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Algeria Nigger666 
I've seen on Dare_Dev1l's blog post about Gotfrag closure several users remembered Killer_dog_menor and his posts on #Gotfrag. Some asked for all of them. I don't know if all are here, but at least 70% fo sho! Here we go: he play lots, but no reconhece.! if he capitao of 3D clan. He can wallet and monster! no ranking gotfrag, 3D Spawm behind. not true and mad.... WHY OF? method of clan OK bester on ranks, not reallitie, Midaway in own litlle world his. Not in earth planeta, not mad enough 3D SPawm? HAhAhAhAHAH! sorry of against bad englesh questioning? Of Threading locketing. COol? Fell good? Already happening!!! HAHA. block like volley on my thread ! so others again Spawm. Has able to more persons to say spawm good because list giving now! 1. Aimer 2. Good intelectual 3. MONSTER, WALLET LIKE WHY! discussion civilize of mastering 3D Spawm thank you if no block not playing spawm at time now. Ok? Admistrater? sorry. Who kill most ? -shaGuar or Zet? zet : - killing for life. life is killin, adventure each battleing. with the ninjas he plays like goosd beter then SK|Heaton sometime in week can be ? Waller monster. Good for sitationm ofs lucky. Shaguar = A.W kills for saving 3D on LAN more oNLINE righti? The player shoter movi good but best is abilitie to a.w complex clan cominng roads up. Frod AWP A lots, warden shoter complet,. shoter . wallet. and mosnt. Complex clan roadinng up . is or not? 3D has 3D Spawm complex - Frod AWP Loooooots!!!!!! who why? You cant shoter the walls me shot walls means hacking no? ok? #2 !! SK!! i understands!!! SK|Heaton HAHAHAH PORTUGUESE!! said mom of me is prostitut!!!! i did no no some culd say portugese! nice! plese. coperat. learn englesih still. call names jsut make bad feels. ok? together be!! no faka. no say dat/ plese in the moral one.. plese.. understands ok? no here to having fighting moral ones.. plese. . discus like moralitie pople. or we do or we do no. how do i see the leters i say in below comentate? i understand more if people talk about for me :) #38 yes understond? not heres to drain life energie.. germany filosofer nietzsche said thes befor AFF! i would see glowstiq like portugues frase! noW! no use translater. like me! no translat, english pure skilling Col? i think used to Col = not conline =yes complex clan! fix if rong. question : if shoter walls = wallet rite? me can be rong i thinks = wallet camon! i studie lot im engliesh classing... prastice on! good prasctice and stil can talk of counter-strike no me not america.. plese not confuse.. me brasilian #43 no needs be Arnold Shwazeneger to now thes they cans com up. or fal pigly. A.W mastering hapen of cogu ton. like li most of tey come tournamnt play thei say before o we win of bootcamp and of when go to real moral one go lose an have ofcomming say not thing believe. discus of mibr of they go up why of not: mak more see of ok - mibr go bootcamp sweden or country of only blond person and win but as in the moral one no can monst lot of in real moral like CPL post of forum nice thot befor of topics after before. now posting backs not nice. no coperaton . topic up ther! he ther!!!! cant read of? he ther to anser not of joke! #21 why lettings i say of in yor space? sk of lose agein imagen fan of not like more no "hey sk fan" and under spectat like "not think sk of win" and win. win of becous of thing rite befor in top. they win of that. that or of persons of think in moral think thes sk lose on net they lose and thet persons not under think that of win SK. just is opinionat of me plese in moral one topic up ther . he rite there! no joke of spellate or thing i stoped happy NO. read read read search search no WORD SK of thing ralate of lose or win of SK stupid of opction becous no read nesecary of. cara eu jah to flando na lingua desses bosta eles que intendaum, qro ve esses merda fala ingles, babaca eh tu viado #57 point? i put point in frase of ok? see . 