is awesome!!
2012-05-02 16:12
IceFrog is in charge. Of course it's awesome! :D
2012-05-02 16:28
im selling my account, with beta dota2, offers mp XD
2012-05-02 14:26
offers mp XD
2012-05-02 14:54
this guys dont even know how to play dota and they have beta, stupid survey ..
2012-05-02 14:53
ye,i agree,i'm playing since first days of dota,and waiting for key more then 6 months and lots of noobs got it long time ago...retarded valve
2012-05-02 15:08
2012-05-02 15:46
sell 1x dota2 beta key pm me.
2012-05-02 15:38
i have a dota2 beta key, but im only trading it for a cs:go beta key
2012-05-02 16:03
I would give my Steam acc with CS, DOTA2 and COD Black Ops for the CS:GO key go I give you my acc with cs 1.6 and cs:go
2012-05-02 16:12
I like CS:Go and Dota2,and i have many acc gift my friends)
2012-05-02 16:26
if anyone has extra dota2 key please send me and u will live forever :)
2012-05-02 16:37
2012-05-03 14:48
It is ridiculous that lots of people who have never played DotA or any likewise games receives beta key instantly, while others like me who have played DotA, HoN, LoL and lots of strategy games in general have been waiting for half a year and still nothing.. Stupid survey .. :/
2012-05-03 14:59
same faith here mate ;D
2012-05-03 15:02
United Kingdom vL- 
plz give me the key or dota2 invite..
2012-05-03 15:28
i can exchange a cs:source gift for dota 2 or csgo gift, pm me
2012-05-03 15:45
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