3D Spawm herd he of not 3D. clan persons seid me of SK with SK|Heaton hockey only cold country. football america basketball only countries bad of best sport more populor = socer! if herd of... i opinion. if herd. not if no herd of what exscuse of ?. no find now. no exscuse of. lose. why of? no asking me of. ask of site. but no answer. so i think long and say no excuse is it for I. g3x now! go g3x and of ask of shuggy gotfrag admin. plz not of ban me. i try of english. i try. i respect of job of you. but look hear. am hurting of sentiments fellings? no. thank of you for no nuking look hear sho0sh. not think bad now. i rede of in net of mibr fight internal and no practice. sw0osh. my sh0wwsh no disapoin of now as. wait nexting digiLab norway day 21 swo0sh espanol hablo poco. pero estoy hablando que mibr estava tendo fights internas. ellos van a jugar digilab en norway dia 21... ellos no estan pracstice you no is embarasing #28? post number of you victoriatate. about time of win. confincvice of win. 16-3 16-4 start T too matches to no how of show good tacticating exp. hey guy! win! now carnaval! h3h3h3h3 fock !! nice!! - sorry of bad word "fock" #5 no! wen win short like 16-3 16-4 show of skilling. monster. if long like 16-14 22-20 not convincentate liking. not monster. you no good of? MIBR. that good! they good. i repeet. they good. i can of repeet of times many as want. now see MIBR, now not. they come and win. you lose and cry. MIBR , my MIBR, good of. Will again revive! what better of? when server public, i kill shot shoter of lot wallet, i die, they call me "no fake nick you hacki" i no like. Monst is better of sometime then wallet. so real question - what best - Monst , or Wallet let no be bad wording here, not here, we say, RESISTI!!!! when say bad word like "fock" !! no say!!! it hurt fellings it hurt mind!! it hurt psiocologi. Cuz, he good! he can combisntate of monst. he good of in aspecto of looooooooooooooooot. i like AK47 i like M4A1 of bullet he shoter nice. how do bool? bool wallet donk. see not like of him in aspecto psicologkodic he goooood he loooooot of skilling hey. good mornign. i here to talk of fight in cs. hey poeple. i was look of server and i disciover dat fight is problem major in CS. dont fight man!! CS alredy violento. we need peace to play of good. i ask my friend to be pacifico in cs. they not undestand!!!! IS CS ABOUT FIGHT AND KILL EVEBODY? I SAY OF NO!!!!! WHY OF BE DAT? BE PEEEACE!!! RESISTI NOW! let give our hand and fight agenst. make cs better game!!! hey. good day. we need to talk of evolution of cs. 2 yer ago cs too many diferente. i talk to pastor of church of cs and waht he no of cs. he say cs to fight violento!!! hey people i say you no listen. i be study the topics of GotFrag website and i no see frendship, no see confraternizacao. only see violento and fight . STOP PEPPOEL!! I SAY NOW AND LISTEN YOU!!! PLEESE I BEG AND think. i stop and think. how many mind and felling hurt by fight of cs? think of it! thank bye! okk admin of adminate topic ... I TRY OF HEL:P GOTFRAG SITE OK I GO AND LOOK TOPICS AND ONLY HATE MAD BAD WORDING. I GO HELP ADMIN GO NO NO NO I ADMINATE YOU TOPIC. I HELP. I MAD. okk admin i get message i get i get ok. jesus !!! i helpate more of creater of site "midway" and i more use. he O.K but i goooood . stop not like what i do and apredciat ok. you destroy topicers! nonononononoo adminate destroye topicers not pepole regular like us OK OK OK O KO K OK!!! i try lok for topic i mak and i lok i lok and nono find of. and i no reson. yes i no i do yes HAHA. IT ADMINATE DESTROIII TOPICERS HEY LOOK I LOS PASHIENTS ALREDY OK you think pressing button delet mak no on sad. but it do. it mak fellings of pepol get hurt of. i thionk adminats shud no dat. ok. and ples. now i be educated sory but no destroy topic anymore no reson!!!!!!!! hey making mad ok.. making mad god bey .. FOCK!! caralho... juba.. cypoint cabo frio nao fode quanto tempo cara qual seu msn bicho? on week i try post of on forums wich i like much with heart evri frend her. but i try post and seis "banne" i not undestand ! WHY OF? ban me do?? i brin love into hert and i reserch of cs to bring forums EVOKLYUTON? WHY OF? i get sad in gotfrag more more . one day i stop use this. hav litol queshon to mak? her go. hey , i se demos ( NO T THE INFERNO DEMO HAHAHA) ok. i se demos of china not famos tem, BET WNV ESEY! and WNV won WEG. thes not famos china tems can be best no on no? no agree? #19 no say BAN OF ?? bad wording. bad sperence of it hey i her to say PRIDE have MIBR[SP] they real reperesemt ok? they going win humildment? they TRU spirito brasilero , becouls im brasil i not desist. we not desisitng ok? we did win gona 2006 weswc. ok bye HATIE YOU CAN. I ALWEIS RESSITI!! I WALAWAYS BE RESISITI HER ON COMPUTER LET JOIN ARM AMD SHOUT SHOUT OK COMUNTY MSUT UNITIE. byeye EDIT : bye. (corection of engleish eror) wath ROFL represemt? is it clan? I WANT BATOL THEM is big clan #8 hey broder. you is broder to we have be broder let UNITIe ok? let be good frend plese how me spray lieke emeny, quicly nedd help no thread locketting plese. dificil to controlar i say of no much time im angery gotfrag nao help i say of ban al people not far foe me i can shot of guns and no blod i say shott do want help #43 me of no help i want of enemy spraying not wallet helo pepols.. i take time of off cs play i invovle with church,,... i go back and. sorce?: i dont of understong... wat mean sorce? is champ? is clan? (if clan i like arrange batol), is wat? is monst? i hop... hehe , i want this fock thing to no.. (sorry for joke of bad word, i hav fun time to) wat LOL is? famos clan? demo vs. complex clan or vers. SK ok. no need capatalize.. angry? i no like violento be peeace plese. no long time. gotfrag admins no like of me... i cotnribut for site make intelligense , i make esforce to be this site good.. not get hart of adminstarts... but ok.. i tink i ban of becos i talk bad wording "fock" one time you al ly;.... stop ly. not good. heaton nip? HAHAH not be stupy.... Heaton is SK. nip clan of time old . 2001 . HAHAHA i laff of yous pepols wat disclaime? Is clan of gotfrag? ... I make batol; clan gotfrag disclam vers. clan of brasil church of me. les see HEHEHHED i win !!! MIBR best team of. Hey cogu alp LOT of face!! He shoter on walet you can cal hey fak nick but nooo... awp lot cogu MIBR you sit cry mibr champon. FNX monst donk. KIKO espericence mibr good. i say. good. yes you herd i say.. you herd. no try win you not gon. mibr bring uniti. they calmo and pacifico . DESTROYER OF CS! HEHEH sorry for cap lock angry . but i say they god they win you see of. haha #2 i laff.. love of you. want ad frend of you? i ad you funny you of haha. tank of make laff wat music like? i like. = carton music. church music. i like. of ultimate kenny G! and wat cinema most like of.? i james bond! i kill you! HAHA! just play i not like kill is not peece =( and yous why? and music pastor of me sey .. hey!! no lisen music with bad wording liek "fock" , "jew" and "women" klax . frend of me.. carton = televison. rabit with big leg . but no like rabit carton. he eat all orange vegetabol. rabit of carton eat more of in day then brazil in yeer. sad! no like of. i make protesto of. i wil not eat food of stopid governo stop ban of cs. i wil only eat banana yes helo america i ned you pepols to send me food. preferense : banana Anderson Silva best p4p!! can an america abitant send me VHS of Selina Dion i loev her music i wane lissen to of . send me by mail ok frends i pey i promise i can give mey drawing of potato it won prize in scool . tenks adminstarteor : do not delete can discus COUNTERSTRIKE also.. discus MIBR tenks
2017-04-30 21:11
2017-04-30 21:12
Morocco dest- 
Killerdogmenor, villen, vacan1g, danielvutran,... Best trolls ever #bringbackgotfrag
2017-04-30 21:15
fRoD | 
Russia cowoncrack 
Isn't danielvultran also a moviemaker aka el_generico?
2018-04-25 12:20
Morocco dest- 
not sure if its him, but i remember the name el_generico from gotfrag
2018-04-25 14:47
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
2018-04-25 11:42
2018-04-25 12:22
ropz | 
United States BLNDSPT 
nice novel Please add tldr
2018-04-25 17:57
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